9-26-99 SANANDA

"Hearing the Soul's Songs"


We have had a last minute change in this class. We have decided upon a fairly new topic at the last moment. So we shall see how this one goes. We were going to have a class of a very interesting subject, but we decided to put that off for next week. Due to what was being discussed here this afternoon, we have decided to expand a bit, and we shall see where it takes us.

Well, I guess what we should do, then, is attempt to clarify what it was this afternoon that caused us to change the subject of this week's lesson. We understand that there were several in the class discussing the sharing of soul songs, and how you can pass those on, and why you would hold on to a fragment of someone's soul song to pass on at a later time to someone else. This also tends to run into a subject matter that we have discussed here before, but not necessarily within the class. So we will bring that to light also. For you see, when the Creator decided to bring about the All That Is, there was a Plan. And this Plan was vast and mighty. This Plan was the Creator's idea of how things would run, how things might happen. Now, there are some out there that might refer to this as the Divine Blueprint. In a way it is. However, the Creator also brought about what has been termed Free Will Choice. You see, Free Will Choice gives each of you the opportunity to make your own paths, to guide your own destiny. However, some of you, once you start off on these new uncharted paths, toward these new ideals of destiny, feel lost and at times you wish that you could turn back and re-chart your route. This is due to the fact that you feel like you are in uncharted territory and that, if it is uncharted, no one has gone there before, including the Creator. Well, someone has always gone there before, and that someone is always the Creator. For you see, in the vast All That Is, the emanation from the Creator is all areas, areas that may seem new, that may seem unique. They are new and unique to you, however, at the moment of the seed of inception within your mind where you thought of this new pathway, the Creator was there with you, for that inception. Thus, the Creator would immediately make sure that your path was lined with Light and Love, no matter which path you chose. Now, to some, this is going to be an idea that is extremely hard to comprehend, and for some it will be accepted completely and totally, even though the brain may not be able to fully comprehend what it is that the Creator has done. For you see, those that accept, even though their brain cannot comprehend it, are those that feel the Love and the Light on those pathways, no matter which pathway they choose. However, when we talk of the Divine Blueprint, we also talk of the Creator making sure that somewhere along your path you meet up with whom you contracted to meet up with, that you meet up with those that had opted and wished and contracted to meet up with you. Sometimes this causes a scattering of energies. For you see, it is like a chain reaction. Shall we say, your free will at some point in time may impose on another's free will. For what if you chose to contract with someone from a past experience and then, in the middle of your life, you have that free will choice to change direction and go in an entirely new direction? Does this null and void the contract that the two of you originally set up? No. But what it may do is, it may change how that connection takes place. If you contracted with someone to get together in this lifetime and share life experiences, in order to make each of your separate lives fuller, without having to experience it all individually, then, somewhere along the line, the two of you must get together to share these experiences. So what if your free will choice takes you across the ocean, and the other's free will choice is to remain here? Would this not make it hard for the two of you to get together to share your experiences? A number of things can happen. And this is part of my brother Ashtar's job. For you see, his Prime Directive is to help the Creator make sure that these choices within these contracts actually take place.

Number one way that this can happen: As you live an ocean apart from each other, and neither one of you wish to make the free will choice to cross the ocean to come together, there are times that my brother Ashtar will manipulate things, at times, to where you may be brought together without realizing that you are brought together. This may happen in what you may refer to as your dreams. This may happen in what some of you may refer to as an abduction scenario, where you both are taken on board a ship. Maybe one is taken onboard a ship and delivered to the other. However, in order to not interfere with your free will choice, you are prevented from remembering these. For you see, you still have to share your life experiences with each other. But, you have to be able to keep your free will choice. Therefore, when those mention to you that abduction scenarios are given with consent, it could be that you were contracted to meet up with someone elsewhere, and this was the fulfilling of your contract.

Number two method in the way that this can take place is: You may meet up with someone that is crossing the ocean and going somewhere close to where that other one is. Your conscious mind does not realize this, but your soul does. Your soul can actually fragment itself to attach it to that one that is crossing the ocean. And you get really attached to someone else that might be closer to that one that you are to share with. And then, eventually, find the one that it is meant to share soul experiences with. Once this has taken place in the physical, you might say that that person carries a fragment your soul, in order that the two of you might share experiences from then on. Now we had said that this class is a beginning class. However, right now we are talking about a concept that is far advanced. But this is the free will choice that brought this subject matter about. For you see, you get the wondrous brains in this classroom situation together and they begin thinking of these things, and they begin mulling them over. And see what happens! We manifest the class to explain it all. It is that simple.

Now there is a third way of being able to bring this about. For you see, the third way is a very unique way. The third way takes a lot of energy to do. There are some that feel their souls' songs so intensely that they have to share it with the rest of the world. Sometimes this can be in the manner of writing a book, making a movie, having a television program, being in politics, becoming "known". These are ones that their souls' song is so great to them that they want the world to hear it. This is why some of you may feel a very, very close attachment to a movie star, or a singer, or the member of a rock group, or an author. For you see, their souls' song gets embedded in the work that they do, and your soul will hear their song through the energy that they use in spreading it all over the world. This is their way, of making sure that they connect with all that need to hear their souls' songs. And some, in hopes that they will be contacted by those that have heard their souls' song, so that they might share with their song also. Now, has this made you completely confused?

Some of the most enlightened beings that we know have felt a tug, an attachment, thinking that an author, a poet, an artist, a movie star is their soul mate or their twin flame. And some may even become obsessed with this idea or this ideal. But you see, it is an obsession based through the soul, for the soul has heard the singing of that song and it recognizes it as perhaps a member of its soul group. But you see, many things get in the way. You have ego, you have pride, and you have personality. There are some that have become famous; their ego has taken the souls' song and turned it into something more. For you see they have become famous, so therefore, their soul's song is better than anyone else's, even though this is not what they are consciously thinking. The ego wraps itself around that soul's song and refuses to share it in a joint sharing of the Choir of Angels, due to the fact that it does not need other songs to make its song heard. Well, this is the temptation of the human spirit. To be best, to be most, to be All that there is. But, the All That Is, already is, and cannot be replaced. But in time, hopefully, these egos and these personalities will allow other songs in. And sometimes they are attracted to other soul's songs because they sing just as loudly as they do, but it's the wrong song.

Now, we mention this due to the fact, that in the discussion this afternoon, soul fragmenting was discussed, the obtaining, carrying, and releasing of other soul fragments along with your own. Souls are not fragile, yet they do fragment, sometimes willingly, sometimes not willingly. A soul fragmentation can take place for a variety of reasons. Each person that you share your soul's song with, each person that you bump into on the street, or that you talk to in a restaurant, they each take away a portion of your soul with them, as you take a piece of theirs with you. This is a part of what will bring us all back together, eventually, with the Creator as the One. However, what they do with your soul fragment or what you do with their soul fragment is an entirely different subject matter. If you incorporate their soul fragment into your soul and allow it to sing with your soul, this is good. However, if you feel that that person is not worthy of you, or if you feel that that person may not be of Light and Love, then you are throwing judgment into the arena. And judgment is not good. Judgment is what keeps you separated from the All That Is, among other things that keeps you separated from the All That Is. If you just allow, it is good. However, there are times that you may wish to hear just your own song, and there are times that you may feel that you are anew. So you may wish to cleanse yourself from these other soul fragments that you carry, or maybe pull back into you all of your soul fragments that others carry. This, too, is your free will choice, and in some it is highly recommended. When you start anew, it is good to start completely anew, with just you, and you may release those others. However, I can guarantee you, the ones that need to stay will stay. It is that simple. That is not your choice, that is not even your soul's choice, that is the Creator's choice. I will put in a warning here. When you decide to start anew, you do start entirely all over again. Alone. And there are not many out there that can live with the feeling of being completely alone. It will even make you feel separated from God, for each one of those soul fragments that you hold on to, is another connection to Source. Therefore I might suggest that some of you focus your intent on incorporating the soul fragments that you carry with you. Perhaps even make it your intent to allow your soul fragments, wherever they are, to incorporate fully into the souls that carry them. Your intent can be to bring to you the soul fragments of yours; that need to come back to you, for your soul's highest purpose, and for the fragments that you carry with you that are not necessary for your soul's higher purpose, to leave you and go back to their origins. However, if you just release it that way, very little activity will take place, except for the incorporation of all the fragments into your soul. The more soul fragments of others that you can incorporate into your being, the more willingly you are able to see God in every other being that you come to, that you see. For the more soul fragments of others that you can carry within you, the closer you are to Source, and the more easily able you are to see Source in others without looking at others through your veils that you have placed upon yourself, and through their veils that they have placed upon themselves. We hope that we have given you much to think about with this one. As in all things, we are hoping that you will come to the thought, the idea that there are not many souls out there. There is just one Soul, and that one Soul fragmented, and each of you carries a portion of that Soul. And that is what you will benefit from in identifying and seeing in all those that you meet and interact with. If you can consciously identify and see that same portion of your soul in all the others that you meet and deal with, then hopefully your personalities need not clash, your egos need not clash, because you are willing to deal with each other on a soul level instead of on a human conscious level. Now, I would like to ask a question here:

Do you feel in your past, in this lifetime, that you have been able to identify with others on a soul-to-soul basis?
In the past, in this lifetime, do you feel that when you have connected to others on a soul-to-soul basis, you are seeing them by their soul or by your soul? Is your soul seeing a part of itself in that person?

These are hard questions and we will wish for you to meditate on these. The classroom discussions on these will be very interesting. We shall see what comes of it.

In the past, not of this lifetime, do you feel that your soul has been connected to all of those that you now know in this lifetime?

This one is easy. For we can guarantee you, every person that you associate with in this lifetime, whether it just be hearing a voice on a radio or brushing against them on the street, or having them as a lover does not matter. You have known each other before. For I can tell you this, there is not one soul on the face of this planet at this time that has not interacted with every other soul on the face of this planet at any other time. Now, this one (Debbie), the alien, this is her first time 'here', but you see, all of the other souls out there, they have not been just 'here' before. Now, there have been times in past classes where we have discussed with you the idea that there are purely 'human' souls that have been just here. Well, you see, this one (Debbie) would even know them through soul fragments that she carried with her from past lifetimes that had been here. Now this is very confusing. Your soul, since all souls are just one soul, have carried with them soul fragments from many and many times. For you see the only pure soul is the one Soul. Technically, all of you have been all places and have been all things, because you have all been each other. Now have we thoroughly confused you? We shall see, for the classroom discussions on this one, we are hoping will be very grand. (laughing out loud).

I do feel that it is time for all of the souls to come to the realization that they are just one Soul. The souls have fragmented from the one Soul for so long that they do feel alien, or they do feel all human, or they do feel completely unique. It is the soul part of you that is the part of the Creator that was once One and will again be One. Now, this thought may scare some, the thought of loosing all identity and becoming one with the Creator again, even if not any time soon. However, it still happens on a constant basis, the incorporation back into the One, and the completeness of being, which brings about ecstasy in the soul of becoming One again. Once you become One again, you still have the choice as to if you wish to remain One again, or if you wish to spend some time as One and then go off on a different adventure. I believe we shall leave on that note.

Ah, these classes, these lessons, they bring about great imaginings, wondrous happenings, and joyful new beginnings for some. This was a good idea! This was a wondrous idea!

I think there was this other question that came up in the class this afternoon, if you have to meet a soul directly?

This is part of what we were discussing concerning the three ways that you can share your contractual agreements. But yes, you may call it piggybacking the soul, you use someone else to carry a portion of your soul to someone else who gives it to someone else, who finally gives it to the one that you are meant to share with. It is very simple. It is just a song. It's not as if you were cutting off an arm and giving it to someone and say: "Give this to so-and-so who will give it to so-and-so who will give it to so-and-so." It is a whispered wind… the singing of the wind that carries your soul's song to where it needs to go, whether you realize it or not. This is a very intense lesson. We shall see how many reactions we'll have to this one.



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