10-3-99 SANANDA

"This Is the Lesson on Lessons"


Lessons are nothing more than an avenue for learning. Oh, I could get into a real playground here, comparing avenues with lanes, with roads, with highways, with streets. Ah… I do digress. Before you came into this lifetime, you decided on a specific set of lessons that you decided to come into this lifetime to learn, and that you would devote a good portion of this lifetime in learning those lessons, incorporating those lessons into your Being. Now some of you may say, "If all of these souls are of one soul, why would we have to learn lessons?" Well, this is very simple. For you see, the diversity of the ego and the personality in each of you that you have developed through this lifetime's experiences, gives the Creator a magnificent diversity in how to look at all things. Some lessons may concern how one can find the way back to God. Another lesson may be, in general, living a life in poverty to see how the ego and the personality may form in living a lesson of poverty. And on the flip-side, how the ego and the personality may form in living a life of wealth. Some feel that they needed to come in and learn lessons of solitude, judgment, and manipulation. You see there are all types of lessons. Some may be easy lessons; some may be not so easy lessons. But you see, the lessons of which we talk about right now are what you may term lifetime lessons. You may have brought yourself in with a handful of lifetime lessons to learn, to focus your whole being in this arena at this time concerning those lessons. One may have the example of coming into this lifetime learning poverty and wealth, solitude and community, and spirituality in itself. Now this is just one of a multitude of examples. The list of lessons that one can come up with, and come in with, is so vast that it would take days upon days upon days to just go through that list. Therefore, that is in the soul contract that you made with the Creator when you came into this life, that handful of lessons. This is the course that you have decided to take in this lifetime. This is your part in the Divine Blueprint, to follow these lessons and to learn, perhaps, how to correct those lessons. There are some that feel that in this lifetime all is preordained, so therefore there is no free will choice, so to speak. In a small quantity or quality, I should say, they are correct. Your contract, of which lessons you have come in to find out about, is your Divine Blueprint. Therefore, if you make a choice; for instance, you have come in to learn poverty and you have made a choice, in poverty, to invest what little you have money-wise into the stock market, and you have not learned the lesson of poverty yet, or the lesson that you wish to gain from poverty yet, you 'may' succeed in the stock market. However, according to the Divine Blueprint, a gust of wind may blow the money out of your hand when you walk out of the stock market with it, and it is gone! Now, you know this is an extreme example, however, I wish to show God's hand in denying you the wealth when you are still learning the poverty lesson. You can learn to overcome the lesson of poverty. It is never allowed for you to come in and live a life of learning a lesson without ever having a chance to overcome that lesson. There are times and there are circumstances where you may never learn the lesson, but this has been due to your free will choices that you have made. If you come in to learn poverty, figuring out a way to make you wealthy is not learning that lesson. What is learned about lessons is being happy, and being in Faith within poverty. There is the Divineness in all that one must seek.

You may have some out there that have been brought into this Creation with what you may term extreme birth defects. They chose that. They chose that so they could come into a time and into a life to challenge themselves to still be able to find the Divine in all. I cannot tell you too much more concerning life lessons except for the fact that the free will choice that you have concerning changing your life lesson is also another lesson that all come in with. You see, there is a mystery of such, that there may be some born in solitude that have decided that they do not wish that solitary path. They wish to share with other souls. Does this mean that they are stuck in their solitude due to their life's lesson? I cannot tell you how, however, I can assure you that it is negotiable to change your life's lesson in midstream, so to speak. Enough said on the life's lessons. But it is one of the biggest mysteries that each of you have to face in this time. It is what you are here for… the main lesson in the lesson of the lessons, is the lessons that come along the way, the little ones; some of them manifest themselves into big ones. But these are the lessons that cause most of you the greatest amount of turmoil. And these are the lessons of others. For you see, the only lessons that YOU have to worry about in this lifetime, if you choose to worry about them, is your own life lessons which are that small handful that we talked of before. However, others have lessons that do tend to come your way, and a majority of you have developed a habit of the taking on of other people's lessons. Therefore, let us use an example:

There is someone that one of his or her handful of lessons for this lifetime is judgment, and your life's lesson is poverty. This person has a judgment against those that live in poverty. You are perfectly happy in your poverty until this person comes along and says: "How dare you be happy in poverty! You must go out. You must get a better job. You must work yourself and integrate and save every penny that you have in order that you make a life and buy a bigger and better house, and a bigger and better vehicle, and have more and better things!" Well, this person is so passionate in their life's lesson that their passion rubs off on you, and maybe makes you doubt that you have learned your lesson of being in poverty. So you go out and you get a better job. And you work longer hours, and you save every penny, and you buy the bigger house, and you buy the better vehicle, and you are miserable, completely and totally miserable. The reason that you wallow in that misery is due to the fact that you took on that other person's life lesson as your own. Now may I ask you a question? Did you learn your life's lesson?

JANISEL: Which one?

SANANDA: If you were in this circumstance, and you were the one in poverty.

JANISEL: No, because you didn't learn to be happy in it.

SANANDA: Exactly. Now, the most important question… did that person, through putting his or her lesson upon you, learn his/her lesson?

JANISEL: There is still judgment.

SANANDA: Then apparently they have not learned their lesson. For you see, only then in their misery in their judgment... would one wish to pass on the misery of their judgment on to someone else.

We will take a closer example. We will take a mother and a child. And this mother is a caring, giving mother who worships her child and will do anything within her power to bring about happiness for her child. And this child grows. And this child would be one that maybe some might consider spoiled. This child is used to getting his/her way. And one day (this child is perhaps a teenager), is at school, and tells the teacher that he/she does not feel like being there. He/she feels like going to the ice cream shop instead of being in class, and he/she leaves. Now this teacher calls the parent and tells the parent, this sturdy mother, that this child has done this, and that this child will be expelled from school for doing this, in such a brazen way. And this mother jumps in her vehicle, and she goes to the ice cream store, and she finds her child sitting there, and her heart, her passion tells her: 'child get in the car, I'm taking you back to school, we will work this out.' And this child pouts and says: "Mommy, I don't feel like going to school." And the mother looks at the child and says, "Well, we'll do it tomorrow." And the mother goes home and eventually the child goes home. And the mother goes to bed that night and cannot sleep. The child goes to bed that night and sleeps like an angel. Who has learned whose lesson? Well, you see, the mother carries guilt for not making that child learn its own lesson. But yet, she took it onto herself and has made herself miserable, because she did not tell that child to learn its own lesson. Now this child has all of these wonderful backgrounds of these, shall we say, 'lack of limitations and restrictions' from the parent, but this child has figured out, "Hey, I got away from all the restrictions of the school that I despise and got my freedom instead." But you see, that is the child's mind that would think that. For one, this will tell the mother, and the teacher, and the child, if the child can mature enough to accept it, but this child is not ready to be on its own and make its own decisions. Now some of you will say, and in certain cases you will be right, that perhaps that child is so miserable in the school environment, and the restrictions put upon that child in school environment, that it cannot grow in a manner that it was meant or contracted to grow in. If this were true, perhaps the child would have been in the library, or at a museum, or even in a church... somewhere that would have brought that child a sense of fulfillment instead of just softening the sweet tooth.

The synchronicities that have brought this lesson about at this time are magnificent. For you see, at this point in time, the two of you (Debbie & Janisel) are going to have other people's lessons thrown at you, from many. Therefore, the majority of this lesson on lessons that we are bringing about tonight is to teach. Give you a trick. Perhaps that is the wrong word and someone's lessons will come in and say that they find that word offensive. Just remember, it is their lesson. For you see, perhaps some of you go through questioning yourselves, and how you think, and of things that you do, when perhaps what you should be doing is not questioning yourselves but questioning what others have placed upon you to cause you to question yourselves. The little exercise trick that I am going to give you is, when you find yourself in doubt, concerning… no matter what, sit somewhere quiet, get into a quiet space within yourself, and ask yourself if you are questioning this, within yourself, from something inside you or from something given you by someone else. A lesson that has been pressed upon you by someone else that you, by the way, willingly took into yourself. Egos tend to think that one of the best ways that they can learn their lesson, of their life's lesson, is to give it out in chunks to everyone else until no more exists. Well, at least they tend to fool themselves into thinking that. It is still there, the root of it. In your contract with God, no matter how many parts and parcels of it that you tend to hand out to others, which they really may take into themselves, you will never fully and completely give your own away, until you have learned that lesson. That lesson of being Divine, within whatever that lesson is. Therefore, when you get in that quiet space, and perhaps you remember someone saying something to you that could be where that lesson came from, and then say a little prayer. Some may call it that you are praying to God and some may call it that you are praying directly to your own soul, which connects you to God. But the prayer could say something along the lines of: "I ask that this person's lesson be released from me, so that I, in turn, may look at my own lessons more clearly. Thank you." Always remember gratitude. I can never stress this enough. Whether you are thanking someone else, whether you are thanking the Creator, or whether you are thanking your own soul. Gratitude is acknowledging the Divine in all, no matter what the source or where it came from. Isn't it nice when someone says: "Thank you." Now I am going to ask a few questions, and then I am going to make a suggestion, or two.

Have you ever found yourself questioning yourself about something that you previously thought you knew to be your truth?

Well, I can say that if all of you reading this are truly honest with yourselves, every one of you will answer yes. If by chance you answer no, perhaps you should go back through and reread this lesson again before answering the question. It is just a suggestion, you see, or maybe you could think of it as me putting my lesson on you! This is a joke!

Have you ever recognized when you have taken on someone else's lesson as your own?
This is another one of these soul-searching questions. And we will follow it very quickly with the next question.

If you have recognized this, have you released it, or do you still carry it?
If you do not acknowledge it, and if you do not release it, you still carry it. There are some, I will not name names here, there are some that picked up a lesson from someone twenty years ago and every once in a while, in just the right conditions, it pops up in your life again. There are times that it may go under the surface for a while, but when the right conditions come along, up it pops again, because you decided to take on this lesson. You look as if you have a question here?

JANISEL: It's hard to always know if you picked up someone else's lesson, isn't it?

SANANDA: Exactly. But you see, it will always, always, make you doubt yourself and what you have believed to be your truth.

JANISEL: So that's the trick in knowing if it is your lesson or not?

SANANDA: Yes. Your own lesson will cause you to doubt some things, but whenever you find yourself doubting, that is the time for you to go within yourself and ask if it is yours or if it was someone else's. That someone else that you took that lesson from may be completely out of your life by now. And please do us a favor. If you decide to release this lesson and, by chance, say that you are sending it back to them, please ask the Father, the Creator, to transmute it into Love, so that they, hopefully, may be able to experience a little bit more Love within their lesson. There are also so many out there that, when they find they have taken something of someone else on, the prayer that they say is, send it back to them, and they just leave it like that, and the next thing that person knows, is that that poor person has just, how shall we say this, received a double whammy. It always looks better on you, and plus, helps you tremendously, if you decide to send it back to them to at least transmute it into Love for them. However, my suggestion in this is to ask the Creator to do with that energy what is in Divine Order, and just leave it up to the Creator to do it.

I'm going to give a suggestion. None of you will be graded on this, nor will I even tell on you if you actually do not do it, and, if you wish to discuss it in classes, that is all right. However, if you are asked if you did this, please answer: "Sananda said I don't have to answer that." We may have these two throw that question in once or twice, just to see if you catch that, and answer with: "Sananda said I do not have to answer that." But, the exercise that I am going to suggest that you do is to sit down at some time when you have, let's say, an hour to yourself. Take pen in hand if you want, or just think upon it and put some energy into it, and see if you, in your conscious mind, can determine what you feel your handful of life's lessons are. For you see, one of the biggest stumbling blocks that you have is not even acknowledging that you came in with life lessons and what they are. But you see, once you can consciously recognize them, then, hopefully, you will then be able to pay closer attention to your actions and your words from then on, and how this life lesson works through you and for you.

The other exercise that I would like to give you is, to find a different quiet time, maybe another couple of hours, to sit and make a list of the things that are going on in your life right now, that perhaps have caused you to question yourself and your beliefs, and what you believe to be your truth. Then, find out if you can track that to the Source to find out if it does connect you to your life lesson or if it is from someone else's life lessons. For you see, if you can learn the lesson behind this lesson on lessons, you can, hopefully and prayerfully, bring about tremendous change in your life. And you can each and everyone of you decide if you would be, like the alien here (Debbie), and when someone attempts to put their life lesson on you, tell them: "Excuse me, that is your lesson. I do not wish for it to be in my life!" Or if you would much prefer to be like the angel here (Janisel) and just say: "Thank you for that comment, I think we have talked long enough now!" It's your ego and your personality that molds which way that you will handle it. And these are not the only two ways of how you will handle it. But hopefully after this lesson, you will not just quietly take them into yourself as your own lessons, because I will assure you, right now, living anyone else's lessons but your own does not count for anything. Once the song and dance is over with, it just means that you gave yourself a freewill choice to have a much better time in this lifetime. Now I will ask the last question for this class.

If you can release yourself from all other people's lessons that you have taken into yourself, do you believe that this will give you clarity in learning the lessons of your own life lessons?

This will end the lesson and the lessons of the lesson. This has been a tongue-twisting lesson, which tickles the tongue and, hopefully, will tickle the souls of some of those that carry too many lessons from others.



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