10-10-99 SANANDA

"The Lesson on Lessons" - Part 2


I am going to make an announcement, an official announcement. Last week's lessons have, shall I say, brought up much in those that have read them. So, in that sense, what we are going to do this week, is we are going to redo that lesson. Much is going on right now and without us actually intending to do so, the lesson on lessons brought about much energies from the ego for many. This was not our intent, mind you. However, as with any lesson, we always bear in mind that the ego will attempt to show itself at any given time… for some. Ah, but when you have a lesson of this magnitude, and by magnitude I mean so many egos were brought to the forefront during this one, it does take us much by surprise. Therefore, this week's lesson will be not quite as long as usual. However, we wish to begin the lesson by asking that each person that took this lesson last week reread that lesson once more before reading what is brought about this week. If you read the lesson that was brought about last week, we have found that many egos came to the forefront and the acknowledgement of "I carry no other's lessons" or "Yes, I did carry some, and I did release them, they are no longer mine." So now we are going to take this a step or two deeper into the lesson on lessons.

Do you remember when I explained that each of you come in with a small handful of life lessons? This is true. I believe I also mentioned there is a list of lessons that reaches through to infinity, of lessons that you can learn in this lifetime. However, of the life lessons, many of you, especially those of you that are on the path of seeking ascension, share in common many of those same life lessons with each other. I will use an example. Of the three of you sitting in this room, two of you carry in common one particular life lesson. Another set of two of you have another life lesson in common. Another set of you have yet another life lesson in common. Then, all three of you share even another. Do not ask me which ones are which. Those that seek ascension in this lifetime and that seek higher knowledge in this lifetime have, as far as their past, many, many of those other lessons. In fact, some of those lessons would be so far beyond you, you could not even put actual conscious thought into the meaning of those other lessons. However, the same is true on the flip side. Some of those others that are not seeking ascension would look at your life lessons and could not comprehend them whatsoever. One of the things that we have discovered in this past week, concerning these lessons, is the mindset that some of you have concerning terminology. Essentially, what one of you may describe as one lesson, another of you would say "I have that lesson not in my contract." However, you are hearing through terminology that they use, when in actuality your lesson is all the same. We can give examples of this. However, we do wish to remain mysterious on a few points, just to help stir things up a bit. The one example that I will give, is one that has repeatedly come up, in those, which we assist in that quest for ascension. This is what some might refer to as 'worthiness' issues, acceptance of Divinity issues, the "God-energy-itself" issues, matters not how you term it, there are many, many different terms of many, many different lightworkers that are all talking of the same issue. I will make it very short, sweet, and very direct at this point in time. If you feel separated from God, who did the separating? It was not God. And you are a Divine Being, whether you can acknowledge that or not. So, therefore, your ego, your restrictions, your personality, whatever you wish to call it that is your Conscious Being, somewhere along the line in this lifetime, has accepted that limitation to allow that lesson into their life. But you see, the point is, you are not born not being Divine, you are born in all Godliness. You were born into this lifetime a radiant shining Being that came into this world with full knowledge of everything. However, when the veils were put into place, you forgot a few things. You were blocked from a few things. But you see, this is all where the learning comes from. The veil that was placed upon you was not a veil that you were born with. It is a veil that you accepted from someone already here. It was their lesson that you accepted on your own. For you see, this is the true lesson of lessons, not to accept your Divinity, not to accept your worth as a Being of Light, however you wish to look at it. But you did not come in unworthy; you did not come in denying your Divinity. You prearranged in your contract to come in to a situation in your life that would help you immediately pick up those lessons from others and set them as your own restrictions to keep yourself in a place of being able to fulfill your own contract. Is this clear?

Let me put it to you this way. We shall use this one (Debbie) as an example. This one was not born into this body, but walked in shortly thereafter. This body, in the meantime, was still in infancy, was still almost totally unveiled, very few veils had been accepted into this body at that point in time. However, when this one walked in, she walked in to learn specific lessons. One of those lessons is this worthiness that we were discussing. Therefore, she walked in as a full radiant Light Being, knowing exactly her own Divinity, knowing exactly her own true worth and all of creation, of the vital part of creation. However, this one chose to put herself in a very strict religious home childhood that denied anyone reared within that church the access of knowing their worth. She was raised into a family from early childhood going to… I believe they called them Sunday school lessons… to learn that she was nothing more than a servant. That she was to spend her life in humility, denying her worth, denying her Divinity, denying her portion of the being of the All That Is. So therefore, her life lesson got instilled upon her after entering in to this plane. For you see, there are many that joke and kid around that infants cannot speak, because they are closest to the Angels and they would speak of such. But it is no joke. It is in all actuality very true. For you see, the infants came in without their life lessons, into a body and into a contract that help instill in them the foundation for learning the life lessons that they contracted to do in this lifetime. Does this make it clearer?

JANISEL: Yes. It's clear except that are you saying that we come in with no veil… not even the ego, until just shortly after birth?

SANANDA: Yes. In fact the ego is set in at a very, very early age. It is like this; it is the conditioning of the machine that the ego is contained in. An infant is hungry, it cries, it is fed. It wets; it is taken care of. It is sleepy; it sleeps. That infant, in fact the little one over there (Dolly), this tends to build a magnificent ego in very early childhood. For you see, if you cry, you get comforted, no matter what the comfort. So this, yes, is the beginning of the ego.

JANISEL: So the ego is built rather than just put into place?

SANANDA: Here we go talking the same thing and saying it in two different ways. It matters not; it is there one way or the other. It is a fine-tooled instrument that, if I say it is built, I would be partially correct. However, if I say it was placed, I again would only be partially correct. For it is a combination of the two. The circumstances that you contracted to come into determine how much of your ego is built and how much of your ego is just placed. The actual ego is a seed inside the infant when it comes out of the womb. So it is actually placed there, in that nurturing little body. As the body grows, so does the ego. You are not consciously feeding your ego, especially at such a young age. However, you picked the family that you were brought into that will either feed or starve your ego. Therefore, you had a part in the building of your ego. I wished to come in this evening and clarify just those few things. If you have someone's lesson, that you have taken on to yourself, and you do not wish to have that lesson… it is your freewill choice to return it, to that someone, or send it to the Creator in a prayer and have the Creator send it back to the person of origin. However, the most unique and wondrous way of dealing with that other's lesson that you have accepted into yourself, is to go beyond yourself and incorporate that lesson as transmuted energy into your own Being. As we hinted around, too, last week and the lesson before that, the more you take on from others, the stronger, more magnified and more harmonious your own soul's song truly becomes. Only, if you can master the transmutation of taking someone else's lesson that you have accepted into yourself, and transmute it into a wonderful portion of that person's soul that they, in turn, have shared with you. I did not bring this up last week. But you see, I wished for you all to go through the lesson of learning of which you wish to keep and which you wish to throw out. I did explain last week, that you would not be able to get rid of all that you had taken upon yourself. The Creator is the ultimate decision-maker, in what you are allowed to release and what you are not. If you truly and well rid yourself of all your lessons, which you have picked up from others, you would be back, as that babe, newborn into the world. Can you see this? For all of the lessons that you have taken on, the ego that you have built in your entire lifetime has all been formed and molded by all the lessons that you have taken on since birth. Therefore, if you gave them all back, you would be that completely unveiled babe, that can see and talk to the Angels, and talk to all those that come within your presence of those such things.

JANISEL: We cannot give our own life lessons back?

SANANDA: No, but you can learn them. Your lessons that you have to keep are the lessons that you have picked up from others that fit what you contracted to learn in this lifetime. This is why you cannot return them all, or you would have no life lesson. Now, I do believe the question has been asked during this lesson of, 'can you learn your lesson in this lifetime?' Most assuredly. Let us use an example: You walk in with a handful, (I'm holding up my hand with five fingers up) of life lessons. You may fully learn one. You are still here to learn four more. And you learn another. You still have three more. You may learn another. You still have two more. You may learn another. This last lesson that you are left with is your lesson that all of you share… all of you. Do you know what that lesson is? Figuring out as what is behind the door after this lifetime… the one lesson that all on this planet have in this lifetime. You will guess, you may guess correctly. However, there is always that seed of doubt to that last lesson of where do you truly go when you die, or where do you truly go when you ascend, or what is really out there. For you see, that is the ultimate lesson that all of you share. What happens to you next?

JANISEL: I guess you learn it when you do.

SANANDA: Exactly. So the last lesson takes you where you go. This is how you find it out. Now, I know that the question of those will be asked of: "Are you guaranteed to learn all of your lessons in this lifetime?" No. If your contract with the Creator stipulates that you are to come and, 'is it pound your head against a wall?'… this whole lifetime concerning a lesson, then so be it, if that is what you contracted to do. That was your freewill choice. And some have done that. Some have contracted to come in and not learn their lessons. And they have done this for whatever reasons that they and the Creator have contracted to do this for. It could be a multitude of reasons that is all uniquely their own. However, one of your handful of lessons I can guarantee that you will get at least one of them, which is what happens next.

JANISEL: Well, we were talking about coming back until you finally get that lesson.

SANANDA: This has been the way it has been done before.

JANISEL: Good. We're in a different scenario now! We can continue to learn in the next dimension. Is that right?

SANANDA: You bet. Because, even though the laws, of what you may refer to as karma here, no longer apply, there are other places that it still does. And you can choose that option to go there and to do it again, if you so choose. Therefore, this week I will not give any questions, because I believe that just this short additional lesson to last week's lesson will cause you to think of your own questions this week. I would also like to say that in the classroom situation this week, those that take this class that read these lessons, perhaps what you may do with this, is share your questions with others. For you see, your input and what your questions are concerning this might help someone else with their questions and what this is all about. It does not mean that you will get the answers to your questions that you share with each other in class, however, we are hoping that will be quite intriguing. For you see, it might give these two that moderate the class a chance to throw in their own questions concerning this. This class is now done. Well, do you think this, will stir things up a bit more?

JANISEL: It will certainly make everybody think more.

SANANDA: This is what we are striving for. (Laughing out loud.)



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