10-17-99 SANANDA

"The Duality of Polarities"


Sananda: I have decided what this week's lesson is going to be concerning. In previous lessons I have taken into account feedback from others, and we plotted and planned, so to speak, as to what was to be discussed. There has only been one other lesson that I could term truly mine. This one, however, is the information that I feel I would like to share will all of those that are taking these lessons. Now, I have also decided upon a name for this lesson, and it is to be called THE DUALITY OF POLARITIES. Is that not a marvelous title?

I have not actually sat down and decided a sequence of events to discuss within this lesson. Therefore, I am going to go from my heart. We shall see where this takes us. I am not going to start with those that have been written about so much… you know the "talking snake", and all of that (Adam and Eve in the Garden). That is where most believe that polarity began, is with this talking snake and the apple and all of that thing. But I wish to explain it even far beyond that. Duality and polarity began in the "beginning". It began when the Creator decided to see what would happen if the Creator went outside of "Itself" to see what it would see, to see what "It" would look like from outside of "Itself". This was the beginning. I could go into a very long dissertation about how many times and how many different ways that this happened, but it is not so conducive to what this class is about. Even though I am sure most of you are just fighting to hear more from me. (grin) However, I am limited upon my time here. Therefore, I will make this magnificently long story… shorter.

There came a time in Creation, where the Creator looked upon what it had created and said, "What magnificence! I wonder what would happen if I took each and every thing that I have created, so far, and made it look upon itself?" And, thus, it is done. Now, you have received part of this story in the wonderful words of your wonderful Book that says, 'and God separated the day from the night, it is thusly.' Also you have the separation of the solid from the fluid. Ah, some of you may not have thought of that as polarity. Have I given another 'something away'? Then, of course, we had the separation of the Angelic realm, which in actuality was nothing more than the Creator looking upon His Angels, (again, please note, I say "His" due to what is embedded within this one's being). He looks upon His Angels and says, "I wonder what it would be if my Angels stepped outside of themselves, to see themselves?" For every Angel at that time, a part of them stepped out of themselves to look upon themselves and thus became polarized. There were two for every one. Now, you here, in this realm, have a science that you refer to as physics. And this one (Debbie) loves to recite, 'in physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only manipulated'. This is true. For you see, this is what happened. For every thing that there was, the Creator split it, of Itself, so that it could step outside of itself to see itself. This, is duality.

Time, as you know it, rolls on and the Creator looks upon the Creation and says, "Ah, this has worked before, let's see what it does again." And, thus, every thing in Creation stepped outside of itself, to be able to see itself. At the present time I will not go into how many times the Creator has done this, but you see, it has happened many times, for this is how you have come up with what you may refer to as your soul groups. You have been split out of each other to be able to see what you look like from each other. This is exactly what your Soul Family is. Now, let us refer to just this planet, shall we, since we are teaching upon this planet? We will now focus entirely upon this planet. For you see, some of this planet was brought from elsewhere. This is how the Creator brought the Breath of the Spirit of Life into man. Now, there are going to be those that are going to tense up. You do not have to take this as your truth, just because I say it as such. For some of you, this may not be your truth. For some of you, it may cause you pause in what it is that you think of life elsewhere. For you see, if you believe in the Creator, or if you believe in Angels, then somewhere in your being, you have to believe of life elsewhere. It is very simple. However, your egos, your personalities, your limitations, your restrictions, and all of this that you have put upon yourself in this lifetime has prevented you, from seeing with clarity the simplicity of it all. For you see, we all came from One. The ones that some of you refer to as the 'bad guys' are a part of you, and you are a part of them. For those of you that see the… I believe the term is Fallen Angels… they are the same as the Angels that you deem the 'good' Angels. The one that you see as Satan, or Lucifer, even your Bible teaches you that he was once the Loved and most Beloved of the Creator. So therefore, was this writing talking of the One that was known as Lucifer, or was it talking of the One that was once referred to as the Morning Star, who the Creator took outside of itself, in order to see itself? That is something to take pause, take into your being, and contemplate. What is happening in history now, for this is history, but we will not get into that one this evening… In this time in history now, the Creator has decided to see what happens when all of those that have been taken out of themselves, in order to see themselves, now become a part of themselves again, to see how they feel about what they saw. The Creator has decided that the time for taking things outside of themselves, in order to see themselves, is done. It is now "time" to go back within yourselves to incorporate that knowledge that you had of seeing yourself, back into yourself.

Now, hasn't this been a fun topic so far? For you see, this is what the soul's song is all about. You have had the song all along. From the very first instant that the Creator "Itself" decided to go out of "Itself" to see "Itself", that is when the song began. Because the Creator, in the infinite Divine Wisdom that the Creator has, had a backup plan that, when "It" stood outside of "Itself" to see "Itself", "It" had to have a connecting link to follow, to find "Itself" again... just in case. Thus, began the soul song when the Angels came into being, this is why the Angels are called the Choir of Heaven, because each of the Angels have a portion of the soul song of the Creator. And when the Angels stepped outside of themselves to see themselves, the soul song got even more magnificent. Before that, the soul song had no harmony, it was just a single melody. But once the Angels began stepping outside of themselves to see themselves, they could then harmonize throughout the scale, as you know it. You will not be able to hear the full magnificence of the Choir, of the soul's songs, until you can leave these bodies and leave behind the restrictions that these bodies place upon your capacity to see and to hear. The soul's song is not limited to hearing. It is without limit. Once you leave these bodies, you can feel, taste, see, and hear, in senses that you have no idea that you possess, from all of your senses, the Choir of the Soul's Song.

You call to yourself and you call to others in order that you may find each other, so that you may merge back into each other, that you may share soul fragments. But I will tell you this; there are those of you, that know in your soul, that you are nothing more than half a Being, and that somewhere, out there, is a part of you that you will become whole with. Many of you believe that that will happen here. But, even if you find your soul counterpart here, that merging cannot be completed here. Some of you, when you leave this lifetime, will become whole with your soul counterpart. For some of you split outside of yourselves to see yourselves for just 'this' lifetime, and once this lifetime is over with, that was the last split. You will come back together. And you feel it. And your soul vibrates to this fact, to this truth. Some of you feel that you will do anything to leave this life to fulfill that need that your soul has. However, the split outside of yourself, to be able to look at yourself, was not done by you, it was done by the Creator. Therefore, there is nothing in all of Heaven or Earth that you can do yourself to bring this about quicker or faster than what the Creator has decided. For the Creator has decided that the time is now, to start merging back. Therefore, with this being the last split, of stepping outside yourself to see yourself, you now feel the call of the Creator in that decision and you say, "Ah, now it is time." But 'NOW' is not the time. But the time is soon, very soon.

We will now get into other avenues of the duality in polarities. The other avenue of this is, perhaps, some of the things that you do not even realize are polarities of each other. Yes? I shall give an example. You have here one (Dolly) that is what you refer to as being of the canine persuasion. At one point in time, what you refer to as the canine and what you refer to as the feline, were split from each other to look at each other. This was in the 'not too far distant past', I shall say, what you here on Earth may term a couple of hundred million years, not that far away. Now, I shall give you another example, shall I? There are some that some of you refer to as, the Reptilians. There are some that some of you refer to as the Pleiadians. It was not too far long gone that they, too, were of the same. It does not take much for the Creator to look and say, 'step outside of yourself, so you may look at yourself.' For there have been many wars, far beyond the birthing of this Creation, between those that were one time of the same. You have here, on this planet, the same circumstance in a smaller scale. For there have been wars between those here on this planet who, in the not too far past, were one and the same. Here, beyond this realm, (whatever you may term 'here'), is a place that no longer even acknowledges separations of race. It is much too trivial. It would be like separating your gray hair from your normal-colored hair on your head. But you do that also. Some of you hate your gray hair, you pick it out, or color it up, when all it is, is a sign of lessons… well learned, a sign of recognition of one's self. So, therefore, it is the same. It is recognition of self. It is the ability to look upon a different race than yourself and say, "I see me in you. Do you see you in me?" It is that simple, for you are but the same. It matters not the color of the skin, the texture of the hair, the size of the body, or any such thing. For in the grand scheme of things, in your mind's eye, it would be much easier for your logical brain to accept within you the brotherhood of all mankind here than it would for you to be able to accept brotherhood with a Reptilian perhaps? However, they too are your brothers.

When you see someone here on this realm, and that someone has something about them that repulses you… whether it be someone that does deeds that you find repulsive, whether it be someone that looks to you repulsive, or whether it be someone that judges you so critically… it matters not.. But when you feel the intense revulsion for another of mankind, no matter what the basis of the revulsion... ahh, pay close attention! Pay very close attention! For that is showing you precisely how the Creator looked upon you and said, "Step outside of yourself in order that you might see yourself." And you are seeing yourself. This is why you have the intense feeling, the intense urgency, for something that you do not like. When you look upon yourself, in order to see yourself, if it does not 'register', it is not you. It is only when something 'registers' that you are seeing you. We shall use an example, yes? Let us say that you have a chance to meet one that you would refer to as a murderer. Let's say this murderer has gone to prison, has been very good in prison, and has come out of prison with the graciousness of society that one's debt is paid. And this murderer moves across the street from you. And your well-informed law enforcement decides to knock upon your door and inform you that they thought you might be interested in the fact of knowing that you now have a society-released ex-murderer as your next-door neighbor. And you say, "I can accept this, society has deemed this one of social good standings, has paid the dept to society, so therefore I will not judge this one." And you tell your well-meaning law enforcement officers, 'I thank you, I am now well informed, you have done a good job. Have no worries, for I have no worry.' You bake a plate of cookies and you decide to do the neighborly thing and go knock upon the door of your new neighbor, and hand him cookies. And your new neighbor opens the door, sees the offering, smiles and says, "I wish to thank you, for this is wonderful." And out of nowhere, you look upon the smiling face and you see in your mind's eye the horrendous act that this one has done. Without provocation, it just is there. And you back up, make some excuse, you go home, you pant and you sweat and you say, "My God! what happened?" You have just seen yourself. It is that simple. For that one is one that you once were, and you will be again. This has been an extreme example, mind you. But this happens every day. Maybe not so to the extreme as this, but where you find yourself faced with judgment out of nowhere, or perhaps a vision of something that you have no idea where this vision came from. It came from your self. It came from the one that you just met, that you saw your self in. For you share the common thread of the soul that divided. Sometimes that division could be just from before you came into this lifetime. For some it could be a division that happened three or four divisions ago, for it has happened many, many times, and in many, many places. But some of you do not give countenance to these flashes that you have. So all I tell you now is, that flash was you. Some of you have this wonderful saying that if you meet someone or someone angers you, they are 'mirroring' to you what you do not like in yourself. Well… it goes much deeper than that. For they are mirroring to you what you would see in yourself if you ran into yourself. And you run into yourself countless times during this lifetime, it's just that you do not often make the connection, or your logical brain has taken the opportunity to decide that this does not exist. "This flash or image came out of nowhere...or must have been the pizza I ate last night!" Your brain can think of numerous excuses for you not to make the association that you have just seen yourself.

Now, I'm sure, this lesson is going to cause a bit of controversy, but you see, I have many questions to ask for this lesson that will hopefully help calm some of those in turmoil down.

If you saw yourself from outside of yourself, what do you think you would see? Please bear in mind that we are discussing duality and polarity here. For what you would see would be the opposite of what you feel you are. Therefore, if you are full of light, love, energy, hope and all of these wondrous things, then what would your self, look like from outside of yourself? There are many that have come into the classroom and talked of how they have a difficult time dealing with such beings. They have a very hard time recognizing that the Creator would allow such beings to even exist. What are they here to teach? What could I possibly learn from them?

If you lived a life of perfection, and you were sheltered your entire life from anything negative, do you think you could truly know God? If you lived a life of perfection, do you think you would acknowledge that God was a Higher Source than you? This is a soul-searching question, mind you. This is to be pondered upon.

If you meet yourself, so that you can see yourself from outside of yourself, and you see what it is, can you love yourself beyond that?

Some of you will be allowed to see yourself from outside of yourself for nothing more than the assistance that this will give you, to prove to you the divinity that you have, the worth that you have. We will put it very simply, this is not exactly the way it truly is, but I'm going to put this in a way where your human brains can understand it. Please do not judge the Creator or myself for how I am putting this, for it is so subtle that the human brain would have a very hard time comprehending this. This is also not meant to be condescending, please forgive me. If you are truly a wonderful person, full of love, light, compassion, generosity, and you meet yourself, and that Being is the true polar opposite of you, then which of the two of you is the most worthy, is the most divine? For you have come out of yourself, in order to see yourself, for a purpose. And there is one out there that is a horrendous Being, according to the limitations that you have placed upon you in this realm. However, that was done for a purpose, to balance out energies, at a time that is most crucial in history. We are hoping that this will help you truly accept the worthiness of the self that you are, of yourself. For those of you that read these lessons, those of you that take these classes, you are the part of yourself that is truly the magnificence of yourself. Now as I said, the other part of yourself is truly in magnificence also, for you are of the same being. But when you come back into yourself, after you leave this realm, you will know 'why'. You will know 'where' and 'what' and 'how' the Creator has divinely orchestrated all of this, for you are guides for each other. You are guides that are assisting all of this Creation, in what must now take place, which is the Creator calling "Itself" back into "Itself", which is where it all began.

Now, I will ask you one final question. And this question is a question that some of you may choose not to even contemplate. But if you do, if you refuse to contemplate this question, then I ask you to at least contemplate why you refuse to contemplate this question.

If you see yourself outside of yourself, can you acknowledge that this is the part of you that will make you whole when you leave this life?

I believe that's a nice place to cease this lesson.



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