11-7-99 SANANDA

"Ascension Tools and Dealing with 'Unawakened' Loved Ones"


SANANDA: We have an intriguing lesson tonight, since it was 'requested'. However, the one that requested it may not understand that THAT is what they are getting. For, technically, we have already discussed that lesson, so now we are going to discuss further 'why' we share these lessons with you about these things that you refer to as tools for ascension. Therefore, we will begin with something very simple, something very basic, something that I think you would refer to as very 'pleasing', GIFTS! *smile*

When you have a party and people bring you gifts, they are wrapped in pretty packages, perhaps with pretty paper and bows. Therefore, it is the anticipation of what is inside the gift that adds to the excitement of the gift, is it not? First you must take off the bow, then you must take off the paper, then you mush unwrap the package, and perhaps the gift is even wrapped in more paper inside the package. Yes? This adds to the 'flavor' of the gift, the not knowing exactly what it is that is inside that pretty package. So, what does this have to do with ascension? It is easy. Many of you came into this lifetime with many, many gifts, many gifts. However, they were all wrapped in nice pretty packages. You have KNOWN that you have had these. It's like someone has told you that they had pretty packages for your birthday, and they set the pretty wrapped packages on a table and your birthday is a year away. So you have to sit there for a year and look at those pretty wrapped packages, wondering what is inside them. What could possibly be inside there, that would make it so intriguing, that you get to enjoy a years' worth of sitting in anticipation while looking at them? This is the same with your gifts. For you see, you have many gifts, and they are all wrapped in packages. However, they have been hidden away in the attic, so you have the added anticipation of, "Do I even HAVE these gifts? And if I DO have these gifts, are they in a wrapped pretty package or perhaps just a brown paper bag?" (That didn't get the laugh I was hoping for!) Anything that you could possibly conceive of, as a tool for ascension, is already there, it is in a wrapped package. And, yes, it is a pretty wrapped package, and is hidden away in the attic. Therefore, all you have to do is decide if you're going to allow yourself the anticipation of, eventually that package coming down and presenting itself to you at the right time, such as your birthday, or if you're going to have that child-like anticipation and go snoop around and see if you can find those pretty wrapped packages with your name on them, and perhaps take a peek before hand.

What are some of these gifts? Can you think of any? You're inner site? Ahh, but is that 'one' package? It depends on how you look at it as to whether it is necessary to ascension. There are many that are taking these classes that feel that it is necessary for ascension. We will leave that up to the individual. However, it IS a gift and it is a wrapped pretty package for some of you, just waiting in the attic for the appropriate time. However, as I said before, is the gift of sight just 'one' gift, or many? For you see, the gift of sight has many, many levels. In fact, I do not think there is one being in 3D, at the current time, which has their full gift of sight. The gift of sight exceeds ALL dimensions, if you are talking the 'true' gift of sight. However, we will concern ourselves with the main ones here on this planet and this dimension. For example, some of you have use of what you refer to as your third-eye; this is only a portion of your gift of sight. Your third eye is what sees within you the clarity YOU are looking for. This may also mean that you are looking for clarity in something outside of yourself, but it is important FOR yourself, so therefore, it is included within the third eye. It is like we were explaining about your sense of touch, and your senses having three depths. Therefore, the sight is the same. For example, if you wish to see someone's aura, it is plain to see. It is one of the easiest gifts of sight that you can unwrap and start using. It has never truly been taken away from you; it has just been 'un-programmed'. It's not necessarily wrapped up in a pretty package, it just needs to be dusted off a bit, because it's been hidden away and forgotten about for some of you. However, if you wish to see deeper into someone, deeper than the aura, this takes a different gift of sight. If you wish to see into the future, this is a different gift of sight. If you wish to see into the past, such as past lives, this too is a different gift of sight. Since there is no 'time', it depends on how far into the future or how far into the past that you wish to see. Does this make sense? For if you wish to see a lifetime ahead of you or a lifetime behind you, you have to have the gift of sight without the eyes that can see the Akashic Records. Specialty Vision you might call it. *Smile* If you wish to see inter-dimensional Beings that are working here, that are with you all the time, this is a different sight. I do not know how many we have named here, but that is enough to keep us occupied for a while.

Now, some of you wish to have your gift of inner hearing. This, too, is a gift. How deeply do you wish to hear? It may be more than one gift in itself. The biggest thing is, it's the same thing as with the ability to see auras. It is something that has never been taken away from you; it is something that has always been there. It is not even boxed and wrapped up. You have just 'un-programmed' it's usage. That is all. Now, there are certain things that you may wish to hear that are not covered with that nice gift, for there are many depths to your hearing also. Some of you wish to be a 'sensitive' in order to feel things. Some of you perhaps wish to levitate. This, too, is a gift. This, too, is something that each of you brought in with you and is a nice package waiting in your attic to be found. Any tool, any gift that you could possibly think of, each and every one of you have. Some of you, in your contracts for this lifetime, have decided that some of those will remain boxed up. It was your choice. However, those things, too, can be "renegotiated". *Smile*

Another thing that we might wish to bring about is, when you are on your path and you are around others with their gifts unwrapped and in usage, a part of you says, "Ahhh, I wish for that! I NEED that!" Or... "DARN! I deserve it more than they do! Why can I not have mine?" Well, it is like this, for each gift and its usage, there is a price to pay within this body. One of the biggest prices that you would have to pay, of course, is solitude. Once you have these gifts, it makes others quite uncomfortable around you. If it is not a discomfort because they do not understand it, then it is a discomfort because THEY cannot do it, and they do not wish to see someone else that does it when they, themselves, cannot. It is a 3D thing. But, the greatest tool, the greatest gift, that ALL of you have is not wrapped, it is not hidden, and it has not been un-programmed because it cannot be. That is the gift of Love, love for others, love for creation, love for the Creator, and most importantly, love for yourself.

This now takes us to the class that has been requested. This is the class of how do we work with loved ones in our lives that are not on the same path as we? It is very simple. You love them as they are. THAT is truly the greatest gift that you can give to them. There is something about that loved one that put them in your life in the first place. Whether it be contractual, whether it be spontaneous attraction, whether it be your souls song singing to each other, whether it be animal magnetism, whatever the purpose it is, you brought each other into your lives. Now you see, there have been quotes, shall we say, that when you love someone you expect the best of them. This is true! But what is the best way to expect the best of them? [AnsweGUEST: To allow them to be themselves.] It does not mean that you are in their lives to change them to YOUR ideas and ideals. The most important thing that you can do in your gift to love, for them, is to live an example, to love them the way you wish to be loved in return. And not only them, but by yourselves and all that come into your life. This touches on that, "Do unto others" thing, but you see, that has been bent and twisted a bit itself. So therefore, we will give a small example:

You have a spouse, and your spouse and you, when you got together, decided that you wished to have a 'complimentary' lifestyle with each other. Then, somewhere during the relationship, you had your 'awakening', but your spouse didn't. You see how wonderful and enlightened this awakening truly is, so of course you wish for your spouse to do this right along with you. Who in this scenario changed? Your spouse was living up to the original contract. YOU are the one that changed. This is not to say that your spouse will never change, however, people have their own freewill choice in this matter. It is not as if you were attempting to talk your spouse into cutting their hair, or to have a facelift! You are attempting to change your spouse at a 'soul' level, not a physical level, not a mental level, not even an emotional level. You are attempting to renegotiate someone else's soul contract for them. Is that possible? We will put it to you this way: would YOU appreciate it if someone else tried renegotiating YOUR soul contract? Then do you think it would be fair for your spouse to have you renegotiate their contract? It is that simple. You had been meant to come together, you had been meant to face this together, but that does not mean that you are both meant to continue walking the same path, because the pathways have already split. YOU changed, not them. This is not to say further on, that the paths may not meet again and continue on. However, it is taking acceptance for YOUR actions, for YOUR determination in changing, and facing the consequences of such. For it was your freewill choice to go through your awakening. You did not ask your spouse if you should go through your awakening, because you felt the pull of your soul, which had nothing to do with your spouse. On the other hand, you have nothing to do with their change, unless you give them the freedom of their freewill choice and you live by example and they see the change in you, without the pressure, without the push. Then, of their freewill choice, they decide to follow the same path. But, to be completely honest with ALL of you right now, things are happening at such an accelerated rate there will be a lot of shakeups in a lot of relationships. However, after the shakeups of the relationships, it may be what is needed to shake the one that had NOT awakened, awake. When you make your freewill choice to continue on your path, if they have not changed, it will more than likely dissolve that relationship. For the energies now are so extreme and so accelerated that the only way your relationship could continue is if you never saw each other in the first place!

Let's reprogram NOW, all of you and your ideals about relationships and those that you love. It is a simple step up that ladder. All you need to do is just 'allow'. Follow your 'intent'. If you wish to have a relationship in your life, then INTEND that you are offering your partner, the freedom of their growth, their awakening, and their acceleration that you wish for them to offer to YOU, which is full freedom in your choices, full freedom for your growth, and that you will allow yourself the opportunity in this relationship to expand the previous boundaries that you may have had in other relationships as far as not putting limitation, restrictions, or boundaries on the relationship itself or on your partner. For you wish for it to be a relationship free of those restrictions and limitations. Now, how does this sound?

Let's dig it a bit deeper. Let's think of our children... whether we talk of the toddler or whether we talk of the adult with children of their own. You wish for them the same that you wish for yourself, or that you would wish for the new partner coming into your life.... the freedom to make their own choices.

Now, on the 'little ones'... your biggest job concerning your children as far as them being small, before they can make their own decisions, is to make sure that you, as the parent, allow them the teachers that will teach them better than you. *Smile* Most parents feel that they are the best teacher their child can have which is a limitation, and that is a limitation you are placing on your child. If you can acknowledge to yourself that you do not know everything that this child could possibly need to know, or is contracted to know, then perhaps you can allow your child the freedom of having other teachers besides yourself. This does not include schoolteachers, mind you. What if your child tells you that the animals speak to them and you do not have your hearing in place? Perhaps it is good and wise for you, then, to find a teacher that does, so they can guide your child in not limiting their hearing abilities, but expanding their hearing abilities. What if your child tells you that they see 'ghosts', which was a popular movie recently, I believe, and you do not see ghosts? If you tell your child, "Mommy does not see the ghosts, but tell me what they look like," you are still limiting that child's vision. Perhaps if you find someone that does, that has been doing it longer, they can help your child to develop more clearly their vision, so that perhaps they do not see just the 'scary' things, but they can see the understanding behind the scary things and they are no longer scary. Unless you have a developed sense of sight, you would not have any comprehension of how to teach that child to look deeper.

Then your child becomes a teenager. Before this age, it is very wise to teach your child that they pay for their own actions. So many today believe in 'spoiling' which is good, to a point. However, teaching your child that there is always a consequence to their actions, teaches your child how to survive here on this planet at this time. Unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with, living in this place and in this time. We teach YOU that you can do to get out of it, but WE still have to stay within YOUR perimeters. How would it be if we fully unblocked you and presented you with your gift of levitation in the middle of a crowded downtown large city during the day... lunch hour? And then you decide to use it then and there. Well, there would be some short circuits that would take place at that point in time, and short circuits are hard enough to rewire as it is! So therefore, we allow YOU to come to us within the restrictions that you have, instead of us shorting your circuits and perhaps causing you to have to come back and do it all over again, perhaps denying you the 'pleasure' of finding this information out for yourself. For you see, it is immense gratification to realize that your hard work and the time that you have spent here has allowed you, finally, to reap the rewards. However, if they were just gifted to you without any work at all behind them, they may perhaps end up being misused because you do not fully appreciate the hard work that it took for you to accomplish this. Now does this make sense? Therefore, I will ask a question. *smile*

Did all of you have FUN? Did you go ride a roller coaster? And eat cotton candy? Well... it is up to you whether you had fun or not. *smile* For you see, that is me allowing you the freedom of making those choice yourself... which is what this lesson is all about.

Do you wish to have some of your gifts unwrapped FOR you... or do you wish to have the pleasure of finding the hidden treasures, and the anticipation of unwrapping the gifts for the usage? For you see, there is coming a time, very soon, to where you may have an opportunity for you just asking for it to be presented to you. But we will get into THAT one at a later date! *smile* But you see, as it is, we have been asking all of you to manifest, in your bodies, what it is that you wish to have and change. Does this give you a hint?

Can you remember seeing auras? Can you see auras now? What happened? This is a question for all involved, for most are going to have the same answers that you have now.
Now, for the BIG question:

Can you hear that still, quiet voice inside you? And if you cannot, why do you think that is... for you all have it? Perhaps it is because you need to learn how to 'quiet' your mind so that you can hear that still, quiet voice. Perhaps it is a 'trust' in allowing, that "I am not insane! My Higher Self is talking to me!", or God is talking to me, or my angels are talking to me.

Now, when you touch someone, and you feel 'cold', perhaps 'warm', perhaps 'anger', perhaps 'sorrow'... do you even acknowledge it in your Being? Or do you just feel, "THAT was a random thought! Where did THAT come from?!" For you see, all of your gifts are nothing more than learning how to pay attention to what goes on within you, for everything that you think, feel, say, hear or experience, there is a reason. Now all you have to do is find out what the reason is! Sounds simple, does it not? It SOUNDS very simple, however, for some it is extremely hard. So therefore, the next question iSANANDA:

Why is it that you feel that you NEED to make it so hard? For some of you, it would be very easy for us to look at you and say, "This is your reason why." However, if we said that, the majority of you would look at us and go, "I don't do that!" Why… because of the ego. Your ego does not wish to acknowledge the fact that it blocks you from your gifts. There are many out there that will say, "I had someone do this to me, and they took away my gift of ____"(whatever). There is not ONE person living on the face of this planet, or beyond, that has the ability to take any of your gifts away from you. YOU are the only one that can deny yourself your gifts, whether it be because of something you did in this lifetime, or whether it be because of something you contracted to bring in with you for this lifetime. However, where your gifts are concerned, it is always renegotiable.

Now... let's talk about someone that contracted to come in and live in a poverty consciousness in this lifetime, and they renegotiate their contract and get the gift of sight. And they think they will get their gift of sight in order that they can see what lottery numbers are going to be coming up next. (I am wagging a finger *smile*) It does not work this way. For you see, when you get your gifts, they come in with restrictions to make sure that you are not able to break contractual agreements that have anything to do with something OTHER than your sight... or your hearing, or your sensitivity. You MAY be able to renegotiate getting all levels of your sight. However, you will not be able to see the lottery numbers, for your gifts come to you to use for others, not necessarily for yourself. You can 'see' things that are beneficial for you, however, your gift is a part of your service. It is not something to use selfishly, no matter what the gift is. Now... that is a good pondering thought, therefore, we will end the class for now because it is a good place to stop.

(AFTERWORD: An expansion of how to deal with those that we love, that are not on our path, and questions as to "Why am I not allowed to 'see', and why am I not allowed to touch and feel things. Why am I not allowed to levitate?" Well... this answers the question SANANDA: IT IS ALL YOU. Now all you have to do is ask yourself, "Why am I not allowed to do this?" For you see, when you pay attention to yourself, your self will tell you. That is it! *smile*


GUEST: I have a question on the lesson, if I may.
SANANDA: By all means.
GUEST: There seems to be a catch-22.
SANANDA: Concerning?
GUEST: Renegotiating your contract... because nobody knows what their contract is.
SANANDA: Exactly.
GUEST: So how would you know whether or not to try to renegotiate?
SANANDA: Well, for instance…from past lessons... who is the holder of your contract?
SANANDA: So then, through your intent, you might say, "God, I wish to have this, and if it is in my contract NOT to have this, we will renegotiate this." It is that simple, for you see, it is all done through intent. All the Creator does, as far as your contract is concerned, is hold them, and wait for you 'to get it'. For you see, there are many of you that have had the paperwork for owning a house, and when it is finally paid off you have a deed-burning party... because it is finally yours. That is what the Creator waits for, is for you to finally 'get it' so that you may have a contract-burning party. You can change it whenever you wish.
GUEST: You actually set all the terms of your own contract in the beginning before you come in?
SANANDA: Yes. Did this answer this?



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