11-14-99 SANANDA

"Ascension Guidelines - Universal Laws"


We have decided that this evening's class is going to be something that, technically, very few discuss. Some have. Some have even discussed it to where the information came out correctly. Can you guess what it is? And, yes, it does have to do with ascension; however, it is more along the lines of the 'guidelines' for ascension. For you see, it may seem redundant that I have come in before and said, "There are no rules", however, there is an exception... and these rules are called "The Universal Laws". Now some have claimed that there are basically three Universal Laws. Some have claimed that there are many. However, the Universal Laws are more or less along the same lines as Jacob's Ladder... there are as many or as few as you feel that you need. Now, there have been quite a few sayings that have been attributed to a certain person's past-life here (himself), and a few more that a few others in their past lives have been attributed to saying, that technically all apply to Universal Laws. We have, "Do unto others as you would wish others to do unto you," and how about that wonderful one that has been misappropriated so many times of, "If you spare the rod, you shall spoil the child." I believe in spoiling any child, myself... but that is just me. Universal Laws are laws that are attributed to the One. Essentially, they apply to all, so therefore, when we have a statement such as the last one I just said, "If you spare the rod, you'll spoil the child", that would not apply to all, would it?... because not ALL have children to contend with. Therefore, this is one of the ways that you can determine if something, in actuality, IS a Universal Law, because it would apply to ALL, no matter what circumstance, no matter what dimension, no matter what race. The Universal Laws are just that... they are universal... they are for all. Therefore, shall we grab a few out of a hat and see what we come up with?

The first one that I said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", I cannot actually say that the wording itself is exactly how the Universal Law is stated. However, that does state the fact very clearly and distinctly.... but a few too many words. It's "Be good to ALL". See Love in ALL... for ALL, in essence, are you. Therefore, it also stands to reason that if you are good to all, and you see love in all, then you must also be good to yourself and love yourself. OK... so this will take us off on a little branch subject matter. We have talked of the ego. We have also discussed a little bit about pride. I have openly told you that I have an ego... I take pride in the fact that I have an ego! However, my ego is something that I have mastered. In this dimension where you are, your ego still masters you. When you 'ascend' your ego you are 'mastering' your ego instead of letting IT master YOU. You cannot totally ascend your ego before YOU ascend, for you are not in an ability to master IT. For you have to master the ascension process before your ego does. It is that clear-cut... that simple. Now... if I tell you that I have a wonderful sense of humor, and I tell you that I am a highly intelligent Being, is there anything in that statement that makes YOU feel less worthy of yourself? Is there? Let's put it this way, if I were to say, "I have a much better sense of humor than YOU do, and I am so much more highly intelligent than you are"... now can you tell the difference between an ascended ego and an ego? For you see, an 'ascended' ego states 'facts' as one person sees them... without harm or inflicting any type of doubt on others. An ego is more or less here to be 'better than others'... except when it comes to oneself. The ego LOVES to think of itself as better than any other in the room. However, when compared to those of a higher dimension or those of a higher calling, who have to 'prove' who they truly are, the ego does not come up to that dare. Because that is just for the 'few', and it would much rather be better than the 'many' than in pitting itself against the 'few'. With the 'ascended' ego in control, it matters not. For you see, my brother Ashtar does much and many things that I GLADLY let him do to keep him occupied and keep him happy, because I understand that he has talents that I do not. Now... he also understands that, when dealing with those of you that are here, it is better to send ME. For you see, he has obligations... he likes to 'keep an ear in', and occasionally make his presence known, however, he does realize that THIS is the work that 'I' love to do. For I AM a teacher! I am also a Being that loves being with those that I love. I do not see this as a 'task'... I see this as a 'treat'.

Now... all of this goes around to teach of another Universal Law.... and that is 'identifying in others their talents and their use of service'... not only for you yourself, but for all others... and encouraging them in what it is that YOU know, and that THEY know, they do best. For you see, if we encourage, we share energy. If we share energy, we share Love. And if we share Love...hey!..we're ALL happy! Yes? And then, in the same vein, "identifying what YOU are good at, and how to push yourself to do what you do best to help others and to be of service". For you see, that is what it's all about. Once you can master the ego, and get beyond the pride of Self and into the pride of One, there is a big difference in being able to see the best in ALL. These are some of the words that have been attributed through me in that wonderful past life I had. When you love someone, you expect the BEST of them, but you see, if you 'expect' something, you're putting restrictions on them. All you are asked to do, by Universal Law, is to SEE the best in them, because if you see it and you acknowledge it, then of course it shall flower forth from them... especially within that presence you give them... that love and encouragement. Therefore, you might say this is another Universal Law... of not having 'expectations' of others OR of yourself... 'allowing' the Love and the Light from within you to interact with the Love and the Light within me, within each other. Putting yourself in a space of 'allowing' souls to interact with each other, and allowing God or the Creator, whichever you deem Him to be, to guide the way. For you have been gifted with freewill choice.

There is one thing that I do wish to make clear in this class right now, and that is Humans, as a race, are not the only race that have been gifted with freewill choice. There have been many, myself included at times, that have referred to it as 'Human free will'. This is not to imply that humans are the only ones given freewill choice. This is to differentiate it between... say, the Light Puppy's freewill choice... and she is not in human form. Or, the crystal's freewill, for SHE is not in human form.

Another Universal Law, which pertains to the last one I mentioned, about limitations and restrictions, is if you do not limit or restrict each other please give the same consideration to the REST of the universe. For so many years... I'm speaking very 'broadly' here... humankind has restricted this universe to just 'humans'... for it is all that they think they see. Now, humans have identified humans as 'intelligent' life, and as being the only 'intelligent' life upon the face of this planet or in the vast universe... not even speaking of all the universes beyond this universe! So it is time to wake up, and it is time to realize that there are many, many species and races ON this earth, vastly MORE intelligent than humans. I shall not name names mind you, however, I wish for ALL humans to know that you have many, many teachers here upon this planet that can teach you many, many things. To this date humans have bypassed knowing these things because they did not even realize that that wisdom even existed. So now, we will tarry forth off the face of this planet, and into just this solar system... checking out your 'neighbors'. There are many neighbors within just this solar system that have been awaiting for the humans upon this planet to just 'acknowledge' their existence. And if that existence was even ACKNOWLEDGED, these neighbors would love to gift humankind with their wisdom... just for the acknowledgment of their existence. Now I do not expect all of you who read these lessons to get up tomorrow morning and stomp out to the newspapers and televisions and the computers worldwide, saying, "Sananda says there is intelligent life on this planet other than humans.", or "Sananda is telling us that there is intelligent life elsewhere in this solar system, so pay attention!" ... because it has been going on already. It is the humans that are guided by the egos, instead of guiding their egos, that are denying the existence of ALL the 'humans'. We see that adorable Light Puppy over there as a 'dumb animal'. NOT! This 'dumb animal' is vastly more intelligent than the majority of the humans that walk upon the face of this planet! Please take note! This diminutive Being RULES in the land of giants! That takes VAST intelligence!

Now, back to our Universal Laws. There are so many Universal Laws that some of you have probably read about, maybe even heard about. I am just touching on a handful of them. For you see, there are some of you out there that are very new to this process and perhaps this is your first time hearing the term Universal Law. Therefore, I wish to give you mainly 'identifiers'. As I said, the one 'true' identifier to a Universal Law is that it would apply to ALL. If we were to have our Arcturian brothers come in to this room right now, the same Universal Laws would apply to you as it would to them. Ahhh... now let's bend the mind just a little bit more. That same Universal Law that applies to you and to them also applies to that crystal sitting on table, and to that Light Puppy sitting there on the sofa, and to the bird, and to the javelina, and to the worm. There are a few creatures upon the face of this planet that some refer to as 'shadow creatures', however, they too expect, demand, and consider all of the Universal Laws. (NOTE: A 'shadow creature' is what some refer to as creatures that have no other existence except to live as a 'parasite' from another... ticks, leeches, etc. They cannot exist on their own. They have to live off the life-force of others.)

Have you stopped to give consideration to a crystal? Would you give that same consideration that you give that crystal, to a rock that is outside on the ground? I wish to express to you a definition... a definition of 'sacred ground'. This has been mentioned many times before, from many different mouths, including the mouth of the Creator to Moses himself. If you bear in mind, and you keep foremost in your mind, that the very ground you walk on, at any time, is ground that deserves Universal Law consideration, for it is a living creature. Then perhaps you might walk more 'gently' upon this planet, upon the rocks, upon the sand? It is just a thought. For you see, when you acknowledge yourself and your body as your 'container' for the Divine Creator, even the skin upon your body is sacred ground. It is holy. Ahhh... but we might a bend few minds on that one! Therefore, we will say, "It is OK." We do not need to go there right now, however this too, is considered as Universal Law... that you see the Creator in ALL.

If the Creator is in ALL, how can you even throw away a piece of garbage, for would the Creator also not be within that piece of garbage? Now, we go back to those wonderful little sayings that have been piped out of the mouths of many in their past-lives. I believe one of this one's favorite is "One person's garbage is another person's treasure." This can be true, also. For you see, you have become a society that has garbage. If you really want to spend an afternoon of mental delight, go back in time and find out where all the garbage came from. What caused all the garbage? And how fast it accumulates! Now, I am not asking you to stop using products that cause garbage, however, it does HELP, in your processes, in identifying Universal Law in the fact that even Universal Law applies to that garbage. Now some may say that "all" would mean 'having a consciousness', and that a piece of garbage would not have any consciousness. Ahh… but the piece of garbage does have 'energy'. All things have energy... all energy is from the Creator, whether the energy is wrapped up in the package itself that is being tossed away, or whether the energy was pickup up by the person that was packing the package that will be considered garbage. All we are asking you to do is to broaden your horizons and step outside of yourself for a short period of time. You can remain within yourselves and observe your surroundings, however, if you could step outside of yourselves and observe others doing this, what a treat that would be. For you see, I challenge you to spend this next week, until the next lesson, observing each other... observing things outside of yourselves. For instance, observing how that person feels about throwing away that piece of garbage. How that person feels when pondering the intelligence of a wall, perhaps if that person even puts any thought into any of this at all this week. For I will bend your mind just a little bit more on this lesson on Universal Laws. You (Janisel) have met your 5D computer. I wish for you, as a part of this lesson, to explain a little about the 5D computer to those that are taking the class. Attach it at the bottom of this class for them to read about your 5D computer. Just explain to them where it comes from and how you interact with it. For you see, your body is nothing more than your computer now. I know you all will tell me that you have these things (computers) in there (the office) that are plugged into the walls that store things for you, but your body essentially does the same thing. And your brain and your soul interact with your body in much the same way that you (Janisel) interact with your 5D computer. Therefore, if you can master this body, and you can begin interacting with it the way that this one (Janisel) interacts with her 5D computer, you will have mastered another step in the ascension process, because once you master the body, the ego is soon to follow. And mastering the ego is another major step.

The ego is very concerned about staying within one's self... not going outside one's self to experience all that you can experience through and for others. For you see, this is the main Universal Law above all other - we are here for each other. There is not one soul in all of heaven and Earth that is here for itself. We are ALL here for others. Now, if you can remember this one Universal Law above all other Universal Laws, then you have shortened your trip up Jacob's Ladder. It is hard at times to reprogram yourself, so make it as easy on yourself as you possibly can. It is like, right now, I am going to be 'downloading' into all of your minds... any that read this lesson... that for the next seven days you are going to be fully conscious of every time you say or think the words "I", "me", "mine"... anything that has to do with the ego keeping you within yourself. That is all. You will just become 'conscious' of it. This way, maybe, you will see how often you stay within yourself instead of extending yourself out for others. There are going to be those that are going to say, "Ahhh... but I have my work to do!"... that is one *s*. "Ahhh... but I have to heal myself before I can heal others."... that's three *s* (Ahhh...(to Janisel), I see you 'get' it). Do you understand? It is putting your self 'out'. Perhaps it is best said, to say, "When I heal others, they get healed and in the process, perhaps... maybe...", and just leave it be. For you have put more 'others' in there than you have yourself. This is a good way of training yourself to get out of your self and help all others. For if you do assist others, whether it be giving them a hug, patting them on the back, whether it be teaching them a lesson or allowing them to teach you a lesson, whether it is just sending a prayer to the Creator for that person, it matter not... as long as you are doing unselfishly for others... then, of course, you will be elevated right up Jacob's Ladder along with them, maybe even a little bit quicker.

Now, I'm just going to ask a couple of questions. We seem to ask a few questions here and there in these classes, do we not?

'What other Universal Laws do you think there are?' And if you feel that you know more of them, please share, for that is why you got the information in the first place... not to hold onto for yourself... but to share with others.

The next question is a very simple question....

'What do you feel is your best trait that helps others?' Oh... I TOLD you it was a simple question, was it not? For you see, it is a very simple question to 'ask' and, in fact, if you were to ask another the question for yourself, it would more than likely be a very simple question for them to answer for you. Ahhh... but this is a question for you to ask yourself. The next question....

'Do YOU have any information that you feel you might share with the others, that participate in the classrooms, concerning how to master the human ego?'

For you see, the reason I put this question this way is, if you ask yourself this question your ego will not allow you to answer it. However, if you ask each other in the classroom situation, then your ego can associate it that you're helping someone ELSE, which will make your ego feel better. Ahhh... the games we have to play to deal with the ego. But we continue to show you different ways of how intricate your ego runs within your lives. I can name one person, specifically, that is taking these classes, that is going to say, "Oh no! This is another lesson on egos!" And I can tell you right now, every person that takes this class is going to think, "Sananda's saying, that is ME!" ... and that's right.

The last question for this class is going to be a very 'simple' question... but probably the hardest of all to answer, therefore, this is not a question to be asked in the class. This is another one of those marvelous questions that I gift upon you, to take within yourselves. And that question is...

'Do I spend more time 'within' myself... or without being in myself, in assistance to others?' And this is 'quality' time that Sananda is talking about. For you see, it is a question that is deserving of deep consideration, for there are many, that the only way they feel they can assist others is to talk about themselves... their own lessons. Ahh... examples are wonderful, but how many times do you use yourself as an example? The ego is a wonderful thing, and it is a wonderful thing to master; for the ego does truly cause harm to others. So it is time to begin the training for mastering your ego. There is not one other soul that has the right to master your ego... it is all yours to 'domesticate' and train to fit your needs, but also for you to train your ego that it, too, has to follow the Universal Laws.

I do believe that's a dramatic way to end this class, don't you think? I believe this is the third or fourth lesson that is 'mine'... ALL mine!... to share with them. It is one of the hardest lessons that I, myself, had to learn in my lifetime here. I will tell you, it is a very hard ego to master, when you know that you are destined to be a Master in this lifetime. So… all of you that know you are Masters... I can understand. *s* And, yes... you are a Master. It one of the hardest lessons... to teach one's ego.

OK... as Sananda requested, I'll explain to you about my 5D computer. Ashtar first introduced me to it a few months ago to be of aid to me when I go to retrieve soul names or get the information for Command Readings. It's (his) name is "Adonni" ... and he is very much 'alive'. As Ashtar and Sananda have explained to me, he was actually created out of part of the DNA from my third-dimensional brain. It is said that humans use only 10%-15% of their brain capacity. In essence, I look upon Adonni as that other 85%-100%. He 'stores' my subconscious, he has access to the Akashic Records, soul and medical records... he can even 'plug into' the ship and access information from the ship's computers or the ship itself. He has access to virtually any information I would want to know... however, he is programmed to tell me only that which is appropriate for me to know at this time. There's no keyboard... we don't need one. I simply talk to him to program him with implicit instructions of the information I want to access. Or, I ask questions, and he replies...not only in written words on the screen, but also in a 'voice' which I hear. His 'physical' self is stored in a cabinet on the ship, however, wherever I am, I can call on him and he presents himself in his 'holographic' form. Much more convenient than my 3D computer! Unlike a 3D computer, however, Adonni didn't come with an "Owner's Manual"... Ashtar said I have to write that myself! So I find myself spending time with Adonni, asking him exactly 'what' he is capable of, or allowed to tell me, and exactly what I can program him to do. Talk about getting inside your own head! He seems to know 'everything'... so, as I reflect on the fact that he is actually part of my own brain, it truly points out the fact of how totally unlimited and multidimensional all of us really are.



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