11-21-99 SANANDA



Sananda: I have pondered a name for this lesson. I believe you have a term that is referred to as 'potpourri'... meaning that this is more or less a little bit of everything. And I shall begin, because there have been many lately that have been feeling new-found energies, new-found frustrations, new-found cleansings... so I shall begin with very basic instructional information on how to 'protect' yourself.

All of you are protected by one or two angels or more, some of you have additional protection from my brother Ashtar and his Command, some of you have even special dispensation from the Divine Creator which protects you even more. However, this protection, on most of these cases, is to simply keep you from being 'destroyed' before your job is done. Some of you that are reading these lessons may even know of what I speak when I say this even includes you not being able to take your own life... for there are some out there that are taking these classes that have attempted to take your own life. And this was not able to be accomplished, and in some cases (very frustratingly), not being able to figure out why it did not work. For many of you have felt a higher calling and have had, simply, no guidance to assist you in your path. There has always been guidance if you were willing to see, hear, or be patient. For you see, all you ever had to do was 'ask', and some of you asked, and then it did not happen in the way that YOU think it should have happened. May I give a small joke here? Please realize it is mandatory to laugh at the end of this joke.

"There is a man and a woman in their home, and a flood comes. They look at each other and they say 'God will save us!'. So they crawl to the roof of their house and they kneel in prayer, saying, 'Please Father, please send help. Save us!'. Soon a helicopter comes flying overhead dangling a rope, and they yell down to the man and the woman and they say, 'Take the rope! We will fly you to safety!'. The woman looks at her husband and says 'I cannot hold onto that rope! I cannot possibly hold onto that rope. God will save us.. send them on!'. So the man waves them on. Next, a man comes rowing an old rickety rowboat by the house, and says, 'Please... get into the rowboat. I will save your life. I will take you to shore.' And the man and the woman look at the rickety rowboat that has leaks in it, and they say, 'It is OK... you go on! God will save us!'. And the man and woman look at each other and they say, 'We KNOW that God will save us! We have asked... it will be.' Next comes a bigger boat, but it is so overly crowded the man and the woman just know there is no room for them on the boat... so they wave it on, too. And the man and the woman perish in the flood. And when times comes, they find themselves at the Pearly Gates, and they look at Peter and say, 'Why were we allowed to perish?' And Peter said, 'But God tried… THREE TIMES!' (now it is time to laugh *S*)

For you see, the assistance may not look like what YOU think it ought to look like, but it is always there. Now, as I said before, you are protected to keep you HERE, to keep you alive and to keep you within the realms of your contract. However, there are many, many things that you encounter on a day-to-day basis that you have no protection for, except yourself. It is a vast creation, and there are things out there that you can draw to yourself when you begin or continue your work, that will attach itself to you because it is drawn to the Light, and it wishes to be within the Light. Therefore, you have several options, either you can protect yourself from something like this happening, OR, if you are astute enough to realize that you have had such an attachment come towards you, then you may deal with it properly... which is to send it to the 'bigger' Light... to command that it leave you and find it's way 'Home'. Some of these, though, may wish to not go Home. If you have been in this work and in this life for a long period of time, you have patience to deal with such things, HOPEFULLY you have patience to deal with such things. However, those of you that still feel new to all of this, and ARE new to all of this, protection is a good thing. Then you can take your time to build up your energy, to be allowed to deal with things later, that will still inadvertently find their way to you when you are perhaps busy and forget to protect yourself. Therefore, I will advise you of several different ways that you can protect yourself.

The first way is the simplest way. However, this is what I would refer to as 'minor' protection. That is to simply imagine yourself within a white bubble, however, your white bubble only remains as long as you are thinking of it. There are ways around this, however, it takes energy. Let's say you awaken in the morning and you say to yourself, "Self... we are putting ourselves in a white bubble of protection and our 'intent' is that it is to stay with us all day." That is a lot of energy that you are using to protect yourself.

Another way that you can use to protect yourself... which is another 'minor' way of doing so... is to put it into your heart and into your mind that you have a 'shield'... a shield of Violet Flame... in front of you. I do not advise anyone putting 'themselves' in the Violet Flame, for many of you that are just beginning these processes would find yourselves quite shook up because the Violet Flame would transmute a lot of the energy that you still have within you, and you may not be prepared for that. However, if you put a shield up in front of you made with the Violet Flame, this is a nice protection. A good time to use this is if you were still working at a job and perhaps you have a co-worker that does not mean you well. For whatever the reason, you feel negative energy aimed at you from this specific co-worker. Then your intent would be to place that shield made of the Violet Flame between you and this co-worker. What that shield will do is, when the negative energy gets sent to you by that co-worker, you are not aiming it back at them, you are not mirroring to them what they are doing, you are simply allowing your shield of Violet Flame to transmute the negative energy back into Love. This is a good one to use when this is someone that perhaps you would like to get to know better, and there's been perhaps a minor misunderstanding, and you do not know how to resolve it yourself. For this transmutation process will transmute the energy into Love... and, believe me, that person will then know that you are willing and able to accept their negativity as Love. Hopefully that person would then be willing to be in your presence again in Love, instead of negativity.

There are some who activate their Merkabah for protection. I would highly suggest only using this in extreme measures... very rarely, for activating this does require energy. Also, if you are new to all this, please do not play too much with your Merkabah. You might inadvertently take yourself somewhere, until you are more sure of what it is you are doing!

Some of you have prayers. These are good, however, once again I am stating to you... be careful of what you ask for. If you just say, "Dear Father, protect me."... you will be protected, until the next time you change situations. For instance, if you ask for protection before you leave your home, then once you leave your home you have changed. Therefore, I might suggest a small prayer that Debbie was taught by our wonderful sister Tuella. It is small, sweet, generous, and very to the point. It goes as such:
"Father within me, go before me this day. Let your infinite Wisdom guide what I do and what I say."

Now, you may not think that is invoking protection, however, what you are doing is activating your soul to go before you during the day, because your soul is your connection to the Divine Creator. Therefore, your soul will lead the way.

Mainly what you should use for protection, when you are new to all the energies, is seclusion. Not total seclusion... but, please do not go forth into a mall. Stay away from bars for awhile, for anyplace that you go that has negative energies, they will find you. Your newly awakened energies are some of the strongest energies that draw darkness... for it is such a new and pure energy. Now, for those of you that have been awakened for awhile, but perhaps you have not stretched yourself to try your new energies, to accept your gifts, and you have decided to do such, you too, are reminded to please remember to protect yourself. If you find yourself in a situation, which can happen... but does not happen a lot, where you feel you are being 'attacked' by these negative energies, they have already come to you, as I suggested, the way to handle this is to refuse them and send them to the Light. It is a very simple process. There are actually many processes out there that can work. The main thing that you do is that you command them to leave your energy, it is your energy... you have that right. Then you tell them, "I know you are seeking Light, this is why you found me. Find the brightest Light there is and go to IT... and you will go Home." Sometimes, they take that as a 'suggestion'. So therefore, they decide not to use up the energy that it would take them to get there. Then, all you have to do is a prayer to the Divine Creator. One that I consider to be the most useful, which ALL have been told is a very useful tool, is the one that you refer to as the Lord's Prayer. Recite the Lord's Prayer verbally. Most of these negative energies cannot take the vibration that runs through you when you say these sacred words... and they will detach. If they do not detach, then they are of a Higher Negative Force, and once you have finished the Lords Prayer, if you feel them still, call on Michael. Say Michael's name three times... and you ask him to send one of his Legions to assist you in releasing this negative energy. Then this will happen. Please be aware of the fact, the members of Michael's Legions may not look anything at all like what you think. It may not be someone with wings and a sword. It could, perhaps, be an elderly woman with an umbrella. Perhaps it could be a young child. Perhaps it could even be a dog. For Michael's Legions are all over this planet. When the Divine Creator knew that the time for this planet's ascension was coming, a majority of Michael's Legions was placed here, embodied, on this planet. Some were born into these bodies, some walked in to these bodies... but there are many, many of Michael's Legions here. There are still many of Michael's Legions in the upper realms, however, they are usually pretty busy... and the one that comes to you may not even be aware of the fact that they ARE of Michael's Legions. You never know. It could be one you call a Jehovah's Witness that comes to your door and asks to pray with you. It could be a young child that comes to you and asks you what you know of the Divine Creator, to getting you talking of the highest of Love and Light vibration... which will then cause the negativity to shake loose. It could be that elderly woman that comes to you with her umbrella, that looks at you with a look of total love... and perhaps a plate of chocolate cookies! *Smile*

And this brings us to one of the other things I wish to discuss this evening... and that is Michael's Legions, for Michael is calling. He's calling for all of his sleeping Legionaries to awaken to who they are. There are many of you that feel that you cannot be of Michael's Legions, because you do not 'vibrate' to the connotation of 'army' or 'war' or 'swords'. However, Michael's Legions DO have a sword, and that sword can be manifest in physical... but when that sword sticks, the one it strikes does not bleed blood, it bleeds out negativity and is infused with Love. For Michael's Legions are an army of Love and Light. Michael's Legions have been here since the beginning... the protection of the Divine Creator. Michael's Legions have been here on this planet since it's inception, as they are at the birth of all new planets. Now what, you may ask, does the Divine Creator need protection for? Ahh... since the beginning, if you will remember correctly, the Divine Creator stepped outside of Himself to see Himself, and thus it all began. And when that happened, so was born Michael's Legions. At that time, however, there were not very many, but every time there has been a separation of the souls, more and more have been added to Michael's Legions. They are the gift of the Divine Creator, to protect all of those seeking their Way.

I promised "potpourri". So far, we have talked of protection, and we have talked of Michael's Legions. How about for once, I describe to you my brother Ashtar, and what is referred to as his Command. Shall I? Now we do understand that there are those that read these lessons that have no connection with 'Sananda's Eagles', so therefore, there might BE a need for an explanation of my brother Ashtar and his Command. You see, the Divine Creator is in charge of all contracts... all soul contracts for each life that comes anew from the souls that decide to experience some sort of lifetime in a dimension. These soul contracts are guarded and protected by the Divine Creator Itself. However, there came a time when this planet began to call out to the Divine Creator for Christed energies, without truly realizing what it was they were crying out for. For you see, there came a time that there were too many 'gods', too much imagination going into the wonders of all that was. Mans' small brain at that time, figured that it was far too much for one Creator to do, so therefore, there came about many gods. The next thing you know, there are wars... many, many wars... because everyone had their favorite god and they wanted everyone else to worship THEIR god. It became very volatile and, therefore, those that knew and had always known that there was but one true Divine Creator, called upon the Divine Creator and said, "Bring us a sign. Bring us a gift that will prove to all that You are still with us, that You still watch us, that You still watch over us, and that You still protect us. Bring us the One that will teach ALL of us who You truly are and how we may truly commune with You." You do realize, don't you, that I was but one of those? There were many of the Christed Beings that came to ALL of the civilizations upon this earth. Each civilization that cried out for a Christed Being received one.

When the first Christed Being stepped upon this planet, and I will not give away yet who that was, the Divine Creator wished to have protection for that Christed Being. SPECIAL protection, a way IN for the precious cargo, and a way OUT for the precious cargo. So therefore, the Divine Creator put out a call and asked for one who would be willing to sacrifice their own independence to make sure that this Christed Being would be protected, for however long it took them to be here. One Being came forward. That Being is my brother Ashtar. But you see, it is not as if everyone else were just twiddling their thumbs with nothing better to do, there was much going on at that time. And this was a new planet, in universal standards, that is. So you might say that my brother Ashtar went through an intense training period from the Divine Creator to guard over this Christed Being. Now... it is as such. He did an excellent job, and he did such a wonderful job, you might say he got a promotion.

The Divine Creator asked if my brother Ashtar felt that he could handle a 'larger' mission, if he could coordinate many Beings to watch over the Beings here on this planet, to make sure that their contract time and their contracts... ALL aspects of their contracts... were followed. Well, my brother Ashtar began recruiting, was given the energy and the time, and went among all the universes and recruited... asking for the volunteers to come and help. This, then, became Ashtar's Command.

Now, there are going to be some that read this, that will find it highly unlikely, highly improbable, perhaps even fictional. This is well and good. It is your choice. I am more or less just filling in a few blanks along the way, for those that wish to have this information. For you see, the ones that resonate with this information, the ones that feel in their heart, that this IS the correct information, are truly those that were the first volunteers that came to my brother Ashtar's call for assistance. For they are the ones that were with him from almost the beginning, that "know" the truth. And over time, many, many more have joined in. Therefore, if you do not believe this story, it matters not. Perhaps you volunteered and came in at a later time. That is fine, too. There are also many out there who are reading these lessons that will say, "I am not of the Ashtar Command, I just KNOW of Ashtar." If you resonate at ALL with the name Ashtar... at ALL... if you KNOW of the name of my brother Ashtar... at ALL... you ARE of the Ashtar Command!

Now, I will step on a few more toes here. There are those of you that KNOW, you feel in your heart and your soul, that you are a member of Michael's Legions. If you are on this planet and you are of Michael's Legions, you are ALSO of my brother Ashtar's Command. If you were of Michael's Legions and you were NOT of my brother Ashtar's Command, you would not be here on this planet. It is possible to be of the Ashtar Command on this planet and NOT be of Michael's Legions, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to be of Michael's Legions on this planet and NOT be a member of my brother Ashtar's Command. It is just the way it is. Some of you may not resonate with that, either! This, again, is entirely up to you. It matters not to me at all if you do not resonate with this, however, I can tell you for a fact that any that know of my brother Ashtar, or any that feel they are of Michael's Legions that are on this planet at this point in time, you ARE OF THE COMMAND, and you ARE here for a SPECIFIC MISSION, possibly even more than one. For there are those out there who have denied, for far too long. There are those out there that are still asleep, and it is well-past time for them to wake up. For things have accelerated to the point where ALL are needed. You still have a choice, mind you, as to whether you wish to continue on with your mission or not. However, the time has come, that if you decide NOT to continue on with your mission, that mission will be taken from you and given elsewhere. There are very few instances now of those being able to postpone their missions any longer. You CAN renegotiate your mission, you can decide not to give up everything in your life to do this, because this is not what is being asked of you. The main thing that you are asked to do right now is to recognize who and what you are here for. You do not have to change anything at all about your life, except recognizing WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR.

Along with the 'potpourri' I am offering in this lesson, is the opportunity for those of you out there to ask yourselves some very important questions. But before I give you the questions, I wish for you to realize that if you feel you are of Michael's Legions, and you have not accessed your sword yet, it is time to do so. Because with Michael calling his Legions now, if you have not removed your sword you may be feeling pains in your chest, because when Michael calls, if YOU do not listen, your sword does. So, if you are having pains in your chest, it is because you have refused to hear "The Call"... your sword is giving you a reason to pay attention. The questions I wish to ask of you are questions for you to ask of yourself. There are questions, also, for you to ask others that will more than likely be coming to you, asking YOU questions about what we've just been talking about. For there are some of you that did not know how to answer questions concerning Michael's Legions. Now that you have some of the information, you will be a magnet for people to come to you and ask YOU questions about Michael's Legions.

Do you feel that you are a member of Michael's Legions? If you do, what have you done about it? If you feel that you are a member of Michael's Legions, have you pulled your sword out of your heart yet?

There are some that say that your sword is always carried in your heart. This was allowed for a time. It is not suggested any longer. There are some of you that realize that your sword was also accessible through your back. That is the best position now. For Michael's call is resonating through ALL the hearts of ALL of Michael's Legions, and whether you have accessed your sword for the first time or not, you are probably feeling the pains in your chest. It is time to remove your sword and place it on your back... within easy reach. Now, there are those of you that are more than likely going to feel apprehension at me discussing something as flippant as I am concerning your sword. This is your sword of Light, this is your sword of Love, and you are thinking with your third-dimensional brain in making it look like something made of metal. Therefore, please re-evaluate that we are talking of something of a very much higher dimension, than a sword made of metal that one would... pull out of their chest?

Do you feel that you are a member of my brother Ashtar's Command? If you think you are, or if you FEEL that you are, what are YOU doing about it? For it is high time to be doing something about it.

There are many of you out there that have felt, "I feel that I am a member of Ashtar's Command, so I will get on the computer and I will talk to other people about it. That is not enough anymore. There is no longer time to just sit and talk about it. It is time to stand up for your mission and 'ask' what it is that you can be doing. ASK whomever you know of, that is already 'living' their mission, what it is that you can do to activate your own mission. Or, until that happens, what can you do to assist THEM? You need not make a full commitment to anyone but yourself, but if you cannot receive information yet as to what your mission is and what you are to be doing NOW, the LEAST you could be doing is helping and assisting those that already are!

Now... the last question that I wish to ask:

Has this lesson made you uncomfortable in any way, shape or form? And, if it has, you need to look deep inside of yourself and find out why you feel uncomfortable. Because if you have been on a quest to identify who you are, what your calling is, or how you can assist the planet, or how you can assist the Divine Creator, but yet you feel uncomfortable with what is given to you... I'm not saying if you don't resonate with it, I'm talking about if you feel 'uncomfortable' with it, or if you wish to 'argue' the point that swords aren't involved or any of these things, or it's 'military' or whatever!... then YOU are using a 3D brain, 3D emotions, and you're still stuck in the third-dimensional life that you have HERE... and it's time for you to rise above that. And the only way that you will be able to do that is, find out WHY this information can cause you such turmoil in your life. It is not meant to cause turmoil in anyone's life. It is meant to awaken those that need to be awakened. It is meant to be the "Clarion Call" to let Michael's Legions know that they are being called! It is the "Dawn's Bugling" for my brother Ashtar's Command members that are still denying WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY ARE HERE FOR. If you honestly feel that neither of these are for YOU, then they're probably not. However, if you feel any negativity towards what has been said here, you ARE ONE OF THESE THAT ARE BEING CALLED. And you are 'reacting' against the Call. And YOU need to find out why.

I believe that is the end of this lesson. *Smile*



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