11-26-99 SANANDA

"Potpourri - Part Two"
"Walking the Talk" and "Assistance in Meditation"

Now... we've had much discussion going on as to what lesson would come out this week, and I think we more or less settled upon a continuation of the last one... as far as 'potpourri' goes. You know... a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Maybe a whole lot of this and even more of that... we shall see. *smile*
As we mentioned last week, there is Michael's Legions, there is my brother Ashtar's Command, and besides those two, there are others out there. However, we would not like to mention them all by name, but we will mention some by association. For you see, some of them are also involved within Michael's Legions or the Ashtar Command, which is why we mentioned those two in the beginning. There are many, many Councils of what those of you upon this planet would refer to as... hmmm... 'alien', or 'extraterrestrial'.

We have the Council of the Masters, and there are a number of those Masters that now are walking upon this Earth, or soon will be... as we have discussed THAT before, also. Now, a great many of those Councils of Masters are within Michael's Legions, and I would say, also, another great many are involved with the Ashtar Command. We have councils within councils, we have a whole society set up of organizations and councils, and all this such nonsense. I, technically, belong to some, however, I usually just show up when I am called upon to discuss whatever I am called upon to discuss. (Laughing Out Loud) For you see, I guess you might refer to me as an "Ambassador"... I go among all the councils and institutions and discuss this planet that you reside upon at this time, the condition that she's in, the condition of those that live upon her (or 'in'), and the interaction between the two which, sadly to say, at most times is not a good report. However, we ARE in the processes of changing that. *smile*

You see, if you take a look back upon this planet, the history of her, mainly the history of her peoples, you will note that all those societies that have been here in your past history, that put the planet herself 'first' or 'foremost', were societies that had catastrophic downfalls. Many of those even happened before what you refer to as 'Christianity' started, but a great many of them have happened 'in the name of' Christianity. It is almost as if... ooohhhh, I may really step on some toes with this one... but it is almost as if Christianity, as a whole, believed that the taking care of this planet was the worshipping of the planet instead of the Creator. I believe some of them even use the term "worshiping the creation instead of the Creator"? Well, you see, those very self-same Christians that we are talking about... and I am not putting Christianity down as a whole, mind you... they also put the man, the body in which I once walked, as an icon to be worshipped above the Creator. They all admit and they all agree that the body that I was contained within was a human body, therefore, it too was 'of this earth'. It was a 'creation' of the creation of the Creator. We will not step on toes too badly with this, for you see, Christianity does have it's merits, it does have it's good point, yet please use discernment in all, including those self-same religions that we speak of that judge all those that so innocently took care of their Mother... this planet.

There have been many, many societies destroyed by these that we have been talking about, these that decided that they were 'heathen', they were 'savage', because they GAVE to the Earth instead of TAKING from Her. They gave to the animals instead of taking from them. They, those 'savages', those 'heathens', were the ones that were so much more close to the Creator, actually, than the creation. Just because those 'savages' or those 'heathens' believed in what the Christians would have referred to as 'gods' did not mean that they did not believe in one true Creator. They just believed that there were those that 'assisted' the Creator with his work. Now, let me ask you this. What did ' I ' do as a man walking upon this earth? What does my brother Michael do with his Legions? What does my brother Ashtar do with his Command? It's all in assistance to the Divine Creator, just like those self-same 'savages' and 'heathens' referred to theirs that helped the Divine Creator. Now, does this mean that you are to look upon myself or Ashtar or Michael as 'gods'? No, but neither did they. You see, it was the translation of the words that got a bit mixed up in that translation. What was translated, more or less, as the "god of thunder' was nothing more than the thunder Beings... or perhaps the star people. Hmmm... I wonder who they were talking of there? *smile*

In the past, we have mentioned within these lessons, 'walking the walk' or 'walking your talk'. Now your history tells you that if you walk your talk you live what you speak of. Ahhh... you may go the same route as those 'savages' and those 'heathens' because they were not the ones that walked the path that was set before them by society. They were the ones that tread softly upon the planet, setting a new path. Therefore, my first question to all of you is:

Do you truly know what the difference is between 'talking the talk' and 'walking the talk' ?

If you speak of ascension, if you speak of the Divine Blueprint, if you speak of all the wonders of and beyond this planet, do you live a life that shows others that this is what you truly believe in? Is this how you live your life? For example... you know I LOVE giving examples *smile*... let us say that there is someone out there that speaks to others of 'saving the planet', of doing all that one can to prevent the destruction of this planet. This person may be saying everything that sounds wonderful, but does this person throw litter out of their car door when they're driving down the road? Does this person recycle their garbage? Does this person purchase products that do not cause a lot of waste? Does this person teach children, teach the elderly, assist children, assist the elderly, assist their brethren? For you see, unfortunately, on this planet, the thing that speaks loudest is your 'actions'... not your 'words'. Now, if you have someone that speaks of knowing of this Space Brotherhood, and of dealing with the Space Brotherhood, does this one do all they can to assist you in awakening to that yourself? Does this one perhaps talk to the space brethren in the middle of a conversation with you? Does this one perhaps answer your phone call with the comment of "We will be back soon. We are onboard ship right now receiving information."? Does this one take the opportunity to go upon your television and openly speak of their beliefs? Does this one, more or less, quit living a third dimensional life and begin living a life of service? These are just examples, mind you, but I do believe you all know of two, at least, people that follow ONE of these examples. For you see, this is 'walking your talk', it is showing others, through your actions, your beliefs... and standing up to them. *smile*

We do not ask you to go out and quit your jobs, we do not ask you to divorce your mates or give up your children or anything such as this. That is not what we are here for, and it is not what you are there for. What we do ask you is to learn how to go within your own heart, to tap into your own soul, and find your Higher Calling. There are many, many out there that can assist you in finding your Higher Calling. These two (Janisel and Deb) can find your Higher Calling, if they so wish, if you so wish. However, is that teaching YOU how to tap into your soul to find your own Higher Calling? Perhaps going to them might shorten your path a little bit, however I wish for you to take into account, you may be leaving out some 'basics' in what it is that you are meant to learn. It might be something you will need later on, that you will have to stop and redo because you did not have the time or the patience to do it now. For you see, as last week we talked about Michael's Legions and the Ashtar Command, that there are some of you out there that have a sword in your heart, there are some of you out there that are not following the call of your Command... only YOU can decide which you belong to, or ALL, for there are many, many out there, and there are many of you here now that are here to do a multitude of different things for different 'councils', shall I say. So, you might ask, "How do I do this?" Well, you see, every lesson that we have given so far have given you 'hints' and 'clues' to how you accomplish this. But it is very simple. I will make a quote right now, called "This is how you find out information directly from your Soul". You sit down, in a quiet space and you crawl inside yourself, which means that you do not recognize anything that is going on outside of yourself. Some people call this 'meditation', some people call this 'relaxation techniques'. It matters not what you call it, what matters is that you are going inside of yourself to talk to who you really are. Then, you will be barraged at times with a multitude of suggestions or thoughts, or ideas, or whatever, and all you need to do is to say, "Thank you, I will deal with you later." And you put it out of your mind. Now I know, right now, some of you are going to say, "I have tried that and it has not worked." That is because you have not given yourself the patience to do this. For you see, the deeper you go inside of yourself, the easier it is for you to be able to kick those thoughts and ideas and questions OUT a bit. Then when you reach a space inside of yourself, where all is quiet and peaceful, some of you may feel you are on the brink of sleep. Do not fight it. This may happen, for sometimes your subconscious will do the bidding of your soul and allow you to go to sleep, to put your mental body at rest. Then, listen and observe, for your soul will talk to you, it will tell you what is foremost in your heart. It may not be the answer you meant to find, but it is an answer that you have been looking for before. It is what your soul wishes you to know and, once you acknowledge that, then the next time you do this perhaps your soul will answer the question that YOU think is foremost in your mind, or in your life. I guarantee each and everyone of you that you can do this. If you find that you cannot do this, it is something within YOU that is preventing you from doing this. Perhaps it is quieting your mind a bit, perhaps you keep having those questions and suggestions and ideas coming up that you just cannot get rid of. If this is the case, there are several things that you can do to train your mind that when specific things happen, it is time for it to turn off.

Therefore, we are now going to talk 'assistance in meditation'. For those of you that have a hard time focusing without having your day's events running through your mind or your day's events for the next day running through your mind, or questions, or whatever, perhaps you may wish to try what is referred to as a 'guided meditation'. This is something you may do on your own. You do not have to go out and purchase anything, you may make your own guided meditation. You turn on music that is soft, flowing, not harsh, without any 'sharp' sounds in there to distract you, and then you talk to yourself on your meditation... whatever it is that makes you feel more comfortable... perhaps swimming in the ocean, perhaps riding on an elevator, or maybe even climbing down stairs. You wish to do something that takes you 'deep' down inside yourself. Do not speak harshly, do not speak quickly, speak slowly, perhaps like a 'melody'. Speak clearly and distinctly, and tell yourself about swimming 'deep' into the bottom of the ocean, or taking the elevator or stairs down from the top floor to the bottom floor of a very tall building. You may even say that you are in a parachute and you are floating gently down to the planet. It is all up to you as to which 'trip' you wish to take. Please do something that you have no fear of, something that you find pleasing to your senses, and talk to yourself as you are doing this, calming yourself, shutting down your mental activity to go deep within yourself. If you would like, put this on a tape, talk to yourself, give yourself time in-between every floor of the building, or the deeper you go into the ocean, or the closer you get to the planet. Give yourself time to adjust to that 'depth' of your Self, then when you reach a point, remind yourself that all is quiet, there is no sound, just the beating of your heart and the sound of your body breathing. It is that simple! Try this, see if it works. There may be some of you that say something to the effect of, "I can get there to a point but then I start seeing things." This is GOOD! Some of you might say, "I get to a point and start hearing things." This, too, is GOOD... this is what you are striving for. Some of you might say, "But I don't see things." That is fine, or if you don't hear things, that is fine. Pay attention to what you 'feel'. Pay attention to those wayward thoughts that then come to you, because what you are striving to reach is what all prophets in the past referred to as that 'still small voice' deep inside you. This is the voice that you listen to. It is the voice of you, the higher part of you that is directly linked to the Creator. This is the 'seed' that planted YOU, that has been there all along, that some of you loosely refer to as your 'conscience', that has been letting you know your whole life if you 'should' or 'should not' lie, if you 'should' or 'should not' do this or that. Please do not confuse it with your 'ego', which dumps guilt on you every chance that it likes to. But you will learn over a course of time that the more that you tap into your soul and listen to your soul, the clearer your path will be... not only YOUR path, but others around you. But this is not information for you to tell THEM, for hopefully they are on their own path, or they are seeking their own path, but this is to show YOU how to interact with them on YOUR path. Do you see what I'm saying? It is so simple... IF you can get yourself inside of yourself, to introduce yourself to your Self. For you see, if all those living upon this planet could do this, the soul song would be tremendous! Therefore, I would like to ask you another question.

Have you been able to go into quiet meditation? Have you been able to turn off the mental activity, to be able to listen to your soul? If you have not, why do you think you have not? And if you have, have you been listening? Now, another question that I wish to ask at this time:

You have had time to ponder whether you are a member of Michael's Legions. Have you been able to determine if you are, and if you are, have you pulled your sword out of your heart yet? If you have pulled your sword out of your heart, NOW what are you going to do? And if you feel that, yes, you are a member of Michael's Legions, and you have not pulled your sword out of your heart yet, why not?

I guess I just want you to all know there is an urgency now. This is why I wish to come in and give you suggestions on being able to find your own truth by being able to communicate with your own heart, your own soul. For you cannot decide to 'put it off' for awhile, until the time suits you better. For this, NOW, is the best time that there will be for you to do this in quite awhile. So, therefore, DO IT! *smile* Find your soul, listen to your soul, find your mission, and walk your talk. IT IS TIME. That will be enough for now. *smile*



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