12-5-99 SANANDA

"Your Mission"


This lesson will pertain to several different things again, however, they will all more or less stay focused on that wonderful ladder that we have talked about so much. The reason that I am bringing this up at this time is due to exactly what is going on now... all of the energies that are coming in from so many different sources will tend to drag a bunch of you to a slower pace, whether you appreciate the slower pace or not. For we do realize that there are many out there that feel that they are not getting enough done quickly enough, that there is more to do 'quicker' or 'faster', so we will use the ladder. We will have you imagine that your ascension ladder, your own 'personal' ascension ladder, goes from the ground, to the top of a ten-story building. Now, do you wish to climb it quickly and without stopping or pausing to catch your breath, or maybe check out the view? Let us say that on each of the floors of this building that your ladder goes up, there are wide ledges that go around this building. These ledges are big enough that you could perhaps get off your ladder and sit a spell, watch the birds fly by, perhaps even watch a sunset or two. For you see, if you climb your ladder too quickly, there are things that you might miss. Therefore, what we are really going to discuss this evening is the one thing that each and every one of you has asked about. Can you guess what that is? Your mission.

There are so many that ask this same question over and over again. "What IS my mission?" "How do I find my mission?" "What can I do to get my mission done quicker?" Or, perhaps, the question, "Mission? I have a mission?" That was a joke! <grin> I will tell you very simply what each and every one of your missions is. Do you want to know? To climb your ladder. <grin> But you see, some of you may find a way, along the way, to sprout wings and fly, some of you might find a way to tie a rope to someone and bring them up the ladder, too. Some of you may find that, when you pause on that ledge every once in awhile, you see other ladders and you see other people down on the ground floor looking up at you, wondering how in the world you got up that high. So you can spend time on that ledge, encouraging others to climb the ladder also, giving them encouragement and bits of wisdom. We shall give another example. It is a rainy day. Would you not wish to tell someone to, perhaps, wait until a dryer day to try and climb the ladder? It is a word of advice imparting wisdom. For you see, could it be that you tried climbing on a rainy day and slipped back a rung or two of that long climb? It is like this. You are climbing your ladder to ascension, to make it past this one and into the next one, therefore, everything that you learn about ascension, everything that you learn of the Creator, everything that you learn of the Ascended Masters, everything that you learn about the All That Is, you have learned it for a reason. Perhaps it does not ring true to you; perhaps you do not feel it is your truth.

There have been those who have told you that if something does not ring true to you to throw it out, just incorporate into your Being what rings as your truth. Well, you see, your brain is a marvelous instrument, as is your soul. We explained to you before that for every person that you meet there is a soul exchange. Do you remember this? Sometimes it is for you, sometimes you are doing nothing more than carrying it around to give to someone else who might eventually give it to the one it was truly meant for. This is how knowledge is also. You keep some of that knowledge in your brain; you keep some of this knowledge in your soul to be passed on. There are many, many out there that have spent years and years holding all of this knowledge into themselves and not sharing. This makes it harder to climb your ladder. It is like carrying a steamer trunk up the ladder with you, for the more that you give freely, the lighter your load. Any of you out there that have taken any classes, or have gone to any conferences, or have watched any special program, or read an interesting book... you have done that to share with others. For you see, we keep encouraging you to wake up. We keep explaining to you that it is time for others to wake up. And what are you doing about it? We do not expect you to go knock door-to-door, but we do expect you to share with each other and with others. We expect you to speak or write or paint or sculpt, or whatever it is that therein lies your passion. This is how you spread this information to one another. It is through your passion. Therefore, if you have not realized yet what your passion is, perhaps it is time to step off the ladder onto a ledge for a short period of time, and see what it is in your life that you might be willing to jump off that ledge for.

Where is your passion? What is your passion? These are the questions that I have been asked to ask you in this lesson. Have you identified your passion, and if you have, what are you doing to encourage your passion? If you are not encouraging your passion yet, why not? If you HAVE identified your passion, this is good. If you HAVE been working on your passion, this is good. Are you sharing your passion? Some of you paint. You can paint a thousand paintings that speak volumes concerning ascension and all that you have learned, but if they remain hidden in a closet there is none that will see them. Yes? It does not matter if you sell them, or how you spread this, what does matter is that your passion is being put to the use that it is intended, and that use is to allow your soul the opportunity to see that your conscious mind is willing and capable of interacting with the soul of all. Putting your passion to use is a way of showing others that you have picked your path and you are happy with your path, for your happiness is what truly lets others know that they, too, could pick their path and be happy. No one wishes to seek their path to be miserable. All wish to be happy, so therefore, your passion should bring about the feelings of joy that spread out to others and show others that happiness can be attained. The other thing that your passion, and using it, will do is that it vibrates through the core of your Being, through your soul, and connects directly to the Creator, and allows the Creator an avenue to learn from you.

Another question that I wish to ask is, have you stopped on your climb up to look around, to watch a sunset, to watch a sunrise, to maybe assist someone else up the ladder? Or, are you perhaps one of those that wishes to tie a rope around others and drag them up behind you? And, if you are, is this wise? Is this wise for you? Is this wise for them? For there are many of you that feel that it is your calling... to help each and every individual in need. This is true to a point... and to just a 'certain' point. When it begins to feel that you are leading or dragging them up the ladder, you are no longer assisting someone in need, they are allowing you to do their work for them. It is up to you to decide when that certain point is.

One more question for this lesson: It is time for you to be able to acknowledge that your ladder is a large, wide ladder, and there are many, many others that are using the same ladder as you are. Some of them may skip a rung or two on their way up. Others may find other ways of being able to go up that ladder. So the questions that I ask you is, are you paying attention to YOUR ascension up the ladder, or are you busy comparing your ascension to someone else's? It is time for each and every one of you to focus on your path, to assist others, and to commune with others. But ascension is not to be looked upon as a 'contest', for it is not a contest. A contest is when there is more than 'one' involved. There is just One, and it's called "Creation"... and YOU, yourself, are nothing more than a rung on someone else's ladder somewhere along the line. This is not said to make you feel like your trip is not worthy, for it is very worthy. However, I will explain very basically.

When you reach the top of your ladder, and many others are reaching the top of their ladder at the same time, when enough people reach the top of their ladder at the same time, then ALL will reach the top of their ladder at the same time. Then the planet will reach the top of HER ladder at the same time. Now this, for instance, will take the majority of you into what is referred to as the fifth dimension. Those that are in the fifth dimension will then immediately go to the seventh dimension. Those that are in the seventh dimension will then immediately be bumped up into the ninth dimension. Does this give you an idea as to why you have so many angels and guides and Master Teachers giving you advice and assisting you along the way? For you see, as soon as YOUR ascension is complete, thus is THEIRS. Perhaps I gave away a secret or two? Perhaps I just more or less put what had been talked about out on the table for all to see... to know. It is time that all Beings on all dimensions are feeling urgency. You, in this dimension, will be the catalyst for all. Therefore, if we tend to push, you have a RIGHT to ask for relief, for ease, for a chance to take a break on a ledge, to take the time to stop and smell some flowers or listen to the wind singing, watch the sunrise, watch the deer walk across a meadow. You have that right, for you see, we feel the urgency without 'barriers'. You have your veils, your barriers that keep you from feeling the intenseness of the urgency. You feel it, and some of you feel it more intensely than others, you just cannot describe what it is that you are feeling. Therefore, you have that right to ask for those that are giving assistance to 'back off'... to give you some space for awhile, to give yourself a chance to relax, incorporate into your Being what you see as YOUR truth, and perhaps, maybe, find those that you've been carrying knowledge around for and share that knowledge with them so it will lighten your load a bit. Then you go up to the next level.

I think that it is. That is a good place to stop. <grin>



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