8-01-99 SANANDA

"If It Feels Good - DO IT!"


SANANDA: Such a wonderful time to be here! There are so many now that feel, things are just so hard. And they are. But what makes them feel so hard is that we focus in on how hard they feel, instead of focusing in on what makes us feel better. So this is what we will talk about in this class. We will talk about what makes us feel better. Let's say, when things start all over again in a different dimension, everything that you could possibly imagine rises in vibration. This can be everything from, hmm… what you like to wear, to (if you like to eat) what you like to eat, to laws. Oh... haven't they gotten a bad reputation lately? Last week you were talking about "structures" and "limitations". Correct? Now, let's talk about how we can CHANGE those structures and limitations.

Let's start with the very basics, yes? We have Ten Commandments here. Correct? Doesn't it seem strange that all ten of those Commandments sound so foreboding? We have all those "Thou shalt nots". So what we're going to decide to do this time is we're going to change them to "Thou shalt", yes? Let's start out with "Thou shalt accept all the Love the Universe has to offer to you". "Thou shalt enjoy and feel ALL the Joy that you can possibly contain within your Being"… without maybe exploding? What else "Shalt" we do? "We shalt consider all that we do FUN instead of work"! And we SHALL be "gracious" unto ourselves. Yes? That, too, is a big one. We tend to be trained to be gracious to others. Why can we not also be trained to be gracious to our selves? If, we are gracious to ourselves, would it not automatically encompass being gracious to everyone else? For how can someone truly be gracious to others if they cannot be gracious to themselves? Let's get on with this. Please explain that these are questions that they're not necessarily going to receive a grade for. *smile* Yes? They are going to be grading their OWN answers, within their hearts, hopefully. How do we count our blessings?

How many blessings can you count (in the "here and now" and where you are in doing this class)?

Well, the answer, quite frankly is, you can't count that high... I don't think. Let me see... can we start with the basics? I am thankful that I can breathe? I'm thankful that this wonderful heart of mine beats blood all through the body that feeds it. I am thankful that I have hair that keeps my scalp from getting sunburned when I go outside in the sun. I am thankful that... oh, that's too basic, having a roof over your head. How about I am thankful that I have this marvelously textured roof over my head? I am thankful for a soft chair to sit in. See... I guess the point that I'm trying to make is, if you were to stop, and you were to think back to what it was like to live around... hmm… 2000 years ago? We did not really have comfortable chairs like this to sit in. We had straw mats that stuck you when you moved. We had rocks. We had tree stumps, if we were lucky enough to be around trees. And we had dirt… with "critters". We were thankful then, too. Look at all this. (Looking around the room). It's like when I first came in and arrived... I heard bells tinkling. (Wind chimes). You can hear the wind actually singing! That, too, is something to be most thankful for. We were thankful that we heard the wind singing through leaves and reeds, and now you can totally surround yourself with the music of the wind! Ah, and you have those marvelous things that keep food cold. You do not have to eat "dried meat" all the time. Water that comes in your house! Isn't that WONDERFUL? So you see, even though things are "hard" in some aspects at this point in time, it's also been "designed" to come at a time when you are at your most comfortable... to make it easier on you. So! Let's do another question for the lesson, shall we?

When you walked, on this planet, in this dimension, 2000 years ago, what would you have been most thankful for then?

We don't really want to throw people into a tailspin over "past lives" or anything like that. We're just asking you to use your imagination on this question. Yes? When you (Janisel) are transcribing this tape tomorrow, won't it make you MOST grateful that you are not writing on slate? Yes? You have these lovely machines that do most of the work for you, do they not? So... it's the little things that you take for granted the most, which you could find yourself being MOST grateful for. Look at this one (Dolly, the Light Puppy)... this little bundle of joy. It's fine for her to come and see me, however, if everyone could just follow her example… she lives in the NOW... ALL THE TIME! When she is happy, what does she do? She shows you. When she is sad, what does she do? She shows you. If she is sleepy, what does she do? If she is grumpy, what does she do? She does not have to speak the same language as you in order for you to be able to understand her fully when she expresses her feelings, correct?

There was an "exercise" that I was a part of this morning (AAUM Temple Gathering), to where some of you were able to be put in touch with some of the energies that you help co-create... WAY BACK before any of this was a twinkle in anybody's eyes. This is part of the reason why some of you were allowed to do that exercise... for the sheer fact that you need to get back in touch with some of those most "baser" ideas and ideals and concepts that you came up with way back when. Yes?

If you were to pick what some people would classify as a "baser" life form from this world, which of those baser life forms would you pick and why? Let us stick to "animals" for this question… and not include the amoebas and insects, yes?

We consider this little furry creature here (Dolly) as a wonderful Light Being. However, those that are having a really hard time with the energies right now may consider her a "lower" or "baser" life form. Yes? So... let's look at it this way. Is there not ONE baser life form on this planet that cannot fully and completely express itself? Are they baser or lower life forms than humans? They are "different"; however, the "thing" that really differentiates YOU as humans from them as animals, is the thought processes. It's the thought processes that allow those limitations that allowed the "guilt" from the last lesson. This one (Dolly) has a brain. She also has thought processes. YOU have thought processes also. You say, "Hmm... I am hungry. What of the many THOUSANDS of things can I choose from to eat?" Whereas THIS one (Dolly), she thinks "Hmm… I'm hungry. What did she put in my food bowl? Or, I could always go eat a lizard!" Therefore, who has the most choices? Who has the most to be grateful for? Now, that is just one example. If you felt like taking a nap, you could sleep in your chair, yes? You could sleep in your bed, you could sleep on the floor. You could sleep anywhere you wanted to. So can she. But the only limitation she has is the limitations you impose upon her. Yes? This is more of a more "baser" way of showing you the limitations you set upon yourselves or allow others to set upon you. Just look at the way you interact with her. They are pure examples of "limitations". Now, this one (Dolly) has a mighty voice! And if she wants something to change, does she not know how to push your buttons?

JANISEL: Oh yes! She lets me know!

SANANDA: I think she lets ALL of you know, yes? Maybe even the neighbors at times? And definitely the other critters that run around outside...THEY know! Therefore, she is speaking what she feels, from her heart. Sometimes her stomach! Mainly, from her heart. Therefore, could humans not learn lessons from the animals? This is, in part, the answer to that last question. Therefore, whatever animal they picked, that they would appreciate being for a small period of time, (I'm sure it would be wise to go through and find the characteristics of that animal); is the animal "predator" or "prey"? If they were predator or prey, how high would they consider themselves on the food chain? Ego stipulates... "Oh, the King of Beasts!". Depends on which continent you're talking of, of course. Every continent does have its "King of Beasts" whether they're fully acknowledged or not. Unfortunately, I don't think that the cougar has the same, shall we say, "status" as the lion from Africa? Let's consider the person that picks the "King of the carnivores", yes? This person sees themself as very aggressive, very domineering. Then let's compare that to the person that sees themself as a deer… the shy, the timid, the fleet of foot.

The animal that you picked, is it a "group" animal, or does it walk a solitary path? Does it gain its insight from those around it? Does it gain its joy from those around it, or does it see itself as completely alone?
Now, with those questions answered, the next question would naturally be then...

How can you compare those answers to your own life?

Now! Let's get back to the fun! Learning can be such fun, especially when you have machines that record everything so you don't have to depend on your memory to remember everything. You have machines that help you write them all out; so you can read them at a later time instead of listen to them. Then, you can put it on a machine, that puts it out where anybody in the world that wants to see it can see it. *sigh* The things that you can be grateful for in this lifetime! Just imagine how soft the material is that you wear against your skin, as compared to what it was 2000 years ago. The machines that keep you cool during the day and warm at night. And "entertainment" things... and not having to ride on a donkey! Just those LITTLE things in life! My goodness! If you were to take John (the Apostle) and transport him here, he would probably be thrilled with the most decrepit vehicle you could give him, just so he wouldn't have to WALK all the way!

Let's talk about being grateful for the things that are NOT so much fun. We're going to turn it into fun. *smile* Let's say you're ill, your body is ill. THIS is not fun! It's NEVER fun to be sick. Let's put it this way, you have a wonderful body that is plainly telling you what it is that you're doing that is disagreeing with it. All you have to do is listen. If you are ill... oh, we could probably name thousands of illnesses, yes? There's only ONE cause for ALL those illnesses. Let's see... what is the most fun one? Ah! That "kissing" disease that you get from kissing someone! They say you have to kiss someone, or drink after someone, to get it, or something like that. What a fun way to pick up a disease! Or... we have the "pox"... the itchy, scaly... (yuck!) where it travels through the air. So these are two things that you get, in two entirely different manners. Correct? So what could they possibly have in common? "Training" that your brain gives your body. Your brain tells your body, "Oh! You kissed a person with a "kissing disease"! You're going to get it!" Your brain tells you, "The pox is going around. You're going to get it… you are going to have sores all over yourself, you're going to have scars...!" Guess what? You get it!

Some of you are really going to fight these examples, and we completely understand. The next question we're going to ask you then is:

How can you explain all the loving, caring, compassionate people that work with the lepers and those with the pox and those horrid diseases... AND they never get them? They never get that disease.

Now, some of you may say it's the immune system, or maybe it's just that person TELLING their body that they have a fantastic immune system. They don't get the disease because they cannot, even REMOTELY, in their own mind, consider getting the disease. They have the strength of heart and strength of mind to go out and help those that DO! Because they are so strong in that thinking and in that programming they have given to their body, that they're magnetized to that circumstance anyway… just, shall we say, on the "flip side". Instead of "getting" the disease, they help those with the disease.

We have talked about the "blessings" thing, we have the "programming" thing, we have the "baser animal" thing. "The GRATITUDE." This is the biggest lesson of all concerning this, you realize? For how can you NOT count your blessings and not realize how gracious you've allowed yourself to be? My goodness! You have allowed yourself to come into a time and space where you have BILLIONS of creature comforts there, just waiting for your every use! You have hand lotions to make your hands soft. You have shampoo in BOTTLES… to clean your hair! This is a concept! *sigh* If you don't feel like cooking your own meal, you can get in a vehicle and go somewhere and they cook it FOR you… whatever you WANT! *sigh* To live in this time and space! Yes... the energies are hard. And yes, they are going to get harder. But every day you are having more and more things to come in, to help you feel comfortable with "Who" you are, and "What" you are... WHILE you are going through all these energies. So, do you "allow" yourself these comforts? Oh, come now! Let's stop and think. Do you allow yourself to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes you own? "Sometimes?" Why not ALL the time? With as many comfortable shoes that there are out there, you want to wear the most comfortable, yes? I could not possibly imagine squeezing a foot into an itty-bitty shoe... just because it looks pretty! But then, again, you have the pretty ones, too, when you want them to look nice! Your feet! They have things to make your FEET look "pretty"! Your FEET!

How do you learn to be gracious to yourself? Well, first you learn how to count off your blessings... and realize how good you've been to yourself already! Number one top priority in everybody's life is, that they want to make sure they're inside at night so the animals don't get them, and they're kept out of the elements, yes? You have been so WONDERFUL to yourself! You have gifted yourself with shelter, so you are NOT food for the carnivores, or at the mercy of the elements, right? You've gifted yourself with that whole comfort element right there. Now, do you sleep on a floor? You've got carpet, so it wouldn't be that bad... it's better than sleeping on dirt! But you've gifted yourself with wonderful beds... that fit you that you can stretch out in, yes? And blankets! You have pillows! You've gifted yourself with these to make your body and yourself comfortable, so you can get rest and relaxation. Now, take it from me, this is one of the "baser" ways of being nice to yourself, yes? But it's one that hardly anyone takes into account. You have WONDERFUL stuff that makes you smell FANTASTIC! This is WONDERFUL! You get to take a shower... with soap, daily if you want! Do you know how hard it was sitting in that room, with all those people, 2000 years ago? You have to consider… there were fishermen there! There were shepherds there! (Pinches nose closed). You will have people tell you that you are not supposed to use this, and you are not supposed to use that. That's them "programming" you! If it smells good... USE IT! If it FEELS good... use it! Don't let all that programming get to you. It is all out there strictly for your enjoyment, your pleasure, and your comfort! Oh, I LOVE that saying! "IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT!" Yes? And if you learned last week's lesson about not having the guilt, then you can REALLY enjoy it! Yes? Yes! So, maybe that could be the title of this lesson. "If It Feels Good, Do It!" You just have to learn what feels good. What a better lesson in life! Most people look at their lessons as, "Oh, it's another one I have to learn." Well, we're hoping that THIS time everybody can say, "I get to find out what makes me FEEL good!" You can go to the store, and you can play with the colors that you use on your face, and you can play with the smells that you put on your body, and you can find what makes you feel GOOD. Once you learn how to feel what's truly in your heart, you'll find that some of those smells, that you use, make you feel better than others. These aromas are touching more than just your nose. Each odor that you smell, be it a skunk or be it a perfume, it activates something inside of you. Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's glad, and sometimes it's angry. If you start paying attention to how you feel, during all the circumstances of your life, you will be able to start identifying not only what smells make you feel good, but what sounds make you feel good. What textures make you feel good. What tastes make you feel good. If you get rid of all the structures and the guidelines that guilt imposes on you, then you can start finding out all the guidelines of what can really make you feel good, RIGHT NOW. You will even find, and this is part of the "main" important lesson here... that, let's say you had an allergy to food, but you really did like that food... ah...let's pick a good one... strawberries! Let's say you really LOVED the taste of strawberries (cause 'I' really love the taste of strawberries!), and you eat them and you blow up like a blowfish. If you start listening to your heart, and you start getting rid of all of those guidelines (that society, and your family, and your religion has put on you), you will end up finding out that your allergies will dissipate. The majority of the allergies that most of you feel or experience are imposed by "mental structures". They have nothing at all to do with the way that the body reacts to that substance. When you start breaking down this whole process, you may find out that once upon a time, when you were a child, you were thoroughly enjoying a bowl full of strawberries, and your grandmother or your mother came up to you and said, "If you don't quit eating those strawberries, you're going to blow up like a blowfish!" Your brain picks this up and it goes, "Oh my! I don't want to blow up like a blowfish! So anytime I eat strawberries, I'm going to blow up like a blowfish!" This has just been an example, you see, but this is the way that the brain programs the body.

In order to be gracious to yourselves, and to be thankful for what you have, you have to acknowledge what you have, and you have to acknowledge what makes you enjoy being "who" you are. This one (Debbie) takes pride in being our little "alien". However, she's not HAPPY being our little alien. There IS a difference. There are times when she is not very happy, which makes US not very happy, because we want to see ALL of you happy. Therefore, we may offer a few things here and there that might make you happier. Most of the time you don't SEE it! We are prohibited, by the Prime Directive, from tapping you on the shoulder and saying, "Pay attention! We are trying to offer you something that makes you happy!" But some are just happy in their misery, maybe? So, we'll offer THIS suggestion: If you are unhappy, truly unhappy, the next question will be:

What is it about your life that is making you unhappy? What can you see yourself doing to make you happier?

It's like one of those lists. It's OK to make lists. They make some people happy! So, if you do not mind, we will use a "circumstance". You are a perfectionist. You wish to be the best that you can be. Yes? Then allow it to happen! Allow yourself to stumble a few times, not often, but a few times, because sometimes when you get up and look around after you've stumbled and fallen, you get to look at the world from a different angle and maybe see a different pathway that you didn't see before. But this is speaking esoterically. Let's talk more basic. Put it in your mind that all the work you do is the best that you can do. If your wish is to be better than everyone else is, then program that, too! Pick the one thing that you truly wish to excel at, and pick the one that you want to put the most energy into. It is a choice that only you can make. And then... do your best! You are guaranteed that your best is better than most. The majority of those that are here, honestly, could care less if they were the best. They just require of themselves what it takes to survive. So right there, you're doing better than most, just in the idea that you feel that you HAVE to do the best for yourself. However, did YOU put this structure on yourself to be the best, or is it a form of punishment from self-imposed limitations put on you by someone else? Either way, you will still be the best. You just need to find out if you feel you need to have guilt when you fall so you can find those better pathways. Because sometimes the fall, though it might scrape the knee, gives us the best vantage point ever, to look at things from a totally different point of view! Sometimes you may not even want to fall, to find a better path, but climb up on your chair and take a look DOWN upon it. Yes? But this may be cheating. Do you know what "cheating" is? Imposed boundaries that somebody else put on something! The rules of the game are; "There really AREN'T any rules." You just feel like there HAVE to be, so you keep putting them in there somewhere. So, if you feel like you have to cheat every now and then, cheat! Just make sure you don't feel guilty about cheating when you do! Right? It's the GUILT that gets you! That guilt! How could we have ever known? Human free will is SO inventive! I mean, have you ever stopped to consider that? Do you honestly believe it was in the Divine Plan for humans to feel guilt? Someone REALLY imaginative thought that one up! And it spread like wildfire! Oh well. What can we say? We try.

Now... where were we? Looking at things from a different point of view, yes? When you look at them from a different point of view, put on your most comfortable shoes, put on your softest clothes, and put on your sweetest smelling perfume, and enjoy the new view! Do anything that you can at any given time to make yourself feel wonderful. Yes? Is there anything wrong with feeling wonderful? (Sananda leans over to the microphone and says, "For the benefit of the machine, they are shaking their heads "no"! I want to make sure that is in there.) We are delving deeper and deeper into the limitations that we all set upon ourselves. OK. There are going to be those that say, "Does this mean that I don't have to work? Does this mean that I just get to lie around and roll in the daisies, and play in the waterfalls?" You bet! YOU are the ones who set yourselves up in a society that says you have to survive in a certain manner. I guarantee you, if you want to roll in the daisies, you can make crowns out of daisies and sell them to other people, and have the money that it takes for you to survive. And, if you love daisies that much, you can crush the petals together and get one of those sweet smelling perfumes made just out of daisies, and you can sell that. All I can tell you is, that if you get up in the morning and you go, "Oh no! I have to go to work today." You're doing the wrong thing! And there's one of two things you can do: either FIND the right thing, or "reprogram" yourself that what you ARE doing IS the right thing.

If, and we shall use the dog again (we love using the animals), if you have a neighbor that has a dog that barks all night long and you're so aggravated because you can't get to sleep, you can do one of several things. You can call the neighbor nightly and make sure THEY wake up in the middle of the night just because YOU'RE up, which causes you to have a neighbor that's very upset at you. Or you can SHOOT the dog, or you can tell your brain that that dog is singing you Nature's most beautiful lullaby! I guarantee you that you can convince your brain that that is the most beautiful lullaby you've ever heard in your entire life.

If you have a boss at your job that is always telling you how "horrible" you are at your job, well, there's a number of things you can do. Either you can complain right back at your boss and tell him that YOUR work is so bad because he's such a bad boss, and maybe get fired. Or you could SHOOT the boss, like you would the dog. Or, you could completely convince your brain that your boss is doing something "wonderful" for you. He is showing you the type of person you wish to NOT be. He is showing you exactly the opposite way that you want to treat everybody else in your life. And he is proving to you on a daily basis that you are striving to be more positive in your life, and that you wish to share that with the people that you deal with, yes? This is where that "mirror" thing came in. There are so many people that say that when somebody's aggravating you, they're showing you what you don't like about yourself. Well, that's kind of true… in SOME circumstances. But, when you're looking at a mirror image, are you not seeing the "opposite"? The reflection is reversed, yes? So what they are mirroring to you is what you DON'T want to put out. But, unfortunately, some people get stuck in that thing of "Oh, I don't want to put that out!"… what do they do? They magnetize MORE of this to themselves, and when you are in that energy ALL the time, sometimes, apparently, it just sort of leaks out of your pores and out of your mouth and you end up doing kind of the same thing. Then you feel GUILTY for doing it! What you need to do, is you need to look at that wonderful boss, and you need to say, "Thank you! I REALLY want to thank you for doing this, and pointing this out to me!" You don't have to tell him the reason why but, if he asks, look at him and say, "Because one of these days, when I become the boss, you are showing me exactly and clearly the way that I wish to treat my employees." Now, of course, he'll take it to mean that he's the world's greatest boss. You don't HAVE to tell him that it's because he's showing you, that you are going to be the total OPPOSITE of what he is, yes? I mean a little "ego stroking" helps even the bosses now and then. And you might be surprised. You have completely stroked his ego, and you have fed him that "positive-ness" that he may have been looking for, to become a better boss to you. Yes? This is being "grateful", to that wonderful boss, which harps at you all the time that you're at the job. Now, I know, some of you that are taking this class are going to be going, "But sometimes it's really hard to do, when he's in your face yelling and screaming". Hey! That's the BEST time to say it! Your boss is standing in your face, and is yelling and screaming, the best and quickest way that you can disarm him is to throw total and complete love into the situation by saying, "THANK YOU! You're doing a wonderful job!" You may be surprised at the "energy reversal" that then takes place.

So, when life is hard, the energies are hard, and the emotions are all aquiver, one of the best ways to completely lighten up the situation is to say, "Thank you, God. Thank you, Creator. Thank you, Universe. For this is the most wonderful day of my life!" Now you're going to look at me and say, "OK, now wait a minute! I've just gotten pulverized, I can't stop crying, I'm all atwitter, the dog's driving me up the wall, my boss is driving me up the wall, and you're telling me to thank God, for it is a most wonderful day?" Yes. Because even if the dog bit you, or your boss fired you, it is STILL the most WONDERFUL DAY because things can only get better from that moment on! Yes? When you are truly at your lowest, then you are truly at your lowest. Things can only get better. So we all know that we can survive the worst because, as the old saying goes, "God never gives you more than what you can take." So here you've just gotten the big bad "lump". It is done! The dog's already bit you; the boss has already fired you. It's done! You can go forth and have a wonderful day, yes? YES!



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