12-26-99 SANANDA

"Is Ascension a Given?"


SANANDA: I have been told to confront a question that was 'pondered' to me by you not too long ago. And I guess it could be termed an ascension lesson.

JANISEL: What? About ascension being a 'given' ?

SANANDA: Yes. So I guess we know the title of this one. The name of this lesson will be "Is Ascension a 'Given' ?"

Well, usually, we do not start out with a question, so this is going to change our format just a little bit. Of course, it's a 'given'. Now, which ascension are we discussing? Well, we can say that there are many forms of ascension, however, within this ascension class format, we have been discussing two... which are: (1) ascension of the soul either through death of the body, through a contractual exchange that takes place with a different soul that is going to walk into the body, or (2) as just a wee handful have done in the past, which is ascend body and soul. Then there is the ascension within the ascension, which is the graduation of the soul itself. For, naturally, when your body dies, your soul then leaves the body. And, yes, of course, it moves on, and it moves on to a higher dimension. Where does it go? Well, we've discussed this in several of our classes before. Technically, for most of you, when the death of your body occurs, your soul shall go to, shall we call it a 'by-way' place? This is a place where your soul more or less 'checks in' for duty. You might say it says, "Mission accomplished! Where do I go next?" And at this by-way place... we will not give it a term, there are many terms for it but none of them really fit it... the soul is then either given it's next mission, or it's allowed to go Home, or its allowed to go to the dimension that it came from before it came here, or it can incorporate back into the Source, or all of the above.

This, for some of you, is a 'mission' that you volunteered for. It matters not where you volunteered for this mission 'from', what matters is that you volunteered. There are a lot of Beings upon the face of this planet right now that did not volunteer. They are here to continue on their path, and they are part of what the mission is that you volunteered for. Let's give you an example of 'numbers', since this is what a great many of you love to focus on. Let's say that there's approximately six billion souls upon the face of this planet right now. Out of that six billion souls, what if we were to say there was somewhere along the lines of 150 million that were here on a mission? Now, some of you may say, "Oh, 150 million is many!", but in the grand scheme of things, when you're talking six billion souls, you are not talking many at all. You are talking a handful. Then, we could also say that out of those six billion there are also a few others thrown in that are not necessarily here just to 'experience' this lifetime and I will say that is approximately another 150 million. Now, you might ask who these Beings might be that are not here just to 'exist', or those that are not necessarily here on a 'mission'. Well, we will get to that in a different class. *smile* This is a way of teaching all of you patience... to wait for some of the 'good' things that are coming. *smile* Now, that gives us approximately 300 million souls out of six billion that are not here to just 'experience' this existence. Of the six billion souls that I've talked to you about, I am referring to the souls that are strictly in 'human' form. I am not even discussing the souls that are here in 'other' forms than just human. Now, let's just relate these numbers to each other. I will say that the 'other' souls that are in forms other than human that are here on this planet at this time, would make the six billion 'human' souls look as if they're being compared to the 300 million souls. So, does this give you any idea of how many souls that we're talking about that are on this planet at this time? Hmmm?

Now, let's talk about the 'other' form of ascension. We'll go back to the first. Out of all the souls that are on the face of this planet, even though some of them are not on a 'mission', or some of them are here for other reasons other than just 'existing', EVERY soul that we are discussing... even the non-human souls... ALL have the 'other' ascension to work on. For every soul that is here on this planet, whether they be in human body or not, PLUS every soul that exists elsewhere in all of Creation, ALL have ascension to work on. THIS is the ascension that is NOT a 'given'... yet. This is the ascension of a soul learning everything that it needs to learn to find its way back to Source. These are the lessons, these are the trials, this is what some here upon this planet have loosely referred to as karma. All souls have an 'ultimate' mission: once they separated and went out seeking on their own, to learn everything that that soul, as an individual soul, could learn in being separated from Source, to find it's way back to Source. Technically, it means both ascension formats have a 'mission'. Technically, it also means that both, ultimately, will be a 'given'... because all will eventually go back to Source... or will it?

You see, the Creator, in the beginning... when It stepped outside Itself to see Itself, and all of the many 'splits' It has taken since then, to see how much It could learn about Itself... had no idea how many would split off from Itself to take a look at Itself. Now, let us just use a very basic example. You are in a human body. You have an accident, and in the accident you cut the tip of your little finger off. If it's just a couple of layers of skin, it will regenerate and eventually will never be missed. However, if you accidentally cut it off at the joint, that very first joint, will it grow back? Will it regenerate itself? For, you see, this is what the Creator had in mind... to find out what It could find out about Itself. There are some that go around and teach that there IS evil, there ARE Dark Forces out there that will never return back to the Creator. You are talking of a 'mass consciousness' that has gone on for many, many generations, that has gone on in many places other than this planet. Can that mass consciousness manifest a 'non-given' in a 'given' situation? We do not know. Freewill choice has many sides to it. Can the Creator, in following freewill choice, over-ride what freewill choice has begun to manifest? This is something that we wish for YOU to ponder, for you to consider. For, yes, there are answers, but it is not up to us to give you the answers. It is up to your hearts and the hearts of your souls to give you the answer that you can listen to, to hear. I can tell you for a fact that, yes, ascension of any kind is, or will be, ultimately a 'given'. However, at this same time, I can also tell you it is not 'necessarily' a 'given'. And I would not be lying to you either way, for it depends. It depends on, mainly, if the Creator decides to allow freewill of the mass consciousness it's choice. And if the Creator decides that, then it also depends on which way mass consciousness will decide.

As for the Lightworkers, as for Sananda's Eagles, as for the first approximately 150 million that we discussed that are here on this planet, you need not worry about it. Your ascension is a 'given'. However, please be aware of the fact that this will only be the DEFINITE 'given' if you continue your strive toward ascension and soul growth. If you should decide that, "Well, it is a given, so I will just sit back and allow everyone else to do the work.", then YOU will be among all those other hundreds of billions of souls that are flipping the coin to see if the Creator allows the mass consciousness freewill choice, and if the mass consciousness reaches that point. Please bear in mind that is two choices, that is two 'uncertainties', and your coin only has two sides. Are you willing to take that chance, with two flips of that coin? It is your decision.

Now, since we have begun with a question before we entered into this, we are not going to ask any questions this week for this lesson. And if you wish to gather in your classroom and discuss this among yourselves, this is fine. For it might do your soul good to discuss this with each other, but it is not strictly a 'class'. For I will tell you this. The two that preside over the class will not have the answers for you... not for this one. Perhaps they will assist in clarifying any questions concerning the 'content' of this, however, they are as much in the questioning of this question as any of the rest of you. For there is no one on the face of this planet that can know the answer. There is no one in the fifth dimension, whether they be on this planet or not, that can know the answer. And there is no one in any physical realm whatsoever, in all of Creation, that is still working on ascension, that can know the answer.

Now, as far as the first ascension goes... I told you we would go back to this. Your mission was that you came here to help this planet with Her ascension into the fifth dimension from the third. Ultimately, that is the mission all of you came here for... all of you that I am including in that first 150 million, you see. If you decide that you do not wish to do your job, that it is too rough and you have just decided to 'exist' on this planet along with all the rest of those that are here just 'existing', then your mission will be taken from you and will be given to someone else. So, therefore, yes, it is a 'given'. It will happen with or without you. For you are a 'volunteer'. Period. It is not as if you are going to have an etheric hand-slap, or be made to come back in this lifetime and do it all again. It doesn't happen that way. But you volunteered for a mission, and you see, when you volunteer for a mission and you see it through completion, then that 'other' type of ascension goes up quite a few notches in your soul growth once this mission is completed. Therefore, it's like... let's see... we've been discussing military terms lately. It is like being a 'mercenary for God'. You go in, you fight the battle, you come out and you get rewarded. Now, if you decide that the battle is too hard and you wish to leave the ranks, there is no AWOL. You just decide to not do your mission, and someone new will be brought in. Now, this is where the contractual agreements get a little bit tricky, for this planet can only sustain so many bodies. Therefore, for someone new to come in, you will probably have to leave. You will not be able to just 'exist' here with those that were 'destined' to exist here. You will either have to vacate your body and a new soul will come into your body and complete your mission, or your body's contract will come up and it will die, and you will leave and go on. This will not happen immediately, and you will never know when it will, or how it will cease. But it is figured in my brother Ashtar's following of the Divine Protocol that if you are 'un-volunteering' for your mission, then it should not matter to you. You will, more or less, be telling him to do with you as he pleases when he pleases and, therefore, it will happen... sometime, someplace, no matter what the circumstance. Therefore, it is your choice.

Now, at the same time, you will also have to understand that there may be a division of some of the Guides that have been brought in to assist you. You may not have the protection that you once thought you had. You may not have the loving comfort and family and souls around you to assist you, for part of their mission was to help you with your mission. And if you decide not to do yours, then they get reassigned.

Now... this has not been a 'fun' lesson. This is why I had just wished to come in and have fun, and talk. But this lesson is deemed imperative. Apparently there are some that have been questioning as to whether they wish to continue with their mission or not. So my brother Ashtar has decided that it was time to come in and explain that you do not HAVE to finish... and the ascension of this planet will take place. Yes, that IS a definite 'given', whether you continue your mission or not. And you have that choice. For those of you that have no question in your mind at all that you are staying with your mission, that you wish to see it to it's completion... do not worry about this lesson at all. It is not meant for you. You might have learned something through reading these words, but continue on and, as that mercenary, once the mission is over with you will gain your rewards. For those of you that have been contemplating whether you wish to end your mission or not, take it into your heart. Look at it very carefully. Do not trust this to your conscious Being. Do everything that you can to talk to your Creator and your Soul to find out if this is truly what you wish to end.

I am also able to tell you that there are contract renegotiations. When you are talking to the Creator, if there is a reason 'why' you wish to end your contract here, that if something were 'changed', ASK for it... see what happens. BUT, you have to 'believe' that it will happen for it to be. You have to 'believe' with your entire Being that it is already there for you... for it will be. And just remember, when you volunteered for this mission, the majority of you picked the hardest soul lesson that you could manifest into this lifetime with you, to make that 'mercenary reward' truly worthwhile. So that one thing that you're possibly thinking of, that if it changed, it would make your mission more bearable, just remember... that one thing is probably that soul lesson that you brought in with you... that will probably need to be learned again at a different time, in a different place, maybe even harsher circumstances... because this was a 'volunteer' act, and THAT (the soul lesson) will be 'required'. Does this make sense? This is the lesson.



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