12-29-99 SANANDA

"The Chalk Line of Life"


Now... I am going to ask the questions this week. <grin> I do enjoy a change of pace. <Laughing out loud> We'll start here and go around the room. Let's see, how am I going to word this? Same question to each person: When you open your eyes on New Year's Day, what would you most like to see? If there was anything you could do between now and then to help manifest that, what would it be?

(After receiving all answers from the guests Sananda follows with this:)

Now I shall talk. This person knows in his heart that what you "know" is what you feel, and what you "feel" is what you know. But what is it that gets in the way? This life. For what each one of you wished to have in front of you, when you open your eyes, the only thing that stands in your way for seeing it is - this life! You put so much seriousness into this life! Shall I show you something? You're going to watch me do this, even though I'm going to sit here. I have a piece of chalk in my hand. It is bright blue. And I am going to start on that wall over there, and I am going to draw a line all the way around this room. I'm going to go around this corner, around that wall, through that door, and I'm going to entirely circle the office, come back out through, then go around the kitchen, around this area, up over the arch, and connect it to the original spot where I started (approx. 215 feet). Can you envision this? Now, I am going to walk over to that spot right there (about three feet before getting to the 'starting point'), and I'm going to take my fingernail and make a tiny, minute scratch through the chalk line. Can you see this? Now, you are going to imagine that, where I began that line, was the instant the Creator stepped outside of Himself to see Himself and started all of this Creation. That line that goes around the walls, is Creation. That one little mark that I made, in that chalk line, is your life NOW. Can you fathom this? This one life that each of you have right now, is but a tiny, miniscule dot in all of Creation, but each and every one of you have been here since the Beginning.

Now, you explain to me: Which is more important, the rest of the line, or that little bitty break in the line? Everything that has ever happened since that first beginning of the line, that has gone all through this to that one little break in the line, YOU KNOW. Everything. You even know everything that's going to happen in the rest of the line after it goes over the arch of the doorway and connects to the beginning! You KNOW it. Now, your wondrous scientists have told you, that your human brain is a magnificent machine, it's a computer, and for some strange reason you are only allowed to use a very tiny percent of it. I can tell you right now, for a fact, that each of you, that is in this room right now, use MORE of your brains than the scientists that say that! Are you surprised? For you see, once you begin opening up to more than just what is in this life, your brain begins going to work, and it begins storing all of this information that you KNOW. All of the rest of your brain, that scientists say is not 'tapped into', is nothing more than little bitty storage compartments. Let's say the tip of a needle... the finest needle you can possibly imagine... the tip of that needle is the size of one of those little compartments that stores everything that you experienced in one lifetime... prior to this one. And once you begin tapping in to what is beyond this life, it starts a chain reaction... and a little bit more, and a little bit more, of these storage compartments begin opening up to you. It's not that you need to see that you were a queen, that you had a thousand servants and you knew each of their names, or that you knew all of your ancestor's names, when they were born and when they died. And that you had hundreds of lovers, and you had thousands and thousands of people that you ruled. None of that makes any difference. It makes NO difference at all to what it is that your brain is holding for you. Your brain is holding for you the experience of that lifetime and what you 'learned' about All That Is... not just the names of each of those servants, not just the names, birthdates and deaths of each of your ancestors, but everything that came to you, that you opened yourself up to, to the All That Is. Now, let us say, in that lifetime as a queen, that you allowed yourself to know and do no more than what you had been raised and trained to do. You followed very strict guidelines, and you did exactly what a queen was suppose to do, you lived to be exactly the queen that you were suppose to. You were born and you died exactly the way that your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother, had all lived and died. You still have a wealth of information of the All That Is, because you, at that time, as that queen, were a part of the All That Is. Your soul, that was the queen, came in contact with countless other souls, and your soul and the souls of each of those that you came in contact with, in that lifetime, shared information. You brought information to each other, and you shared information for not only that lifetime, but other lifetimes. Whether your 'mind' is aware of it or not, you were still getting information.

Now, what those of you in this room are doing here tonight, is that all of your souls are having a party! They are singing songs to each other! Your souls have met for the first time and it's like a reunion is going on, and you're giving information back and forth to each other. If you could see the energy of the souls in this room, singing this triumphant song of coming together with family for the first time in this lifetime! Your soul is busy telling this one's soul stuff. This one's soul is busy telling this one's soul stuff, and this one's soul is grabbing onto this one and that one. And you're all sharing information, from not only what you've learned of THIS lifetime, but many lifetimes where, perhaps, you've not been in touch with each other! Your soul has been carrying that information and, perhaps, your souls did not get together in your last lifetimes, perhaps the last five lifetimes, but now you have a chance to actually be in close contact with each other and those lifetimes that you have not been together... you're singing your songs, you're explaining exactly what you did in those lifetimes and what you learned. And you're sharing with each other. And all these little pin-head rooms in your brain are just popping open and expanding and blowing open, and making room for more, because THIS one has picked up soul fragments from a woman that he bumped into in a parking lot, or at a grocery store, and she was carrying information for THIS one, so she gave it to YOU because her soul knew that you were going to be meeting with HER... so YOU are getting information from that woman from HIM! And maybe you've bumped into someone in a distant state that knew, one day, you were destined to meet THIS one, on THIS night. And you've been carrying soul fragments for HIM, and your soul is saying, "AH! We're here!... we're together!... here's you fragments!" There is a wonderful, great exchange going on in this room at this time. You're giving HIM fragments because he's going to meet with someone that you knew four lifetimes ago, and haven't seen since, and he's going to see them. And your soul's saying, "Here... give this to them when you run into them six months from now!"

This life is nothing more than a scratch in the All That Is. This is an opportunity for your souls to meet again and exchange information. Now, why are they meeting and why are they exchanging information? Because this is how the Creator learns. You have been going out and learning all this life information so that the Creator can know more. This is how the Creator learns. Plus, you also have to identify each other, because some time in the near future you're going to start incorporating back into each other. So you have to identify each other to find out 'who' is a member of your soul family, so that when the time comes, the merge happens.

Several of you said that what you could do to manifest your deepest wish, for when you open your eyes that morning, was to pray. And some of you said to meditate. Well, we're going to get just a little bit basic here. Praying is when you talk to the Creator and tell Him what it is that you need or wish for... or, hopefully, are thankful for. When you meditate, you're giving the Creator a chance to point you in the right direction... and to thank you for all that you have done for the Creator. For you see, whether you wish to look at it this way or not, you are all the teachers of the Creator. The Creator is your most attentive student. You are the ones that go out and learn what it is to learn, and then you, through your experience, teach the Creator. Now... breathe deeply. Again. Again. Your breath IS your direct connection to the Creator. Each time each of you breathe deeply in this room together, your soul's song... that all of your souls are singing together this evening... is going directly to the Creator's ear. So breathe deeply and teach your most avid student. <grin>

Think of anything you can to make a bad situation 'fun'. Think of anything that you can, to realize that THIS life is but that slash in the chalk mark on the wall... in the All That Is... and YOU are the only one that is making it heavy, 'responsible', 'serious', 'worrisome'... or just out and out horrible! You make it as hard as you need it to be, so all you need to do is start making it as fun as you can stand it! For the more you laugh the more you breathe, and the more you breathe the more you share with the Creator. The more you share with the Creator... hey! ...the more you get paid by the universe! You've got to be here anyway, so why not make it fun!? And, if by chance, you should have a dove fly in front of you, or a rabbit scurry across your path, or you hear a coyote singing, or perhaps you have someone who cuts in front of you in traffic... it's just me getting your attention. <grin> And if it's not me personally, then I guarantee you it's someone that I know VERY WELL! *Smile* For you see, we come in many shapes, many sizes, many colors, and many circumstances... just attempting to lighten up your day and make you laugh.

It is the end of a long year that you've all had, and everyone in this room has gone through major transformations this year... in one form or another. This was the year of the 'awakening'. The new year, which some believe is the new millennium, is an excellent place in your life, in this little mark in the chalk line, to have your 'new' awakening become your 'being'. Become what you've awakened to. Now... I wish all of you a peaceful year to come, a happy year to come, a worry-free year to come... abundance in all things, the 'knowing' that you are most loved, most protected, and most taken care of. Sometimes all you need do is just 'ask'. Sometimes all you need do is just 'allow'. Above all else... laugh! :-)



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