1-9-00 ASHTAR

"NOW Is the Time"… "IS There Time?"


There are many of you that have felt 'urgency'. There are many of you that have felt the 'pull'. Some of you have even heard the 'voices' telling you that, "NOW is the time!" There are many of you that feel that when you hear those words, "Now is the time.", it means to be acted upon 'immediately'. However, I have come in this evening to teach you a different way of looking at that statement. Instead of looking upon the statement of "Now is the time" as being an 'urgency' of something that needs to be done as quickly as possible or it will not get done (which, might I point out, is a negative way of looking at things), I wish to have you look upon that statement as being, "'Now' is the ONLY time."... which is a much more positive way of looking upon something as dreaded as time. I have spent much, much 'time', over a matter of months, attempting to re-manipulate within the logical centers of these two that I deal with (Janisel and Debbie) the concept that time just does not exist.

Time is a man-made ideal. Man, at one point in time, noticed that it got cold during a certain time of the year, and that if he began counting sunrises and sunsets, over the course of 'time' approximately the same number of sunrises and sunsets happened before the next time that it got cold. Man started paying attention to the heavenly bodies and found out over a course of time that they entered portions of the sky at approximately the same time of year as they did year after year. Therefore, man decided that it was 'time' to start keeping track of time, which logically, for living on this planet, makes sense. If you're going to plant crops, you certainly don't want to plant crops that will be buried under snow. You want to plant crops that you know that, by the time the snow comes; you will have already had harvest. However, there are many, many of you out there now that are looking beyond the man-made concept of time of this planet. Some of you have begun realizing that there is an over-abundance of many things upon this planet that are not being used wisely or proficiently... such as some of the crops, and such as 'time'.

There are many that live upon the face of this planet that rise with the morning sun, with dread that they have too much that has to be done before the setting of the sun. Therefore, their day is 'complete' before it's even started. They look at the 'end' of the day when they first rise, and think there is no way possible they can get everything done that they needed to have done. So they have defeated themselves before beginning their day. There are some that wake with the morning sun, and they perhaps say, "No matter what it is that I do today, it's not going to matter anyway, so I might as well do nothing." They, too, have just defeated their day. They, too, have just defeated their existence. What do they have in common? For one, they've let this life beat them. They allowed the circumstances of others defeat them. They have allowed themselves the chance to deny them what they are here for. Therefore, I am going to give you a gift. And the gift that I am going to give you is called "NOW". You always have plenty of time "now". You always have everything you need "now". You always have "now". "Now" is the perfect 'time'. For you see, as long as you have hope, as long as you have faith in your Creator and in yourself, "now" will always be the perfect place to be. For there are some that can go into "now", and when they come out of "now", someone else may have informed them that weeks have gone by... weeks in human terms, that is. You can go into the "now" for what to you seems like months, and when you come out you may find that only moments have gone by here. But, in essence, what you are doing on your quest to find "now" is finding that one perfect point in time that doesn't exist. For when you get into "now", time does NOT exist. Circumstances may happen, things may NOT happen, but it's still NOW.

Now, this is going to be a very peculiar subject to have in the ascension lessons. For one, what does it have to do with ascension? And for two, there are very few, that are within human bodies right now, that will be able to understand fully the concept of "now". Well, for one, what does ascension have to do with "now", or what does "now" have to do with ascension? It's very simple.... Everything. I could come to your house, I could have a ship hover over your abode, and I can take you onboard my craft. And you could spend months and months upon my craft, and I can bring you back, and I can place you back in your home, and maybe a couple of days have gone by. Perhaps just a couple of moments. For it is like this... some may think that we can do that because we are in a different dimension, some may say that we can do that because life onboard ship moves at a different pace, and some may say this because we just know how to warp time. But I will tell you what it is. It is very simple. We can do this because we do not 'believe' in time. We can do this because we are in the "now", and all we do is bring you into the "now" with us. Then we look and see what is going on in your life <grin>, and if you have a long weekend ahead of you, we can return you at the end of your long weekend. Or, we can return you to enjoy your long weekend. We usually leave it up to you.

There are some of you that claim that you have experienced 'missing time'. You experience 'missing time' because that is what YOU wished to experience... to cause you to question where it was that you were, and why. Out of those that believe in the abduction scenarios <sigh> because of their 'control issues', well... if there were beings that were truly out there taking humans to probe and poke and do whatever to them, I can assure you right now, those beings could have returned those humans at exactly the same moment that they took them. And there would be no question at all concerning 'missing time'. You see, YOU as the individual, chose to have the 'missing time' to cause you to question what happened to that time. We do not follow 'time', therefore, we have to trust in you to pick a time that you wish to return in. I can hear them all now, "Yes, come and pick me up! Take me onboard ship, PLEASE, for months and months and months!" Believe me, I would if I could. I would take all of you. We would have a grand adventure... but that is not in your freewill choice. You chose to deal with 'time' in your own manner. You chose to remain in question of 'us' and of yourselves. Yes, there are things that move in 'cycles', for everything is nothing but a cycle, anyway. It does not mean that you have to make those cycles longer or shorter than what it truly is by concentrating on the 'time' of the cycle.

Let's give you another example, shall we? Here, upon the face of this planet, a human woman goes through a gestation period of a little over nine months. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the child wishes to remain longer? Or perhaps the child is in a hurry to get on with her mission and wishes to come sooner? Now, there are those of you that will say that, well, there are children that are born prematurely, and there are children that the mothers feel they are ready for college by the time that they pop out. But, you see, is it the mother's freewill choice to allow that child to stay as short a time as they feel necessary or as long a time as they feel necessary? If that woman is so busy counting the days and the weeks and the months, do you not feel that that doesn't affect the babe within her? That babe feels the quickening and the anxiety that that woman goes through. That conscious human woman is expressing her thoughts and concerns of 'time' upon that innocent babe within her... that perhaps needs longer, or needs shorter. It is conforming it's will to hers because, concerning mass consciousness, that adult mother's consciousness does override the babe's. You won't know until you find yourself fully in the "now", fully all the time, what wondrous things that you can do and experience when you do not have 'time' on your mind so much. You have allowed the constraints of 'time' to rule everything in your life. So if you have this
one 'bug' in your ear by the name of Ashtar, that comes in and pounds away at those boundaries that your mind has established as 'time', you may get frustrated at times. There may be times that you shall be angry with me because I continue on, however, all I am attempting to do is to pull you permanently into the "now", or for some of you, maybe just give you a glimpse of what if COULD be.

If you were to stop and think of all the trouble that 'time' has caused in this Earth's history, even in its 'present'... shall I give an example that is perfect? Just not too long ago, shall we say, every person in this country had their mind on three zeros... with a two in front of them. <grin> There are actually some beings on the face of this planet that figured that as soon as those three zeros hit in a row, their life would stop. The world would come to an end!... or some sort of devastation of such. Now, at the most, what could have happened on the personal level? Well, those of you that have computers may have had to do without your computers for a short period of 'time'. On a larger scale, perhaps a few plane crashes happen. Do you honestly believe that the Creator would have allowed those souls to experience a physical death if it was not their time? Now, we're not even taking into account what this one (Revdeb) so wisely brought up not too long ago about the fact that the majority of the Earth's human population did not even follow the fact that this was the New Year's. (China) This also takes us back, I want you to realize, to the lesson on 'manifestation'. It's just three 'nothings' following a two. And look at all the energy, world-wide, that was given to three zeros. Three 'nothings'. I will leave on that note. Hopefully, you will all ponder not just 'time', not just 'now', but perhaps you will ponder how each and every one of you allow yourselves to be pulled into the mass consciousness. For this was the perfect lesson. But you see, this time it was not so much mass consciousness worldwide, but mass consciousness within society. Technically, the mass consciousness wasn't even seeing this as New Year's. But most of the mass consciousness that thinks that way was in one set place... give or take a few hundred thousand square miles. <grin> That is a joke! I, too, can tell jokes! Just ponder this, please. There was hysteria. There was, in some, a joy. In some, excitement, and in some, anticipation. All in all, it was just 'three zeros'. The only thing that will truly change, out of all the hoopla concerning this 'time', is the frustration that your brain is going to go through in writing out your dates, perhaps on your checks, perhaps in your journals. It is just 'time', and it cannot even be called 'human' time because not all humans follow that same time. Yes? This is the end of the class. <smile>



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