2-4-00 SANANDA

"The Water and the Breath"


The following lesson is from a channeling during a public gathering. In it, Sananda discusses the subject of the 'water and breath', as was discussed in a previous lesson by Metatron. Because of the importance of the subject matter, we were asked to use it as the newest ascension lesson.

SANANDA: The most important part of the whole process is your 'intent' while you're breathing… and then the water will 'set' that intent. Let us say that you decided you wished to live on chocolate. How may of you firmly believe that chocolate is bad for you. Be honest. How many of you firmly believe that if you live on chocolate you'll gain weight? I'm using chocolate as an example. So… you eat chocolate and it runs through your body, and it sits there. Your brain is going, "Oh! You're bad for me.", or "You're going to make me fat!" And your body accepts the programming and the whole digestive processes slow down and believe that the chocolate is going to do bad things to you or make you fat. And that's exactly what it does.

So, let's say that you are doing the breathing method and you are programming in that you are setting the intent that you're going to live on chocolate from this day forth. You will be setting the intent that you're going to be living on chocolate, and it's going to make you wonderfully healthy, and you're NOT going to gain weight. The water is pushing this into every cell of your body. The breath is pushing it through every cell that the water doesn't touch. Most of your body accepts both the breath and the water and sets the intent. Now, in the meantime, you're using the juice day to make sure that all that chocolate that you've eaten 'way back, long time ago, gets totally flushed out, so you're starting with brand-new chocolate. Right? If you enjoy chocolate, please, indulge. I will be watching. And before you take the bite, you are to say exactly what I am about to say. You are to pay close attention to the chocolate, inhale the fragrance of the chocolate, and you are to say, "You are going to titillate my taste buds, you are going to bring joy to my stomach, and you are going to nourish my body to perfection. Thank you, chocolate."

Now… it doesn't matter if it's chocolate, it doesn't matter if it's cancer. Your brain has run your body through the wringer… just soaking up all those restrictions and limitations you've thrown it's way or that those around you have thrown it's way. I guarantee you there's not a person in this room that has a body and a brain that is entirely on an even keel without some residue of prior programming. You can drink all the ginger-ale in the world, and it's water… as long as you set the 'intent'. Water is its base, anyway. You're just accepting the intent that there's nothing in the ginger ale that will harm you, it's just… ahhh, a little ginger in your water to make it taste better. It's all in your intent. Everything you do is intent. It's not just healing the body, it's not just finishing a task, it's not just making it to a specific destination. Every aspect of your life, on this planet in this lifetime, is governed by your intent. Now, I have a challenge for you. When you wake up in the morning take a pad and pencil and carry it around with you all day. This will remind you if you carry it all day, that every time you verbalize a negative intent, every time you hear and accept a negative intent from someone else, write it down. Do something to remind yourself. The intent does not have to be someone stating, "I intend that you are going to get fat if you eat that chocolate cake!" It can be anything from, "Well, you can go ahead and go to Sedona if you want to, but it's not going to make everything better." It could also be something along the lines of, "If I go to work today, I know I'm going to have a headache." Or, "If that person calls me one more time, I'm going to scream." The power of the spoken word in your bodies is so much more powerful than random thoughts that go through your brain. When you speak it, your body is accepting it with every one of your senses. You speak it, you hear it, you see what your body's reaction to it is, you feel it as it comes up your throat and out your mouth. Every sense that you have goes, "Oh! This is important! Pay attention!" Can you take the challenge?

Children set intents all the time that stay with them through adulthood. Most of your allergies, most of your aches and pains, most everything that your body goes through now is programming that you accepted within yourself as a child. So I recommend, as adults, to go back through and follow the trail to some of the things that your body is showing you that you've accepted. Follow it back and see where it comes from. See if you grandmother told you that you would blow up like a blowfish if you ate strawberries.

There are many, many times that there was someone in your childhood that was perhaps not a nice person, maybe not nice most of the time and only some of the time. And this person kicks in the programming, whether you are aware of it or not, that what could have been a negative intent has turned into awe. Let's say there is a male parent that physically abuses a child, and the mother says, "You're going to get it when your father gets home." So the father comes home and has to punish the child. And let's say that this happen a lot. In your mind, that negative intent that gets programmed in, it could be that you've accepted programming that your father was a good parent, but your mother was not. And in that programming that your mother was not a good person but your father was, you have a very hard dealing with older females, because in that intent that you set (in setting your mother as a bad person), you are setting the intent that all older women are going to make sure that you get punished. So you do not trust them.

Now, some of you may also do the flip side of that, and you may not trust men because they tend to punish you. These are the very subtle, subtle intentions that we set for ourselves. It could be that, one day as a child, you tell your best friend, "My mother is so mean because she makes my father beat me!" Or, "My father is so terrible because he beats me!" That verbalization that you're saying is setting an intent. How many of you have a reaction… either negative or positive… to men? How many of you have a reaction, either negative or positive, to women? To dogs? To cats? To trees? It could even being articles of clothing, like a boot, a belt, hairbrush, wooden spoon. You never know what it could be. So I shall issue a challenge. Sit down with yourself and make a list. Go through and decide what things in your life, or on this planet, you cannot tolerate, or that you are allergic to, things that you have had maybe some sort of adverse reaction to. It could be a person. Ever walk up to a person and that person has a smile on their face, you've never met them before, and they go, "Hi, how are you?", and you recoil from them?

Dreams. Ahhh… Your dreams are filled with the programming you have taken into yourself. Your dreams tell you constantly that you are in need of new programming. You see, what comes into your dreams are things that your subconscious is pointing out to you that could use a little bit of assistance, whether it be in a negative vein in a dream or whether it be a positive vein in the dream. It doesn't matter. Sometimes your subconscious feels that you just need to be gently reminded, so it's a pleasant dream. And sometimes your subconscious feels that it's high time this was taken care of and it's a very depressive dream. And I will give you a hint. When you acknowledge something, something that needs to be dealt with, and you come to the understanding that it needs to be dealt with, your body will give you a sign, directly from your subconscious. And it's always the same thing. Would you like to know what that sign is? Your body will sigh. That is your subconscious's way of having the body show you. How many of you remember your dreams? When you do, do you make notes? If you begin keeping a log of your dreams and the symbols that your subconscious teaches you, you will find yourself releasing quite often. Do you dream in color? Remember to make notes of the colors, too, because the colors that come through are they to teach you something. Do you do 'lucid' dreaming? Lucid dreaming is when your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are actually communicating with each other. Do you have nightmares or bad dreams? The nightmares are the ones that teach you the most because they are the ones that your subconscious is getting most insistent about.

Please take very seriously the breathing method.

That's it for this evening.



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