2-20-00 SANANDA

"Purpose and Intent"

We have been paying close attention to the questions and the comments from this past lesson and a few of the lessons prior to this one. And we find that, whether anyone actually asks the question or not, what seems to be 'foremost' in everyone's mind is their purpose for being here. Therefore, I am going to name this lesson "Purpose and Intent". (whispers, "Does that give you an idea of what I'm going to talk about?) We've mentioned… just a few thousand times in past lessons… that you have 'contracts' and you have 'missions', and some of you even have what is referred to as a 'Higher Purpose', or a 'Higher Calling'. Even this one (Dolly, the Light Puppy). But no one seems to be able to recall or identify what any of these things are.

Now, I have told you before that you definitely have a contract with the Creator, yes? That you are to keep breathing in and out until your Creator tells you to stop… and not one moment before. We have also told you that you have contractual agreements with certain individuals from perhaps past lifetimes or soul groups, in which you agreed prior to you coming into this lifetime that you'll get together during this lifetime, for whatever purpose. There can be a multitude of purposes, or one out of a multitude of purposes, or ten thousand out of a multitude of purposes. And some of you feel that you have this 'Higher Calling' or 'Higher Purpose'. So, we're going to alleviate some of the confusion in this class.

Every lightworker, every member of Ashtar's Command, every Being that has angelic blood within them, every walk-in, every person on this planet that feels that there must be something 'more' to their life than the mundane life, all have a Higher Purpose… and it's all the same. Do you know what that is?

JANISEL: Ascension of the planet.

SANANDA: Exactly! That's it! Maybe that's why we've been giving these lessons? Maybe that's why you feel magnetized to each other? Maybe that's even why we tell you that you have to cord-up to this planet when you cut all your cords. You see, there are so many that are concerned about 'personal' ascension. This is normal. But, perhaps, they are not so concerned with their fellow-man's personal ascension. Unfortunately, this is normal, too. Some believe that the ascension of the planet is vital, however, they do not have any idea what it has to do with them. So, I'm going to give you a picture. Close your eyes, please. Now, picture in your mind yourself… and you have pulled your Silver Cord out of your bellybutton , and you have told the end of that cord to anchor itself down to the core of this planet. Can you see this in your mind's eye? Now, picture a million Beings that have done the exact same thing. Just a million. Can you see this? Now, picture those million Beings 'getting it'… taking that last step up Jacob's Ladder and going through the doorway. What happens? Ahhh… what happens is, those million Beings that all 'got it' at the same time have enough … what's the word?… chutzpah?… to drag the planet through the doorway with them. Now, that's just one million. That's what one million could do. Do you remember when I told you that if we could get one entire city the size of the one just south of here (Phoenix, AZ) to laugh, that the planet would go through her ascension? You see, the combined laughter and the energy of that laughter would be enough for all those that lived in that one city to pull this planet through that doorway.

Now, close your eyes again and picture those one million going through that doorway, and picture that planet going through that doorway. What happens to all those other Beings that are corded to that planet? They go through the doorway! Now does it make sense? Believe me, they will have an option. If they don't wish to go through that doorway, all they have to do is take out their handy-dandy little knife and cut that cord or, perhaps, hold on to a rung of the ladder until the cord just snaps. But you see, this is what we've been teaching you about mass consciousness. To get one million people would be wonderful, to get six million people would be fantastic, for six million people would not all have to be in 'one place' at one time. Perhaps we could have a city, the size of the one just south of here, in Russia. Perhaps another one in Australia. Perhaps another in South America. Perhaps one in Africa. Now, if we had twenty different cities around this planet with just 250,000 people in each city, it would still do the same thing. So, let's say that you can't get all the people in the city just south of here to laugh at one time, but you could get 250,000 of them to laugh. And at the same time, you have someone in all these other cities getting another 250,000 people to laugh. Does it seem like less of a chore?

JANISEL: Sure, if you break it down like that.

SANANDA: That is what this lesson is about. If you break it down, could you not say that you were delegating authority to others?

Now, perhaps at a later time, one or more of you may take a machine to figure up the numbers that I'm going to say, but let's say, right now, we have 350 Eagles worldwide. Let's say each one of those 350 Eagles find 3 people to join this Project. That would give us over 1000 Eagles. And let's say we ask each one of them to get three 3 people. How many steps would we have to go through, do you think, to go all the way to the top of Jacob's Ladder?

JANISEL: I don't know, but it would grow exponentially.

SANANDA: Exactly. One person focuses on their mission and it seems overwhelming. That person can drive himself or herself over the brink thinking, "How could I possibly get one million people to laugh at the same time in one city?" Ahhhh… but if THAT person joins forces with another person, who joins forces with another person, and all you have to do is focus in on three people… just three… it does not tend to be so mind-boggling.
Your purpose is the same… all of you. That Higher Purpose, that Higher Calling. Your purpose is to be anchored to this planet, to assist this planet to go through the doorway that sits at the top of Jacob's Ladder. That is it. Many things have been 'maneuvered', 'manipulated', and brought about to make sure that there's just the right amount of 'enlightened' Silver Cords that go down to the core of this planet. Now, I believe we've answered a few questions from the class as to why the Silver Cord. What is it for? Well, I could be really funny and tell you that 'gold' bends and breaks too easily, so they HAD to make it of silver It does not matter what you imagine it to be, we just wish you ALL to imagine the SAME THING! We picked 'silver'! LOL It is that simple! If you're all focusing on a 'silver' cord, it gives that cord on each and every one of you all that much more energy. Now, if we were to tell you that each of your cords was a different color, think of how many of you would be trying to decide what color yours was! You would never anchor the poor thing because you would have it pulled out, going "What color are you?", and never anchor it! And then, if you DID decide on what color it was, we would have all these over here saying theirs was purple, and all these over here saying theirs were pink, and here's some black-and-white checkered ones, and here's some pink with purple polka-dot ones, and here's some zebra-stripped ones, and some tiger-stripped ones over here. Whereas, if we all give you one focal point, it's Silver. Now, what if I told you that WERE all different colors until we had all of you concentrate on them being Silver… and your 'intent' TURNED them all Silver? It is that simple. Easy to understand? Now do you know why it's vital for you to anchor it to the center of this planet? Now you know your Purpose… your Higher Purpose. It is that simple.

Now… if I do not say the following information, I'm sure you will be besieged by people say, "How do I do my Purpose?" It is like this. You could sit in a chair, turn off your televisions, turn off your phones, shut out all noise and distraction, and you could get totally 'within' yourself, and you could focus your 'intent'… "I am assisting this planet in her ascension." That would work… if you know of 599,999,999 other Beings that are willing to shut everything down and sit in the chair and focus on the same thing on a daily basis… because 'intent' does work. But, when you're talking about a planet, we're talking a LOT of 'intent', and just one of you cannot carry that much intent within your Being. Therefore, "How do I pursue my Purpose?" You pursue your 'interests' and your Purpose in going out and finding someone else… and someone else… and someone else… and explaining what ascension is, explaining why it's important, explaining about the Silver Cord, sharing the lessons that have all the information concerning ascension, and finding more people. You see, if you just got three, and you knew that those three would find three more, and you knew that THOSE three would find three more, pretty soon we would have it… if you limit yourself to three.

If you were to decide that you've had enough of this planet and you want to go Home, and you want to get your job done, then we will put you in what we refer to as 'the teacher mode'. You begin telling everyone. You begin teaching everyone that you run into, because if you can get 5000, and each of those could get 5000, look how much quicker it would go. Look how much easier it would be. Look how much faster you would get to go Home. Or, as this one (Deb) puts it, "Off this darned Rock". (I put 'darned' in there. ) Now… teachers do not have to be 'certified'. They do not have to go to college. They do not even have to take a test! The ones that I am referring to as 'teachers', in this case, are the ones that have 'determination'. This, then, is MY definition of 'intent': Your intent is a measure of your determination. If you set the intent this day that you're going to find 5000 people to fully acknowledge that Silver Cord that comes out of their bellybutton and down into the core of their planet, and to turn them on to what ascension is, and to teach them all they need to know of ascension… about Jacob's Ladder, and going through that doorway, and pulling the planet, and all that stuff… then you will get your 5000 people. However, if you just feel it's completely beyond you to find those 5000 people, please set your intent for three. And when you have those three, set your intent for three more. And then three more. Because I guarantee you, each and every one of you that read these lessons HAVE the ability to get one million if you just 'set your intent' that way.

Now, can you think and imagine what we could do if we had each of our Eagles reach out and touch 250,000 people? And each of those people were given instructions to send energy to the grid at one time? Do you have the foggiest idea as to what that would accomplish? Well, the entire grid would probably be sucked through the doorway at the top of Jacob's Ladder with everybody contained within it, and no one would have to worry about holding on to any rungs because it would just (snap!) happen! It would be that simple.

Now… get beyond yourselves. Get out of your restrictions, get out of your limitations, and decide how many people you can reach. It does not have to be a person-to-person thing. It does not have to be face-to-face. How many people do you know? How many people have you met through your machines? There are groups, there are gatherings. Let us say you decided to do this face-to-face, and you set your intent that you are going to go to… I believe we used this before… the Super Bowl. You don't even have to buy a ticket. You make a sign that says, "Do you know what planetary ascension is? If not, ask me." And just sit there. Out of all the people that go to the Super Bowl, I guarantee you that you would have a minimum of two hundred people that would talk to you! That is a guarantee. If you were to decide to go to your child's PTA conference that was just teachers and parents of children of an average-sized school, and you just printed up a little button to wear on your lapel that said, "Do you know what planetary ascension is? If you do, talk to me… we have something in common. If you do not, talk to me and I'll explain it anyway!" I guarantee you at least ten people would talk to you. Now, there are many of you, we understand, that are afraid of putting yourselves 'out there' for rejection or possibly ridicule. Some of you do have that lesson. Some of you do not particularly want to ACKNOWLEDGE that you have that lesson, so we won't even DISCUSS that one in the classroom, yes? However, could you not do the same thing on your machines? Are there not gatherings that take place on these machines, of all different kinds? I even understand that there are 'sexual' gatherings on machines! You don't have to go to those. But you could go to the 'dog grooming' ones, or the 'auto mechanic' ones. It's as limited as your imagination. It's as UNLIMITED as your 'intent'. And it's as limited as your desire to get your job done.

We hear many of you speak very loudly, or type very strongly, that you are here and committed to your purpose… if you only knew what it was. Now we are telling you, in no uncertain terms, "This is your purpose." And there are many more out there just like you. They just do not have the ability yet to find someone that can tell them that they're not insane. Take a city the size of the one just south of here. There are many places that those people can gather and meet and talk and share and commune. Now, just in this country alone, can you imagine how many small towns there are with a population of less than 1000… where there are Lightworkers there that KNOW they're here for a Higher Purpose, but they do not have any idea at all of how to find others? I will tell you, right now, that there is a young woman in the state of Wisconsin who lives on a dairy farm, and she is on the internet. But, she is on the internet to find out about dairy farming, or perhaps her favorite television show. She has no earthly idea, at all, that there are lightworker chat rooms, or that there are websites in association with the spacebrothers she has seen at night… because this one was raised in a very cloistered atmosphere. Even though she feels like she's in a cocoon and ready to break out into a beautiful butterfly at any moment, she has no idea where to find the seam of the cocoon to begin the unraveling because she has just not been taught the 'words'. She does not have any idea what the word 'lightworker' is, what the word 'enlightened' is, the words 'spacebrothers', 'Ashtar', 'Sananda'…. She's never been associated with anyone that would tell her what 'New Age', 'metaphysics', any of this is. So, she sits in her home, perhaps watches a few programs on television, spends some time on her computer on the internet, and she daydreams… and she night-dreams… that somewhere along the line she's going to find someone that can tell her what this 'feeling' is that she's had all her life… and just can't quite put her finger on what it is or how to find anyone else, or if there IS anyone else in this whole wide world that knows what this feeling is that she has. I can tell you, right now, that you can walk into any fundamentalist church in this country, or any other country, and you can find a minimum of three people… a MINIMUM of three people… that know in their hearts that they're being raised with restrictions and a religion and a belief that does not fit the way that they feel and know God to be. But they have been raised with such structures, limitations and boundaries in their lives, they have no realization whatsoever of how to go about finding something that's different. I guarantee you that if they go to church, no matter how small the town is, they hold on to that church like a lifeline because it's the only part of their life that they get any indication, whatsoever, of there being 'something larger' out there other than their life in their small town. This is your job. This is your Purpose. And, hopefully, this will be your 'intent'.

Your 'intent' that you can focus on, as you do the breathing, as you do re-birthings, or as you go through your daily life, each and every one of those intents can be focused on 'you'… your growth, your health, your patterns, your restrictions, whatever… but for the love of All That Is, please include one intent a day, one intent that that day you shall find someone that has been looking for their Purpose. They KNEW they had one, and they knew it was outside of their Being, and they KNEW that one day, if God really loved them, God would bring a person into their life that would show them what that Purpose truly was. And if you can set that intent in your heart… maybe not that you find one a day, but that would be nice… but if you could make a difference like that to at least three people… or maybe 5000?… the job would get done a whole lot sooner and all of us could go Home. And if this place is your Home, there would truly be Heaven on Earth and you would be living there… and YOU would have assisted in bringing it to be.

That is this lesson.



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