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This is what we are going to discuss for this evening's lesson… perception, which you might say is 'simplicity', for there are many people that believe that what they see is simply the truth. Well, this may or may not be true.

We discussed last week 'purpose and intent'. Well, when I began bring through the lessons… through this body… it pushed a lot of buttons. For this one (Deb) had been raised with an image of me not so much as 'me', but perhaps more along the lines of Plato, Aristotle, those deep-thinkers of old. But her perception of me in that manner was not in how I 'looked', but how she expected me to 'be'. And for me to come in and play with the wind chimes and spend much time enjoying the pops and creaks of her body, and the strips (Band-Aids) that felt unique… that she would put on the finger…, the sensations of being able to feel cloth again with a 3D body, the sensation overloads of what one can experience when coming in and smelling fresh-baked chocolate in the air. This was not what was expected of me. <grin> But how this one ''sees' me, when she has been allowed to see me, is probably truer than I allow myself to be seen by others… my perception of myself, through others' eyes. Are you confused yet? <grin> You haven't heard 'me', in particular, saying it, but you have other say that this entire life that you walk through in this dimension, on this plane, and on this planet, is nothing more than illusion, yes? I won't say that that is correct, however, I won't say that it's incorrect, either. You have heard me refer to it as 'The Game' that is played, and part of the 'The Game' that is being played is YOU. For you see, before you came into this lifetime, you picked a series of events that would happen within your lifetime that would bring you about to be the person that you are today. And this is a 'gesture' personality. This is everything about 'who you are' today.

Now, let us say that you've decided, early on in this lifetime… not 'prior', but early on… that you were going to have curly hair. Then you have perceived yourself with curly hair, and it is this perception of yourself that others see. Let's say, in the same vein, that very early on in your life you decided to have straight hair. Then this would have changed your perception of yourself. And it would have changed how you look to others, because the perception of yourself that you've put off for others to see has straight hair. Now, how early on does this take place? VERY early on… before you can even speak. For you see, we've talked about when your soul came into this body… before it was birthed… and we've spoken of things that happened to you shortly after the time of birth, when the veils were not so dense around you. Now, we will talk more of those times. For there is much in those times that you took into yourself that you can just not recall now, perhaps even a parent peeking over the crib say, "Oh, I do SO hope you have curly hair like I do.". And that is your favorite parent so, of course, you wish to make their wish come true. So you make yourself have curly hair. Perhaps it is a person looking over your crib that, perhaps, you do not feel all that love and warmth to yet, and that person says something to the effect of, "You had better not end up with your father's side of the family's figure!". Well, perhaps your very intuitive little brain at that point in time decided, "I'll show this person! Perhaps that will be part of my life's goal is to spend several years proving to this person that I can be 'me', and it matters NOT what my body looks like!" So, therefore, you manifested the body, the figure, of your father's side of the family. Does it have nothing to do with genes? No. Of course, when you pick out your parents and the life situation that you wish to come into, some of that is taken into account. However, if ALL of this is in the genetic makeup, how can you then stipulate that, out of four children, a curly-headed woman might end up with three with curly hair and one with straight hair. For you see, if genetics was everything that your scientists claim it to be, there would not be that one straight-haired child in the bunch. Now, I am sure you may have some scientists or some science-minded people in your classes that are going to beg to differ with me. That is fine. They do not have to take this as truth, what I am teaching right now. It matters not to me. They can continue on believing that it is nothing more than genetics. However, I would like to point out that if it is all genetics, then when does you alien DNA come to the forefront and you look like something other than human? When does your angelic DNA come to the forefront? Where are all the children born with their wings? It's just a question. <grin> For you would think that by now, some of it would pop in somewhere along the lines!

We look upon the humans of this planet, and at times it takes us so much energy to prevent ourselves from coming and tapping on a few shoulders and explaining the truth of things. For you see, there are many, many people that walk upon the face of this planet that you would refer to, in your language, as a racist or perhaps a bigot, that has the self-same blood and DNA in their bodies that THEY say makes people 'not worth living'. AND, who knows?… in the coming times when manifestation is going to be so much easier, and in the coming times when body manifestation is very simple, if that person carries over any of their negative thinking… you never know, they might wake up one morning with very dark skin, or very curly hair, or perhaps wake up with a Jewish name attached to them! <grin> All you have to be made aware of, in this point in time, is that the body that you have right now is part of the illusion, it's part of 'The Game'. It's what you built up inside of your head to have others perceive you as.

All right… so now the questions are coming. <grin> I want straight hair, I want curly hair, I want less fat, I want more fat, I wish to be taller, I wish to be shorter, I wish for my feet to be smaller, I wish for my breasts to be larger, and… 'other' parts of the anatomy. <grin> It is done! It is very easily done. All you have to do is figure out how you did it in the first place. You take someone that perceives in their mind that they are fat, and no matter how think they get, they still believe in their mind that they are fat. They can kill themselves, according to your doctors, by this perception that they have of being fat. Believe it or not, these people are closer to the reality of the illusions than any of the rest of you are. For they seriously think, in their own minds, that if they see themselves as fat, then everybody else must, also. In fact, they can have a very thin body, and they can look into a mirror and they do not see the very thin body. They see the very 'fat' body. So what have they done wrong? They know how to hold the 'image' in their own minds, so why has it not been perceived to others' minds? Because they did not change their mind, their ego. For you see, they probably began, not so much as 'fat', but larger than they thought they should have been, and they wished to change the perception… and it got 'caught'. It got to the point where they could not see when they had gotten to the point where they wished to be. It was like gears in a machine… in their brain. It started turning and one of the gears, perhaps, bent down a little bit, and it prevents it from continuing on in its course. It's just stuck in the same place… cannot move backwards, cannot move forwards. It's stuck. It has nothing at all to do with 'habit', it has nothing at all to do with the need for starvation, it has nothing at all to do with wishing to be dead. What it has to do with is those particular people got 'stuck' in their perception in what they wished for others to perceive them as. And it's in their brain. Therefore, what can be done for these beautiful people is you can explain to them what it is that they are going through, and perhaps hypnotize them, perhaps put them in a trance, perhaps go in and speak to them during their dream state. But once you can get their ego, their self-consciousness, the part of them that is stuck, out of the way, then you can tap into the subconscious and you can tell the subconscious that it is done… the perception is seen as if in their Being. So, therefore, they can continue on. It make take a couple of session, for when those gears bend… depending on how long it's been… it might have been two or three gears. So you need to do it for each gear that's been bent. Persistence, in making sure that the job is not only done 'well', but it is 'well done' and 'done enough'.

So now you can see, through this example… if you allow yourselves the opportunity to 'see' this example… how this can be done. But some of you do it in a more 'negative' tone. "I do not wish to be fat.", "People won't like me if I'm fat.", or "People won't like me if I'm thin." "People won't like me if I've got curly hair." Well, as we've been teaching you, through your 'intents'… it is to keep it as positive as possible. AND see it as 'already done', because it can happen that quickly. But be careful of what you ask for! <grin>… and I cannot say this enough, you know. If you say, "I am 100 lbs. lighter.", well, that would take some programming, that would take some changing, that will take a LARGE bend in your perception, and you shall wake up and not have any clothes to wear. Or, you shall wake up and your brain will go on tilt because, "How am I going to explain this to others?"

Well… I shall go back to 'myself'. There are countless beings on the face of this Earth that, through religious training and dogma, perceive me to be completely against my 'genetic pool' of resources. As I said before, this is entirely possible. However, it would have taken a lot of energy to have prevented all the sunburn that my body would have received at that point in time. <grin> I can say… I have dark hair, I can say I have darker skin tone than most imagine me having. I do not have what you would call a 'extremely masculine' body, however, I have strong features… piercing eyes, commanding countenance, regal bearing. Oh, we're talking about the 'past' life, right? <grin>

It is as such. It matters not how you see yourself. However, in the grand scheme of things, unfortunately while you're on this planet at this time, it is necessary for you to put thought into how others perceive you, especially when 'the big boys' (referring to Ashtar and himself) are encouraging you to step forward in your Contract and be 'out' in front of people teaching, welcoming, on camera… worldwide <grin>. Now, did I say it mattered the 'size' of your body? No. It more has to do with the 'countenance', the 'bearing', the 'confidence'.

Now… I am going to give you an example of 'simplistic perception' in a different vein. As you know, this one (Deb) puts herself in a 'space' before anyone is allowed to come in and share (trance-channelings). And, at the beginning of her 'ritual' to prepare herself for this, she says something that was once attributed to me (the Lord's Prayer). So, therefore, I have decided to come in and give you an appropriate 'explanation' of those words which, if you wish, you may follow… or put it together, or whatever. However you wish. But I wish to point out to you the 'perceptions', and how they have changed over a couple of millennia. I believe you begin it now as such:

"Our Father, Who art in Heaven…" Sounds like poetry, doesn't it? Well, I believe the appropriate words were, "Our Creator, Who is at the Beginning and End of All things… and Everything in between." Something to that effect. <grin> You must realize that I HAVE slept since then. <grin> Unfortunately, we did not have machines at that point in time that did 'exact' translations.

"Hallowed be Thy Name". Technically, we did not use the word, back then, "Holy". That is a fairly new word. "Sacred is Your Name" was put in there, and it was put in there for a reason. I used the term "Father"… and I have explained why, because this one has that perception of God as "Father". There are many, many names for the Creator. There are many, many names for God. Some of them are the same. For there are many, many different faces to the Creator, however, there ARE four names to the Creator that is held most sacred, two of which has been shared with this planet at one point in time or another. The other two cannot possibly be shared with this planet because of the limitations of the vocal capacities and the thinking processes. However, if you stop and considered in today's time how many times someone 'profanes' God's name… as in just the term 'God'… sometimes even the term "Goddess", or (my personal favorite) "Jesus H. Christ". I was not aware of the fact that I had a middle name of Henry. <grin> At least I hope it was Henry and not Harry. I much prefer Henry. <grin> Now, it has been sacred… these two names of God, of the Creator… not so much because of the profanity or the multitude of uses that these names might have achieved had they been readily available, but they are held sacred because of the power contained within them. And this is something I will come back in and teach about another day. <grin> But there is power in those names, and in saying this… of holding sacred the Name… it is implying, in your request or prayer to the Creator that you are given here, that you're not calling upon the 'power of the Name', you're calling upon the 'Heart of the Creator' to look into this matter more 'personally'. For when you invoke the name of the Creator, you are attempting to take care of it yourself, and when you 'hold sacred the name', you're asking the Creator to do it for you. You're acknowledging the fact that the Creator can do a much better job.

"Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done". This is the part that has always confused me. In actuality, what was said was, "I identify all of Creation as Yours. Therefore, if all of Creation is Yours, then I acknowledge that YOU have the best Power within It." Let me see… where was I?

"On Earth as it is in Heaven". I believe that I've explained that part. I would not, however, used just 'Earth' and 'Heaven'. That would be very limiting to all of Creation.

"Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." We will begin with "Give us this day our daily bread". To put it 'exactly'… this part I DO remember well… "I am honoring my Contract with you, Creator, to carry forth, to follow Your signs, and to provide for myself through You. For without You I am nothing. Without You, I may go hungry. So, I do acknowledge, Creator, that when I keep You in front of me, all of my needs are provided for." Now, isn't it surprising how THAT got put down to that one little sentence? THAT is what I call shorthand! Now, as to the rest of that… "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." … that one is a bit tricky. It is "Creator, please identify You within me, as I identify You within all others."

"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." Well, considering the fact that the Creator would be in a 'HECK' of a mess if the Creator led everyone into temptation, just THINK of the backed up phone calls that the Creator would have on THAT line! "Help! I've been tempted!" "LOL … and YOU led me there!" LOL "It's YOUR fault!" LOL I don't think so. <grin> It is as such: "If I am worthy of a test to prove my faithfulness to You, then shine upon me so I might do my best." How could you fail any such test as that? And, "deliver us from evil", is very simple. "Stand me before my Ego."

"For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory forever." That'll work! <grin>

The Creator did not put anything in any of Creation to be 'hard'. It is all so very, very simple. The inner workings of the Universe are boggling the minds of all the scientists that have 'stepped through the threshold' and are kicking themselves for making it so complicated. There were many that spent their entire lifetimes trying to figure out the workings of the Universe, believing that it had to be so very complicated. And now, they can actually kick back and relax, and laugh at how hard they made it before. For it is very, very simple.

Now, your 'Game' has become very intricate, and some of you need to learn to master that Game. It does not matter if you win or lose… for this is no losing. You have allowed yourselves to be caught up in this Game, of so many people saying that the 'loser dies', or the 'loser loses everything'. Well, I hate to break this to all of you but <sigh> everything that you have, that you own, you will lose it all anyway. So what does it matter? I can hear all the tears now, and the stomping of the feet, and the "Now, just wait a minute!" that are piling up as we speak. Why have a house like this, when you could have a house made of gold? A house made of 'Light', a house made of crystal, a house made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds… all of them! Why have this table, which is a beautiful table… it is a beautiful piece of wood… when you could have a table that 'conformed' to your 'need'… did not have to keep its 'set' shape, size and appearance? A table that, when you decided to change the conformity of your lounging sofa, you could say, "Table… match, please." Or, "Table, change colors, please." Or, "Grow bigger." For all of this that you have now is from the third-dimensional plane. Where you are going, it cannot go. It has its own place to go.

I have heard the two of you speaking in the office concerning physical ascension, and if you take your bodies. And, if you take your bodies, what would your bodies look like? Well, it depends on 'where' you go. However, if you wish to take this body with you, by all means, take this body with you. However, you will not keep it very long. For one, it's a third-dimensional body. It will not have a very long life-span where you're going. But, by then, you will have mastered the art of physical manipulation, and it doesn't take much to change your third-dimensional body form into a seventh-dimensional body form, so it can accept the dimensional shifts much easier. Which, in essence means, it is not this body anymore. However, most of you do not 'fit' in this body. For many of you, these bodies are far, far too small. For some of you, your body is far too large. For some of you, you're just not used to having not enough limbs. <grin> Or, you'll do ANYTHING to get rid of the hair. Or, to grow MORE hair… you feel naked! Have none of you pondered the fact that some of you think nothing at all of running loose naked, without clothing? Bothers you not at all! Yet, you were raised in homes where the naked body was frowned upon. But you feel that you have to have the freedom of the wind upon your skin. Yet, some of you were raised by families that felt that the body was beautiful, but yet, to this day, you have to cover it. You don't understand what it's about, it's just that your body is always cold… you need to cover it! It's not 'shame'… it's just you 'have to' cover it! You're missing all your fur! Or, you cannot tolerate the fact of having something covering your skin! There are many different Beings in these Universes, and this has (Earth) definitely become the 'clearing house' for many of them. In fact, I will give you an example. Fifty years from now… fifty 'earth' years from now… some of you will still be bumping into people that you knew 'back then'. "I KNEW you didn't fit a human body well!" "I knew you should have shaved your head." "I would have never recognized you like THAT!" The surprises that you have in store! <grin> You might as well just come to the realization that you've all been in 'The Game', and 'The Game' has been… "what is behind curtain #1?" For that's what your veils are, they've been hiding you behind a curtain. They've been hiding you from EACH OTHER behind curtains. It is one of those marvelous games of… you get to pick which curtain you wish to see behind. Just be careful of which curtain you pick! <grin> You might see what the Light Puppy (Dolly) truly looks like. <grin> You never know!

Well, this class did not tie up in a nice, neat little bow because we wish for everyone to be left with a question… of "what simplicities have I made intricate?" This is going to be one of those wonderful lessons, one of those wonderful classes, in which we are requiring each and every one of you to question yourself, your ego, and your Higher Self, as to what packages you have put things into… whether it be yourself or whether it be others. For many of you are going to start dealing very soon, if not already, with unwrapping the packages that you've put other people into. You have set in your own perception what someone else is… and they are, in actuality, much different than the package that you put them into. So, many of you get to unwrap what you have packaged up before so you begin to see everyone in their ''truest' simplicity. AND, while you're at it… unwrap yourself, so others can begin to see you in YOUR simplicity. <grin> That's the class!


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