8-8-99 SANANDA

"What Is Ascension?"


You can look this word up in the dictionary for it's meaning, however, that will barely touch upon the true definition of it. Let us say that ascension is nothing more than "upward movement". This could be walking up a flight of stairs, taking off in an airplane, or changing ideas. Yes? In the last two weeks we have talked about changing, more or less, "ideals". So in order to do that… once you change them, are you not already in the act of ascension? All those that are interested in this concept look at it as something that they have not done yet. It is something that they are "already" doing, each and every one of them. So, therefore, it is a day-by-day progression, is it not? We will insist that one of the limitations that each one taking the class "absolve" for themself, is the concept of the idea that ascension is out of their reach as of yet. Ascension is something that they are all already in progress of. What we could do is, maybe, set apart the act that they associate now with ascension as the actual stepping over the threshold of the doorway. So, let's look at it as ooh... one of my favorites... "Jacob's Ladder"! We are climbing a ladder, yes? And once we reach the top of the ladder, there is a beautiful doorway. It has no door. There is nothing there to bar our way... no locks, no bars, no wood. Just an open doorway flooded with beautiful Light. So every step that you take up this ladder is a step closer to that beautiful Light. That beautiful Light is, we shall say, the illumination of God, the Creator, the Universe, or the Great Spirit (whatever you want to identify "It" as). It does not matter. The name has been lost aeons ago. It knows Its' name by the "feeling" instead of the sound of the name being called. This, in part, happened during a time that some people might refer to here as Babel. Do you honestly think that the Creator would change languages so they would not know how to call Him by name? They were TOTALLY mixed in their languages. Therefore, (do you not LOVE the association?) the Tower of Babel, they, too, were seeking the top of that wonderful ladder. This is why their languages were scrambled, due to the fact that they were going about it in absolutely the wrong way. They, too, were making it as hard as they needed it to be. The Creator goes by a "feeling", not a name. You do not need to learn Aramaic, or Hebrew, or Sanskrit, or any of those old lost ancient languages, because it is the "vibration of the Heart". It is that easy.

We are going to talk about the "ladder of ascension". The first step is probably the biggest step. The step, where a human being comes to the realization, that there IS something other than the mundane existence that they've lived their entire lives. They then take that first, most important, step to find their true faith… their true Father... their true Creator. Some even call it, "The Secrets of the Universe", because they have a hard time with the "theological" side of things. From that moment on, every step up that ladder is the easiest one yet. They get easier and easier as you go along. Now, I believe my brother Ashtar told you that, at times, it could take 10,000 steps, and at times it can take just one step? This is true. Sometimes, when someone takes that first step, the blasting open of their heart to the calling of the Creator, is so true they CAN make it in that one step. Some feel that it has to be a 10,000-rung ladder. It doesn't matter. They eventually end up going through the same door. It has to do with what each one of those individuals decided that they really needed to learn during this experience. Some feel that they need to learn every possible rung of that ladder in order that they may help others that may be afraid of one of those rungs, for some reason or another. Then they would be more learned as to what each and every one of those "fears" or "apprehensions" for each one of those rungs might be. Some feel that they just wanted to pop in and have an experience, and pop out! That is their choice. The one that wishes to learn all the different rungs of that ladder, that is their choice. We will openly admit that human freewill DOES add a few steps on the rungs of the ladder occasionally. This, too, is a choice.

We will talk now about some of the various steps on this ladder. We've already talked about the first one and, in essence, we've talked about the last one. Maybe, what we haven't talked about, is all the different ladders AFTER that one? Ah… we will wait for another day on THAT one! *grin*

Alright… the different rungs of the ladder. The two that really count the most is the first and the last. And the thing is, you would be quite surprised as to how many get to that last step, and they hesitate there the longest, because of that human freewill. They honestly do not know if it is something that they want to let go of or not. They DO go through, it's just a hesitation that takes quite a while, in some cases. Now... am I actually going to tell you how many steps are on Jacob's Ladder? Why? So you can spend all your time counting which steps you have and have not had, which steps you think you might take, and which steps you think you might just try and step over? No... I would not take the pleasure of you discovering that away from you. *grin* However, I will tell you that the number is somewhere between one and 10,000.

Now, let's talk about the simple ways of climbing that ladder. My brother Ashtar has mentioned it on several different occasions... (however, it was mentioned in a way that wasn't really paid attention to) but it was one of the best clues that he could have ever given you. You look at your English language (it is a very complex language at times). We have the word "levitate". We have the word "levity". We have the word "levitation". Now, "levitate" and "levitation" mean "coming up off the floor", defying gravity in it's wondrous magnificence. However, "levity" is used concerning "laughter". My brother Ashtar gets very serious at times, however, as you have noticed, there ARE times that he roars with laughter, yes? The act of laughing, in itself, acts like heart detergent. It washes some of those cobwebs away from the heart. It makes the heart feel good. So, let's take note of several historical events here on this planet. There were times when people on this planet were so much happier, more carefree, yes? Let me see, during those times you had Abbott and Costello, you had the Three Stooges, you had Lucy and Desi... this world was LAUGHING! This country was laughing. People did not take things as seriously. So the first thing for everyone to ask themself is: "What happened?" Wars happened, and all of a sudden the planet feels like, out of respect for that war, they have to quit laughing, why? Maybe at time of war is the time that you need to laugh the most... to lighten things up. To lighten YOURSELF up.

What makes you laugh? What REALLY makes you laugh? And I don't just mean "having fun". I mean what makes you laugh until your belly hurts!?

And my second question, immediately on top of my first question, is:
How often do you allow yourself to laugh like that?

Things just get taken so seriously! And when the act of ascension starts being taken so seriously, well, there's something wrong with that picture. Ascension, in its totality, is being able to be free of your limitations... totally free… to experience all the Unconditional Love and Light that the Universe has to offer. Believe me, (if you want to call it Heaven) it laughs A LOT! It's FUN to have freedom! It's FUN to be surrounded completely by the Love and Light of this Universe. It is so simple to be able to look at each other and laugh, because you know that you are free of the limitations you had before. You've run across someone that you haven't seen in a millennium or two...and you LAUGH just from the release of all the tension that the two of you may have had together the last time you were together here. Now, I will tell you, 2000 years ago things were very solemn. Very few people laughed. In fact, at times, as children got older they were discouraged from laughing out loud, because it WAS such a solemn time. People went to Temple, and laugher was frowned upon. It was SO solemn. But, yet, look at the limitations people had on themselves then... the society had on EVERYONE then... that the governments had on them. If I could have taught the apostles just a FEW Abbott and Costello pranks things may have been a lot different... you never know!

There were a couple of people that took offense to "If it feels good, do it!", and quite a few brought up the fact that they did not wish to be told to be happy all of the time. They wished to dwell on their sorrows and their solemnity. These are the people, I guarantee you, that will have 10,000 rungs to the ladder if they do not lighten up their situation. There was a WONDERFUL movie that was made years ago, in your time, which was attempting to get people to laugh again. You may say that it had "activators" in it, to get people to laugh and to have fun again. However, we brought it through for children, so therefore, the adults did not take it as seriously as it should have been taken. We were trying to get them to lighten up. And it was WONDERFUL... and the children loved it! And even some adults loved it, but they didn't quite make the connection to laughter. You wish to know the name of the movie? If I tell you the name of the movie, would you watch it? I'm SURE you can find it. <grin> It was a very popular movie. I can't really remember the name of it… but it was about a nanny with an umbrella? Yes! "Mary Poppins"! It taught you that the more you laughed, the higher you levitated! So... hey! What a concept! Someone could actually laugh themself all the way up to the top of Jacob's Ladder! Adults would look at that as "fantasy". Now... is fantasy not a human "restriction" and "limitation" that society has put upon them to see it as such? Isn't it wonderful we had those two lessons before this one? People will FULLY understand that concept now, yes? *laugh* There is not one movie out there, or one book out there... well, we will change that statement. There are "very few" movies out there, and "very few" books out there, that were NOT Divinely guided. I mean, my goodness! There are human's with good imaginations, but… We're not saying that we have BETTER imaginations, we just kind of help their imagination along a little bit, yes? We have to admit, there were times we did step up things just a bit too quickly. I mean... H.G. Wells was just a wee bit before his time. There have been a few others, but they are still recognized as "classics", are they not? DaVinci, too, was just a wee bit before his time, however, he DID love living in that age! He DID love it so! So we did allow a little bit more expression then. We're not saying… and please do not get us wrong, that there isn't a book or a movie put out that we do not have our hands in, because I'm sure there are some… it's just that the really GOOD ones have wonderful little "accelerators" in them because we KNEW they were going to be good. We knew the imagination behind the writer was going to be such, that everyone would love it. So we just... hmm… "added" a few things here and there. Sometimes they're listened to and sometimes they're not. Sometimes there are those that are awakened to them, and sometimes their are not. We think it's a fairly good average that we come through, however, there have been two so far, just in a very short time, that have REALLY done their jobs very well. *grin* Very well, indeed! Yes, you are right about "who" they are… George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. They have been MOST receptive in their work. One DOES realize he's "downloading" the information... one does not. Shall we leave it at that? The other one does suspect at times, but there is a bit of an 'ego' thing there. And that's OK. We stroke the ego occasionally, too. *grin* It kind of "activates" his imagination for more to come through.

There are people out there… on the "ascension path", we shall call it, that actually feel guilty taking time off and watching their TV programs, watching their movies, and reading "fiction". I would ask you to please think very hard of all of those you know on their ascension path... how many of them would openly admit that they read fiction? Most of them look at it as, "Oh… I don't do that! I only read fact-based books, or metaphysical books!" That is an 'ego' thing, because they figure if they're talking to other people on the Divine path, that is what they would 'expect' them to say. We have accelerators and activators in science fiction, in murder mysteries, in westerns, in romance novels, and even some in what some would consider pornography. You have to reach them where you can! And that is what we want all of you to know. If there is a time that you feel inclined to go to a movie, call up a friend that may not have the enlightened pathway in front of them and invite them to that movie, because you are being called to that movie for a specific reason! And that movie just might have the accelerator that that friend of yours may need! And for YOU to be the one to invite them to that movie makes it all the more special to that friend of yours. If that friend of yours is having a very hard time with you "changing" into that "strange Being" that you're changing into, because you're nothing at all like the friend that they use to know. It would be very special for that friend to go through their awakening processes with the one that they considered at one time, to be their best friend, very close friend.

How many of your friends that you had before you really started in on this pathway... how many of them do you still keep in touch with? I ask this question for a reason, because with some people it's going to cause bruised feelings, because a lot of those, on this ascension pathway, have lost all of their dear friends.

Would you be willing to contact one of those friends that you have left behind and tell them how wonderful your life is now?

Some of you are going to say, "That would be nice if my life WAS really wonderful right now!" But we ask this for a reason, because if you life ISN'T wonderful, it's because you've added more steps to that wonderful ladder. And maybe, just maybe, if you can get back in touch with one of those ones from before, it might help you to see how far you really have come, and how much better things really are now than they were then. Some of you may even be surprised when you contact that person, IF you contact them.... we are NOT making this a "requirement" of the class, this is just something to ponder upon, yes?....however, we are saying that if you DO take this step, and you DO get back in touch with someone that you have left behind, you may be surprised that they have just started their OWN awakening processes. They have just taken that first step themselves. Because we have massive awakenings taking place planet-wide right now, there are oodles everywhere! Therefore, that friend may look at you coming back into their life as a wonderful sign that what they have just done is correct. Because you DID mean something to them before, and they did not understand what you were going through then, and now THEY are going through it. And, it might be Divine Providence! The Creator is giving them back someone that was very special in their lives to help them with this process, even if it is a long-distance process, yes? This could even be, shall we say, "past" loved ones?

There has been so much in the past while on this planet of "judgments", of "belief systems" and that time is finally coming to an end. The judgments and the structures of the religious orders that have been here are crumbling. Even those that may not have actually taken that first step up that ladder, they just may need solace from someone that they have loved, because they feel the structures of their own past belief systems crumbling. And it might help them get back on stable ground. Now we are not saying go out there and "preach" to them. We are just saying extend love and comfort to someone that meant something very special to you. As you know, the time of the great "karma" is over, and most of the karma that you have to deal with now is stuff that you have developed or gone through just in this short lifetime. So some of this, if you choose to do it, could be mending some of that "this lifetime" karma, so the "instant karma" can be released on its own. And as we were saying, this is just an "idea"... we're not even going to make it a suggestion, thinking that you might jump over that cliff!

What is it about yourself that makes you good friend?

Here we get on the serious side a little bit because this will definitely bring up serious reactions from people, yes? Because if you can see what it is that you contain within yourself that makes you a good friend, then maybe, just maybe, you could see why you are "worthy" of all this that is waiting for you to accept. If you will notice, we have kind of "skimmed around" the "acceptance" part of things. We have brought it up and we have talked about it, and then we have gone back and we have NOT talked about it. Well, acceptance is coming up. It is harder for people to break the boundaries of their acceptance and worthiness issues, than it would be for them to break the boundaries of guilt. That is just astonishing! This human ego you have would be willing to accept anything, but there is something very deep within these humans, very deep within the seed that began their ego, that has a very hard time with the worthiness ability of acceptance of what all the Universe has to offer. You can tell our sister, Ms. ______, that this also includes acceptance of finances. You see, we want to point out to a few people, that it seems like a lot of our wonderful Beings that are on the ascension-path, are having a very hard time with finances. Well, in this country especially, does it not say, "In God We Trust"? We have a majority of ascension-path Beings in this country that say out of their mouth, "money is God in action", yet they do not live it. We are going to include that into this week's class so our Light Beings will have less stress over financial responsibilities, yes? If we take into consideration Lesson No. one, about abolishing the guilt, and then we take into account Lesson No. two, "If it feels good, do it!"… we are not talking about getting one of those plastic credit cards and going out and buying everything in the store because it "feels good"! This will do nothing more than pile on the guilt. Until they can completely abolish the guilt, please keep the credit cards away! Do not use them. We will start with the basic lesson.

Can you "co-create" the sum of $1.00 into your life? $1.00?

Can you "co-create" 1 billion dollars in your life? Right now?

We're going to have all kinds of Lightworkers that say "Yes! I can co-create one dollar. That is simple!" It is just as simple to co-create that one billion dollars. What is the difference between one dollar and one billion dollars? Nothing. Just all those "zeros"... which are "nothing". Absolutely nothing! Now, I'm sure we will have some that say something to the effect of, "How 'bout if I want to co-create something like $2,179.64?" So... we will not split hairs on this. We are determined to prove a point here, yes? The money that anyone spends, no matter what country, whether it has "God" on the money or not, it does not matter. That money is nothing more than a piece of paper with the amount of "energy" that YOU decide to put into it. YOU are the one who determines the amount of energy that that piece of paper has. Now, how much you "determine", as far as that energy is concerned, is usually set by the structures of the society that has helped print out that money. So, therefore, you have different numbers on different pieces of paper, yes? However, I can assure you that the paper that a one dollar bill is printed on, and the ink that is used to print that one dollar bill, costs the same as the ink and the paper on a one thousand dollar bill. It is exactly the same, just a different picture and just a bunch of different numbers. It is the energy that you put into that that changes your concept of whether that is a one-dollar bill or whether that is a one thousand dollar bill. Can you understand that concept? Therefore, what would be the difference between that one-dollar bill and a billion-dollar bill, if there were such a thing? Just the energy that you put into it, it's still the same piece of paper with the same ink, just a different picture and different numbers. So that's all you have to do in your mind is abolish the "structures", because it is society's structures that have put that responsibility for that money in your brain. So if you can have your heart explain to your brain that it is nothing more than a piece of paper, you might be surprised at how easy your brain will be able to accept that reprogramming. IF you take that into your heart, then, the Universe has a way of making sure that, if you're looking at that one billion-dollar as ONE dollar, and if you're looking at that one-dollar as one BILLION dollars, you get plenty of both! Because you have completely changed the energy AND, the trick is, since you have changed the energy, you have been putting energy INTO that. What do you attract to you? What you have been putting the energy ON! And you're not putting energy on NOT being able to pay your bills, or NOT having enough money, you are putting your energy into a positive manifestation reaction to your change of boundaries and limitations that you have concerning money, which is very positive. So instead of your "negative" bringing in more bills because you're "focused" on your bills, you're bringing in more money because you're focused in on the "positive" side of money. It is that simple. However, we do have a lot of religious programming where money is concerned. So I shall attempt to clear it up here and now... Money is NOT the root of all evil. The "cherishing" of money is the root of all evil. It has been entirely misquoted and, therefore, entirely misunderstood. And should I explain to you why? It is very simple. If you will think back; there were many preachers, standing at many pulpits saying that the money was the root of all evil, and as soon as they would finish saying that, they would pass around the plate. You would be so repugnant of that money, the first thing you would want to do is take it out of your pocket and put it in that plate and get it as far away from you as possible! Yes?

Tithing is the same simple matter. However, we are going to take it a bit further, yes? When you pay your bills, there is a part of you that holds "resentment", no matter how big or how small. "I worked hard for that money, and I have to give it away to THEM!" Yes? There is always just some part of these "programs" that have stipulated that, if you have to "pay" for something, there is "resentment"... just a tiny bit at times, and sometimes it's really big. Let's say you run out and purchased a car. Well, you have a car, so therefore, you may have a little resentment for paying the car payments, yes? Now, let's say the car developed severe problems. And you're having to pay a lot of money to fix the car and then you STILL have to pay money to PAY for the car, so you're going to have a bit MORE resentment, yes? Now, let's say the car blows up... for some freak reason. And your insurance didn't cover it because it was what they call "an act of God". You still have to pay car payments for a car you no longer have or can use or enjoy, yes? So you're going to have a whole lot of resentment attached to that bill, yes? Well, the Universe wants to "please" you, so the universe will say, "When they have money it makes them unhappy to give it away, so we won't give them money. We want them happy!" Yes? Or, the Universe will say, "If I give them this money they're going to have resentment whenever they have to pay their bills, so we don't want them to be resentful, we want them to be happy. So we'll make sure they don't get very much money!" Yes? And sometimes you get SO angry when you make out your bills that the Universe says, "Well, this anger must make this person very happy, so we're going to give them MORE bills!" Yes? So, what the tithing circumstances do is, you are giving money to someone that spiritually feeds you. Someone that makes you feel GOOD. This is what tithing is for. God did not intend for people to tithe so he could line HIS pockets! This is God's magnet… the positive reinforcement to bring money into your lives. Because if you take one-tenth of what you make, and you give it FREELY to something that makes you feel WONDERFUL, the Universe is going to say, "Ah ha! They feel very wonderful when they write this check. So we're going to give them not just more money, but MORE that will spiritually feed you!" Since you are setting a program, for paying that ten percent in your tithing, then the Universe says, "Well, if we give them more spiritual teachers to make them happier, we HAVE to give them more money so their ten percent to each of these will make them feel even better!" Now, see, this has been all left out of the Bible, because the Bible has been rearranged and, shall we say, edited, to put people in that more solemn mood. Well, silly churches! You would think that if the churches wanted to get more money themselves, they would have left in the part about paying the ten percent bringing YOU more money because it makes you feel good, so THEY would get more! Oh well! What can we say?

As a side note, I would like to add that the VERBAL word also is very powerful, because human freewill choice has made it very powerful, and it hits a mass consciousness level. So, therefore, the Universe has to pay attention... CLOSE attention, to what is verbally "programmed". Because there is a contention going on of those that believe that "verbal programming" is not as powerful as "intent". It is. What you SAY is what you are programming... so be very careful.

This lesson was not to be about tithing. This lesson is to show the positive and negative reinforcements that you get from these boundaries you have accepted about the more mundane things in your life. So far, everyone has been focusing these past two classes on the "big" issues, and a very few have spoken up about these little mundane issues such as money. But it leads to the bigger issues called "stress". So they talk about the bigger issue of stress and, yet, they have a very hard time, or feel embarrassed, discussing the little issues that CAUSE the stress. The embarrassment in talking about the fact that you have not accomplished the fact of distinguishing between one dollar and one billion dollars, is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is simply one of the steps of Jacob's Ladder. There are going to be those who will have a very hard time accepting the fact that I would come through and discuss "money". Well, we will answer that question up front, shall we? When it is on the minds and hearts of most, we aimed to please!

So now you know there's a "minimum" of three steps, yes? Maybe. *grin*



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