3-5-00 SANANDA

"Reprogramming Your Mouth"

It seems as though we are going to have a little bit of a repeat of a past lesson this evening. The name of it is "Reprogramming Your Mouth"… being very careful what comes out of your mouth… verbally. This also follows the class of 'setting intents', for if ye shall remember, 'intents' are always to be said 'positively'… without 'negativity'. Therefore, we are also going to be including portions of the lesson of 'polarity'… the 'duality'. For in order to know what is 'positive', one must know what a 'negative' is.

In your language… the language that most of you that are reading these lessons, or speaking at this time… you can account 'negativity' being words such as 'no', 'not', 'nor', 'should', 'would', 'could', or 'try', 'but', plus a host of others. But these are the ones that are used most often. As we have heard before, "I will not fail" is actually a 'negative', because you are including "not" in the vocabulary that comes through. You are using a negative word which, even though you are 'thinking' positively, your mouth is saying it negatively. This is why you have the word 'succeed'! Instead of saying "I will not fail.", you are striving "I WILL succeed!", instead of attempting NOT to be 'a failure'. Can you see the difference? 'Intent' is everything, however, as we have mentioned before, when you 'verbally' speak something, you usually verbally speak your 'intent'. Your intent in that sentence is to 'not be a failure'. Your intent, actually, is 'to succeed'! Do you wish to 'not just be a failure'? It is as such… When you succeed, you are calling in the 'intent' to be 'the best'! When your 'intent' is to 'not' be a failure, IF you succeed, you're implanting to be just, at the very least, 'a hair over failure'. Does this make sense? So why not strive for the 'best'? You must also come to the realization, somewhere along the line, that the Universe does not… NOT… acknowledge the words 'no', 'not' or 'none' because of the negative content. The Universe is 'positive'. Therefore, when you say, "I wish to 'not' fail.", the Universe only hears, "I wish to fail.", because the Universe is 'positive'. Does THAT make it more simple? Now… which would you rather do… wish to succeed or wish to fail? Because the Universe just heard those two sentences… "I wish to fail", or "I wish to succeed." Now, there are going to be those that are going to be those that are going to argue the point that the Universe is 'positive' and 'negative'. ONLY in this reality. Because this is the reality of 'polarity'. Only if you feel that the Universe is in this reality, does the Universe have polarity. That's going to tie a few of them up mentally… mark my words. <grin>

It is like so. You live in a reality of positive and negative, you live in a reality of light and dark, you live in a reality of good and evil. Well, most of you have come to the progression in your growth that you realize that good and evil are a polarity and no longer exists because we're striving for 'non-polarity', correct? So let's do the same with everything else… the light and the dark, and the positive and negative. It is the elementary schooling here, I admit, but sometimes some have progressed in their vibratory rate so quickly that they left out one of the lower elementary grade information, and just need a 'refresher course'. Therefore, let's make a list.

If you are going to make a list of negative-connotation words, what would be on this list?

I wish for all of you to share your list with each other, for some of you may think of words that others of you may not. I just gave a small handful. There are many, many more out there that many of you use on a constant basis because you do not deem those words to be negative.

How can you stop something if you cannot see it or if you cannot realize it?

Once you have made your list, and once you have learned that some of the words that you use in your vocabulary denote negativity, do you believe that you can 'catch yourself' when you use those words?

Perhaps one of the things you can is put little signs up all over the house that say THINK POSITIVE, or SPEAK POSITIVE. You could make it more simple and just put a 'plus'(+) sign. Even a blank piece of paper!

Now, some of you may even think that, if we're out of polarity, what if we just talk all 'negative'… won't we still ascend? Won't we still go to the next dimension? Sure! Yes! By all means, ye shall. However, I'd like to warn you of the fact that you will probably have a very 'bumpy ride' in between, because when you use all that 'negativity', when you speak your Truth as a 'negative', you call it into your Self IN ABUNDANCE… therefore causing yourself to have a very bumpy ride. Shall I give you an example? Can you channel?

GUEST: Not at this time.


GUEST: I knew that was coming. LOL

SANANDA: Can YOU channel?

JANISEL: I can. I do.

GUEST: I can (?)

SANANDA: LOL Now… we shall include in here, the negative can also denote ending on a high not… such as, "I can?" But it is not a negative. This is very good. It's just you are questioning yourself with that speaking your Truth. If you do not wish to say what you might, in your mind, deem as a 'lye'… so you do not have to put the question mark on the end… you could always say, "I am beginning to channel." "I am striving to channel."

JANISEL: What is the difference between 'trying' and 'striving'?

SANANDA: Hmm… semantics. It is good! Some may see 'striving' as the act of truly doing. Exertion. And some see 'trying' as putting the mental process in, but not quite 'striving'. You can also say something to the effect of, "I know that I am a channel in the making." "I know that I was born to be a channel." "I know that I WILL channel." "I know that my crown chakra is opening constantly to receive channeled information." "I am training my mouth to speak positive Truth." "I am speaking positive Truth." This is my Truth. <smile> Now… let me ask you this one. Do you live in total and complete Unconditional Love?

JANISEL: Yes, I do.

SANANDA: And do you? (guest)


SANANDA: He did it again… did you notice?

GUEST: Did I? Whoops! LOL

SANANDA: LOL With one word even! LOL It's OK. Of COURSE you live in it. Everyone upon the face of this planet lives in Unconditional Love. Whether it all gets passed your ego is another question altogether! LOL

Now… we shall move on. Once you have accepted the fact, within your life, that you live in a reality of polarity, can you change that? Through 'intent'… can you change that?

JANISEL: I believe so.

GUEST: Through your perspective, yes, I'd say so.

SANANDA: Exactly. For that is how it is going to happen… changing everyone to say, with positiveness in their Truth, that, yes, they are rising above polarity. They have accomplished Unity within their Being. The biggest lesson, as we have said before, is coming to the realization of something before making it your Truth. There are going to be plenty that read these lessons that are going to deny this as their Truth. This is good… for them. They will 'get it' when it is right for them. There is not one person on the face of this planet that can be pushed into their reality… into facing their reality… into acknowledging their reality.

Now, we shall use as another example one that we dearly love. <smile> We will speak no names, we will only speak their Truth. This person has come to a life altering split in the road of their pathway. This person has to look at their reality deeply before they can decide which path to take. For you see, there are billboards on these paths that show what will come down each of these pathways. And this person is feeling so split inside because they are looking at these billboards and they say, "I want that… and I want that! But if I go THAT way, I won't get THAT, and if I go the OTHER way, I won't get THAT!" There was a lot of 'negative' in that way of thinking. For you see, what you may not see down one of those roads, is the billboard BEHIND the first one, that is showing a duplicate of the billboard that was on the other path. You are limiting yourself by what you see DIRECTLY IN FRONT of you, without giving credence to what comes after that step is taken. If you took one step on one of those paths, you could see beyond that first billboard.

When you live in a total state of positive Truth, you have no limitations. They do not exist for you. For that shows an unequivocal trust in the Universe. You speak your Truth, you live your Truth, you teach your Truth, and your Truth IS. I am not saying you have to go out and teach multitudes your Truth. As we said before, though, if you live by example, you're teaching everyone that meets you… without even trying. Your Truth precedes you. People experience your Truth before they experience YOU, as you see you. When you set your Truth ahead of you in your path, it is seen long before the ego is. And then when the ego IS seen, it is identified as such… as just a part of you. And your Truth isn't a part of you… it's the Whole of you. You see, it is nicer, for all involved, if you can wrap your Truth around your ego. Therefore, if they get a peek of it, it might be just a 'small' peek. <smile> They might see a little bit about who you 'think' you are, BUT if you throw your ego around your Truth, so that you have 'secrets', so that it matters not if you're right or wrong… because your ego will protect you from anyone thinking that your right or wrong… then you are putting ahead of you the falsest part of you, and you're hiding within you your Truth. There's a big difference when someone is talking to you and they say to you over and over again, "Really? I didn't know that about you." Then if they say, after talking to you for awhile, "Yes, I would have thought that of you." I won't tell you which is which. You decide. This is your next question.

Which is said to a person to a person that puts their Truth before them?

If you wish to spend time with Truth, as a whole, my suggestion to you is to go quietly inside yourself… meditation… and when you do this, expand your mind, think with your mind, what would this reality be like, what would this world be like, if everything was "Home"? As you're thinking this, in this meditation, feel your Heart, feel what happens within you when you're thinking this. And when you feel that feeling, let go of the thought and let the feeling take control. Let it expand until it embraces you… and this is how you will know Truth. Not just YOUR Truth… the Truth of the Universe, the Truth of Creation, THE Truth, the WHOLE Truth… dare I say it?… and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! So help you God! THIS is what you will find. Now, this is me cheating. <smile> Do you know 'how' I am cheating? I am giving you the 'best' tool you could ever use to hone your own sense of discernment… your own 'gift' of discernment. For, if you go into that space of Truth, and then you take into that space with you a 'person', what was said in a channeling, what you saw in a picture, what you feel in your heart toward something or someone… when you are in that space of total Truth, you will KNOW if that that you brought with you is Truth. It is like making for yourself a room, and you put that 'feeling' that you feel when you accept Truth, feel Truth and see Truth, and you totally encompass the inside of that little room with that 'feeling'. And you take with you… in your hand… something that you wish to discern, is it Truth or is it not. And you walk into that room. If it is Truth, it will 'shine' in that room. If it is not Truth… poof… if is gone once it walks through that door with you.

JANISEL: How is that considered 'cheating'?

SANANDA: (whispers) hmm….. 'cheating' is a 'negative'… the Universe didn't hear me. Only those of you still here in this reality could see or hear me say that. The Universe didn't hear it. <smile>

Make yourself the room. That is what you can do in your meditation. Take these words that I am speaking to you into that room! See how brightly they shine! <smile>

JANISEL: Can't they go into this room (the heart)

SANANDA: Hopefully, that is where you take them… every lesson that you read, every channeling that you read, every person that says something that you hear. THAT is what all of you can benefit from the greatest while you are still in this reality of positive and negative. For there are many, many, many Beings that come through and say wonderful things… so they can 'hook' you, so that you will follow them once they've hooked you. You can take the name of that entity in with you to that room, no matter what it is that they said that was so beautiful, you can find out if THEY are who they say they are. You ARE in the fourth dimension! That is the astral plane. There are many, many entities that now have easy access, and if you do not guard yourself properly, or if you call EVERYONE in, you are calling in and opening yourself up to fourth dimension entities that would love nothing more than to 'play a game' with you. And the last thing that ANY of you need right now is another game to play… since you are playing the most important one for this time, for this planet, for this reality. Any games that you get involved in other than that, take you off of your path. Now, I am not saying you cannot play the fun little games that give you a little distraction every now and then, just as long as they do not keep you off of your path. You have a right to 'downtime', 'fun time', relaxation, but when playing that game becomes your whole life or the majority of your life, then it is the wrong game. And it's time to get back into the REAL game.

I believe I've asked enough questions, and I believe I've answered things a little bit better… we shall see. <smile> As I said, we were repeating several past lessons, but it's nice to have a refresher every now and then… just to keep it first and foremost in your mind. So this is the end of the class. <smile>



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