3-19-00 SANANDA

"The Lesson on Semantics"


We have decided to have another 'generalized' lesson. We have touched upon a few of these in past lessons before… but it was just a 'touching upon', and now we're going to get a bit more 'in-depth'. The reason that we are doing this is mainly for the classroom discussion that will be taking place. For you see, there are many that have just that little word 'wrong' that is preventing them from moving on to a different and higher place. The first one that we shall tackle is the obvious one… the difference between being 'religious' and being 'spiritual'. Excellent starting place, I figure.

'Religion' is a man-made concept. 'Religion', and anything that it pertains to, was made by men. It was 'to find' God through man's limited mind and ideals and ways. For you see, religions are what first came about that began truly putting restrictions upon how people interacted with their Creator. It was religions that gave birth to dogma, as to what it is that you could or could not believe in concerning the Creator. It is religions that took you out of your heart and into a building, and I guess that is the easiest way of putting it. Now, there are going to be those that will say that God gave the building to Moses... the Tabernacle that got carried around… so, therefore, there needs to be a building. And Solomon took the plans of that Tabernacle that God gave to Moses and built that building, a spectacular building, and called it the Temple, so that all may find God. What many are not taking into consideration is that the Tabernacle was not for all, neither was the Temple. The common man and woman could not enter into the Tabernacle, nor did they enter into the Temple. The Tabernacle and the Temple were both meant to be teaching places to teach those that were going to assist others to find their way to God. So, you see, the building was not meant for everyone, it was just for the teachers to learn and then go forth and teach what they had learned. And many things have changed since Moses' time, even since Solomon's time. You are not required anymore to atone for your sins and transgressions by cutting the throat of some poor beast and, depending on how 'major' or 'minor' the transgressions is, determine the size of the throat of the beast that you were to gut. None of that is required anymore.

The easiest way to explain what has been called 'the church' is the dwelling place of the Creator within each and every one of you. Technically, the Creator dwells within every cell and atom of your being, however, there is one particular part that we have referred to numerous times in these classes, that you are to take your focus when you attempt to talk or listen to the Creator. It is kind of like the 'amphitheater' to make sure that you can hear the Creator correctly when the reply is given… and that is the Heart of your Soul. Now, we have had much jesting and laughter concerning the theologians of your time now, and passed times, trying to determine where the soul resides within the body. There were those that decided that the soul had to reside within the brain of the body. There are many that had to insist it could not be in the brain, it had to be in the heart. There are even many that claim that it had to be in the thymus or the pituitary. It is funny no one ever said the feet, or the hands, or the left shoulder is where the soul resides. So I shall clear this up right now. The soul does not reside 'within' the body. Shall I repeat that? The soul does not reside within the body. Now… here's the semantics. <grin> The body resides within the soul. For you see, there is no way that your tiny little bodies could contain your souls. Your soul is your connection to your Creator, correct? Therefore, as I've said before, if the Creator resides within every cell and atom of your being, does that not mean that your soul resides within every cell and atom of your being? So how is the best way to do this? Did the Creator take a tiny little needle and inject a little bit of Itself into every cell and atom of your being? The body is porous, it is permeable. The soul wraps itself around the body and becomes a part of the body. It is just that the body cannot contain the whole soul. If you were to go have one of those fancy little pictures taken, what you see that they call your 'aura' or your 'auric field' is part of the rest of the soul that is not contained within the body. That is your soul that you are seeing. And, yes, those that say that the aura is in a constant state of transformation are correct… for it is. The soul is always learning for the Creator is always learning.

The soul is always interacting with other souls that grounded at that point in time. One of these days I shall do a Henny Youngman speech on this <grin>, "Hi, how are ya? I haven't seen ya in two or three lifetimes, c'mon over here and blend with me, baby." <grin> You didn't know that I could do that, did you? <grin> The souls' sharing is like two women standing over a fence sharing all kinds of information, but there is no fence. These souls… they just go, "Ah! I haven't seen you since Atlantis! Let's merge, let's learn from each other! What have you been up to?" "Oh… I see you've learned this." "Oh, well, you learned THAT. I've been wanting to learn that." That is all the movement that takes place within your aura. Let's say you burn your finger, and you've never burned your finger before. Your soul moves to that portion of your finger that got burned, and goes, "Ooh.. we're learning this. What is this?" The next person you meet, your soul is going to their soul, "Hey, come here! I've burned my finger! Come and experience this!" And that soul's going, "Ah… I burned my whole hand once!". And your soul is going, "Oh! Can I see?" And it goes over and goes to the spot that the aura says the hand was burned, and it can see the history of that burn, and it learns what that burn was all about.

Each and every one of you has a soul that is alien to these bodies. We have told you time and time again that these bodies are machines that were made for you… just a little 'container'. You have energy pockets within your bodies that they call chakras. Those are the anchors for your soul. That is the Heart of your Soul that is what anchors your soul to your body. So when it leaves to go join and sing and merge with all these other souls, or when it decides to leave your body at night and fly off to visit with the Creator or friends elsewhere, it always has it's anchor within this machine. This is the Heart of your soul. We have been sending out messages to the peoples of this planet for the last thirty years telling people to pay attention to these chakras, balance them, align them… it is what anchors your soul. You can still have your little soul leave to go and play and have the out-of-body experiences. You're just giving it a nice, clean, well-set anchor to come home to.

Now, let's get the other semantics straight, shall we? This is the home for your soul. It is the home for the Creator, because each and every one of you is part of the Creator. And it is the home for you… BUT it is NOT YOU. It has nothing at all to do with who you truly are. It is a 'vessel'. A glass is a vessel, but it is not the important part. It is the chocolate milk within that is the important part. That is the way to look at your bodies. Your bodies are your glass, and YOU are the chocolate milk that goes in the glass. Does that make it easier, simpler?

We shall now discuss the difference between 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. I was 'listening in' here one evening shortly after Wisdom (the Divine Feminine) came in and was talking to you, and someone was asking what the kind of information was that is actually contained within wisdom. This channeler has studied very ancient texts, and I personally found her answer quite profound. So I will attempt to remember exactly how it was that she put it that evening. "Knowledge is what you learn of this lifetime, for this lifetime, and during this lifetime. Wisdom is 'where' all that knowledge came from… from the past, from the present, from the future, and from everything in between. Wisdom is not of this life or this planet. Wisdom is from beyond." Now, wasn't that profound? I believe she should patent that. <grin>

There are many words that cause problems within Lightworkers. We want you to realize that these are still thought-patterns, they are still limitations, restrictions, boundaries. They are still excuses from the ego. Let us take the word 'ascension', shall we? So many Lightworkers see the word ascension as an ending… that ascension is what happens at the end of a story, at the end of a life, at the end of a cycle. That is the semantics that we are talking about this evening. Ascension is the new beginning AND the pathway to that new beginning. Each and every Lightworker, once you begin waking up to your call, began your ascension. It began. Your awakening is a part of your ascension. That is all. But now I'm going to go into my 'literary' mode, for you see, I do love the library, and I read all kinds of books. There have been many, many, fabulous works of literary art that has come through this planet, one of which I'm going to bring up right now.

The questions, the semantics, the word, that we are discussing right now is the term 'ascension', and so many feel that they have to focus on personal ascension. So, I shall bring up a phrase from one of my favorite works of literary art from this planet. And it is, "All for One, and One for All." Now, let's break that little phrase down, shall we? 'All for One'… you are all striving on personal ascension, not for you 'personally' to ascend, but to assist the planet in her ascension. 'And One for All'… each and every one of you have been born into, or walked into, this planet. She is here for you. She supported you, she gave you life in one way, shape or form, long before your awakening processes. She is your stability. She is your pillar. She is your life support system while you are in these bodies. She has unselfishly fed and supported the life of billions upon billions of beings because that was her job. So, since the One was for All, the All has now been sent for the One. She has done her unselfish duty long enough. It is time for her to move into her pattern of learning 'interdependence', where she can depend on the children she shall have in the future just as much as they depend upon her. She has in her memories of a time far gone for her when it was once like that, and that is what she is moving back to. But you see, she had to watch her children suffer back in those times when they gave to her as much as she gave to them. And isn't it funny… now that her own Earth children do not have to suffer as much from her elements as they once did, they turn their back upon her. Once the suffering ceased, they forgot her. Only in their suffering did they remember her. This has been a grand puzzle to her. This has been the planet's enigma: "Why must I make my children suffer in order for them to give to me?" So her ascension will take her AND her children to a new place, to a new thought-pattern, to a new way of being able to share with each other, give to each other and love each other without the suffering and without the neglect.

Now, the next words that we are going to discuss as far as semantics are concerned is being 'humble', and humiliation. We are talking English and a few other languages, but you see, the act of being humble is nothing more than being outside of yourself, putting others first. It is not something you can 'forget' to do, however, some do need learn how to train themselves to do this. The act of 'humiliation' is being within yourself when others are around you. Do you see that difference? I shall explain it a bit deeper. To be 'humble', truly humble, is when you are in a room full of people and someone is attempting to acknowledge you for your work, for instance, and you pass it off as nothing. You honestly do not take personal credit for it. You give credit to some outside source whether it be your working companions, whether it be your Creator, whether it be your spouse, whatever. That is the act of being humble… being outside of yourself. Being 'humiliated' is you, again, in that same room full of people, and you say or do something that causes ridicule, and you are inside of yourself, accepting the ridicule of the others… becoming humiliated. Yes?

I wish for all that are reading these lessons to begin taking into consideration the differences of these words and the semantics that are being used when these words are given. I ask that all that take these lessons discuss with each other possible future training for their mouths and reprogramming of their mouths for some of the other words that they have perhaps had a 'hitch' with, yes? Good! This is the lesson. <grin>



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