3-26-00 SANANDA

"Fear and Trust"


This lesson was suggested by one of our Eagles, and it was suggested several weeks ago but we had more pressing matters leading into this lesson. For you see, first we began with the reprogramming and retraining of your mouth and what comes out of it. Then we got into the words that can be misconstrued. So, therefore, this evening our class is entitled "Fear and Trust".

Now, what would 'reprogramming the mouth' and 'semantics' have to do with fear and trust? One might say that they are opposites of each other. Why would someone not 'trust' someone or something? Would it not possibly be based out of fear? Or, if you see something that you do not trust… let's use one of my favorite examples… a roller coaster. Let us say you see a roller coaster, and it looks old, and it looks shaky, maybe a little rusty, and you look at it and you go, "I love roller coasters, but I do not think I trust that one". Then, what is the basis for that trust or the lack of trust? Would it not be 'fear'? Now, let's talk about that wonderful roller coaster that I was told about that is on that very high building (Stratosphere in Las Vegas). It's new, it looks exciting, but many people say, "I do not trust it." Why… because it's a longer fall to the ground? <grin> Perhaps you know, personally, the person who built that roller coaster and it's the person you do not trust. Why? Is it perhaps because you do not wish to put your life in that person's hands? Is that not fear?

We shall begin with 'fear'. There are many things that you can be fearful of, and not a one of them were you born with. A newborn babe, coming out of the womb, breathing air for the first time, seeing light with it's eyes for the first time, has no fear… none. None whatsoever. That is a perfect, fearless creature. You take that babe when it begins moving around on its own… first crawling, then walking, and then running… that child has no fear until it 'learns' fear, in all ways, shapes and forms. It could be that that babe was denied nourishment for some reason or another. It learns fear from not being properly nourished. Let's say that that babe is not loved, held, comforted… it learns fear. It learns fear of being alone. You will see children climb, run, jump, do all sorts of daredevil feats and stunts because they have no fear… until they hit a wall, or fall, or scrape a knee, or have their mother run out and fearfully scream at them not to do that because they could get hurt. Fear. Now, let's say we have a child that is raised with love, comfort, nourishment, and a form of abandon to where the parents of that child allow that child the experience of 'experiencing' without attempting to instill fear in that child. And that child is a 'lucky' child, does not fall, does not run into a wall, does not scrape or bruise or hurt itself. You have a child that is 'fearless', until perhaps it begins school and there are bullies, there are teachers, there are principals, there are dogs on the way to school, there are bus drivers that perhaps do not drive as well as mama and daddy did. Here, again, is another education in 'fear' for this child.

Perhaps one out of 500,000 people on the face of this planet does not know fear. And do you know that that one person out of those 500,000 people openly trusts because there is no fear? Now, the one that suggested that we have this lesson was not so much asking that we teach a lesson on 'fear'. The one that suggested this asked that we teach a lesson on 'trust': being able to trust the Universe, or the Creator, God, or Source to provide for them, to be able to trust in themselves, their intuition and abilities, to be able to trust that, as they grew and began walking the path, that those in their lives would continue trusting them. But you see, we cannot teach a class on 'trust' without first introducing what causes the lack of 'trust'… which is 'fear'. If you do not have trust, it is because of a fear… a fear of being hurt, a fear of death, a fear of abandonment, a fear of ego-bruising, a fear of humiliation, or a fear of poverty. There are many, many thousands upon thousands of fears, from the fear of the tiniest little particle of dust that floats around in the air and someone not wishing to breathe that air because that one particle of dust might get into their lungs and cause 'sickness', to a fear of 'everyone', 'anyone'. There are thousands of people upon this planet today that refuse to leave their homes. They are fearful of everything and everyone. They are even afraid of themselves and where they are. But they have to live with that fear, so they figure if they hide from everything else, then that is only one fear that they have to contend with on a minute-by-minute basis. You see, these people have no trust at all. They have no trust even in themselves.

So, here we have gone from one extreme to the other. From the one in 500,000 people that has no fear whatsoever and that trusts everything and everyone, to the thousands of people that are consumed in fear and have no trust whatsoever. And then we have another several billion others in between. In order to trust anything or anyone, it matters not who or what, then first you must attack the fear that keeps you from the trust.

We shall take one that many Lightworkers deal with. "How can I trust that Source will provide for me once I begin walking this path?" There are several fears here, are there not? Let's see… if you quit your third-dimensional job so that you may begin walking your path unconditionally all the time, living the talk and the walk, you have no money coming in… so you think… because you do not have a job. If you do not have a job, how can you have money coming in, correct? And if you do not have money coming in you will starve because you will not be able to afford food. If you do not have money coming in you will freeze because you will not be able to afford to keep the shelter over your head and the warm clothes on your body. So you will freeze. And, no one will like you because you will be broke and penniless, and unloved. Now, there we have named four fears… just four that keep Lightworkers from living their talk, from living their mission.

Let us take the middle two… the starving and the freezing, shall we? They are tied around the money. That is a fear of death, wholly and completely. If you starve, you die. If you freeze, you die. Now, some may argue this point, and I'm asking them right now that when they argue this point to look deeper inside of themselves. They can become a "breatharian"… neither eat nor drink… and, yet, survive. That takes a lot of faith and a lot of trust right there. If you have the fear of starving you cannot possibly become a "breatharian" because "breatharians" have already conquered the fear of starving. Now, as far as freezing to death, you could move to a more temperate climate where it does not get below freezing, and you will not freeze to death. And, if you are lucky, perhaps you could live off the fruit that grows on the beaches of this place you move to. But wait… you need a job to have the money to buy the ticket to get there! <sigh> You could go back to more primitive times and you could kill animals and take their furs and keep warm that way. And, look! You would have food also! Ahhh… but can you kill an animal to survive? That's another 'trust', is it not? That is saying that you would trust yourself to provide for you more than you would trust in Source to provide for you.

Now let's look at it more basically, shall we? Do you have a job now? If you have a job now, do you seriously think that YOU are the one that provided yourself with that job? <sigh> If you hate your work, and if you hate your job, and if you can barely tolerate your co-workers or the work that you do, yes, you probably got that job yourself. However, if you wake up in the morning thinking, "Oh, I get to go to work today!", and you love your job, and you love the people that you work with, and you have a glorious time at your job, then there was a couple of 'helping hands' getting that job for you. You just paid attention to the signs, whether you realize it or not. For that is how the Creator provides. You see, what you do not have the trust in, in the first place, has already been doing it, has already been providing. Now, there are many of you out there that feel that there is no such thing as 'coincidence', there are many of you out there that do not believe in things 'just happening', 'fate', 'circumstance', this kind of thing. Well, have you ever had one of those times where you didn't have a job, you didn't have any money, you'd just eaten your last meal out of your refrigerator, and you're walking around the block feeling sorry for yourself, and you find a twenty-dollar bill on the ground? Do you honestly believe someone dropped it? Do you HONESTLY believe someone dropped it? Chances are you asked, and it was provided. So many of you put so much energy in you being able to 'manifest'. You do not 'manifest'. You watch what you 'ask' for be given freely to you. If you are asking 'yourself' to manifest a twenty-dollar bill, you will not get it. If you manifest by 'asking', it will be given. I can tell you that in this dimension, on this planet, in this time, in this reality, you cannot manifest something out of thin air for yourself. If you are wondering why you have been working on 'manifestation' and it is not working, I will tell you now the simplest 'clue' that I can to change that for you. When you are manifesting, the clue is, "Father/Mother, Source, Creator, Universe, I am asking for…" Thank you!" Because when you ask, and you acknowledge that it is already done, then so it is. That is all it takes. Gratitude is ALWAYS a must. For you see, when you say, "Thank you", it is always taken that you are thanking something outside of yourself and not so much yourself. Trust is always there. You have trust for everything and everyone. All you have to do is unbury it, because it's buried under tons of fear.

Now, let's go back to our scenario of not having the money, shall we? We have gone through and identified the fear of death as far as starving or freezing. Shall we go to the final one… those that fear that if they quit their jobs and begin walking the talk, they shall have no one to love them because they have no money and they have no job to earn money. For many people alive on this planet, in this time, in this reality, and in this dimension, have one great fear in common. Do you know what that is, other than death? It is that someone is going to take what they have. Is that not sad? Those are the top three… the fear of rejection and lack of love, the fear of death, and the fear of having something taken away. For you see, the reason that your friends, or should I say so-called friends, would turn their backs on you if you did not have money due to not having a job, is because of their fear of you asking them for their money, or their things, or their house or clothes, or their time… when they're working on the same fears that you're just getting over. Once you begin doing this and you have the trust, those so-called friends will more than likely be left behind, in your past, with their fears until THEY deal with their fears. But, you will have much love and much acceptance around you, for there will be new ones walking into your life from not just this dimension but many, many others. <grin>

You see, once you begin the trust, once you acknowledge that you do not provide for yourself but that you are always provided for, and you live that trust, then wonderful things begin happening. You see, the two of you (Deb and Janisel) have some of that that is happening to you now. For you have that trust, you have that ability, you have been walking the walk, you have talked the walk… which is totally opposite of what most Lightworkers do. You are talking about your true experiences, not something that you've heard of from someone else that happened to someone else. You are talking of the experiences that you have NOW… of all those that have entered into your life to assist you, to love you, to protect you, to support you, to learn from you, and to teach you… from not just THIS planet, and from not just THIS dimension and reality. You are now dealing with Beings from 'other' places, with creatures from other dimensions, from Source. You have caught the attention of the Creator, Who sent Metatron to entrust you with one of the most magnificent healing mechanisms that has come to these peoples in centuries. You have had the Feminine Aspect of All Creation share wisdom with you. Do you think this is just a fluke? Do you think this could happen to just anyone? These are the gifts that come to you once you begin trusting, once you begin sharing your experiences from learning 'how to trust'. These are gifts that are to be shared to show others how simple it can be.

There are times and there are people, such as this one (our houseguest), that will be able to hear it and say, "I feel that your words are true, but I must see for myself that it really works." How 'bout some 'long-term' company? <grin> (This is joke!) For many of those in far-reaching places hear the words, and do you know what means more to them than hearing the words from you (Janisel and Debbie)? Hearing the words from YOU (our houseguest), for this is part of what you will be doing. For you see, the 'apprentice' works harder at times than the master craftsman. You are the apprentice of 'walking the talk'. And you, as an 'outsider', who's really an 'insider' <grin>, can talk to others of what the 'walk' really IS like. For there will be many that will say, "Ah… but they (Janisel and Debbie) must be independently wealthy, or perhaps both are divorced with very wealthy ex-husbands that keep them in the manner that they wish to be accustomed to, or perhaps they have an oil well in their backyard and we just do not know it and they do not tell us this." YOU can be the one to say, "Ah… but I got here when… I see no oil well, I see no wealth and riches, but I do see gifts bestowed upon them in massive quantities from the STRANGEST of places!" Yes?

GUEST: Yes, very much so.

SANANDA: This is where trust comes from… sharing. We have encouraged you time and time and time and time again to gather together with others, to gather together physically, over the phone, over your computers, and share and talk. I can come in and talk, my brother Ashtar can come in and talk, but we are just entities from another realm. We cannot prove to them what they need to have proved to them. The one you (Janisel and Debbie) have been working with this past week, who has gifted you with much in the past week… do you honestly feel she would have gone forth on this quest if it had not been for being able to see with her own eyes? (NOTE: A friend of ours has sold literally everything she has except her laptop computer and car, and 'hit the road'). It has proved it to her more than talking to us, for she sees now how it comes, how it gets laid down… even though it has been she who has been doing it this past week. But that makes not a difference to her because now she sees it from the other side, from the 'giving side', and can see how that has to be done from all over, and how it gets given, and then it gets given again. And then YOU give to someone else, and then THEY give to someone else. It is all a cycle, it is all a circle. And it is opening each and every one of you up.

Having a huge gathering later (a planned worldwide Eagles gathering) is a good idea. You might wish to announce an 'open house' and allow others to come through and see what it is that you work with, and the energies they will feel from where some of it has come from. <grin> Just another suggestion.

As far as the class is concerned, as far as the lesson is concerned, you are born in 'trust', and you learn 'fear' to cover it up. Now all you have to do is uncover it, because trust is always with you. Just get rid of the fear. AND if your greatest fear is death… IF your greatest fear is death… what is there to fear?… because your trust is still with you when you die. And all the fear leaves. For that's all death of this body is to you… a washing clean of all the fears, restrictions, boundaries and limitations that you have heaped upon yourself in this lifetime to prevent you from trust. That is all your death is of this body… is lightening that load that you have heaped monstrously on top of yourself. Many of you will actually say, "I do not fear death, I just fear the pain that comes with death." OK… search deeper! You will find the TRUTH in that statement! LOL I think we shall end the lesson on that note. <grin>



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