4-2-00 SANANDA



This lesson is just going to be entitled "Trust", for the other one was "Fear and Trust". However, last week, we were discussing trusting 'outside' of yourself. This week, we shall focus on the biggest trust issue that many have… trusting themselves.

The first question that comes to many minds, and many prayers contain this question, is, "How do I know when I am hearing my 'soul' talk to me, or when I am hearing my 'ego' talk to me? How do I know which is which?" It is a very hard question… very complicated, however, the answer is very simple. For one, your soul shall speak to you of things that are completely 'neutral'. Your soul will not speak to you of anger, fear, pain, resentment. Your soul speaks to you in a manner of neutrality. It speaks to you in a manner of simplicity. If your ego speaks to you, it usually speaks to you of something that will cause you 'gain' or may cause someone else pain, or will make you 'feel wonderful', or will make you feel not so wonderful. Your soul speaks to you of Truth. Your soul can give you direction of where you need to go. Your ego will speak to you of 'what you NEED to do'.

Let us say that you ask the question of yourself, "Where do I go from here?" Your soul may tell you to follow 'signs'. Your soul may tell you to stay where you are for awhile until the time is right. Your ego will tell you to follow 'money', or to 'go off on a grand adventure and spend the money', or your ego will tell you that you do not 'deserve' to pick a better path. Or, perhaps, your ego will tell you that 'it's not time yet' because 'you're just not ready'. Your soul does not speak to you of things like this. Your soul speaks to you of 'options'… very neutral, very plain. If it is 'complicated' or 'flashy' at all, it is not from your soul. Your soul can do nothing more than give you 'direction'.

Now, how do you know if it is Source giving you direction? If you ask the Greatest Spirit of all, Creator… to show you the way, you WILL get an answer. All you need do is learn how to listen. The Creator speaks in no uncertain terms. If you ask Creator, "What path do I take next?", you may well expect a neon sign pointing the way, because the Creator usually picks the most obvious. However, many of you do not trust yourselves in interpreting what the Creator says to you. And why is this? Because many of you have issues that are of 'self-worth'… to be able to have the Creator of All speak to YOU.

I am here to push out boundaries this lesson. And the first boundary that I wish to push out far beyond your reaches, so that you may never have to look or hear upon it again, is that God is 'wrathful', or 'vengeful'. This is not true. This is not Truth. Many have a difficult time trusting in Spirit because they harbor within themselves that lie. Many right now, reading these words, may think, "I cannot believe that Sananda would come in and speak negatively like this." If that is the case, go into your heart and find, within yourself, if you feel that this is an 'un-truth'. Do you feel that the Creator of all things put you here to torment you, put you here to hurt you, put you here to punish you? There are many that believe this. But, you see, many of you are not fully happy 'here' in this reality with this mission because it is not 'Home'. They know that there is a Home out there that is their Home. However, I do wish to point out at this point in time, that if the Creator is the Creator of ALL, the Source of ALL, and has created ALL, then would not ALL be Home… because that is where the Creator is? There are some that call themselves 'Children of God'. Does that not denote the same mentality of those that look upon the Creator as a 'parental figure' that disciplines? Ask those same people how they feel about their parents, and maybe that will describe to them whether they see the Creator as vengeful or loving. The Creator is the creator of ALL, and ALL is nothing more than 'energy', and energy is 'Love'.

Some of you that have a very vivid, logical mentality may say, "An atom bomb is energy but it is not Love." Well, the atom bomb was 'manipulated' energy, and it was manipulated out of Love into something else. But it was not manipulated out of Love by the Creator, it was manipulated out of Love by humans that have freewill choice, and they have freewill choice to do just what they did. And, boy, did they learn a lesson on that one! I can tell you who the Creator is, because I have been telling you who the Creator is. However, I can tell you right now that the Creator is the one entity in all of Creation that, should those more powerful weapons that have been manipulated out of the life's blood of this planet, be attempted to be 'set off', all that Creator has to do is lay a hand upon that hydrogen bomb and the explosion would not be devastating, it would be an explosion of Love. THAT is who the Creator is. Mankind has freewill choice, mankind was gifted with intelligence and freewill choice, however, the Creator will not allow Mankind to destroy Creation. So if there is any one thing that all of you can fully and completely trust, it is that. You have read, or have been read, stories from your bibles of 'miracles'. We have read stories of a man in a lion's den that walked away with not one scratch. You have read stories of men put into a fiery furnace and had not one heat boil on their bodies or one hair singed from their bodies. Now, what do you think would happen to human freewill choice if your governments and your scientists decide to set off this hydrogen bomb and it did not harm one thing… not one organism?

The time of miracles is at hand again, and there are going to be numerous miracles that shall be beginning. The reason for this is because there are so many that cannot trust themselves, or that have a hard time trusting in this 'etheric' Creator. The time is at hand for each and every individual upon the face of this planet to make up their minds as to whether they believe or they don't, whether they trust or whether they don't. For you see, there are many that 'believe' in the One… they just do not 'trust' the One. I heard not too long ago someone say, "Expect a miracle everyday." That is Truth. All you have to do is trust in yourself to SEE the miracle everyday, and I am not referring to miracles such as a child being born or a plant growing in the desert. I speak now of MIRACLES… miracles that make Daniel in the lion's den seem like that flower growing in the desert… as if it was a daily occurrence. As I spoke to you this past week, it is time now to begin identifying miracles when they happen, and when you see it, thanking God that you were able to see it, thanking Source for finally bringing in miracles that anyone could see.

Now… you want a miracle? That is SO easy. All you need do is have a talk with Creator and say, "Creator, I wish to witness a miracle. Unveil me so that I may be able to recognize it when I see it." You see, there are so many that already see miracles; they just do not see them to be a miracle. I will tell you right now… (to houseguest) what you heard this morning that upset you so… it WAS a miracle. Perhaps it would do you good to contact your friends and ask them what they think of this. (NOTE: A 111-year old ex-railroad depot containing two restaurants, a railroad museum, a brewery, an insurance office and other businesses that the houseguest's friends owned was burned to the ground). There WAS a miracle right inside that fire.

I think what we will include within this lesson is several questions.

What do YOU think a miracle is?

Do you believe you could identify a miracle if you were witness to one?

Do you believe that it is possible for your ego, your limitations, your restrictions, or even your mental Self could prevent you from identifying a miracle?

And the last one… which I wish to have much discussion on:

When was the last time YOU performed a miracle?… not 'witnessed'… performed.

For each of you that study these lessons, you have been studying these lessons for a reason. You have been studying these lessons to go beyond the 'norm'. You wish to take these lessons to learn 'ascension'. You are not LEARNING ascension, you ARE ascension. And if you live these lessons, or if you share these lessons, you are living a miracle, and you are sharing an even larger miracle.

You refer to this lifestyle that you have here as 'walking the talk'. I call it 'living the miracle', for when you trust, THAT in itself, is a miracle. And when you can share that with others, and you can invite others into your home to live it themselves, you ARE performing and sharing the miracle. For what this planet and the teachings of society upon this planet have limited you to, through your veils, is to live an example. You find those within your society that is the best example for you. Some of you have chosen a 'movie star' to be your example, some of you have chosen a writer, a politician, a millionaire. You wish to pattern your lives off of the example of the one that you pick to be the best example for you. Now… how many of you can honestly say that you've picked an example of 'total trust'?

As part of this lesson, and your lesson of personal trust, I wish for you to do an exercise. I wish for you to look back in your past, on your life upon this 'rock', and pick out those that have been your example, and 'why' that example appealed to you, and 'why' did you go for a different example later. I can guarantee you, in the beginning of your lives, for many of you, your example was your parents. You wanted to be just like them. Later on, perhaps, it was a teacher, a President, a movie star, a singer, a writer, whoever. But eventually, as your tastes changed in your life, you picked a different example to set yourself up as. Now, those of you that are 'walking the talk' have moved beyond the example. For there have not been many on the face of this planet, throughout the entire history of this planet, who you really could have used as your example to 'walk this talk'. Some may say you could pick Guru So-and-So… perhaps. Some might say you could pick Preacher So-and-So… perhaps. But this is the lesson to teach yourself to trust yourself. Therefore, in order to learn to trust yourself, you have to first be 'truthful' with yourself. Who have you had as your example and why? And when and why did you move on? For once you can track down why you picked the examples that you picked, and then attempted to live that example, and then come to the realization of why you decided that example was no longer good enough so you had to change again, then and only then can you see the truth of yourself as to why you have not been able to trust yourself. Many of you may not be in judgment of others, but you certainly have picked many, many times in this lifetime to stand in judgment of yourself and those choices that you have made. So now it is time for you to acknowledge that each and every example that you picked in your past as led you to this moment, to this decision, to this turning point in your entire life. For when you picked examples 'outside' of yourself, you had to prove to yourself that you were setting yourself up for disappointment, because the best example that you can always be is to go 'beyond' the example. Period.

Now, there are many today that are 'walking the talk' just as these two (Janisel and Debbie). They are not to be the example, either. For as you may talk to them, they do have their ups and their downs with their belief systems also, yes? They even have ups and downs between themselves. YOUR example is to be, and go beyond, their example. That is it. That is the lesson. We shall see what we will hear on this one. It is a short lesson… but it is an 'example'. <grin>



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