4-9-00 SANANDA

"Beginnings and Endings… and More Beginnings"


We have talked quite a bit in the past several weeks concerning 'miracles', and you have been forewarned that the time for miracles is upon you. But I wish for you to take a look at what time of the year it is for you… the season, the events. It is no 'coincidence' that what is happening around and with this planet now is taking place at a time of year that is so associated with miracles… and beginnings and endings. I have talked much to you concerning your book, your Bible. And I have talked to you much as to how much of it has been changed, especially concerning a certain individual that we all know and love dearly <grin>. However, this evening, I'm going to talk of a part of your Bible that really has not been tampered so much with, that being the Old Testament. For tonight we are going to discuss another time in this planet's history that was referred to as 'the time of miracles'. It was a time where most people associated it with an 'ending'… at least those people that were out of it. Those people that were 'within' it all called it a 'beginning'. We will discuss it, and you will understand what I am speaking of. Can you take a guess of the time I am speaking of?

JANISEL: I would imagine Passover.

SANANDA: Very good! Oh… she knows her Jewish very well.

Now… I am speaking of the time of Moses, of the original Passover. I will also tell you that, at this point and time in history, the one that was known as Moses does walk this planet again now… in a body that no one would remotely associate with Moses. <grin>

At this point in time, Moses had felt betrayed. Moses had been raised in the lap of luxury. He had been raised knowing his background, so the little 'ditty' that came out at your theaters several years ago (Prince of Egypt) did not point that out. For he DID know well his background, of where he came from, and why he was put into a basket and left up to the Creator as to who shall raise him. Moses lived a life of luxury, lived a life of wealth, lived a life of royal treatment. Then, when HE chose to begin the path that he had been raised for, he took that step. He told God, "I'm walking out of royalty and into my work." And he left, and went into the desert. And he sought his vision… his work, his meaning. He had been raised hearing from servants, servants that he knew was his family, tell him that he was saved to be the tool of God, to release the chosen people of God out of slavery. He had no idea if this was 'real' truth. All he knew is that he felt a pull inside of him, a pull that told him that the life of royalty was not for him. So when he made his decision to find out what it was that his life was 'really' to be for, and he left that life of luxury and went into the desert in total faith, he was not immediately gifted with all that he asked for. Not at all. For once you are told that you will receive all that you ask for, once you make a commitment to that life WITHOUT knowing what that life is going to fully be like, then begins YOUR desert, your leap of faith, your walking into, or across, or over the abyss in total faith that you shall be answered, that you shall be received, and that you shall survive.

It was a long period of time in between Moses leaving the life of royalty (before he encountered that proverbial 'burning bush')… much time, much grooming, and a lot of patience took place in that amount of time. During that amount of time, he was gifted with many things. For when he did reach a point of what he felt was 'stagnation', then would come a gift… a gift to assure him that he was still on the right path, that he was still walking the desert, and that soon an oasis would appear. I will not go into all of the long drama that he went through during this time, however, he was much relieved when he came upon the 'burning bush'. <grin> For, in his heart, he knew that the desert was finished. The testing and the trials were finished. Ahhh… but that is 'human' thinking. He gets gifted with the 'burning bush' of the Creator talking one-on-one to him, explaining what it is that he is to do. Was it to take place there? No, no, no. He had to re-cross the desert to get there, to do it. This time, however, he was not in total solitude. This time he had the Creator there to discuss things with along the way… and a woman to comfort him. It went much faster this time. So then he is gifted with arriving from whence he came, out of royalty, and reconnecting with those that he knew of before as family but, yet, servants, to their questions of where he had been for so long. They thought he had abandoned them. Human thinking, you realize. <grin> You know, the 'human' thought is that the Creator shall immediately download you with everything you need, blast you wide open, put a tattoo across your forehead saying "I AM the Servant of God", and send you on your merry way… just in the course of a matter of minutes.

Then the real test of faith comes. We ask you… put yourself in the sandals of Moses just for a moment. You are faced with the one that you once called 'brother', and you are taking away from him the one thing that he has the most pride in… from a 'One God', that he scoffs at. And this One God has told you to perform miracles in front of this past brother to prove to him that what is being said is Truth. And you perform the miracles, and you STILL get laughed at. This was not easy for a human, especially a human with an ego, to go through. Now, the one thing that I might say about your Old Testament is, is does not quite give you the appropriate 'time frame' that took place. There were many miracles, but they did not happen one right after the other, one day after another. There was much time in between to allow the 'once brother' to regroup, for you see, this was also HIS test of his faith. Now… these are men performing these 'miracles' with just a piece of wood (staff). A man and his 'new' brother, that is a slave, standing before the 'once brother', who is the King. Imagine yourself standing before the King of a vast empire, whom you once called a brother, dressed in rags, with one that you now openly acknowledge as 'brother', who is slave to the first. It was not easy. It took much for Moses to regroup in between appearances in front of Pharaoh, also. And then the small human mind has to be able to allow and accept the miracles that are being done, also.

Now, all of those that saw this as an 'ending' were those without the faith, those that saw this as an 'ending' to their creature-comforts being taken care of by slaves that had belonged to them. For you see, the other thing that is not fully explained is that all of the slaves that were released, were not ALL the personal property of Pharaoh. All of those of a lifestyle better than most, in that country at that time, lost all of their slaves. You see, Pharaoh was also preventing an outcry from all of his Egyptians for him releasing all of THEIR slaves, too. To them, this was the 'ending'… the ending of a way of life… a people that, by this time, had lost all knowledge of how to provide for themselves. Now, can you imagine a vast empire of people that have no idea of how to grow their own food, much less prepare and serve it to themselves? For generations, these people had been raised to have servants wait on their every need. They were left as babes, without any idea how to change their own diapers or where to find the fresh, clean diapers to begin with. This, in itself, is one of the most amazing parts of the story to me, and it was completely left out. An entire nation falling in upon itself because it could not function in a normal day-to-day life. The Israelites saw this as a new 'beginning'. We will not get so much in to those miracles, for this is not a class on miracles, this is a lesson on 'beginnings' and 'endings'. I use this one to point out to you the difference as whether you saw it as an 'ending' or whether you saw it as a 'beginning'. It's all in the perspective of which you are looking at it. Are you looking at it from 'without', or from 'within'?

Now, let us discuss Moses again, shall we… the man? Moses is being asked, once again, to cross the desert. This time he is not alone and, also, this time he doesn't just have the Creator and a woman to keep him company. This time he has to take 'children', of a different sort, away from their parents and out into the great unknown. Now, not only is he taking these children from these other parents, and adopting them, so to speak, but he has to hold their hand while THEY cross that desert for the very first time. When he crossed the desert, he did so alone… his abyss. Now he alone is the only man among many that has the where-with-all to look at them, in vast numbers, and say, "I have done this before myself, and if you shall just put your faith in God and follow me, you SHALL be provided for." These 'children'… of all ages… had not had that faith that Moses had at the beginning. For they had been in the 'wilderness of the soul' for far too long. They were in deep darkness; they had been beaten, they had been starved, they had been humiliated, they had been downtrodden, walked on and shoved off to the side their whole lives. They had no concept of an idea of what 'faith' truly was. All they truly had were their rituals. For what they had been living in was what you may refer to as a 'group consciousness' dark night of the soul… that life of slavery. And they came through, they were delivered by one man. Now, stop and put yourself again in the sandals of those Israelites of that time. What type of ego do you think that group consciousness had, of millions of Israelites, to think that it was one man and a stick that was able to deliver them from Pharaoh? So this new beginning was, then, coming out of one 'dark night of the soul' through a group consciousness, into a 'joint' dark night of the soul individually. There were other things left out, however, we shall bypass those. <grin>

They reached the Red Sea. They look to Moses and say, "How do we cross?" They find that Pharaoh and his vast armies are waking up to the realization… for it took many days up to this point, you realize, it was not just an hour or two, it took them quite a while to traverse that far. So Pharaoh wakes up one morning and realizes that his people are not 'handling' themselves well without their servants, and he has heard complaint after complaint after complaint after complaint from those that are of power in his nation. So he gathers his vast army to go re-conquer those slaves that had just been given their freedom. This was the first test of the Children of Israel to go through, to see if they had that faith, to see what they would do in the face of 'fear'… fear of losing that new-found freedom, fear of that new beginning being turned back around and going back. Now… here's this one man and his 'stick', saying, "You have to have faith. The Creator says you must have faith. Not in me, the man, but in God, the Creator, the Almighty… the One that HAS delivered you out of the hands of Pharaoh. Pray. Thank that Creator for your deliverance." And they prayed and, yes, the Creator brought some wondrous things to come and give assistance. I will say, at this point in time, that I will use the terms that your Old Testament uses, so we can keep some of our 'mystery' still about us. A 'great pillar of Light' appears and stands between the Children of Israel and the Pharaoh. And Creator tells Moses to 'part the waters' so that his Children may cross… for He has heard their thanksgiving and wishes to continue them on their way. And they continue on.

Now, every time these Children, from that day forth, would cry out to Moses over something being wrong, Moses would look upon them and say, "All you have to do is pray and thank the Creator again for delivering you out of bondage, and what you need shall appear." First it was water. They were in the desert, of course, with water being very scarce. As soon as they prayed and were thankful to the Creator for delivering them from Pharaoh again, Moses listened to the Creator, and tapped his stick on a rock and out sprang fresh water. Then the Children of Israel became hungry. They had run out of food they had brought with them. Again, Moses says, "Pray. Thank your Creator for delivering you, and for bringing you water in the desert." So, again, they pray, and all of a sudden, there is a mighty sound in the sky, and they look up, and there are 'clouds' where once there were not clouds. And out of these 'clouds' it rains manna to make bread and feed these Children. Hmmm… now days, who knows, it might be chocolate. Ahhh… but I digress here. <grin>

Moses finally takes them to the land where he began, the land where he saw the 'burning bush'. And he tells these Children, "Be patient, for I go upon the mountain to have my talk with God again. You stay. You have water, you have food, you may stay and rejoice. However, he forgot one minor detail. He forgot to tell them it just might take awhile. <grin> So once the party wound down, the Children of Israel began asking, "Where is Moses? We have partied for quite some time and he missed the party. Where is he?" Ahhh… then they remembered feeling deserted by the Creator in their lives of bondage and slavery. So when they remembered this, they go back into the old 'training'… not the 'new' training. They did not think, after being shown repeatedly, that what you need to do is get together and pray, and thank the Creator for delivering you. They forgot that one small thing that Moses had been training them to do. This is why the Children of Israel received their punishment. This is why, as Children, they were denied the home and were made to wander for forty years. They were made to wander, not out of punishment or denial of a home, but to teach them to bond together again as a family, and covenant to their faith. If but just one of them had stood up and said, "Let us pray together as Moses has taught us.", it would not have been so harsh. But all those generations of living within slavery had caused them to forget the one thing that they all had in common, which was their faith… that little seed of faith that each and every one of them had seeded inside of them, that would cause them to feel the pull to join together in a group, and ask for the same thing, at the same time, knowing that the Creator would listen 'when they put their minds together and their hearts together' and asked… while being thankful, mind you.

Now, poor Moses got to spend the next forty years retraining these Children, retraining them in their faith, retraining them within their society, retraining them in a bond not of bondage, but of love… a bond of family. And he did his job well. However, I will share with you, there were times he got frustrated among the only parent among all these 'children', and he, too, took a walk into the wilderness to 'vent'. But that is OK, because he vented out of love, and God knew this. And he vented out of frustration, and God knew this, also. But it was never taken 'personally' by the Creator, because the Creator knew that this is what Moses truly wanted. Moses, in his heart, wished to repay the Creator for every year that he had spent in royalty, in luxury, that his family… these children… had suffered. And he wished to do this openly and freely, in order that he may give back to them the strength that he gained during those years that he had it easier and had been building up his strength.

Now that I've told this story, some of you may be wondering why I'm telling this story instead of teaching a lesson. Well, you see, this story IS the lesson. You speak of ascension as the Children of Israel spoke of being released from slavery. It is the exact same lesson. Now, the lesson for YOU to learn in all of this, and for you to understand in all of this, is there are times when your human brains, your human emotions, and your human bodies may feel that you just cannot go forth any longer just in FAITH. And all I ask you to do is think of the Children of Israel that had to go through forth years of retraining. Forty years of retraining. Think hard. For you see, the lesson is still the same. When you feel that you 'need' something… come together as one voice, and pray in thanksgiving, and then see what comes your way. Who knows? It might be water from a rock, it might be manna from Heaven, it might even be a burning bush, or the parting of a great sea. For you see, the Creator usually does not answer such situations in a 'small' way, and as I said, the time is ripe now… it is again time for miracles. And during the times of miracles, the Creator chooses those times to show others as well. It was not just the Children of Israel that got to see the miracles… ALL of Egypt saw miracles. ALL of Pharaoh's armies saw miracles.

Now, I shall begin naming steps for you up Jacob's Ladder. Remember our Ladder? We shall put it as simply as possible. I may skip a step here and there, to add in at a later date, but for now, we shall begin very basically.

Step One: Ground Floor… is 'being alive' on this planet in this time. The very first rung of the ladder is acknowledging to yourself, in one form or another, that there is a Power that exists that is greater than you or all the accumulated anything on the face of this planet… that Power, that Being, that created you, that created this world, and that is creating on a constant basis.

The next step is 'awakening' to the knowledge that you ARE a part of Creation… an integral part of Creation. For this Power that created All would NOT create anything of 'unimportance'.

The next step: Awakening to the fact that, not only are you an integral part of this Creation, but you are a 'tool' for the Creator to work through, to assist others, and to assist the rest of Creation.

The next step: After acknowledging this, you open yourself up to it. It matters not the words you say, the intent being: "Here I am, Creator, use me. Use me in whatever way that YOU see fit, without me being in control."

The next step is the Creator saying, "This looks like an interesting tool. I shall give it a test run and see if it works well."

The next step is YOU acknowledging the fact that you HAVE been used by Creator, and NOT allowing your ego to take over from there.

The next step is the Creator saying, "Hmmm… it was a good tool, now let's see if it rusts. Let's set it out in the elements for awhile and see if it's temper is perfect." Yes, I am speaking very basically here. It is not as if you're a wrench or a hammer or some such thing. But you see, the Creator has many, many tools and does not use all of them at the exact same time. So, therefore, he needs to know which tools he can trust to remain in the toolbox and available, and which one, out of stagnation or misuse, might just fall apart.

Then, the next step is YOU acknowledging, "Thank you, Creator. You have taught me patience wonderfully. I am here, available and ready for your use."

The next step: Then the Creator comes back and says, "Ahhh… this wonderful tool is still there… still shiny. Let's see if it still works appropriately."

And the next step is YOU acknowledging, "Ahhh… thank you, Creator. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to know that I am still a tool for your use."

The next step is the Creator saying, "Hmmm… let me see. It has patience, it works well. Let's see how tough it really is.

Now, you might guess as to what the next step is, for I'm not going to tell you yet. However, perhaps you can put it into perspective to the story I just told you of the Children of Israel. Perhaps you can decide which step is theirs, along the way, and which way and which step is YOURS.

To the Creator, there is no time. For all the Creator knows, that one year of you sitting idle in the toolbox awaiting to see if you are tempered to perfection, was just an 'instant'. You see, out of this whole process of you awakening and deciding that you wish to 'walk the talk', one thing that is imperative for each and ever one of you to do is to get outside of your programmed human thinking. As humans, you think a specific way, and you expect specific things. To you, that one year of the Creator seeing if you are tempered while you sat in the toolbox waiting your next use, was a heartbeat for the Creator… and an eternity for you. It is all in the perspective. All you need decide is, is it a new 'beginning', or an 'ending'? Which perspective do you chose to look at is as? I cannot tell you how to look at it, the Creator cannot tell you how to look at it. YOU are the only one that can make that choice, and it IS your choice. Every step of the way, every footfall that you make in that desert… whether it be in the sandals of Moses or whether it be in the sandals of one of the Children of Israel… it is YOU taking that step. It is you that chooses to feel the heat of the desert or the coolness of the desert breeze. It is you that chooses to see the hard, hot rock of the desert, or the cool free-running spring that comes from the rock. It is you that chooses to see the blinding sun in the clear sky of the desert heat, or the 'clouds' covering the 'delivery trucks' that sprinkle manna upon you in the desert. You can neither face the Red Sea with anticipation, or you can face the armies of Pharaoh with disappointment. It is your choice, for it is your walk, it is your talk, and it is your mission.

I have questions to ask:

Do you not think it would be the coolest thing in all of Creation to watch the parting of the Red Sea? If you were an artist, would you have asked Moses to, "Wait! I want to sketch this!" ? You have to put humor in here. <grin>

Out of the steps upon Jacob's Ladder, that I just mentioned, which of those steps do you feel that you are at? And are you ready for the next one?

Do you honestly feel that the Creator, holding this tool in His hand, is going to do something 'wonderful', or something 'devastating' to find out how 'tough' you really are? You see, that is why I cannot tell you what the next step is, for it depends on your perspective. Do you think that the Creator is going to knock you upside a table to see if you break or not? Or do you think, perhaps, the Creator might caress you to feel the mettle of your Being?… or ten thousand and one different things in between. What is it that YOU feel that Creator shall do to find out how tough you are?

Do not think as most men upon the face of this planet… that the best way to determine how tough a tool is, is to run over it a few times in the truck, or to pound it upon that rock to see if you can get the water to come out, or, perhaps, to sink it in a lake for ten years to see if it comes out in the end. Think as the Creator. Think as the Father of all those Children from Israel, that answered their prayer to deliver them out of slavery, that answered their prayer to part the Red Sea, that answered their prayer to deliver water out of a rock, that answered their prayer to deliver manna from Heaven. How many chances is that to give them to learn that all you need do is 'ask' and be thankful, and it comes, no matter what it is.

I could make these classes fun for you. <grin> Shall I? What do YOU think the 'delivery vans' look like that brought the manna from Heaven? What do you think that the 'pillar of fire' truly was? We shall make that fun for you. See what kind of response come. <grin>

By the way, that IS the ending of this lesson.

JANISEL: And the beginning of a new one. <grin>

SANANDA: Exactly. <grin>



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