4-16-00 SANANDA

"Self-imposed Guilt"


(NOTE: The circumstances surrounding the following lesson needs a bit of explanation. The seemingly 'unrelated' facts given here DO eventually tie into the lesson and will then be understood. To begin with, channelings are always taped and then transcribed. When the ascension lesson comes through on Sunday evenings, this duty falls to Janisel while Debbie does the channeling. For this particular lesson, Janisel and Debbie were, in essence, 'set up' in order to use them both as 'examples' for the lesson itself. First of all, the tape recorder 'mysteriously' was put on 'pause' even though the 'record' button was pushed down. This led to the first half of the channeling not being taped… which Sananda used to his advantage in presenting this lesson. Secondly, neither Janisel nor Debbie is Jewish; however, Debbie does incorporate the 'keeping of the Sabbath' in the Jewish tradition. Her 'breaking' of this Law which she holds in her heart, brought about a fractured wrist the day before this channeling (Saturday). This, too, was used by Sananda as an 'example' for this lesson.)

SANANDA: This week's lesson is coming about due to the inspiration provided by this one (Deb), however, it is very tied in with our lesson from last week concerning Moses. We shall finish up this story of Moses before tying the two together.

We ended last week's lesson with the 'delivery truck' raining down manna from Heaven to provide food for the Children of Israel. Once they had been safely escorted across the Red Sea, Moses went up on the mountain to talk to God. Do you know how long Moses was up on that mountain? Forty days. Now, the Children of Israel, like any children when their parent is away, got into 'mischief'. When Moses came back down that mountain, those Children, who felt they had not been 'good', placed self-imposed guilt upon themselves. This is why they wandered in the desert for forty years. They self imposed a 'punishment' upon themselves of one year for each day Moses had been on the mountain. It was, in effect, what you call 'instant karma'.

This brings us to Moses going up on the mountain and to 'why' it took him forty days. There was no written Hebrew language at this time in history. Therefore, not only was Moses what you would term illiterate, but the only reading or writing he could do was Egyptian hieroglyphics, at best. God, in essence, had to teach him to write… the words being very simple. When your children first learn to read and write, I believe one of the first things they learn is "See Spot run.", yes? Well, the essence of what God was saying was really, "See the beautiful Dalmatian gracefully running through the field." Can you imagine reading the phrase, "See God sit."? <grin> Moses, too, was having to write in simple, child-like phrases.

This self-imposed guilt was not, as you have perceived from your Bible, punishment from a vengeful, wrathful God. Now, let us look at it in a new perspective. The energies at that time were as dense as they are now. This was due, in part, to what the Israelites had just experienced with the final plague in Egypt, the killing of the babies, and so forth. But that was a time of miracles then, as it is now. During their forty years of wandering in the desert, they believed this to be a punishment from God, but in reality it was a time of a miracle for them. As I said, this was a time of very dense energies for them… just as it is for you now. So what did this supposedly 'vengeful', 'wrathful' God about their self-imposed guilt? He blessed them in a way that fulfilled their heart's desire.

You see, in their history, the Israelites had been born, lived, and died in slavery. That is all they knew. They did know that their 'fathers', Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had all been men of faith who were able to directly commune with God. For generations, however, they had no Rabbis that talked with God, and their history was handed down by word-of mouth. The one thing they did have, however, that they never lost, was their faith. They always knew in their hearts that one day a man would come who could once again commune with God. Not only did he send them Moses, but He also, for the first time in generations, gave them priests and rabbis. But that was not all. For the entire forty years of their wandering in the desert, God himself dwelt with them in the Holy-of Holies within their tabernacle… their tent. Can you even imagine that? His very presence stayed right there with them the entire time. The total Presence of God. Now, what do you suppose this did for those dense energies which has been surrounding them? Hmmmm….?

This brings up the first question for the class.

If God were to manifest in the next room of this house, with the door closed, would you 'feel' His energy?

If you felt His energy from the next room, would you feel him as a loving or a wrathful God?

SANANDA: I hope the two of you (guests) will help her remember what we have already talked about so she can type the tape, yes? Now, tell me. (to Janisel) Do you feel 'guilt' over this?

JANISEL: No… just stupidity. LOL

SANANDA: Is this something that we shall call a 'coincidence'? LOL Now, back to the original message.

Sabbath was a Law by God to his Children. A Law to 'take one day off each week and have fun' (to Janisel) Don't look at him (guest)… look at me.

JANISEL: LOL You're trying to make me feel guilty. LOL

SANANDA: I am trying to instill a message. <grin> Yes, it would be nice to have that one day off a week, that the Creator took off… a day when you can say, "Creator, thank you for taking one day off. Thank you for all of Creation and your hard work. Thank you for gifting me with the same ideals and principals, that I, too, will be allowed to take one day off a week and not feel 'guilt' over it. Now, you see, here we have our Great Experiment (Janisel and Debbie)… the 'polar opposites', yes? This one (Deb) celebrates her Sabbath joyously, and if she gets involved in a little bit of work, she feels so much guilt that instantaneously she inflicts bodily harm upon herself to remind her of that fact and to give her an excuse to say, "Oy! I HAVE to take the rest of the day off now… I am wounded!" Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this one (Janisel) who feels so much guilt if she is NOT in there working as soon as she's up in the morning till the time she goes to bed in the evening… everyday of the week… that she does not have time to take Sabbath off and thank God for giving her the day off. For you see, if she takes the day off, then she feels guilt for NOT working. Hmmm…. A matter of 'perspective'. Hmmm…

Guilt is a funny thing. We have come in numerous times and we have told this one (Janisel), "If a letter from someone comes in and it does not get answered for one whole day, the world will not stop spinning. If an order comes in, and it does not get filled that day, Creation as you know it does not expire." It is a matter of perspective. The opposites: one feels guilt for NOT working, the other feels guilt FOR working. One feels guilt for working on one specific day of the week which she has made habit of celebrating in thanksgiving to Creator for gifting her with that. The other feels that the Creator needs her to fill all holes, to make sure that all work gets done, because the Creator takes the day off." Someone must run the show! (to Janisel) Aren't we glad the tape is working now?

JANISEL: Yeah… I'm ecstatic.

SANANDA: <laughing out loud> But you know of what I speak.

JANISEL: I'm following my passion.

SANANDA: Guilt has nothing at all to do with passion.

JANISEL: I like doing what I'm doing.

SANANDA: You would also enjoy taking one day off to say "Thank you, God, for giving me one day off."

JANISEL: Well, I wasn't raised….

SANANDA: Ach! Was that passion? "I wasn't raised…". That had a negative in it, did it not? "Wasn't… was not." We have talked to you for many, many lessons now of breaking out of those boundaries and limitations and restrictions that were opposed upon you as children and as adults… to step out of these and live life to it's fullest IN your passion, without the guilt. For you see, when you say, "I was not raised…", it matters not what comes after that. What matters is that you are still accepting that programming into your being. This is included in the class, for we love you and we know you love teaching others, because we wish for others to realize what it is that they say and what it is that they do that can show someone outside of yourself what it is that you truly are saying even when you are speaking what YOU think is your truth. Now, if someone were to say, "I love taking a day off every now and then."… and they are tapping their fingers on the table, their fingers are telling the truth… their mouth isn't. You see, their fingers is their subconscious way of letting others know that they're dealing with guilt in one way, shape or form. Now, which side of the guilt is it? Is it a self-imposed guilt… such as this one that has developed such a habit of celebrating the Creator's day off by taking the day off herself… for working just a very short period of time on her day off… that that self-imposed habit became a limitation a self-imposed restriction, that she felt that she had to subconsciously inflict pain upon herself to make herself to realize what it was that she had done to herself? Or, is it guilt over something that you were raised to be a belief system… the beliefs of others… imposed guilt by others… whether those others are actually saying it to you now or if it's you saying it to yourself now because of what they said before? Does this make sense? You heard the words somewhere before, being said to you, that imposes that guilt upon you now. It matters not that it is not being said to you NOW by others, you are remembering it now, from what was said before. Linear time and linear space are the same thing. What was said to you a long time ago is still as much a part of you now as it was when it was said then, because you brought it into your 'space', as your 'truth', as your 'belief'.

Now, we discussed the second sun awhile ago, did we not? And we have had SO much fun with third-dimensional minds coming up with how this could not POSSIBLY be so because it breaks all the boundaries of 'physics', as is known on this planet. We've had quite a good laugh over that one. For you see, off of this planet there is no such thing as 'physics'. Oh, how will they accept THAT into their beings? <grin> You see, this is YOUR third-dimensional world… it is not OUR third-dimensional world. <laughing out loud> YOU are the ones that have imposed your physics on this world, not anyone off of this world, and certainly not the Creator. For you see, let's take a look at this way, shall we? The Creator made creation, and now you have scientists that deny there is even a Creator, that have to make up laws to explain creation. I believe you have a couple of sayings that might be labeled on that aspect. Something along the lines of 'putting the cart before the horse"… or "shutting the barn door after the horse left"… something to do with a horse. And your scientists don't even have a cart or a barn. They're just looking at a horse and trying to make it into physics, into a science, when the only science that exists off this planet is Love. That is it. Oh my… and they have expended so much time studying all these things, and putting big fancy names on all these things, and classifying them as 'isics', no matter which 'isic' or 'ism' or 'ist' that it is… they think… when all it is, is Love. That is it. The Creator loved so much that the Creator made creation. That is the science textbook. That is it. Now, let's see if we have any scientists that have guilt that write to us about this. <grin>

This lesson is a lesson that the two that preside over these classes have each given an example of. The lesson is: what happens to you, whether it be an accident or a disease, in this case, stems from guilt. In many other cases it could stem from lack of love, lack of trust, separation from Creator. Now, shall I explain this and that… 'this' being the broken bone? This one felt so much guilt about working on her Sabbath in celebration of the Creator taking a day off in creation, and gifting her with a day off in her active creating, that she self-imposed guilt upon herself, which made her feel like God would be angry with her for working those few short moments on that gifted day… that little separation from the Creator. "The Creator might be angry with me." She will have fun with this lesson if you (J) can remember it all. For you see, she was one of those that was gifted with the rearing, in her childhood, of that all-powerful, vengeful, wrathful, stern God. And for her to end up finding out that the Israelites self-imposed their forty years upon themselves for the forty days that Moses was up on the mountain, and for her to find out that God gifted his presence to the Israelites, the Children of Israel, to actually be in their presence for that forty years, will definitely give her a new perspective on things. She has been fairly open-minded in her adult years concerning some of this stuff, but please remind her that "See Spot run" was actually "Observe the graceful Dalmatian run swiftly through the beautiful field." Just a sort of 'shorthand', yes? If she will remember, in the classes she taught with Metatron, Metatron did bring up on several different occasions that Moses did tend to become more literate towards the end of his five books. Just remind her of this. <grin>

Now, are the two of you (guests) going to be able to assist this one (J) in alleviating her guilt in not taping the first portion of this class? I have faith in you. <laughing> Now, please make sure that she also types in on the lesson that, when that was said, she rolled the eyes and the foot waggled a bit. Oh… you smile! (to Janisel)

JANISEL: I am smiling.

SANANDA: That is a tense smile if I have ever seen one. <laughing> This is good. People learn by example. Did you not know this? And this example… ooooh… was an excellent choice, was it not?

JANISEL: Evidently

SANANDA: Shall I ease your mind?

JANISEL: About what?

SANANDA: The machine.


SANANDA: Do you remember another time, not too long ago, when it did not record when YOU were going through this, when you were speaking what was being told to you to speak? (Friday night business meeting with Ashtar) This one (Deb) felt no guilt of her not being able to record what you were bringing through. However, I will alleviate ALL guilt right now, whether SHE had it or not… which she didn't. Neither one of you pushed the pause button. <grin>

JANISEL: Well, I'm going to tape the pause button OPEN.

SANANDA: It would not have mattered, because it was NOT something that YOU did. <grin>

JANISEL: We were set up.

SANANDA: It was for this lesson.

JANISEL: OK… good.

SANANDA: Does that make you feel better?

JANISEL: No, but go ahead.

SANANDA: <laughing out loud>

JANISEL: I don't feel guilt in the sense in the sense of when I'm NOT working, feeling that I should be, so feeling guilty in that way. I just know that keeping up with it on a daily basis makes it easier on me in the long run. It's easier for me to go through 200 emails in one day than it is to catch up with 400.

SANANDA: We will not get into that one now. <grin>


SANANDA: (whispers) She forgets who she speaks to. <laughter>

JANISEL: Not at all.

SANANDA: Now… this is going to be the end of the lesson, with me asking these questions. So are you all prepared for the questions?

We will be very basic with this question. Were you raised to believe that God was a vengeful, wrathful, stern disciplinarian God? And if so, do you think now you might change your perspective of that?

If you were not raised with God at all as a child, or if you were raised thinking that God was something other than vengeful and wrathful… either a neutral entity in your life or a loving and caring entity in your life… do you think that this lesson might also change your perspective on that?

Would you rather write, "The graceful Dalmatian ran swiftly through the glowing, bountiful field."… or would you rather write, "See Spot run."? And if you would rather write about the graceful Dalmatian, do you honestly think that you could give it the full perspective of some of the information that has been added in the last two week's classes concerning the writings of Moses?

The biggest question I want to ask you this week is, do you not feel… or COULD you not feel… that Moses wrote the way that Moses wrote to force you, at some time in your growth, to take a different look at what you have always believed? To FORCE yourself to give something in your life a different perspective, to be able to look at it differently? Now, seriously, out of all those that take these classes or read these lessons, how many of you have even read what Moses wrote… much less take any portion of it into your Being as part of your lifestyle. We are talking about five books that were written. Most people in today's society cannot even give what Moses wrote of at that time more credence than just an old, old history book.

So now, the last question that I want to ask you is, if I could make you stop and look at something as inconsequential in your life as the writings of Moses, force you to take it into a new perspective to where you can sit back and go, "Oh my gosh! It wasn't that way at all!"… imagine, for just a moment how you might be able to change your perspective that IS a great portion of your life… such as: what do I believe God to truly be… a God, a Goddess, a Creator of the Universe, Source, Father/Mother, Soul, Abba, Yahweh? What is it that you look at? What is it that you believe? And when you can take yourself out of that set standard that you have always believed in your entire lifetime, and force yourself to look at it at a different angle, what might that change in your life? And if not that question, how about a simpler question, an easier question?… something along the lines of: Do I 'hate', do I feel 'guilt', do I feel 'love', am I of 'worth'? WHO AM I? What am I doing with this precious gift called Life?

That is it. That is the lesson.



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