4-30-00 SANANDA

"Ascension Guidelines"


We are going to have a very important lesson this evening… one that will be much needed by many. In essence, we're going to take all the other lessons and we are going to put them in an outline, or a guideline, of what might help you most 'now', 'here', at this time. So we shall call this "Ascension Guidelines" or 'outlines'. You can't call them 'rules' because there are no rules. But we will just, more or less, remind you of some of what we've talked about before. Is that OK? I like to ask permission. It is the polite thing to do, especially when energies are very dense or erratic. I like to make sure that I remain welcome here. <grin> For the class this week, we are going to discuss everything, plus a few more and maybe a few less, that we've already discussed concerning these lessons. There have been many lessons, there have been many models for some of these lessons, and we have had much help with some of these lessons. If I miss one or two, do not worry about them, because this lesson is how to teach yourself to put things in perspective… in your own 'personal' perspective. And we shall begin with the first lesson that pushed so many buttons. Do you remember what that one was?

GUEST: "If It Feels Good, Do It"?

SANANDA: Very good. Now, it is along the lines of this. Over many, many millennia that the humans have been upon the face of this planet, they have been building 'group guidelines', 'group outlines', 'group molds', of the rules and the regulations that you have to follow to become a member of the human society that is on this planet. Some of these have changed, some a little and some a lot. These 'rules' and these 'guidelines' that society has forced you into honoring while you're on this planet, believe it or not, have been for the 'good of the whole', perhaps not the good of just the one or two, but the good of the whole. And there have been little hints and nudges occasionally to those that have found themselves in power or in stature in your society, that we've whispered a few things to here and there, that got included. Different societies on this planet have different 'rules'… subtle differences. For example, do you know of one country on the face of your planet that has a rule that says you must daily go out and kill someone? There are none. Basically, every country has rules for the common society that you don't go out and kill people, you don't go out and kill others… unless there's a bend in the rules such as was… such as politics. LOL I'm attempting to be very suave in teaching this class <grin> So, therefore, you might say that going out and killing others is against the rules of the society as a whole, because all societies within this society follow that rule. How many societies can you think of on the face of this planet that have a rule that you have to go out and steal something from someone else during the course of the day? There are none. So there, again, we can therefore say that that is a rule of the society of this planet, because all societies within that society more or less follow the same law, the same rule, which is, do not steal from others.

Now, some of them do take them to extremes. In some of them you may get 'fined' money for stealing something, and in some of them you may imprisoned in a jail for stealing something, and in some of them you may have your hands separated from your body for stealing something. Each of those independent societies make up their own rules on the parts that they deem fit, such as the punishments or, perhaps, the different levels of punishments. For instance, in this country if you kill someone, you have 'levels' of guilt within your society. There are levels that this society in this country has established to determine how much guilt you would have for 'how' you killed someone. Now, it is not the guilt that you would 'personally' feel, for the guilt that you would personally feel would not fluctuate at all, depending on whether you 'accidentally' shot someone when you were out hunting with them, or if you shot them during a fit of rage. You would still have the same amount of guilt. The society that you live in, however, determines that society is going to hold you responsible for different levels of your guilt, and that you will have more guilt heaped upon you if you kill someone in a fit of rage instead of by accidentally shooting them when you're out hunting with them. There are countries and societies within this planetary society that, if you kill someone, it matters not if you killed them by accident or if you killed them by design, or any of those other levels in between. You automatically die yourself. Are you getting the picture here?

There is a planetary society of mankind upon this planet that sets certain standards for this planet and those that live upon this planet. But it also breaks down, into little societies within that large society that has the ability to not 'change' those rules and guidelines, but to perhaps 'add to' them, or 'take away' from them. Your planetary guideline for killing someone is similar to what you think God wrote upon the tablets for Moses… "Thou shalt not kill." That is the society standard. You do not go out and kill each other. Your societies within that society tax a little bit more on there. Now, we are telling you, through these lessons, that there are no 'rules'. If it feels good, do it. Are we talking about those rules and laws that you live by within your societies? No, we are not. We are not telling each and every one of you that there are no rules, so please go out and murder people. For that is not associated with ascension whatsoever. We are teaching ascension… what YOU call ascension. We are teaching you to go 'beyond' boundaries, not go beyond the laws that you have to live by while you're here. Can I sit here right now in this chair and recite to you the laws that you have to live by… whether it be the laws of your city, your state, your country? No, I cannot. I do not know them. We have many books in our library, but those books are not included. Why? We have no need for that information. If we began, in the higher dimensions, taking this information into ourselves, we might be tempted to take it 'on' to ourselves. We do not wish to do that, for if we took it on to ourselves, it will make us more dense. And when you become more dense, what happens?

JANISEL: You 'descend'.

SANANDA: Exactly. Therefore, for that lesson, we are telling you that there are certain things that you have molded your life over and through and by, that does not break out of the laws of your land… you still have that foundation that you HAVE to live by. We, that give you guidance and offer you suggestions, would not be doing our job if we asked you to do something that was completely against the laws of your land. That is not what we are here to do. We are teaching you to show 'yourself' the laws that YOU have imposed on YOU. Each and everyone of you, instead of taking society's laws or the planetary society's laws, have taken in the laws of your parents, have taken in the laws of your religion, have taken in the laws of your community. This is the group of those people that you have 'hung out with' the majority of your life and the things that you have taken upon yourselves to live by, even though something has always been inside of you that says, "I really do not like this, but if I want to fit in, if I want to be a good daughter, or if I wish to be a good Baptist, I have to do this." These are all man-made concepts, and you have felt them pull at you in your life, to where you say, "This I want nothing of." And then something inside of you, that has that law or restriction upon it, says, "Ah! But you can go beyond this." You can go beyond being a (family name), you can go beyond being a 'Baptist', you can go beyond being 'your father's daughter', or 'your mother's son'. This is what we teach you. So, for our 'guideline', we wish to make the shorthand note. If it feels good, do it. Can I cheat? Of course I can, for there are no rules. I am the one that gave myself rules, and if I can rewrite those rules, then how can I possibly cheat? That is it.

Now, in another lesson, we came to the call of numerous people that have been asking the question, "How do I know how I'm doing and where I am on my path?" , so we introduced each and every one of you to Jacob's Ladder. This is your path. Remember the question, "How many rungs are on the ladder?" There can be as few as three, there can be as many as 10,000, possibly even more. There are as many rungs as you need them to be. Jacob's Ladder was just that… Jacob's path. How many rungs Jacob needed. For that lesson, I used the term Jacob's Ladder as a 'catch all'. There is a 'Merri Ladder', there is a 'John Ladder', there is a 'Beth Ladder', there is a 'Jane Ladder'. Now, I can also tell you… there's a 'El-RA Ladder', there is a 'Ray-EL Ladder', there is a 'Kumara Ladder', and there's even a 'Sheran Ladder'. Each and every one of you sitting in this room, accept one, have drawn the spiritual that you have decided identifies your path. When you first used that name, you began taking two ladders. Picture this in your mind, if you will. The 'Mary Ladder' you are climbing up with your left foot. The 'El- RA Ladder' you are climbing up with your right foot. Does this make this easier for you to have two ladders instead of one? Does it make it harder for you to have two ladders instead of one? No. Neither question can be answered yes or no because you are walking two paths. Each and every one of you is walking those two paths. So the best advice that I can give you is, perhaps, make your rungs where they are more even with each other. If the rungs between the 'Merri Ladder' are a foot apart from each other, and the rungs from the 'El-RA Ladder' are three feet apart from each other, there is when you come up with a struggle. Which rung for which do I take my next step on? And if I missed some on the 'Mary Ladder', oh my!… is it going to harm me? One of these days, each and every one of you will find that it will also be just as simple to have the two ladders standing next to each other, but you pick ONE to ascend on… just one to focus on. That way you do not have to have the turmoil of your brains to figure out if you're doing it 'right', or if you're missing steps, or, "Will I still get there anyway?" It does not matter. You will get there anyway. You will get there if you continue on with your left foot on the 'Merri Ladder' and your right foot on the 'Sarabi Ladder'. It does not matter, for you, 'Merri' and you, 'El-RA', are the one that is putting those rungs on both of those ladders. You are the one that has decided how many steps you need to take as to which one you are walking it for. However, you are still the 'same'. Therefore, it does not matter. 'Merri' might just have more rungs in El-RA's mind because El-RA does not feel that Merri is as 'advanced' as El-RA. We would call that judgment of the worst sort, for that is you, El-RA, judging you, Merri… which is causing you to pull apart from yourself.

There are some of you that have had the original souls that belong to the original names leave you. But they are as much of the essence of that original being, still tied up with you, that there is no way possible for you to distinguish yourself from them to begin with. There have VERY few instances of one soul just being ripped out of a body and another thrown in. There is an incorporation time, there's a 'getting-to-know-you time', there is an 'attachment' time to all the things and people that that first soul became attached to. These are higher concept, these are higher ideals, however, you have to look at the fact that, when we've asked you… when you're climbing the ladder… to stop off on a ledge for awhile and help someone else, to help pull them up with you… encourage them up with you. Part of who you're pulling up, and part of who you are encouraging up, is the original part of you that many of you have decided you are no longer connected to. 'Jane' is still there, 'Beth' is still there, 'Merri' and 'John' are still there. I can also tell you that there are some in this room that those original souls went Home, but when I say that that 'first' Being is still there, it is the full essence of them incorporated with part of their ego… so they might as well be. You are still greatly tied to the soul that left. When that soul left, it just left the body… it did not abandon you. It is still there. You might even say that's your newest Guide, because they 'reached it' before you did. And they are there encouraging you, when all along you thought you were encouraging them. This is another guideline. <grin> We shall carry on. Are you enjoying the lesson so far?

The next one we shall attach our consciousness "Being to"… can you guess? We shall talk 'semantics'. We shall talk 'perspective'. We are Beings that come in and offer you advice. I believe that, on your planet, you might refer to us 'Dear Abby'. We are Beings that, due to the Prime Directive, due to my brother Ashtar, are very limited in what we can offer you. We can assist you because, in assisting you, we are assisting the planet. And we assist you, not because we tapped you on the shoulder and said, "I wish to talk to you.", we assist you and offer you advice because YOU came to US. You opened yourselves up, you went out and began seeking, or perhaps it was as simple as you say, "God, I know there's a better way… give it to me, I'm ready." It matters not how it first happened, but I assure each and every one of you that it was YOU that came to us. And when I say 'us', I mean ALL of us, not just those few that have come through this one to share the lessons or a few hints with you. I mean any higher dimensional Being that comes in to any group or individual to share information. It is that simple. Please remember this as a major guideline. YOU came to us. We are here in a place that is not of higher integrity, it is not a place of higher Truth, it is a place of higher vibration… that is all. And we are in the place that we are in, some of us, because we, too, volunteered to come and assist this planet at this time. However, we opted to come in and assist this planet by dropping our vibration to a little bit above your vibration so we could communicate with you, so we could talk with you and, in some case, where we could talk through you. Because the human body that you are in does have limitations. Your bodies, that you are in right now, can take the energies of up to perhaps the ninth dimension, however, you quite becoming 'coherent' by about the sixth because that vibration is so intense that you become intoxicated. <grin> You are, I believe the word is, 'grooving' on that energy to the point to where you do not even WISH to be coherent, you just with to 'experience'.

My brother Ashtar, in doing his Prime Directive, unfortunately has the job to do whatever it is deemed possible to prevent humans from going above the sixth. If you think you're human bodies can have addictions to things HERE, can you imagine the addiction that your body might wish to develop for seventh-dimensional energies? You are here to do a job… you are not just here to experience the 'rush'. There are other times and other places for that. <grin> So my brother Ashtar has the unfortunate duty of making sure that you do not get to addicted to that energy. Imagine your disappointment when you reach the ninth dimension for the very first time in your bodies, and you have to come BACK to the fourth and live without it. There are some things that are good to experience just once, so that you can at least say, "At least I experienced it once." And every one of you that read this lesson HAS already experienced ninth-dimensional energies, just not in these bodies. Now, this is all a matter of 'perception'. If you were a ninth-dimensional Being and you experienced ninth-dimensional energies, it would just be as if you were sitting in this room talking now. If you were a twelfth-dimensional Being and you wished to experience the ninth-dimensional energies, it would make you feel horrible because you would become more dense. And then I also wish for you to look at the perspective of, many of you carry within your souls, within your auras, of what it feels like to be in a ninth dimensional body and be able to experience a twelfth-dimensional moment. Therefore, we assist you in every way possible to prevent you from remembering, so that you do not find disappointment such as that twelfth-dimensional Being would find if they all of a sudden found themselves in a ninth-dimensional body. Do you understand?

So, now, we're talking of 'perception'. When those higher-dimensional Beings come in that you work with, that assist you, that offer you suggestions and guidance, and occasionally prepare you for something that you can have the ability to prepare yourself for… we ask you, in all things, to use your own personal discernment. For we can only offer these ascension lessons on one 'level' in the hope that all Beings on this planet, that have reached that one level of understanding, can all find them. We've given many 'hints', for we can be very limited in what we are allowed to bring through. These are not the only ascension lessons that we have brought through… there are others that are bringing through the exact same ascension lessons on a different level. And if they're on a different level then, therefore, they are NOT called, 'Sananda Teaches Ascension'. They are called by the name that will attract all those others that are on that level. We can bring through, and we can talk and encourage on certain things.

Each Being that brings through the energies of a higher-dimensional Being, brings through the energies of the higher-dimensional Being 'that they are most closely' associated with in vibration. This means I can come in on 12 different levels, my brother Ashtar can come in on 12 different levels, Metatron can come in on 33 levels. This is where some of the confusion comes in. You have many different people out there bringing through information from Metatron, and it doesn't 'match' (what someone else brings through). The reason it doesn't 'match', is it is on a different 'level'. You have many Beings that are bringing through me or my brother Ashtar, or Gabriel, or Michael, or Raphael, or a host of the Hosts, and the messages are not the same. This is why we have encouraged you and taught you lessons along the way to teach you how to fine-tune your discernment, because you, and only you, are the only one to determine which level YOU, personally, are most comfortable with. The last thing that we would encourage anyone to do is the taking of the teachings of one, over here, teaching 'Ashtar' and to combine it with one, over here, teaching 'Ashtar', that are completely different and make an individual choose between the two in a forum. That is a very personal choice. And just because three of you are sitting in one room and you each here 'this' one talk, and you each here 'that' one talk, and one of you goes here and one of you goes there, and the third says, "I do not belong ANYWHERE between these two.", you cannot be in judgment of any of those choices because each of those individuals are following their own heart, finding their own 'level'. Do you understand? You have to use your own perception and your own discernment to find your right level. And when you pick your right level, you also need... and I use this term 'need'… for your own well being, to allow others their own personal choice. Because, if you do not allow them their own personal choice, they may or may not choose your teach, anyway. They may get frustrated and drop them all, and say, "This is too judgmental. I do not wish to carry forth in this any longer." Or, the worst that could happen is you are not allowing yourself to learn to go to a 'higher' level. If you attempt to pull others in with you to your level, and they choose another level and you do not like their level, you have to find out 'why'. Not why they did not choose your level, you have to find out why you do not like their 'personal choice'.

And the perception on this can change. If you pick a different level than someone that you have known for quite some time, and they judge you for that different level, then would you really wish to drop levels to accommodate them instead of yourself? Because if you do not like their choice, that is exactly what you're asking them to do. Who, then, is on the higher level of learning? We can tell you certain things, we can offer you certain things, we can suggest to you certain things, but in all things and in all classes, we have stressed, "Use your own sense of discernment." Find YOUR truth. The whole guideline for all of these lessons put together as one, is nothing more than, "Seek your Truth, whatever that Truth may be." Once you find your Truth, gather your own personal power into yourself, and stand in that Truth. The more of your power that you pull into yourself, when you are in your Truth, the bigger you get. The bigger you get, the more restrictions have to come off of you because they cannot contain you any longer. The more restrictions that come off of you, the bigger you get, the more in your power, the more in your Truth. The more in your power and in your Truth, and the more in your integrity you are, the less power your own ego has over you. For when you have reached the point to where you can finally master your ego, you can then clearly see yourself in a place of being able to work with anyone on any level without judgment, without manipulation, with total and complete Unconditional Love. You can then begin teaching to a point to where you're not teaching your 'personal restrictions and guidelines' to others, such as churches and religions do. You're teaching others to find their own boundless, limitless Self, by doing essentially the same thing that we offer to you… suggestions, comments, a warning here and there, impressing on you at all times that you have freewill choice in all that you do. For our goal is not to bend you to what we're attempting to teach you, our goal is, if you're not on that level, you will break away and pull back in your freewill choice, and stand in your power, and move on to the next level.

Now, I have questions. <grin> We have not gone through ALL of the lessons, but this is going to cover a few lessons. The first question that I wish to ask is:

Have you ever been tempted, in reading any of these lessons, to take it into yourself as 'truth' BEFORE you really used your tool of discernment?

If you ever have, then the next question is:

Would your ego even allow you to admit it right now? For I'm not talking of just these ascension lessons on this level, I'm asking you to look at your entire life and all teachers that you incorporate into your life. Have you EVER done this… taken their truth into yourself as YOUR truth before you took a good long look at it and used your discernment as to whether or not it was your truth?

This is ascension, as a whole: Trusting YOURSELF to be connected to God, or Source, the Creator, whatever you deem that to be. To not even trust YOURSELF, but using the finest tool of discernment that any human could ever hope to have… God. "God, I heard a lesson today. It feels kind of good to me. Is this for ME?" And KNOWING in your heart, body, mind, and every atom of your Being, that God will point you in the right direction and let you know. For in the Beginning, there was God. And when God began the greatest Experiment of all… to go outside of himself to learn, to see himself… and this whole scenario began, those that were placed upon this planet, in particular, were sent here for God to find out, to learn this: "If I have no conscious connection to God during this life, no conscious 'knowing' of God in this life, will I still find God? Will I still find my way back to Source? Is the pull of the Creator so great that, in the wilderness without someone to show you or teach you, can you still find God? That is what the ascension is about for every Being on the face of this planet… including the planet herself. This is the farthest reaches of Source from Source, without any knowledge whatsoever, and never having, in this lifetime, perfect and clear confirmation. Going, existing, learning and moving on in just FAITH. That is all ascension is on this planet… trusting God, and trusting yourself to CONTINUE trusting God, so that you can get there. Along the way, there's been lots of boundaries, lots of restrictions, and lots of perversions to take your mind off of it for awhile, but that is it. Now, the next question:

I wish for you to sit down with yourself… no one else… just yourself, and I wish you to see how much faith you truly have with God. Then I wish for you to look at yourself five years ago and see if that has changed. Ten years ago, and see if that has changed. For in order for you to find ascension, I guarantee you it will change.

My last question is this:

When you are connected to yourself and your faith, that you have found and identified with God through this time alone… after you find out how much you have changed over these past years… the next thing that I wish for you to ask yourself is, "Can I have even MORE faith in God, now that I have proved to myself that I have changed my faith in God over the years?" "Can I POSSIBLY contain within my Being MORE faith? If so, what do YOU think that will take?

That is the lesson.



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