"Compassion" - Part 2
(Part 1, Lesson #4)


I was told to come and teach a lesson… on Compassion, I was told. I was told that is what is needed most right now. Now, do you [to each one in room] have any preferences as to how I teach this class? I understand my Lord Sananda comes in and teaches magnificently and eloquently. I tend to be very simple and succinct, so do not expect this to be long nor eloquent, for there is much other that need be done other than teaching this class.

Where shall I begin?… the beginning? We shall presume that all who read these lessons know that there is one Creator, and that one Creator made all things, yes? That one Creator wished companionship and wished knowledge. So, for some period of time, that one Creator pondered this dilemma and decided to make Creation. Thus, we were born. You do realize, don't you, that all of this happened in the blink of any eye, and all of this just happened one heartbeat ago?… and that I love to play mind games with humans? <grin>

It matters not how many break-aparts or split-aparts we have been since Creation. It matters not as to who or what is good or evil, or Light and Dark, or negative and positive, for none of that matters beyond this planet. There are very vivid imaginations upon this planet and in this reality, that have dreamed up wondrous wars, but all that has ceased. You see, this planet was the 'new beginning'… however, I cannot speak of that or I shall have my wings clipped.

Now, if this is the Grand Experiment, and this is the 'new beginning' of all of Creation, what does that mean for those that are here? All of you have been seeing this as an ending, of sorts. In a way, this is true. You see, what happened before will not be allowed to happen again. So this Grand Experiment that we talk of, of your lives here that some refer to as 'the Game', is nothing more than the New Eden. This time, mankind is making Eden instead of destroying it. Can you understand this? It is intriguing to watch humans, Lightworkers in human bodies, and the way that they perceive themselves and others. While I understand that you were taught a new lesson by Sananda, a sort of new 'mirror' to your soul, shall we see if you remember what it is? Please hold your hand in front of your face. Please say it.

GROUP: "Get out of yourself".

MICHAEL: Oh, do not look at ME when you say that, please! <grin> This lesson is going to dance around that lesson.

[NOTE: Following is the essence of the lesson Michael was speaking of which was given to us by Sananda during a public channeling:]

SANANDA: So the lesson each and every one of you… some more than others, some less than others… could best benefit from at this point in time in this planet's transition, is to learn how to get not only out of yourself but get 'beyond' yourself.

We have spoken of compassion before, we have spoken of passion before. We have also spoken of airing your dirty laundry, so to speak. Well, it is time now for that inter-dependence among our Lightworkers. We have tolerated, and we have even sometimes encouraged, groups of Lightworkers to be apart from each other, following set teachings, set little dogmatic rules… as per the level of where they are at. For we all know that when you teach someone at the level that they're not at, they do not get it and it is wasted breath anyway. Now, you see, it is like this. Even if someone is teaching you at the lesson level that you are NOT at, you still 'get it', you just retain it for later on. You have received it at a cellular level. So now we are at a point in time where all our Lightworkers are to come together in all of the teachings, for all of the levels, and teach to all. So, perhaps, if someone missed a level, they will now get it. If someone is not quite at another level, they shall have it anyway. But in order for all Lightworkers to get to this point, you have to 'get out of yourself' and become a part of each other. Do you love each other? Do you not want the best for those that you love? So if you see someone you love faltering, is it not up to you to assist them? If it is done with love, then you have done your job. If they take it personally, then you can look at them and say, "Get out of yourself." Every time you say, "Get out of yourself" to someone else, and they can swing back around and say, "Get out of yourself" to YOU, you are sending them pure love energy, because you are teaching them at a very, very, very personal level. Do you understand this? It need not be done with anger. It need not be done with frustration. It need not even be done with forethought. If you are with the one you love, and the one you love is so enmeshed in his own dirty laundry, and you look at him and say, "Get out of yourself", with love, he might go "%#&#^#%#$#&", but you got the point across. You made him realize that he is inside of himself, and you do not want it to pass on to you because you are refusing to accept it. Right? This is a useful tool for when you are letting someone know that they are in a place and time in their self, that you are refusing ownership of it yourself. Because when you look at them with love and light in your eyes, and you say, "Get out of yourself", you're letting them know that you're telling them that THEY own it and YOU don't want it. Yes? Use it as a wondrous shield in front of you, a shield of Light that will reflect whatever it is that they're into at that point in time right back at them so they can be aware of their ownership. Yes? We all recognize that all Lightworkers, at this point in time, have come in with personal things, personal attachments, individual ideas and ideals that you wish to work through in this lifetime. We are now giving you the perfect tool to show everyone you love what it is that they brought in with them to learn in this lifetime. You are going to do it with love. You are going to do it with compassion. And they will realize. Maybe not at that moment, but they will realize it. Because when that shield is put up, and what they just sent off to you comes right back to them, they can't do anything more than feel it the way that it was sent out. Does this make sense? It is a perfect mirror shield. Once the words are said, and you see that they have received it back into themselves, then, if you wish, hug them, say 'I love you', offer assistance. "Would you like to talk about it? May I help you work through this, or do you just need your personal space to work through this for awhile?" Do you understand? It is not to be said to inflict pain. It is said to inflict knowledge, nothing more, nothing less. Do you understand? Good! This was the lesson! It was very simple, it was very intriguing, it was very dramatic. <grin>

Now, I wish for each of you in this room right now to hold your hand up to your face. Now, picture that your hand is a mirror and you are looking at yourself. Can you see yourself? Repeat after me, "Get out of yourself." Now, you can do this for yourself, as I have just shown you. You can actually, if you wish, stand in front of a mirror and say this to yourself when you feel like you're being bombarded or overloaded, and you feel that your self is mired down in the muck. You can mirror it back to yourself, and tell you to get out of yourself. And, if nothing else happens, you will probably have a nice chuckle. But when you can finally get to the point where you see yourself doing this, then you know that you have gone one step further in your growth and development. When you get to the point to where someone comes up to you and says, "Get out of yourself", and you can look at them and say, "Thank you, I needed that", then you know you've taken a leap in your development. For once you can bypass your pride and ego, then you know that you are ready to start teaching others how to do this, for this is not something we wish to remain in this room. When you have a tool that is this powerful, PLEASE, spread it out there. If we can find a time where we can tune into this planet and we hear thousands of voices in unison saying at the same time, "Get out of yourself" from all over this planet, we shall then know that we have done a job well done. Yes? This is good.
[End of prior channeling]

MICHAEL: You see… that is all compassion is. To have 'passion' takes only one. It's not too much fun if it is just one, but passion is deep-seated in the soul… the individual soul. And it seeks out passion in someone else, and when they combine that, it is 'compassion'… whether it be from both individuals, or just one of the two, for the other. But see, that still includes both. I understand you were explained the basics of compassion before, yes? [Ascension Lesson #4] Well, what I'm to do here this evening is to put it into perspective. That's an interesting word. <grin>

Now, let's look at compassion. When you are so involved in yourself, you tend to make this entire Creation your own. You, without realizing what it is that you do, think that this experience that each of you are having right now is for you. I'm here to sever that tie to yourself. This experience that you are having here in this life is the furthest thing FROM being just for you. You are all here for each other. You are all here for this planet. And, basically, you are all here for the New Beginning of Creation. You are not here for yourself. You are not here to wallow in pity, you are not here to sleep through life in depression, you are not here to judge others. You are here for others.

If you have something wrong with your body… anything… you have been told it's because you've had some sort of separation from Creator, yes? I'm here to tell you what that is. You got so 'into yourself', you crawled into yourself and your body revolted. Your body realizes you are here for others. You are here to extend your passion 'out' to others that perhaps do not realize they even have passion at all. You are here as the living examples. Now, how can you possibly be a living example if others do not see you, if you do not reach out to others? The more you reach out to others, your body will tell you, the warmer you get. Your body's temperature will actually rise with the heat of passion… maybe not so much what you deem as 'degrees', but there are some that walk around extremely hot. If you wish to have proof, please sit very close next to someone, just for a short period of time. Can you feel the heat from that person? Do you honestly feel that that heat is coming from their body? It is not. You are feeling the heat from their soul, and as soon as you came within close proximity to that person, your souls merged, thereby causing more heat. Now, that was just a minor exercise. If you are cold and you wish heat, all you need do is close your eyes and think of someone you love. Pay attention to your body's temperature. Did you feel it rise? Now, to prove this point just one more time to make sure, I wish for you to hold your hand out to someone, the palm of your hand facing the palm of their hand. Can you feel their heat off of them? Now, do you assume you feel this heat simply because they are close to you? For you see, when you're speaking 'souls', it matters not the distance… it is a moot point. You can hold your hand out to someone in a different part of the world and you would feel the heat from them just as intensely as you feel the heat from one who is beside you, because it is the heat of the soul, the fire of passion. This is just something to tease the mind of the human body. <grin> Now, stop and take into consideration that you have thermometers, barometers, and all sorts of gauges that you can gauge your body's reactions from, and when compassion joins into the picture, you can see phenomenal stretches of the human mind because it proves all of those gauges wrong. Well, I've stepped on toes here, and this is good. I will not say whose toes have been stepped on, but you see, it gets the passion rolling. There are times when you have been dormant in your passion for so long, or you've confused your passion for something else for so long, that perhaps all you need do is bring it out and dust it off a bit and put it to work.

Now, I can get into all the lovely 'musical' examples that my Lord Sananda has come in and taught you concerning the 'souls singing' and the 'soul's song' but all I am interested in is the 'heat', because the heat of passion is the heat that lights up that Light that you were explained about the other night. You see, when your passion burns, all can see it… whether they recognize it or not. When that passion burns, even the densest human on the face of this planet feels a difference in the air. This has something to do also with 'disincarnate spirits' that you enjoy musing about from time to time. This is why they feel cold. You see, they have been so 'into themselves' for so long that the passion is long buried. This is why they are told to go into the Light, because the Light allows them to see the passion long buried.

Metatron comes in and teaches you how to breathe, teaches you how to drink water and breathe… much. This is a part of passion also. Your bodies are of certain chemical makeup. Metatron is teaching you that the breath, the fire of the breath, can stoke the fire of passion. Once you begin breathing, you heat up your body. When you heat up your body, it is easier for your passion to come through. Your body is a wonderful machine, and it adapts well to certain circumstances, and whether you realize it or not, the body does enjoy having the blood pump through it VERY quickly. It loves having the oxygen flow to all of its cells very efficiently. It stokes the fire. You see, the fire of God is not dowsed by water… water feeds it. It burns brightly with air. The oxygen of the human system feeds the Breath of God within the human body. It is that connection of the Contract that you entered into with the Creator to be in this body in the first place.

Compassion is more than just heat for your human body. Compassion is Love, in its purest form. Compassion is sharing on a much higher level than what humans are used to. Compassion is food for the soul, however, when you have compassion, it is not food for YOUR soul, it is food for the soul that you have compassion for or with. You see, you have had great literary works on this 'rock', that have referred to the fact that the perfect hell would be where you could not feed yourself, you would have to feed each other and not know how to figure that out. That was a Divine implantation of an idea. You see, you have wonderful brains, you have much logic that floats around you at any given time, and here you've been starving yourselves, not realizing that if you fed each other you, in turn, would be fed. You would be fed Love, you would be fed Light, you would be fed Passion, and most importantly, you would be fed Energy of the Creator… the most Divine Love there is. For when you share, when you can actually come outside of yourselves and focus on someone else without judgment, without ego, without pride, you then are truly doing God's work. You pray to the Creator and you ask for something for you… and you receive it. You even pray to the Creator to ask for something for someone else… and they receive it. However, every time you pray to the Creator you strengthen the bond between yourself, the Creator, and the other that you are praying for. The bond grows thicker, tighter, Lighter. And then, if you should happen to say something along the lines of, "Ahhh… a miracle happened because I prayed for it", you just took an ax and you separated that energy between you and the Creator once again. But the Creator is most forgiving. <grin> If you pray, at least that is 'something'.

I have been asked to come in and teach the lesson on compassion. The best way that I can do that is to tell you that for every one thing that you pray to the Creator for, to balance that out, pray for at least 100 things for others. For, if you pass the compassion onto others, then surely others will be passing it on to you, for that is how compassion works. You do not have to 'think' of it, you do not have to determine if it's being reciprocated or not, it is just something that happens on a soul level without forethought, without much logical Olympics at all. You do not even have to consciously 'trust'… which is big one… for you see, it just happens. Any time you put forth a conscious thought of well wishes, a conscious smile just because you thought of someone that you love, that strengthens your bond of compassion between yourself and that Being. Now, I cannot tell you how many humans on this planet send that love and compassion to me. <grin>, or my Lord Sananda, or Metatron, or even Ashtar. I am here to tell you that we have much compassion for you. You are our jobs. But, please, if you could think of other humans with that same compassion that you send our way, ALL of our jobs would get done so much quicker. If you can get yourself into a place of seeing in front of you, in your mind's eye, the most heinous of criminals and have compassion for that Being, you're well on your way. If you can look in your past and picture in your mind's eye the one that you call 'monster' or 'terrorist' or 'beast', and you can send them compassion for a 'job well done', then you can feel the fire in your soul burn very brightly. You see, that is your test. You've had all these lessons, and many questions, now it is time for the test. As you read this lesson, find a picture, or picture in your mind's eye or on your machines [televisions], look and find one that you have judged to be heinous, a monster, a beast. And look at that person very, very closely and, if nothing else, identify God within that Being because I guarantee you God is there. If you cannot have compassion for the personality or the ego that is contained within the body, then find God within that soul, because God is there, and send compassion to God through that body. For you see, the more compassion that that monster gets, the less of a monster they become because the soul begins burning brighter and brighter and hotter and hotter. And the heat of that Love and compassion CAN contain the ego and the personality. Now, here we go again. None of you are here to be a 'judge' for anyone, especially not yourselves. And when you spend so much time within yourself that you start judging yourself very harshly, then please remember that Michael says, "Get out of yourself." For I guarantee you, you are as much loved as all others. There is no differentiation between the love. The love from the Creator is just that… Love. The bond of the compassion is what sets you apart, for when you can finally get out of yourselves and you can finally reach out to all those others and give to them more than you give to yourself, then the Light burns brightest of them all. For you see, I am not telling you to do this so your little Light shines brighter than everyone else's. If anything, I am suggesting that you do this to get the job done. Do you not think it would not be a better world if all had compassion for each other? Then Eden would be reborn. That is what we are waiting for, that is what YOU are waiting for, it is what we are ALL waiting for. That is the lesson.



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