I was sent here to teach "compassion". Therefore, to teach compassion, one must know "passion". Passion has been greatly misunderstood. Passion is the "Heart signal" that tells you your path. The physical body will give "signs" when passion is felt. You do realize that when we speak of the Heart, we talk of not the organ that beats within the body, it is merely the vessel. When we speak of the Heart, or the 'feeling' of the Heart, it would be a comparing of the sun star of your solar system to the Great Central Sun of all solar systems. When we speak of the Heart, as where your feelings come from, we speak of it, in essence, as the Heartbeat of your Soul, as opposed to the heartbeat of your body. Therefore, when your soul feels passion, it finds its way through ALL of your Being. You could say that your body could give you signs such as your breathing might quicken, your physical heart may skip a beat, you may have perspiration on your brow, you may have a tremble in your hands, your body may feel chilled or it may feel heated, flushed. Granted, there are feelings that humans can have that may contain a couple of those signs. However, your soul tends to wish for you to take precedence when passion is being felt. This is where some have confused the joining of two bodies with passion. It is not as if they are wrong, it's just that they're leaving out the most essential part of that passion...the bonding of the two souls that are involved. It is not possible to have a physical joining of two bodies and not feel the passion? Yes. Therefore, when passion does show its face, its signs, its pulse, during that joining of two bodies, that passion is more than just the physical joining of the two bodies. That passion is showing you that the one that you are joined with is there to help you identify part of your path. However, it is not a one-way street. You, also, are there to help them with their path. Too many, when they feel this passion, they feel that this is someone they are to meld with for the rest of this, shall we call it, duration. In some cases this can be true. In most cases, you are there to allow your experiences with each other to help you find another path... a surer path... a more "compassionate" path. Now, some of you may ask why this joining of two bodies in this act produces passion, and may have something to do with compassion itself. When you enter into another person's Being… oh, we will push some buttons here... the soul is not fully contained within the body. This may not push your buttons, but there are those that it will. What some of you say when you see "auras"... these are seeing the Soul that cannot be contained within the body. So, therefore, when you get in that very close, very intimate, proximity of that other soul, you are literally "blending" your souls. You are literally experiencing a minute portion of the blending that one feels with the One. Therefore, if passion is there, you shall know the feeling of being with the One. If passion is not there, you will know it is another lesson.

The compassion enters into the picture because when those two souls combine and blend and merge, that passion becomes "compassion", because you are allowing yourself to be "out" of yourself to feel someone else's "self". Is this confusing? When your soul goes into this container, it develops a 'space', an 'individuality'. Yes? The ego, the boundaries that all have put around you and that you have accepted, have kept you from realizing that your 'wholeness' comes when you blend with compassion to another soul. This is part of what some of those that are empathic... they feel the pain and the suffering of others... these are some of the souls that have so missed that merging of the souls that they do not feel complete. So, therefore, a part of their soul is seeking that compassion... that step up from passion, "passion" being the solitary path that is felt in Truth. "Compassion", being the shared path, for one that is not alone any longer. This is something that most human women feel during pregnancy. It is a very intimate sharing of souls. It gets more… shall I say intense, the closer to the birth of that Being, due to the fact that the soul becomes firmly embedded very close to the actual birth. And these women that carry these little souls that they are sharing their soul with, if they were very in-tune with the passion in their life, they could tell you the exact moment that that little soul firmly anchors into that little body because their compassion overwhelms them. This is what some have commonly referred to as the "maternal feeling", the "maternal instinct". It is somewhat true, however, it is that "one" in feeling that is the truest form of compassion that there is. "The soul within a soul." Instead of just a soul joining with a part of a soul, it is a soul within a soul.

There are those that cannot comprehend this feeling, or they can comprehend it and envy it. However, in this dimension, in this time and space that you are in, one must realize that some of that pain that woman has during birth, she experiences tremendous pain... yes, it is physical, but a good portion of that pain is that little soul being separated from her soul. This is also explaining one of the reasons as to why a mother can hear her child cry when no one else can, because she still has that strong compassion from that 'completeness' of those two souls within one. Some lose it and some never lose it. Some wish that they could experience it time and time again, because it makes them feel 'complete'. You can even ask some of these women, "How do you feel when you are carrying a child?" and they will say, "Complete...I feel complete." Because they previously come from a place and a time where they were a part of what some would usually term a "group soul", and they miss that group soul because they always had compassion there for themselves as well as others. So why would this class be about compassion? Compassion is one of the most vital missing elements that humans have, due to the veiling process. The veiling process tends to foreshadow the need to join with another soul or souls. Now, some look at compassion as 'pity'. This is to be corrected. Some look at compassion as 'hope'. This is to be corrected. Compassion is the fulfillment that your own soul is fulfilling in itself, at the same time it is fulfilling to someone else.

What is YOUR definition of compassion?

When you feel compassion, is it preceded by passion?

When you feel compassion for another Being, how does it truly make you feel about yourself?

When you feel compassion, you are feeding that other soul something that they desperately need, and at the same time, you're feeding your own soul something it desperately needs. This is a good example of "what you give comes back to you". This is what the soul is all about. It magnetizes; it draws what it needs to it from what others' needs are. Does this make sense? So, therefore, when you feel compassion for someone, your soul is crying out for compassion for itself. This is one of the steps of the ladder we talked about before. I am talking of "us" as a group collective.

You see… you picture yourself, at a later date, in your most beautiful angelic form, and you picture the planet in your Heart, yes? This is a symbol, a universal symbol, for compassion. You are taking the heart of this planet into the heart of your soul. Therefore, compassion is your goal. If this is the goal that you have set for yourself, it IS your goal. It is compassion. Therefore, is your soul not screaming for compassion?
So... we will ask the final question for this class:

If you were to picture yourself in your "highest" of Being, WHAT would you hold into your Heart? What would you take into your Heart?

This is not a question to be answered lightly. This is a question to allow your soul to answer, because this answer is your path to passion. One cannot have compassion without passion. One CAN have passion without compassion simply because they ignore the signs that the passion is giving off.

You will ask that those taking the class will find examples for themselves, not in the form of a question to be answered. We're asking that you look within yourself and show yourself examples of forms of passion that you have felt in this life. Passion that quickened the Heart, passion that made the cheeks flush, make the hands tremble. Now, there will be some out there that will say, "But I have never felt pregnant, I have never been pregnant. I have never even had a sexual encounter that caused passion to flare up in me." This is your soul crying out to you to pay attention to what your passion is. It can be skiing down a mountain slope, it can be swimming in the ocean, it can be flying like a bird, it can be playing with children, it can be whatever your passion has showed itself to you as. There IS no limit to where passion shows itself. Passion can show itself in work, in play, in love, in war. Passion shows itself in so many ways, to so many individuals because so many have not allowed themselves to feel passion within themselves. Therefore, this is one of the biggest boundaries that you will be asked to look at that you have placed upon yourself. To be completely honest with your own soul as to what gives you, the individual, the passion that your soul is pointing out to you... so that your soul can attract to itself the compassion that it needs.

This is one of the lessons that will bring quite a response. There have been a great many teachers in this planet's past, that have said that passion is not good.... that passion is to be denied oneself. This is not contradictory to their teachings. The times have changed. It is time for the souls to fully awaken to who they are, and the best way...the most efficient way... is to allow them what they need the most, which is compassion for themselves and for others. So, we will ask for patience from the individuals that feel some 'button-pushing'. We ask for compassion for these same souls to be able to decide if this truly is their quest. Because, if their quest is ascension, the anchor that they have hooked into this planet, and into this body, is the self-made anchor that the ego has put there to remain 'individual'. This also works hand-in-hand with some of the other teachings that have been coming through. Some have decided that, if they are to release the emotions from dealing with their ego, that passion needs to be released with that also. However, the boundary, to be opened in this circumstance, this passion is to be released in 'freedom', not 'for' oneself, but to pull 'around' oneself, as the magnet to draw in the other souls to find compassion.

As far as the class is concerned this week, we will say, "Namaste... and have a wonderful time answering your soul's questions!"



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