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I figured that, after Metatron, I needed to come in with a most spectacular class. So I thought, and thought, and thought, and I figured that I've already done my most spectacular class in telling everyone to go ride the roller coasters. How could one beat that one? <grin> Or, perhaps, maybe the one of "If It Feels Good, Do It!", or perhaps even the one of, well… you know. <grin> So, therefore, I've decided to come in and teach the 'necessary' class. You may just call this one "Responsibilities". Now, I want you to put all of this at the beginning, because I want all of our Eagles to realize that we have approached this whole lesson scenario with laughter and fun, and light-heartedness. And, then occasionally, the Michael comes in, or the Ashtar comes in, or the Metatron comes in, and puts a new twist on the fun. And then I always come in afterwards and pick up the pieces, and stroke the egos, and make everyone feel all better again, yes? <grin> However, this time it's time to set the record straight.

Now, I call this "Responsibilities", so I shall begin with myself. I have a responsibility to come in, hopefully once every one of your weeks, and spew knowledge and wisdom out for you to read, and comprehend, and take into your Being, yes? And then, hopefully, each and every one of you will take it out and share it with others, and you can tell them that 'rising above' [the act of ascension] can be fun. However, I have reminded you, a few times, that it is also 'necessary'… far from being on a personal level. I have told you there are no rules but did I ever once tell you there were no responsibilities? My responsibility, that I contracted to do, was to come from one of those dimensions where, if you could say I had a body, the body was so huge that you could not conceive of it. And I contracted to focus all of that energy into a very minute-sized body… from my standard, not yours… in order that I might be able to lower my vibratory rate on an occasional basis to assist those of you that are willing to listen. And, better yet, to learn. I contracted to do that because of this planet's need, just as each and every one of you has contracted to come into this lifetime to assist in whatever position or manner that you chose to assist with, that also assists this planet and her need. Therefore, since I contracted to do that, I have certain responsibilities.

I can put those responsibilities in several different types. Type one responsibility is to myself… things that I do with that contract that fulfill 'my' need. Now, what can that do for me? Well, after I come in and I teach another lesson, and I drink a little bit of chocolate milk, eat a little bit of chocolate, I get to re-experience the same thing that each of you do. I get to re-experience the feeling of being of help, of assistance, of raising my vibration above and beyond this tiny minute little bodily form that I have found myself in during the course of this contract. I believe some of you call it 'a high'? <grin>

Then, another type of responsibility is responsibility directly to those with whom I work. Technically, I work with each and every Being that reads or hears of these ascension lessons… among my other duties and responsibilities from my other contracts. However, here we are specifically focusing on this portion of the contract. Now, the responsibilities that I have with them is to take a bad situation and make it just a little bit better, by whatever means I see fit for that occasion. Sometimes it's telling people to ride roller coasters because it's what they wished to do the most as a child. Maybe some of them love the feeling of flight, and that feeling of dropping to the lower-most portion of that roller coaster gives them that 'lift' that they so desire. To some, I scowl, and I demand that they must laugh a certain number of times during the course of a day. <grin> To some, I talk and cajole, and empathize and sympathize, and love and cherish, even to the point where it becomes 'expected'. Then, that is when THAT type interferes with the first type… my personal responsibilities to me. For you see, it is like this. When someone becomes dependent on a gift, then does it not stop being a gift? That is when responsibilities become mired, twisted, and need to have just a little 'shaking out' to redefine them.

Then, I have a third type of responsibility. That responsibility being to the 'target' of my mission, my contract… that being this planet. You see, I cannot typecast her in with my responsibility to others because she is the one that myself and the others are here for.

And then last, but certainly not least, I have my responsibility to my Creator. Now, once I have defined for you the different types of responsibilities that I have within this mission, then what we must do is take a magnifying glass and define the lines between the different types, for there are lines between each type. The only type of responsibility that I have that is 'required' to cross those lines with the other types is the responsibilities that I have to the Creator, for that is all-encompassing because the Creator is all-encompassing. The responsibilities that I have concerning my Creator are the same that you have with your Creator because they are one and the same. And that responsibility is… to call upon that Creator to handle the 'hard stuff', and maybe even some of the 'small stuff', for the Creator loves to be called in to fix things. <grin> Especially things that have been 'broken'… quite by accident… nevertheless, supposedly 'for the best' for all. You know… the 'good-hearted' ones. "My intentions were well-meant." or, "I did that out of love." or, "I did it out of compassion." And what the Creator, then, can do when called upon to fix those self-same things, is the Creator will be the One to give your responsibilities 'a shake' for you so that you again may see the dividing line between each of your responsibilities, too. The Creator will not take your responsibilities away from you, for that would deny you the privilege of fulfilling those responsibilities. The Creator will just make it easier for you to see clearly where your responsibilities lie.

Now, I could do like I told you to do before, and run and get your dictionary, and define the word 'responsibility', however, we are not talking 'human' responsibility here… we are talking about the responsibility of the 'soul'. For we're going to go back to that original scenario of when God stepped outside of Himself to see Himself, remember? With that came responsibility. When God can step outside of Himself to see Himself, there's a responsibility that, once that learning is complete, it will All come back together again. So you see, if there is any one Being anywhere that clearly knows your definitions of your responsibilities, it's the original One to begin with… God stepping outside of Himself to see Himself… and all the split-aparts that have happened since then. For with each split-apart, there was a soul component that accepted a responsibility to go forth and learn something new so that when it got incorporated back into Being, it would have that experienced learned, to share, to teach. That gives us our definition of the word 'responsibility'. You, as that soul counterpart, split apart for this mission, to learn that lesson of this mission from your point of view. How you interact with yourself during this learning process, how you interact with others during this process, how you end up interacting with the 'target' of that mission, and finally, how you interact with your Creator during this learning process… these are your responsibilities.

Just as you have different 'types' of responsibilities, you also have different 'actions' for these types of responsibilities. I so enjoyed today listening to you [guest] describing the timelines. You were very simply describing 'actions' that are taken during the course of the mission, yes? These actions are a part and parcel of your responsibilities that you have. Therefore, anytime you encounter a new part of your learning process, a new portion of your responsibility, you can see it in your mind's eye as a new path, a new choice to be taken. You are the one responsible to yourself for choosing which direction, which path, or which choice you wish to take. Once that choice is made you will then begin interacting with others, thereby, you can identify your responsibilities to these others that you find from the due course of action of you picking that choice. Then you can clearly begin to identify what that choice had to do with your ultimate goal and your responsibilities to the planet. Then, and ONLY then, can you decide how you incorporated your responsibility to the Creator for accomplishing that choice. Nothing that you do in this lifetime happens by 'accident'. Nothing that you do in this lifetime happens from 'interference' from anyone. Everything that happens to you in this lifetime, on that mission, is a freewill choice that you made, that causes a reaction.

Now, let us say that you wreck your car. This is a responsibility of yours. Why? How? I am here to answer this right now so there will be NO misunderstandings concerning this at a later date. Yes? You made a 'choice' to be in your vehicle, did you not? You made a conscious choice as to which street you would be driving on. You made a conscious choice to determine how you drove. And, YOU are the one that made the conscious decision to be in that place, at that time, in those circumstances. If that was your choice, and you wrecked your car, then why do you figure that you wrecked your car? There could definitely be a multitude of reasons for this. Drawing one out of a hat… perhaps it was because you had been asking for a new car? Drawing another out of a hat… perhaps you were to meet the person that you hit with your car. Drawing another out of a hat… perhaps, just perhaps, you had decided that you just needed to 'experience' that happening. And, just pulling another out of a hat… what if it was for ALL of those reasons? Maybe, even, ten MORE reasons, that you just have not allowed yourself to see.

Let us say you have made a choice to walk into a new life. Your old life does not fit you anymore. Therefore, you decide to step through your door, bag in hand, and walk away from your old life. You have a whole world out there… that's many choices ahead of you. What is the best way to make the best choice? Perhaps it's doing the reverse… instead of waiting for the accident to happen so you can determine 'why' it happened, what if, instead, we 'caused' the accident to happen because we knew of what the results would be? That, essentially, is what you are doing… taking your bag in hand and walking away from your old life… is you are causing the accident to happen. Now, you can have all of your reasons that you are causing this accident to happen in a list, from the tiniest, mundane reason you could think of, to the one most important reason of all… that being that you're taking responsibility for yourself first. But for all the reasons that you can find for causing that accident to happen, that is how many reasons were behind that accident. Two different scenarios with the same explanation. You either take responsibility for your actions, or you allow your actions to show you your responsibilities. Either way, the cause and effect is more or less the same, they are just reversed. All you need do is identify the fact that you have responsibilities, and you have certain 'types' of responsibilities, and that there is a fine line that is the boundary between the types of your responsibilities. Yes? And, every once in awhile, those lines become blurred and you need to 'shake them out' in order to distinguish between them again.

This is what you may call a 'modern parable'. <grin> And I believe it is my second now. For this is a lesson that, technically, I am forbidden to teach, because if I were to teach it 'very clearly', it would interfere with your human freewill choices, would it not? I cannot tell you where your responsibilities lie, I cannot show you the defining fine line between your responsibilities, I cannot even explain to you how you can logically differentiate between a freewill choice and a choice made due to responsibility. But what I can do is give you a nice, interesting, tongue-twisting parable to ponder and to decide for yourself if it's worthwhile. Yes? Now…

Do you know where your responsibilities lie?

I will answer this for you. <grin> If you say 'yes', you need to take a deeper look, because there's possibly 1% of this planet's population that clearly understand where their responsibilities 'to their mission' truly lie. And then they're not quite positive… they just 'feel' that they're positive.

If you believe in 'cause and effect'… which means that if you put forth energy that causes something to happen, then there's an effect of that cause that ripples out passed you to others… do you also believe that you have a responsibility for the 'cause' that affects others?

If you say 'yes', go deeper again. Because then you know that your lines to your responsibilities has been blurred a bit and need to be shaken out.

If you are feeling the 'effects' that someone else has caused, whose responsibility is it to straighten the whole mess out?

Are you waiting for me to answer this one? LOL I will tell you whose responsibility it is. Everyone's. Are we not surprised by that answer? This is why you ARE your brother's keeper.

Now… the last question.

Does this mean it is your FULL responsibility?


SANANDA: Very good. <grin>

Now… I believe that will do. <grin>



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