7-2-00 SANANDA

"To Sacrifice or Not to Sacrifice… That Is the Question"


For those of you that have been attending and reading these lessons, the last few lessons that have come in have revolved around 'tests' and 'whose responsibilities lie where', and 'whose responsibilities are whom'. This evening's lesson is to put it all in a different perspective.

Now, the title of this lesson may put some of you on the defensive, and if it did, it is time for you to do some introspection and find out why. Many of you were raised with dogmatic beliefs that evolved and revolved around fear issues concerning your Holy texts… the fearful, wrathful God that demanded sacrifice from all, such as Abraham with his son Isaac. Well, I'm not going to take the time this evening to give you the actual account of what happened then, but after this lesson is over with, you'll be able to more or less take a good guess as to what it was that truly happened.

Over time, mankind has become so adept at his tests… the testing of himself, the testing of his faith, the testing of the faith of others, sometimes even the testing of the Creator Himself. What I am here this evening to explain to you is, tests are fine as long as you pass to your own standard. But if you do not pass, then what? Well, this is another one of those lessons where we bring up that horrible three-letter word that all of you seem to shudder and shake about, which is your 'ego'. It tends to kick in and 'sacrifice' something or someone as a reason as to 'why' you did not pass your own test. So let us take a look at this.

Shall we refer back to your automobile accident? It makes an excellent example. Now, the last time we were together I talked about you testing yourself, putting yourself in more or less the same situation, and you 'get it'. You pause, you think, you pass the test. You decide NOT to run that red light for the sake of time or convenience. You allow yourself the opportunity to pause at the red light and wait until it's your turn. Well, this evening, for the lesson's sake, let's say that you DIDN'T 'get it', and you end up in a wreck… again. You wreck your car, you wreck someone else's car, and you sit there after it is all over and done with and your brain says, "Why? Why did this happen again?" Well, can you openly acknowledge, "Well, I just gave myself another test and I failed it."? Sometimes some of you might find it very simple to say, "Well, God just doesn't want me to have a car." Or, "This had to be just karma." Or, perhaps, "This is a punishment." Anything but acknowledging the fact that you've given yourself a test and you failed… for some reason or another. Maybe you decided to test yourself for a reason other than 'clarity'… whatever that reason might be.

Sacrifice can be a harsh word, however it is a very valid word. And it is a word that many of you think of quite often but rarely use. You see, the Creator has never asked for martyrs. The Creator has never called for personal sacrifice. It is the human concept of sacrifice. The human concept of feeling that a 'need' is required to take place to prove to yourself that something has to take place, or something must happen to prove to yourself, for some reason or another, that you're 'worthy'. We bring this up this evening because there are many Lightworkers that feel the 'need' to sacrifice their lives, their livelihood, their 'things', their loves. And many say, "My Guides tell me I must." There have been times… I will not deny this… that suggestions have been made to 'lighten your load'. This suggestion is usually made to someone that is 'owned' by their 'things', someone that is 'owned' by commitment. So, therefore, as a suggestion, it is made to 'lighten the load'. Never once have we ever told anyone to absolve themselves of all of their possessions, nor have we told someone to absolve themselves of all of their commitments. There have been times that what we have said has been interpreted through that person's being to mean, on a personal level to them, that if they let go of everything then, and only then, can they prove to themselves that they do not have attachments to those things. That is good. But please acknowledge that it's YOU and your personal choice that is testing yourself to do this. Do not think, or do not put off to others, that it is the Creator that is telling you that you have to do this, or that your Guides are telling you that you have to do this. There have been circumstances to where we have suggested to someone to 'lighten their load', and they have taken the responsibility within themselves to deem it necessary to cut all ties. And once they have made that decision within themselves, then we will encourage them, but that is still not to say that we 'told' them to do that in the first place. We are encouraging them in THEIR choices, and making suggestions around that choice.

We have talked of your responsibilities to yourself, your responsibilities to your mission, your responsibilities to others, your responsibility to the Creator, and to this planet. Now I'm going to talk about OUR responsibilities to YOU. Somewhere along the line many of you have become dependent on our suggestions, whether you realize it or not. And when that happens, you sacrifice your own free-will choice. Well, our responsibility to you is to then back away and make you realize that you're depending upon us when you should be depending upon yourself, your heart, your choices. We can explain to you, and we can repeat to you a multitude of times, to follow what is in your heart… not what we say. There come times, where we have heard the same question, in about a thousand different ways, of Lightworkers attempting to ask us that same question by camouflaging it as a different question. Some feel that it's an 'easier sacrifice to sacrifice your freewill choice to us, to make your decisions for you… when that is not our job. That is not our responsibility, it is yours.

Many of you have asked, time and time again, "Why can I not channel? Why can I not receive my own guidance and need to go through someone else?" Well, it is because you have sacrificed your freewill choice to do this. We do not choose a channel to speak through. That channel chooses us. It is not as if we are denying you anything. We come at your call. Now, many of you will say, "But I have called. I have cried out. I have begged. I have pleaded. I have asked. I have prayed." And many of you have, but that is not what is necessary. What is necessary, and what tells US that there is a new channel awaiting and available is, in particular, the person that shows us through their actions that they are ready. Someone that can prove to themselves that they can receive clear messages from God, or they can receive clear messages from the Higher Self, that they do NOT depend on going to others… to psychics, to readers, to other channels… to get their information. Someone that is willing to DO something with that gift, to share that gift with others, without so much feeling as if they would be sacrificing their own opportunity to receive higher guidance themselves. For we do not come to someone that wishes to be a channel in order to bring you information for yourself. We come to someone that is an open channel that is willing to allow themselves to be the vessel for something that will help others. And it is our responsibility to make sure that we find the open channels, the ones that will allow themselves to be put into the position of using the information that we can bring through, out to as many people as possible.

There have been times that we have seen an open channel that is willing to work and willing to share that work with people one-on-one, that assists them individually. This is fine. However, usually you will find that that channel will bring through just 'one' Guide, one Master, one Teacher… whatever you deem us to be. When you have someone that is willing to be an open channel, to put themselves out for 'groups' of individuals at a time, then you will find that that one will tend to bring through many. Not all at the same time, usually, but a variety of different perspectives that's used to come through that vessel to teach. For those are the channels that are very rare to find, and very special once found, and treated with admiration, love and respect. Now, does it matter if that person sits in a chair and channels to a room full of Beings?… or does it matter if they channel into a tape machine and write it out for later for many to read?… or does it matter if that person is an open channel that sits and types it out as it comes through? It does not matter. What DOES matter to us is that is a person that is willing to use themselves as part of their mission to teach and assist those beyond themselves. Now, some of you might see that as a 'sacrifice'. If that is your perception, so be it. We, however, do not see it as a sacrifice… we see it as a 'job well done'.

You wish to do something along these lines? Have you been asking to be a channel? Have you been asking to receive guidance, and it hasn't happened? Well, my suggestion for you is, one, change your perspective. Do not look at it as a sacrifice. If anything, you can look at it the way this one does… 'a means to an end'. The more she can get it out to you, the faster she can go Home. We do not care what deviousness you have behind your intent, that is completely personal to you. What we DO care about is that you do not wish to covet it, hoard it, keep it unto yourself. We are here with a responsibility just as you are to help awaken all those others that are still sleeping soundly, to what is truly going on, on this planet and in this Creation. And we, too, may have deviousness behind our means This is a joke. <grin> But WE wish for the mission to be done, too! So, of course, we are going to gift graciously to those that share it with as many as possible.

We do not see our work as a sacrifice. But then, of course, we do not have to live with the conditions and impositions that you have placed upon yourselves, to come in and volunteer to do this job in the first place. And we DO assist. It's just that sometimes you do not allow yourself to fully understand how much we do assist, and many times we cannot even tell you how many times we do assist. However, your life here, with this mission, with this lifetime on this planet, is not meant to be of sacrifice. It is meant to be of 'service'. And if you see service as a sacrifice, then maybe it is time for you to begin with Ascension Lesson #1 and start all over again. But we're not saying that you think that way, that is just for the few that doubt seriously. Being of service is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give back to the Creator, because you are not in service to humans. Technically, you are not in service to this planet. Ultimately, you are in service to your Creator, and to the experience that you are gifting to the Creator in learning as much about the All That Is that there really is.

So… it is time to ask questions.

Do you receive and do you trust your own inner guidance?

If you do, are you content with that? If you don't, why not? Do you feel that it is easier to trust someone else, for whatever reason, to make your decisions for you? Do you feel that 'control' given to someone else to make the decisions in your life for you, will make you less responsible for your life? For, if that is true, you WILL be held responsible for THAT choice, which was completely under your control in the first place. So, technically, you are 'still' in control of your life.

Do you feel, in your heart, that you are truly being 'in service'?

If your answer is 'yes', that is good. But in service to whom? If your answer is 'no', then what do you think it would take for you to be in service? Do you believe that it's just a matter of 'perspective' that you feel that being in service IS a sacrifice, and that you do not wish to sacrifice anything? Or, perhaps, maybe you feel that being in service means losing control again. And if that is your answer, then perhaps you need to see what kind of control you feel that you DO have.

IF you were called upon to sacrifice your 'perspective' of being in service, could you do THAT?

For on this planet, unfortunately, most of you are all wrapped up in 'semantics' anyway. I'm not making light of the positions that you are in, and I am definitely not making light of the life choices that any of you have made in your life. But you see, there have been many who have made choices in their lives to live their lives as per what WE say, or what WE suggest. That is a choice YOU made. And if you are miserable with that choice, then perhaps it's time for you to take a look at yourself and find out, truly, why you were willing to give your power and your life away to those that do not have that responsibility of living your life for you. Perhaps it's time for you and your ego to have a long talk. Was it just that you were wanting to have someone else make your choices? So that when they went back and ended up in your face again… because perhaps months had gone by and you had done nothing, you had lost everything… that you would have someone easier to blame than yourself?

It is time for you to take responsibility for yourself. We come in and we teach little lessons, and sometimes we offer suggestions. These are meant to do nothing more than to assist you in clarity for your work. We come in not to teach you how to live your life… for that matters not to us. We come in not to teach you what to DO with your life… for that matters not to us either. YOU have the choice as to whether you are in service or not. And if you are, YOU choose in what manner. And if you're not, then that was your choice also. We refuse to take the blame for any of your choices. We refuse to accept responsibility for your life. And, we refuse to accept responsibility for not coming through you as a channel if you have not shown us that you are ready to do so to be in service. It is not our job to live your lives. It is our job to assist you, to assist all those others out there on this planet at this time, to awaken. THAT is our job. That is our responsibility. And when you prove to yourself, and to us, that you're ready to work with us, our responsibility goes a bit deeper. We take on the responsibility of assisting you in lightening your load stress-wise… perhaps giving you something to laugh about occasionally, perhaps even to nag you to take a break. Because you do not have to be 'in service' constantly… there are times that you can stop and take a breather… maybe a vacation… and just enjoy the best that this planet has to offer you. That is our responsibility due to the fact that, by the time we do that, we have redeveloped our bond of love with you that is so strong that we wish to see you smile, we wish to see you have fun, and we wish to hear you laugh or sing. But that is a responsibility other than our job. That is our responsibility as your family… the ones that are just keeping tabs and making sure that you are safe and protected.

I think that's the end of it. <grin>



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