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Addendum to Ascension Class #45


We are going to postpone the next lesson until next time. Do you want to know why? Well, it seems as though just about everyone that read this past lesson focused on the sex, when in actuality, the sex was just a small portion of it. It's just the one thing that grabbed everyone's attention. So, what we would like for you to do is let everyone know that we wish for them to, first of all, re-read the lesson and forget about the parts that mention sex. You may focus in on how you 'meet and greet' others without 'intending' sex. There were, however, some very important messages that were in that lesson that got camouflaged by the human need to focus on sex, whether it be positive or negative. And since it is such a very important lesson, we would like to spend some more time on it. Perhaps when they meet in the classroom, ask them to name off four different types of 'personal' ascension not including sex, and see if they can pull those out. Now, when this goes into the book… I also wish for this to be in the book… ask them to go back and re-read the lesson without the sex, as if it was never even mentioned at all. It was mentioned, and this week was good because many have to face their limitations and boundaries concerning sexual acts. And now we'll spend some time with the other forms of personal ascension. You may include that in what you tell them. Perhaps, even… can you edit that lesson?
SANANDA: And just take out the sex.
SANANDA: Leave in the part about 'meeting and greeting', and touch, because touch is so vital to humans and they do not even realize it.

[NOTE: At Sananda's request, below is the 'edited' version of the last lesson…without the sex.]




"Levels of Ascension" - Part 1: "Personal"


This lesson is the first of two. I'm going to do the 'Personal Ascension' lesson this evening and what it means to individuals, and then the next time you have a lesson, it will be concerning the other two… planetary, and universal. For 'my Heart' has been telling me that the word 'ascension' has become a bit overused, and has come to have numerous meanings, so I've been gifted with the privilege of coming in and explaining a few things on a more personal level.

'Personal' ascension can mean a variety of different things, and from what I have recently been made aware of, that variety of different things even includes what very few have actually done from this reality [ascension of physical body]. Yet it has become the by-word to 'expect' this to happen. Well, having that expectation is alright, but what if you don't get it? Does that mean you will be disappointed? In actuality, most of you experience some form of ascension or another every day of your lives. Very basically, the word ascension means 'upward motion'. And this upward motion can be done in a variety of different ways. However, I wish for you to forgive me if I use the word 'vibration' instead of ascension at times, for I have had it explained to me that, essentially, they have become the same. So I will be explaining it in the way that I know it best, which is not as 'ascension', but as a 'vibratory difference'.

I can tell you that in order to raise your vibration you must, one, get out of yourself, because that's what it's all about. Two, be in passion. It matters not the level of passion that you or in or even the type of passion, but be in passion. And, three, be in allowance. Allow what shall be to be, without those expectations. If you were to sit in a room, whether you be by yourself or whether you be with a roomful of people, and a joke is told, or you see something funny, and you begin to laugh. That is what is called 'laughter'. But when you allow the laughter to take you elsewhere, that is raising your vibration… ascension. It's taking you out of where you are and into a better place. If you are watching a movie or reading a book and you get caught up in it, and it makes you feel good, that is raising your vibration. That is ascension. If you become passionate, and you have the opportunity to speak of that passion to someone else, and it takes you out of yourself and into sharing with them, that is raising your vibration. That is ascension.

Now that I've given you what IS, how about if I give you what is NOT? If you laugh at a joke, and you are the only one laughing, and you feel uncomfortable, that feeling of 'discomfort' is not a raise in vibration. In fact, it's the exact opposite. It puts you more inside of yourself. If you are watching a movie or reading a book and you put it down and just 'carry on', and you can't even remember what it is that you just watched or read, that is not.

Basically, there are very few guidelines as far as what it takes to raise your vibration. But the first and foremost guideline that has been given to each and everyone of you repeatedly is to follow your joy, follow your bliss, for that is what leads you to where you need to be. Have you ever done something, perhaps for the first time, and you were surprised that you enjoyed it? These are the times that it has been proved to you that joy is a compass, a guide. It is the manner and the tool in which you follow to get you to a place of peace, harmony, well-being. If something makes you sad, do you wish to follow that path? If something makes you unhappy, do you with to follow that path? If something gives you joy, do you wish to follow that path? Who knows, it might be the path of more fun. But you see, I am not speaking here of just laughter… people laugh everyday. I am not speaking just of pleasure… people have pleasure everyday. Joy is a state of being completely out of yourself. Joy is a state of being that, when you do personalize it, it does not necessarily mean that you have to slam back into yourself. It can actually take you higher. You see, when in joy, you can say something like, "I feel wonderful!" You can say something like, "I feel the best that I have every felt right now." And you know in your heart that that is not something you're wishing to say out of ego, that is something that is coming straight from your soul.

So, I shall ask my first question. And these are questions that I would like you to think of on a variety of different levels. I will explain that. When I say to ask these questions and answer them on a variety of different levels, the first level is on a very 'personal' basis.

Let's take murder, shall we? Murder has always been frowned upon… deeply frowned upon, in most societies. That has never changed. The question is, over the course of time… centuries, even millennia… do the 'bad' things change from bad to good? That is a question. Ponder this, think on this.

Now my second question that I wish you to ponder is…

If 'bad' things always stay bad, could that not mean that some of the things that used to be considered 'good' have now become 'bad', not because they were bad but maybe for another reason?

Now, let's get away from your 'personal level', and go with a 'national' level. Nationally, how has your nation changed its outlook on what it considers 'good' or 'bad' just in the passed one hundred years? Yes, I know you were not alive back then, but I also know that you intelligent beings that read these lessons have the capacity of doing a bit of research, perhaps even speaking to someone from your own family. Perhaps read a book. But make sure that the information you're getting from one hundred years ago is accurate. Do you feel that there are things which are frowned upon more now than they were one hundred years ago? What about one thousand years ago? Two thousand years ago?

You're just now at a point in time that you are attempting to break up some of those restrictions that society and mankind put on what is considered 'good' or 'bad'.
I'm not here to try and change anyone's mind, I'm really not even here to try and justify what society has done. What I am attempting to do is to make the act of ascension so very much more personal for you. If you would insist spending your entire life waiting for one moment to culminate ascension into one act, oh… you are missing out on so much from now until then. You actually have been explained to many times through these lessons, whether you've picked up on it or not, that you ascend on a daily basis… a multitude of times, at times, during those days. You do not stay in the third dimension. You jump around like little grasshoppers all the time! That's what ALL of us do. If we had to stay in the same dimension vibrationally we would probably die of extreme boredom.

We have those that have begun teaching a variety of different ways to make you more 'comfortable' with natural bodily needs… like 'touch'. Humans have forgotten how vital touch is, not only to babies but to adults as well. All you have to do is touch someone in a way that you wish to be touched. And then, while you are touching or hugging each other, concentrate on how you 'feel' having them touch you. Let's call it the human function of 'showing love'. Have you not been told by all of your Masters that you are to love everyone? Then why could this not be reciprocated in kind to friends or colleagues? Just a way of getting out of yourself and assisting them in getting out of themselves. There is nothing at all wrong with lightly touching their cheek, looking them deep in the eyes and saying, "I just wish for you to know how much I appreciate your friendship." It is spreading touch through love, and love through touch, which, unfortunately, most humans on this planet have forgotten all about. Touch is so vital to humans. And the only thing that you truly have going for you, being a child of this time and this society, is the fact that now, when you begin this, oh, you will definitely feel the raise in vibration, for you have become not so used to it. It will be new and it shall be exciting… which shall assist in getting you out of yourself and in that higher vibration so much more quickly. Just make sure that you do not tie the 'sex' tag onto it, for that will bring you back into yourself.

Now, let's speak of some of the other forms of personal ascension, shall we? Yes, there are perhaps three of those of you that read these lessons, not even ones that you know about, perhaps, that, yes, may go through that one culminating, instantaneous full ascension that just a handful have gone through before. But you see, your human bodies are not made for that. Do you realize this? For all of you that feel that you can go through this ascension process that THEY went through, the body cannot survive. That has only happened twice in all of eternity on this planet, and those were 'extraordinary' beings inside those bodies, that were unveiled, and knew what to do to protect the body during that process. But you see, the majority of you think of ascension of going just from your third dimension into the fifth. That is just a sneeze! If you wish to go to the 'heights' that can be gone to, the last thing in all the universe that you wish to have dragging you back is a human body. Essentially, you would not even be there when the body expired… you would already be gone. The shell would either be left behind on this planet, or it would vaporize somewhere in the process. There would be no fear of death, then, for that would have happened after the fact. Rising yourself to the fifth dimension, as I said before, is nothing more than a sneeze. Just please do not be disappointed, for it is much better than the third, do not get me wrong. It's just that some of you do need to pay attention to the expectations that you're holding. We have talked of this numerous times, and when I say 'we' you realize I am speaking of 'my Heart' and I… for, usually, when he is here with the lessons, I am here also. For he is my Heart and I am his.

We are now going to speak of the one form of ascension that so many of you hide from, or shudder at the thought of… and that is the act of physical death. Most of you say that you fear the 'pain', not the actual death itself. What you do not realize is, if there is pain that is involved in the body's death, usually you're gone much more efficiently before the pain even hits. You see, as my brother Ashtar has said, it is very rare for an 'accidental death' to take place. Do you honestly feel that your Creator needs you to experience extreme pain just at the moment of your transition? Let us say that it is your time, and let us say that you are in an automobile accident. And that is when your contract ends… in that twisted metal. Do you actually feel in your heart that your Creator would force you to stay in that body until it was done? Many of those beings that have been in those accidents, that survived long enough to go to the hospital and, perhaps, even linger on for a day or two, that is just the body. THEY are already gone, and have been since what you might refer to as a few milliseconds before the actual impact. For you see, when you see that happening… that it is going to happen… it is seen with a clarity that you've never experienced in this body before. And you know, when looking at it with that clarity, that you are going Home. And instead of having fear thoughts, you are so exuberant at the idea of going Home that that is what causes you to leave… before the actual accident really happens.

Now, I could get into a long drawn out, detailed discussion with you concerning 'accidents', what some of you refer to as 'near-death experiences', and what others of you might refer to as 'coma' or 'artificial respiration'… or those kind of medical terms which mean nothing to me, and eventually would mean nothing to you, either. But I shall condense it and let you know that some of you have it in your contract to remove veils that you came in with. And one of the quickest, most efficient ways that you can erase those veils at one time is to go through something like that… a trauma like that. But instead of fearing the pain wrapped around the trauma, perhaps to help you, why don't you find some of these persons that have been through something like this and ask them how much of the pain that they remember? For you see, they can't remember what they weren't there to experience. They left so that they could come back in without the veils that they had before. That is why so many of those that your scientists and physicians have studied, that have the near-death experiences, begin using 'gifts' that they never had before. And some come back from an experience like that and they 'think' they remember the pain but, in actuality, what they remember… or what they are trying to forget… is the fact that the circumstance that they went through was their wake up call. And they are brought back in to have one last freewill choice as to whether they shall change or not. Do not fear death. Death is the oldest friend that most of you have… the brother that, when you see Death's face… you smile and embrace him, for it has been a long time since you last saw each other. Death has one name, but ahhh… the faces of death are a multitude. And those that see Death as something to fear are the ones that are missing out on a wonderful relationship.

This does not mean that the many that have attempted to seek ascension by culminating their own death have ascended. For one, as many of you will know, if you're here for a purpose and a mission, you will not be allowed to bring it [death] about. But if you do, you are sent right back in, because that is part of the contract that you signed. If you make the freewill choice in that body to 'end it', you agree to be put in another body in another situation, to see if you can handle that one a bit better. But that is not an easy process, and all it truly does is extend your time drastically. And believe me when I say, it does not guarantee that the next one you are put in is actually better. Just, perhaps, more 'convenient'. I think some of you call that a 'crap-shoot', yes? The time, for those of you that are here working fervently so that you may go Home… I know you are probably sick of hearing it… but it truly isn't that much longer. But then, at the same time, I must say that it really hasn't been that long to begin with.

Now, the last question that I wish for you to think on.

Can you name off four different types of 'personal' ascension… not including sex… that can make you experience ascension, make you feel the difference in the raising of that vibration?

If you can, then quit thinking about it and do it. For the more you experience that raise in vibration, the longer it tends to last. And the longer it tends to last, the more of an impact it makes on the life you now lead. And that tends to put momentum behind your life and forces the rest of your life to catch up. Rise up, jump out of your misery, quit expecting for 'later on down the line', and start having fun with the job that you chose! If you're in misery, you're the one that deemed it misery. Make it better. Change your outlook. Change your perspective. Change your attitude. And begin allowing the Universe and All within the Universe to assist you in being in joy, in being in bliss, in being happy. It's that simple. Just allow it. And then enjoy it. And then BE it.

That's the lesson. <grin>



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