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We will call this lesson "Ascension". I put a lot of thought into it to get that. <grin> Ascension is nothing more than the state of rising. Rising what, you may ask. Well, we've answered that in several different ways throughout the course of these lessons. You can be climbing a ladder, you can be walking up stairs, you can be raising your vibration, you can be raising your consciousness, or you can be 'flying high'. They're all the same. We have given you the lessons that explain intricacies that have never been explained fully before. A lot of what we have taught in these lessons has been taught before, has been explained before, and has been shared before from various different sources. However, we have thrown in a few pieces of information that are just being seen for the first time. But when it all comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, when you say 'Sananda Teaches Ascension', we shall ask the question "What is it that Sananda would really wish for us to truly understand about ascension?" I think I can answer that. <grin> So… we shall make a list, not necessarily in the following order, for each individual is different. But I will give you the list of the items that I, personally, find it helpful and beneficial for each and every one of you to know concerning ascension.

1. Strive to master your ego, for it is your ego, in this reality, that tends to muddle things for you. It is your ego, in this reality, that tends to hold you back, that tends to make you wish to 'mirror' all things that are sent to you, instead of allowing you the opportunity to discern what can be mirrored and what can be transmuted to be a different reflection of who you are. Egos are wonderful things once they have been mastered.

2. Allow. Allow yourself the opportunity to be who you really are. And at the same time, allow all others that you interact with to be exactly who THEY truly are… without your interference, that is, because you would not wish to have their interference for you. If you allow yourself to be who you truly are, or at least begin that journey, then it also assists you in seeing the best in others. And once you can begin seeing the best in others, then naturally they will begin seeing the best in you… or vice versa.

This, and mastering your ego, are the two truly solitary things for you to do on the ascension path. All the rest have to do with becoming one with each other again, assisting each other, and loving each other. For if you can begin the two on your own, to master your ego and to allow yourself and others, then your soul puts out a call to all others. It puts out a call saying, "We have begun the process… come to us, help us, then we shall help you. You sing the chorus and I'll sing the melody, or vice versa, depending on who you are and who I am with you." For one of the hardest lessons for those in this reality to learn is, you spend most of your lives here striving to be looked at, striving to be noticed, striving to become 'someone'. And what it's truly all about is to do this exact same thing but to see who has the biggest 'group', the biggest choir. We do not encourage anyone to be the best teacher, to be the best student. We encourage everyone to be the best at calling out to all the rest, for the more that you can call into yourself, the quicker this job gets done.

The ascension of mankind and the ascension of this planet are NOT acquired by individual progress. That goal shall be accomplished by… the team having the most players shall win. <grin> THAT is what I wish for all that have taken these lessons to realize. We love patting each and every one of you on the head… and that is not meant in a condescending manner… for we love dearly each and every one of you. We hug you all the time, however we cannot allow you to feel that energy when we hug you. Some of you get glimpses because, when we do hug you, it raises your vibration so high that you just might 'tweak out'. So we can caress, and we can pat, and we can hug 'unofficially', because we DO understand that this is not an easy job. We also do understand that, as far as this mission is concerned, some of us probably have had a better go of it than some of you. And for that we are truly thankful. Not because we're thankful it was not us that had the hard job, it is because we are thankful that the right person got the hard job. Because that hard job is to be done by the best, and the best ones here have those jobs. And we understand that, we acknowledge that. The only ones that do not truly and fully understand that and acknowledge that are those that have those jobs. And they pray, and they beg, and sometimes they stand outside and yell, scream, and holler at us. <grin> But that's OK… we have it all recorded for you for later. We honestly feel you'll have a full appreciation of the entertainment value of that once this mission is over with. <grin> And while we lounge around on our ships, and we eat our chocolates, and drink our Blood of the Arnk, <grin> we have more compassion for you than you'll ever know.

There have been times that some of us have crossed the line occasionally to make things just a little bit easier for you, however, we cannot do that without permission. And that permission is usually given unless there's some sort of contractual snafu in there that keeps it from being taken care of. But we do wish for you to understand that for every prayer, or 'beg', or sometimes vile words that get thrown our way, it is OK because we are doing the exact same thing for you and with you. However, what gets the job done is 'perseverance'. And if you can master your ego, and allow yourself and others, it DOES make it less of a struggle.

Now, I'm going to ask a couple of questions. And I wish for these questions to be pondered before answering. So it, technically, is not possible to have you answer these in your classroom unless you do what we've always encouraged you to do, and that is to read the lessons beforehand. So I guess we'll know then, won't we? <grin>

The most important piece of information that I have gained from these classes is ____.

The one piece of information I have received from these classes that I find to be the complete redundancy of ascension is ________. And you cannot say 'chocolate' because chocolate DOES raise the vibration. <grin> A more simple explanation of that question is, 'What is the one piece of information that you have heard over and over again that you have felt that you just really didn't need?"

I would, or would not, be interested in… at a later date… taking a "Master's Class". Yes or No?

If I said 'Yes', I would be interested in taking that Master's Class, these are my qualifications: _________

a) I have, or have not, begun mastering my ego. Yes or No?
b) I allow myself to begin to see who I truly am. Yes or No?
c) I allow others the opportunity to see and be who they truly are without interference from me. Yes or No?

I have shared the knowledge of these ascension lessons with others that have not been to these classes. Yes or No?

I have followed the 'honor system' in reading these lessons, whether I have been in the classes or not, by giving a 'fair energy exchange' to those that brought the lessons through. Yes or No?

I told you they were rough questions, didn't I? None of you shall be brought to task for any of these answers. These questions are just to give you points to ponder to see what exactly you have learned in these lessons. And the final question is….

I do not feel that I need to take these classes over again BEFORE asking to be admitted to a Master's Class. Yes or No?

Some of you have been there from Lesson One. You have had these classes for one of your years if you have been one of those. However, search your soul and find out how you truly feel about that. Because if you feel that you are ready to carry on, before you're allowed to take the Master's Class, one of the things that you will be asked to do is to monitor the next batch of those taking THESE classes [beginner classes].

Well, that is it. That is the last lesson. It is that simple… and it is that hard.



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