8-23-99 SANANDA

"Prayer, Energy and Stepping On Toes..."

(Hope you have your steel-toed boots on!)


We have been having quite the conversation today concerning this next class. We have received numerous responses from this last one. However, since my brother Ashtar decided to come in and talk about energy, it has more or less been decided that this next class should be about energy. You see, he came in to answer your question, to fulfill a 'need'… and just entirely skirted around the entire issue! You see, energy is such a complex issue, so in the past classes we have broached many subjects and all of them have one thing in common: they are all a form of energy. But, then again, everything is energy. We do realize that there are scales that humans have developed to measure energies. And they use different scales for what they determine to be different variance of energies, such as light waves, such as sound waves, such as Earth waves, or wind waves. However, energy is just energy. It just shows itself in different ways. When my brother Ashtar mentioned that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, you do realize he was talking about anything other than the Creator? Just wanted to get that one straight for the record. *grin* There is new energy being created on a constant basis. Your scientists have it a little bit right and a whole bunch wrong. The universe, as you know it, is going through a constant state of change, and this change isn't just manipulation. There is constant creation going on with literally every breath that you take. Because, you see, with every breath that you take, you are finding yourselves going back toward Source, so Source is creating new pathways to assist you. This, sometimes, scientists might say is causing the universe to 'expand'. If they mean it's getting 'bigger', they're correct, however, they look at it as like elastic. It is the same Source, the same universe, it's just being stretched. Well, that's not the way it is. The universe is getting bigger and bigger, and will continue to do so. Now, what is making it bigger? "Energy."

Let's step on a few toes, shall we? We are going to do an experiment and everyone that reads this lesson is going to be asked to do the same experiment. We wish for you to imagine that you have just awakened from a good night's sleep. Now, instead of you waking up from a good night's sleep as 'who you are', you're going to stretch your imagination and you're going to imagine that you're waking up from a good night's sleep as the Creator of all things. Yes? You get up and you start doing all the neat, nifty little things that you do during the course of your day. However, you are not YOU... you are the Creator. You take in nourishment, you go for a walk, you climb a mountain, you do work, you maybe take a nap, you maybe do a few chores, you maybe go dancing or roller-skating or bowling, or whatever, to enjoy your day. Yes? Now, if you were the Creator, every exhale that you have is new energy. Every drop of perspiration that comes off your body is new energy. Every hair that falls out of your head is new energy. Every eyelash that may fall off when you rub your eye is new energy. You see, the Creator does not sit at a desk and say, "I'm going to make new energy today." The Creator goes through something that you may associate with, as an ordinary day. And just the Creator being and existing and thriving causes more energy. Now, let's say that during the course of your day, when you are imagining to be the Creator: that every flower you smelled, every texture that you touched, every happy child's face that you see, every star that you look at in the sky, causes you such intense pleasure that your heart opens up and spills out more energy than all the perspiration drops, or the outtake of the breath, or the hair or the eyelashes... all of those combined. Multiply them 10-fold and that is the 'joy' energy that the Creator's heart gives off every time the Creator is blessed by something of the creation. Now, you see, the reason that I give you this example is that we're talking of the Creator here. Yes? This, unfortunately, is the only Being that thrives as such, because everything that is pleasing to the creator is part of the Creator. So therefore, when pleasure comes, it is so expansive to the Creator, that there is simply no comparison that can be given to you to compare the pleasure that the Creator feels in feeling a simple drop of rain on an outstretched hand, or a snowflake, or a sunbeam. This is such because the Creator, then, is receiving back energy from the energy that the Creator has created. Now this probably sounds like a nursery rhyme, and all of this DOES have meaning. We will start with question number 1 for the lesson.

What have you created, that gives you pleasure?

We are not asking you to talk in the pleasure that the Creator feels, however, each one of you truly are a creator and you create with your own energy. I will give as an example (for those that are reading this that have a very hard time comprehending): the energies that the two of you (Janisel and Debbie) felt when receiving your confirmation this past week, and the reason that you felt that intense joy, was due to the fact that you were receiving pleasure from YOUR creation. Now, if there are questions as to what I am referring to, I'm sure the two of you would be more than happy to share. Yes?

How often do you create?

Again, I am not specifying the fact that you should be along the lines of the actual Creator who creates by just living a normal day, however, if you receive pleasure from your creations, how often do you create?

Do you have PASSION in your creation?

We could expand a few more things on that one, but I think we will just let it "sit" for a moment. What we are going to do is we are going to take energy a little bit deeper. There are those wonderfully enlightened Beings that feel it is their responsibility to 'send' Love and Light energy to anything or anyone they feel needs energy.

Do you feel this is a correct action? Is it something you, yourself, do?

We're REALLY going to step on toes now! This is something wonderful to do… as long as you're receiving energy in return, because, as I said before, you are not actually the Creator. You do not receive the intense energies from all that you give out that the Creator does. So, therefore, some of you may be wondering why you have no joy in your life. Some of you may be feeling apathetic... you just feel disconnected, you feel that you just want to sleep through the ascension because the thought of participating just wears you right out! There are some of you that may just want to... die, because you feel that you give, and you give, and you give, and you never "get" in return. And this is true. When you give to every earthquake victim, when you give to every tornado victim, when you give to every hurt child, every sad mother, every angry father... (I'm not attempting to categorized Beings here... I am strictly giving examples. Yes?) then you ARE giving away all of your energy. And you are accepting none in return. Or, you do not feel it is necessary for you to receive in return? This is damaging your soul, because you are not replenishing your soul. Now, what is the difference between you sending energy to all the earthquake victims in Turkey… and you praying to the Creator to take care of all of the earthquake victims in Turkey? Do you know the difference?

JANISEL: He doesn't get "energy depletion".

SANANDA: Exactly! You are sending your energy to the One with the unlimited energy. In other words, you are asking the Creator to take it and do what is automatically in the best and highest of interests, for not only them but for YOU. Now, there are a lot of those wonderfully enlightened people out there that feel they should not have to 'bother' their Creator with every little thing. Every time you 'bother' the Creator, you are giving the Creator more energy. Because, every time your heart opens in prayer to the Creator, you are gifting the Creator with such an abundance of return energy, as all of the snowflakes, all of the raindrops, all of the beautiful smells, and stars in the sky. When you take that to the Creator with your open heart, the Creator receives more abundant energy from that ONE prayer than from all of those other things combined. You see, the flower gives off the wonderful fragrance, the snowflake gives off the wonderful sensation of hitting the palm of the hand, and the stars give off their radiance... no matter what. But you, dear ones, you have free-will choice as to whether you contact the Creator or not. So when you take that free-will choice to send your energy to the Creator, it is magnificent. It is wondrous... because it is an act of loving 'choice'! Therefore, when you send all of your energies, when you do all this 'energy work' to help all these others, if you do not receive "like kind" back, you are completely depleting your energy level. Now, when you open your heart, and you send to the Creator, and the Creator gets all that wonderful energy… what do you get in return? One hundred times the energy BACK that you send. An abundance of energy BACK, because the Creator is very gracious with his energy! (And I say "He" here out of this body's 'habit'.) So, you see, it is along this line: you have been taught on numerous occasions, through numerous sacred writings, and from numerous prophets, that whatever you give off, you get back one hundred-fold. However, some of you saw that as being the energy that you freely give off to 'others'. You only get that back if THEY choose their free-will choice to reciprocate. The ONLY one that gives back in that multitude is your Creator.

How often do you pray to your Creator? And when you pray, do you pray with your heart, or do you just repeat a "memorized" prayer?

That was a deep question. Some will have a hard time with this. The Creator is ALWAYS there. I will repeat… the Creator is always there. However, the Creator created for you free-will choice. The Creator will never interfere with that free-will choice. However, some of you have not even known that you've had a choice. You have seen this giving of energy as a wonderful gift, and it IS a wonderful gift when you freely give your energy. However, if you give it to ALL in need, what is left for you? So, if you have a special friend in need, if you have a special loved one in pain, it is OK to give them energy, because if they are your friend, if they are your loved one, do they not feed you back energy anyway? They would reciprocate if YOU had a need for more energy, yes? This is why humans have the ingrained need to have friends and family. It is like some animals that are like 'pack' animals, they have that need to give to each other. Humans have that need to give to each other.

We will now ask the next question. This question will not be asked in the class. This is a very personal and private question to each soul that reads this.

Do you feel in your heart, do you HONESTLY feel in your heart, that you are worthy enough to receive energy from others... no matter WHO the others are?

You see, this is where we can manipulate energies. There are a numerous amount of those out there that see that some energies are 'dark" or 'negative'. Well, some ARE dark or negative. However, those energies, too, came from the Creator as pure Love energy, but someone or something manipulated that energy. So does that mean that you 'deny' that energy for yourself? If you feel 'negative' energy, all you need to do is ask the Creator to transmute that energy into Love. You see, if it has been manipulated once, it can be manipulated again, yes? Now, some feel that they have these abilities to be able to manipulate the energies themselves… and some can. However, I would point out that it takes more energy from you to manipulate that energy BACK, than it would be for you to just ask the Creator to do it. And, then, you have what is called a 'bonus'. When you ask the Creator to do it, the Creator not only manipulates that energy back into Love energy for you, but you also get the energies back 100-fold again from the Creator for choosing your free-will choice to take it to the Creator in the first place! Yes?

Now... all during this, we have been talking about what you may refer to as 'esoteric' energy. My brother Ashtar was focusing in on your need, which was more "material" energy. This, too, is important. This we brought up before in the form of tithing. You see, this ties right in. And I know the two of you (Janisel and Debbie) get uncomfortable with me speaking of the tithing energies, however, this is a part of the lesson, so you have to type it out and give it out just as I say… including what I just said! If you take one small penny and you give that one small penny to the Creator, you get back 100 pennies! (Because, it is the same concept.) You are taking that one type of energy and freely sending it to the Creator, and that free-will act of that free-will choice of sending that free-will penny to the Creator, comes back as 100 pennies from the Creator! Yes? So, it is the exact same concept. You see, the term 'tithing' is to denote the monetary energy, however, it is the 'opposite' in actuality. It was to teach the more esoteric knowledge of esoteric energy, just using the form of the monetary energy to be able to make it an easier concept at the time to teach… because more people would understand the concept of giving away money and getting back money. Yes? More so than now, when so many are involved in sending out energy to help everyone and depleting their own. Isn't it strange how the times have changed? Some of those that have taken this lesson have had a very hard time with the concept of tithing money energy to the Creator, than they would have with letting go of freely giving their energy away to everyone that they feel needs it. Instead of just giving it to their Creator and allowing the Creator to handle it... plus get more energy back! Is that not astonishing? I've really worked up into THIS one, haven't I?

Now... we will leave off with this class with one final question.

Is it easier for you to give away all of your soul's energy to other people that you do not even know, that will never return that energy back 'in kind' to you, or is it easier for you to give tithing to the Creator?
We are going to force those that are taking these classes to look at the fact that it's easier for them to give away their soul's energy than it is to give away their wallet's money. Because if you give away all of your money, you just have an empty wallet. If you give away all of your soul's energy, your body dies. Which would YOU rather have? Technically, the Creator wants you to have neither. The Creator wants you to have a prosperous soul and a prosperous wallet. Now... put THAT into proper perspective.
That's the end of the class!



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