9-5-99 SANANDA

"A New Parable: The Ego and the Personality"


SANANDA: We implied last week, in the lesson, that the ego is very individual. Yes? However, they are also all the same, what makes the ego individual is the free-will choice of each individual ego. The association. So therefore, we did not fully decide until just recently which class or lesson would follow this one. And it was a comment made by one of our most beloved in the class today, which settled the matter. You see the question was asked if the ego was the personality. Do you remember this question? So we have decided that this week's lesson should be on what is the personality, and how does the personality affect the ego or how does the ego affect the personality.

We will begin with "Once Upon A Time". Once upon a time, there was a being, this Being was truly magnificent. This Being was all that was, and is, and ever shall be, this Being was the containment of all. Now this Being made a decision one day, we are putting this very simply, yes? This Being decided that in order for It to know all there was to know and to Be all there truly was to Be, that this Being needed to experience more from outside of Itself. The best way for It to do this was, to take the sum total of Itself and divide. Thus, we end up with all that is now. You see? Very simple. As we mentioned last week, this Creator, is still in a constant state of change, because It is still allowing the growth, the information and the Wisdom to assimilate into Itself. So… how does It receive this information? Well, as we have also explained before, each of you has a soul. This soul is that portion of the God-Self, the Source of the All that Is. Each of you also has an ego, which is a wonderful veil that keeps you from opening that door to the soul, to be able to see the All That IS. If you were able to open that door you would know All That Is. The ego is the necessary thing that remains shut between who you are now, who you once were and who you will again be. For that is the only thing that separates you from Source, is this door.

We will look at it in three parts: with your soul, which is the connection to Source; as your ego, which is the doorway that prevents you from seeing all that there is within the All That Is; and on the other side of that door from your soul, is your personality. All of us put together are the sum total of the Source, the All That Is of your personality, your ego and your soul, is the All That Is for you the individual. Therefore, you may say, that your personality also equals your ego and your soul. It is very simply put here, the battle between the ego and the soul is what produces your personality. Your personality is that individual part of you that others see… others, as in "here" in your third dimensional reality. Others that are here see your soul, for they do not see your door. The others that are here can see your ego, and occasionally might they see your soul, depending upon their progression and your progression. However, if you were to meet a stranger on the street and this stranger was a human living third-dimensional life and carrying on in a third-dimensional manner and acknowledged no higher Source whatsoever, this person would see your personality. Your personality is also the mirror of your soul, the part of you that is the culmination that your ego wishes to keep covered, by reflecting off what your ego wishes to be seen. Now this probably sounds a bit confusing, but ultimately, the ego is there to protect the soul and it knows this. If you allow anyone, whether that person be of the Light or not, to enter into your soul and enter into the space of your soul, then you integrate with that persons soul yourself. There are times that this is appropriate and there are times that it is not. There will come a time where you will integrate with All completely and there will happen then, a most wondrous occurrence. In order for you to continue in your growth and to be in place where you need to be, (for your soul development and for Ascension, as this is what this class is all about) there are some souls that you can combine energies with that will help you in this process. There are some souls that if you combine with them, they might deter you from this process. It is your ego, that is that barrier, which causes you to be very discerning as to whose soul you can actually combine with. This can start at a very young age. Your ego may build up in your mind the perfection of "who" you wish to share your life with. Your ego may tell you that only those that are truly handsome or beautiful are worthy of sharing your soul, or only those that are extremely intelligent or very brave are the ones that your ego will allow you to blend with your soul. There are structures that your ego has allowed into your mind to determine, a pre-determination, of "who" you wish to share yourself with. This is not always the case, and this is not always true, as far as who is allowed within the space of your soul. Love does conquer all, including the ego. Therefore you come up with sayings such as, "Love is Blind". Well, Love is not blind, Love just blinds the ego, and the structures that the ego has established in your brain. What your soul truly wishes to have within it's reaches, is another pure soul of the same vibration, in order to blend and cause a melding of the souls that brings the actual feeling of Source into your life. When your souls blend, you do feel God. This is what your souls crave. Your souls sing songs to each other that you do not hear, and the souls that hear the purity of each other's song are most attracted to each other. Some souls may sing high and some souls may sing low, and they call souls to them that sing the same song. This is the choir of Angels, this is the calling of the souls back to the Creator. It is the song of pure Love.

The ego is tone deaf, since it has set up structures to mirror what the ego sees within itself. So the ego, at times, may wish not to hear the song of the soul, but to see what is pleasing to the eye, or what others may perceive as best for that ego to have represented as its Love. This is a hard tale to tell you, you realize, for the ego is so intricate, in the web that it has cast around all of us. You see before you a body (Debbie), that some might find unpleasing, but what of the soul, the soul that claims to be pure alien in a human domain, who feels as if it is unworthy to be upon the soil, among all these other souls. But, there are other souls singing this aliens' song. It is just a different pitch, maybe a different tune, but it does sing for the alien soul to hear. You might ask now, what does this have to do with changing ones soul? We hope, and we know from experience, that sometimes, once you know that there is more than what you think you know, that you can rework how you want to perceive things. There are those here that feel that they have a twin flame, or they feel they have a twin soul, or they feel they have a soul mate. They are all the same, they just sing a different tune, at a different pitch, and that song of the soul carries so much further than the voice carries. This song carries not just in one dimension, but through all dimensions. This song does not sing in one reality, but all. It does not sing on just one planet, but all. And the answering song to your soul's song can be heard as far as your soul's song sings. Isn't this going to type wonderfully? Let's look at the art of limitation shall we? If your souls' song could only be heard in this dimension, on this planet, and in this reality, it is very limiting. Now, there will be souls that will respond to your souls' song, however, those souls song may just be a pitch higher or a pitch lower, not exactly the same. Very close. And you can feel the souls begin to blend, because they still blend, and then it changes your song, for you see, the blending of that song with your song, changes your song, and their song. It's just not one song that you wish to find in your soul, you want like songs, but before it's all over with you want to be able to sing everyone's song. It is the Great Chorus of Angels that will reunite, at one time. And how will you know your own perfect song unless you know all of the other songs that go with it?

Some say that I used to speak in parables and you may say that this is a new parable. In order to change, in order to thin the veil of the ego, all you need do is to allow your soul to sing, to where maybe you can hear it. And in order to do this, as we said last week, ask the Creator to allow you to hear the songs of the angels' souls. For you see, there are angels, and there are angels, and there are angels. All of you are angelic, for the souls that you have that sing were made at the same time as the souls as those that you distinguish as angels. Their song is very, very close to your song. This is why the blending of the souls between the angels themselves were able to blend with humans and other beings, so that they could share each others songs. What has been called a "fall", in essence was the body of the angel lowering vibration, so that the two souls could sing together. This could be called a "fall", it just depends on the definition that you use behind the words. All is Divine, and all is as it should be. Now, we will ask our first question for this lesson:

In your imagining, what do you think your souls song might sound like, or feel like? Is this something that you feel you already know? Or is this something that you feel you need to know?

Usually, what we do is we discuss probable answers after this, however since this is still the hard lesson of the ego we are going to let that ride for right now. What we are going to do is we are going to ask another question:

Do you feel the song of your soul has limitations or boundaries put upon it?

Judgment is a by-product of the ego, bias is a by-product of the ego, and they tend to mold the personality of the being who has that ego. We wish to set the record straight right now, and if we are stepping on toes we might as well step on all! The soul cannot differentiate between skin color, the soul cannot differentiate between sex, and the soul cannot differentiate between religious orientation. The soul is All. The soul is black, white, red, yellow, blue, brown, purple, green, and gray. The soul is male, female, androgynous, and hermaphroditic. It is Catholic, it is Jewish, it is Protestant, it is Muslim, it is all! You see before you a young man, you see before you a young woman (two people sitting next to each other). They each have a soul, that soul is exactly the same, it comes from Creator, the All That Is. Whatever your beliefs and your structures have been all through your life. Her soul knows your soul and is your soul. And her soul is known by your soul, for it is the same. Now let's say, just an example mind you, that you hear each other's soul songs and you decide to blend your souls. Your soul will encompass within yourself everything that is contained within his, and your soul will contain within itself everything that is within hers. This is what the blending of the souls is all about. If one of you were Buddhist and the other of you were Muslim, all of the Buddhist soul knowledge would go into the Muslim and all of the Muslim soul knowledge would go into the Buddhist. Now, how do we blend souls? Does it mean the act of physical joining? Well, there is quite a bit of difference in distance between the two of your bodies right now, yes? Did you know that your souls are blending? They are blending as we speak. You have heard each others souls songs, they are not the exact same, however, they are close. And your souls are feeding on each other's information, and they are really enjoying the fact they are with another soul.

Can you feel God in this room? Can you feel Source in this room? All of the souls in this room are combining, they are singing their songs together, they are teaching each other their variation of their song. They are teaching, sharing and assimilating within each other, everything that each of you know. Why can you not see it? Why can you not feel it? That door called the ego. Each of you is saying, "I have my space and you will stay in your space and I will stay in my space and you leave my space alone!" However, it is the ego, attempting to prevent the inevitable from happening, for you see, it has already begun. It has been going on for quite some time now. You will now, from this day forward, carry a portion of each others' soul with you. Did you realize this? You have a piece of each other that will remain with you, the knowledge that you acquired from each other. And this is what will bring us all together into the One. There have been those that have taught, that you can cut them off, that when you leave and go home, you can sever your connection with this one sitting next to you. There is a part of that energy that you can sever; you can actually forget, in your mind, that you have ever met each other. However, your souls shall never forget, and your soul cannot possibly hand back to this one all that you have assimilated from her. The more you are around each other, the more you allow your souls to assimilate. The more you allow your souls to assimilate, the more you grow. What of all those people that live in all those big cities, that are around all of those people all of the time, why are they not rising in vibration? If this is true, why does this not happen? You have a 'mass consciousness' that is going on in these cities, that have further thickened the egos, to where the egos can prevent some of the soul-melding; the answering of each other's songs, that mass consciousness has thickened that ego to the point where the ego is ruling not only the personality, but a portion of the soul. However, this can be changed, and it is to be changed with discernment and with Love. As we said last week, the only way that this can be done properly, is to ask Source to open you and your soul to where you can hear each others' songs. The ego has its purpose and you wish to retain it for awhile, for if your ego left you, your personality would be deficit.

At the same time, we will answer another question that came up. Do those in the Higher Dimensions have an ego? Yes. We do. The higher in dimension you are the less of an ego you have. This is probably going to burst some bubbles for some, but you see, I do appreciate my chocolate donuts. If I did not have an ego, I could not even conceive of what a chocolate donut would taste like, or the energy of the chocolate donut. For once that veil is completely gone, there is no individual taste, there is no individuality. Now we, however, do not call it an ego. We are associating it with a term that you use, it is not the same and it does not affect us the same. However, it is a veil all the same, no matter which dimension you are looking at. It just affects us differently. We have personalities, but we can also hear our souls sing. For the thinner the veil, the thinner the ego, the more of the chorus you can hear. We do not wish to add confusion in this week's lesson, on top of the confusion of last week's lesson. What we do wish is each individual determine whether this information can be taken into their heart and into their Being as Truth, or a portion of their Truth. So this week we wish to add the magic behind what the ego can do, so that you may have more information to determine if this information is what you can take into your heart. And if it came out as a parable, so be it. Some will understand and some will not. We have to teach in many levels, so that all may hear at their own level. There are times that may seem cryptic, there are times that it may seem very elementary, very simple. We are reaching out to all, not just to a few. We pray that these classes help ALL, and ALL do get the information. Some get it consciously, some get it on a cellular level. At times when you feel you got it not at all, you got it anyway! Now whether you do something with it is completely up to you, yes?
We wish to ask this question. And this is the last question for this lesson.

If YOU were going to teach this class, how would YOU teach "all"? Not just the few, but ALL.

All of you are students, and all of you are teachers. I, myself, consider myself forever and always a student. I love learning from YOU! This is why we laugh. It helps us assimilate what it is that we have been, what we are, and what we will be again. We are ALL, that Source, that always has been, always is, and always will be. Shall we end on that one?



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