9-12-99 SANANDA


"Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters"


SANANDA: We have had a wonderful discussion concerning what this week's lesson shall be about. And we have decided to give the class members a break. What we have decided is to fill in a few gaps and allow some breathing space while the egos balance themselves a bit after a… shall we call it a double-whammy.
JANISEL: It's been tough.
SANANDA: That's good. The tougher it is the better it is. So those who have acknowledged the fact that they have had a very hard time with this have allowed themselves to grow in leaps and bounds. Therefore, we have been reminded that this is a beginning class. Well, beginners need to have a shock every now and then to accelerate growth. Don't we give wonderful shocks? Therefore, I have been asked to give a class on ascension preliminaries, things that some may not quite know about yet, or if they know about them, they may not have a full understanding of them. This is what we will talk about tonight. Give the much-needed ego a rest, for assimilation. So, we'll talk about various things tonight. Just to allow information to assimilate into the soul or, shall we say, from the soul into the consciousness.

The first thing that we will discuss is that wonderful term that is used so often called "GUIDES". Some may call the Guides "Master Teachers", "Ascended Masters", this kind of thing. There is much confusion what these terms are concerned with, you have many Angels, as we talked about before, yes? These Angels are not so much there to guide you as to assist you. Your Angels are there to watch over you. You have many types of Angels that surround you. You have those that are called "Guardian Angels", some say that you each have a Guardian Angel actually you have many Guardian Angels. You are born into this being with a number of Angels. It is not always the same number, however, we shall be generous and say that it is always at least 10. You have Angels that watch over you at night. You have Angels that watch over you during the day. You have Angels that watch over you when you eat, when you sleep, when you become active and do things. You have Angels that work with you when you deal with other people, that are technically their Angels. However, their sole purpose is not just to assist the one that they are assigned to, they help all that their person comes into association with. Then, as you grow, you have more Angels that come to assist. There are Driving Angels, Flying Angels, and Swimming Angels. You have Angels that come and assist you just at specific times. You have Angels that are there to make sure that you are safe. Believe it or not, you even have Angels there to make sure that you are happy. Please take note, this does not mean that you PAY ATTENTION to those Happy Angels, but you make your Angels that are there to make you happy, very happy when you allow yourself to be happy. You have Angels that are over you when a woman is pregnant with a child. Mother Angels that help mothers deal with children. You also have Children Angels that help the children with their mothers. You have Mate Angels to help you deal with your mate. So there are all kinds of Angels. However, the Angels very rarely are allowed to interact with your conscious Being. There have been extreme cases of Angels actually being able to manifest into the consciousness to save a life or to pass on information. These are rare. These are the ones that we call the ANGELS.

Now then, you have what are called GUIDES. These Guides come in many, many forms. You have some Guides that come in with you from past lives, friends that you had in a past life that do not necessarily wish to incarnate in this life, but they wish to assist you in this life. So they hang around you and let you know when you are doing something that reminds you of them. You have Guides from past experiences, for let's say in a past lifetime you were… oh, what's a good example… a priest. Then you may have a whole slew of past life priests that have chosen not to incarnate in this lifetime, but to come in and share yours with you. They may not have necessarily been priests, friends of yours that you knew, however that shared experience allows them to connect with your soul and share things, and they too, at times, can offer assistance and words of wisdom. You have Guides that could have been a loved pet in a past life. You could have a Guide that was a loved pet in this life. And once they pass on they may choose to stay near you and to assist you and to share in your continuing experiences. You have Guides that could also be a close friend that you had in this lifetime that has passed, and they have chosen to stay near you for a number of different reasons. Does all this make sense so far? See… this is going to be an easy one.

Now, where we head into the confusion, is in what you refer to as ASCENDED MASTERS. What is an Ascended Master? Or what is a Master Teacher? Well, anyone that has lived upon this plane at any time, and they have gone through what you refer to as the death experience, they are ALL Ascended Masters. For you see, their souls have ascended. And they have mastered that ascension process. Now, you may say I argue semantics here, and that is quite right. For you see, some of you have gone to the point where you have grown used to calling the Ascended Master-Teachers as Ascended Masters. Which is fine. We do acknowledge this limitation in the vocabulary. However, we wish at this time, to acquaint you with the fact that all that have passed on are Ascended Masters. We wish you to recognize their mastership, for they have mastered the ascension process, whether it was their intent or not. When the body dies, the soul is set free and the soul does ascend. The soul then has a choice. It can stay close to those, that it felt close to here and continue assisting them. It can go on to the next highest dimension that it wishes to go to, for a new life experience. Or it may return to the dimension that it originated from for, shall we say, respite, rest, relaxation, whatever. When the soul is freed from the body, it is freed from all of the veils that the body covers and holds within it. That soul has as many choices as it wishes to have. The Ascended Master-Teachers are so numerous we will not bother with naming them. We may use a few as examples. For one, we wish to use Elijah, the prophet Elijah, master of the ascension process in the physical being. This was a wondrous happening. It was not the first and it was not the last. It is just the one that got recorded... however inaccurately it got recorded. For you see, there have been many soul groups that have ascended physically together in large numbers. Some have been recorded, some have been guessed, and some no one ever knew... what you might call a mystery. We shall take for an example…. hmm what you refer to as the Anasazi. This is an excellent example. This group ascended as a whole. Now, where did they ascend to? Have any of you thought on this? Now, we will answer this one's (Debbie's) question this evening. For you see, this one had a chance to see them. The Anasazi ascended to the fifth dimension. Technically you can go to any Anasazi village and they are still there, however, you can't see them. You can only see the ruins of where they were in the third. The Anasazi of the fifth dimension are quite advanced in technology. They still live in their cliff dwellings, however, they have mastered what you refer to as solar power, they have mastered hydropower, they, too, have electricity, they, too, have heat, and cooling. But, they have followed their purity into the fifth dimension. What they have done with their technology there, has allowed them to live a more pure life than what they would have led if they had remained here in the third dimension. They were in touch with their Guides, they were in touch with their Master Teachers, which had ascended, they were told of what was to come, and they chose to leave. However, when they chose to leave, they did not realize that they were staying in the same place. When they ascended it was just a vibratory ascension, they stayed in exactly the same places as they were. This was a wonderful concept concerning your critical mass, mass consciousness, because the entire Anasazi population was not in one place, but there was enough in the one place that ascended to the fifth that it raised the vibration of ALL of the Anasazi to the fifth. Now this may be confusing for some, and we understand that, for you see, the Anasazi were very close to this planet. They are of the originals from this planet. Their soul purpose in "Being" was for this planet. They consider themselves the Guardians, and there are some, now, here, in the third that are visited by the Anasazi to help them. In their heightened state in the fifth dimension, they have also learned how to become Guides, and how to find the souls of those, still here in the third that will help raise the vibrations enough so that the planet can make her full ascension. Now, you might ask, how could the Anasazi be in the fifth dimension without the planet being in the fifth? Technically, the planet IS in the fifth. The body of the planet, the main body of the planet, is in third, but when you have beings that are in the fifth already on the surface, it is pulling the spirit of the planet into the fifth before the body is pulled in. Okay, this will cause some questions. Yes? You might say that the fifth dimension of this planet lives in what some call fantasy, or imagination, but it is as real as this, right here. For, it is all the same. It is just bringing it all together now. For I can also tell you, I hope, that there are also parts of this planet that are already in the seventh dimension. Very few areas I should say. However, once this planet fully embeds itself in the fifth dimension, those such as the Anasazi, will immediately go into the seventh. It is like a chain reaction. Once a body ascends to a higher vibratory rate, those that were at the higher vibratory rate before it, go to their higher vibratory rate, and so on, and so on. When you reach the fifth, those that you call fifth dimensional ships, will seem very third dimensional to you, for you shall be able to see them as something whole or solid. That will be your reality then, the same reality that they are in. However, shortly after that they, too, will transform into a higher vibration. One of these days all will be at the same vibration. But that's looking into the future too far. Do we have any questions so far? Are we all awake?

GUEST: I have a question. Have dragons gone into the fifth dimension? Is that why they are no longer here?

SANANDA: That is an excellent question. Dragons, griffins, unicorns, the ones that you call the mythical beasts, are in a very high dimension right now. They are not in the fifth. Some have gone on to just a pure light-form without a body, some have gone to the seventh or ninth dimension, where they are very real indeed. However, they do not have the stigma attached to them as they had here. They went home. They were not indigenous to this planet. They came to stir things up a bit. And then came a time for them to go home. And they went home. Now, some have volunteered to come back. I will not say when. But they have offered to come back. And some that even your mythology has not made note of, which were here before and did not get quite the recognition they deserved. There have been times in this planets' history, that the history has been lost or is not recorded in a manner in which you have been able to see yet. This planet has had some wonderful beasts here, which you see as beasts, but which we see as Beings. There was actually a bird called the Phoenix? And there were the Gorgons. Oh, there have been some wondrous things here. Was it all just imagination? Pleeeease! We do give humans that were here, at that point in time, credit for an imagination, however, you will see some wondrous things, for they are coming back. Wonderful question. Thank you.

Now, where were we? I think it is time for a question.

Do you know any of your Angels or Guides?

Have you been able to interact with any of your Angels or Guides? *smile* We're really on a roll here.

If you answered "No" to question # 1 and question # 2, would you like to know 'how' and 'who'? That is what this lesson is all about. Yes?

GUEST: Get names for all the voices in my head?

SANANDA: You can, most definitely. You have names for some of them. Question # 3 is technically the question that is going to drive all of them insane… That is a joke! Repeatedly, we get the question, "Who are my Guides, what are their names, who are my Angels, what are their names, what do they want to tell me?" Well, we can answer that very simply (Tongue in cheek). Your Angels are here to watch over you. What do they WANT to tell you? Everything that they think you would like to hear. What are they ALLOWED to tell you? Very little. Their job is to do and to be, and not so much to interact. However, there are variations to this, there are times that you may have an Angel that has been assigned to you, specifically to assist you in something that you have blocked, through intent, without realizing. How do we block with intent without realizing? Well, it's that wondrous little ego thing… and we promised not to mention the ego, didn't we? It happens though. In these cases, Angels can be assigned to come in and assist you. They get to know you, work with you, allow you the chance, with your free-will choice to unblock what was done, at a time when you may not have been so aware of what it was that you were doing. This can happen. We have told you before, that words are a most powerful tool. For an example, let us say a woman's husband comes in and she smells perfume, and she marks it down to her 'intuition', and she and her husband may go through a separation, maybe permanent. This woman marks it all down to her intuition. She may, in a time of stress make a statement to the effect of: "I NEVER want to get that kind of insight again. Look at the problems it caused!" That was intent. It happened. The emotion behind that, was enough to shut it all off… to not be consciously aware of those smells any more. Since mankind has become so dependent on his words, it has become very powerful. Now, the other thing you have to take into consideration is a child as a Being of God. A Child is as much of a soul as an adult, and a child has free will just the same as an adult. For the soul within that child is as mature as any adult's soul. There may be times that that child sees or experiences something that is very dramatic for that child, and that child can vocalize an intent that can cause the same type of reaction. Children do see Angels, all the time. And children talk to Angels, all the time. And sometimes the adults around the children who no longer see the Angels tell the child: "You don't see that. There's nothing there." Or sometimes that adult might say: "Now I want you to stop that, there is nothing there!" And that child, in a moment of frustration, may say: "I don't see you, you don't exist." That child will never see that Angel again unless somehow, someway, that child is to work with that Angel and that Angel is given permission to stay around and hopes that that child becomes more open to the workings of the spoken word and can rework the situation. It happens more times that you can possibly count during the course of a day, all over this planet. The verbal intent without realizing the power of that verbal intent, especially when there is emotion behind it. Parents have no idea what it is that they are denying within their children. They do not know better because their parents did not know better. But, now the time is changing. The circumstances are changing. Hopefully, now there are more parents today, that when their child says: "Look Mommy, there is an Angel in that corner.", Mommy can say: "Honey, Mommy can't see the Angel but can you tell me what it looks like?" We are hoping that this will happen more and more. These children can speak volumes, if the adults around them will only pay attention. Yes? These children are the ones that will put the planet through ascension. They are the Master Teachers, if the adults are willing to listen. If you wish to have a job and you wish to become enlightened in the job that you have, the best job that you can have is to surround yourself with children, and listen to them, talk to them, ask them what colors they see, and what a person's color is. The younger the child, the clearer the images that they see. And this was not to be a part of the lesson, however, it does work wonders within the lesson. So…

How often do you allow yourself to see things through the eyes of a child?
And you can do this without really being near a child. You have the opportunity through your spoken word to be able to see things through the eyes of a child. I will not give this away any more than I just did. So the exercise for this lesson shall be:
Can you do this, using what I just said? Are you willing to give it a try? Now this is not the Inner Child thing that so many people talk of. So that is another clue I will give you. This should be enough for this class, yes? *smile*



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