9-19-99 SANANDA

"Looking at the World through New Eyes, Through New Senses"


SANANDA: We are going to continue last week's lesson. The infants truly show their angelic origin when they're asleep, do they not? We can begin with, how many of you have been able to master seeing through the eyes of a child? Shall I rephrase that and say, how many have attempted to master seeing through the eyes of a child? Imagine yourselves going to sleep, going into a deep sleep and having a dream and in this dream when you awake you are born anew, clean, pure, and innocent. Is this possible to imagine? And when you awake, you open your eyes for the very first time and you see; the sun coming through the window, a bluebird sitting on a tree, you get to see the wind singing, a butterfly, a nest with eggs, a caterpillar, or even a ceiling with the most amusing patterns on it. Perhaps you see a beautiful painting that you have on your wall, or you see a beautiful candle, which looks like a marvelous creature. Perhaps you see a favorite book lying next to your bed. The point is… you know what the bird is, you know what the sun is, you know what the book is and you know what the book says, because you have all of the knowledge that you went to bed with. You just woke up, new, fresh, clean, and pure. Ahh, but there is a limitation. You cannot speak. How can you tell someone how beautiful that bird truly is, or how beautiful the sound of the wind singing is, or how wondrous the words in the books are? You have come to a point in time in creation, where you have become far too dependent on you vocal abilities, and this has somehow, some way through human free-will choice also transposed itself into the written word. I shall give an example. Let us say, you have just met each other. I shall use you as an example again if you do not mind. You introduce yourselves. "How do you do?" And you say, "I am doing well, and you?" And you say, "I am doing fine." And this one says, "Just fine?" And you say, "Fine!" Well, you see, to this one fine meaning next to horrid, whereas to you fine may be next to magnificent. This is a very simple example. However, I believe all of you understand the point, yes? We have discussed before, how important you verbal intent is. What you say registers in your brain as what you mean. Your heart then looks at your brain and says, "It must be. It is what you say, it is how you speak your truth." Until all of you can master the abilities of being able to truly be compassionate with other souls, so that you may honestly share your truth with them, the consciousness, the personalities and the egos of those that you are conversing with, depend upon your spoken truth. What they hear from you. Now, let's say, this one (Janisel), she'll get on her machine tomorrow and type this up. She is very careful of how she places the words. This is her attempt to keep integrity into what might otherwise be spoken word. We have also been working with this one on the truth of her spoken word. So her brain has edited this into her written word as well. What needs to be typed, is the same that needs to be spoken, are the words from the songs of the soul. We have heard MANY ask, "How do I hear the song of my soul?" We tie these lessons all up very nicely for you. It just takes a couple of lessons to finally get it in, yes? To hear the song of your soul you must all learn to be quiet in your soul. And your soul is in a constant state of flux, a constant state of movement, a constant state of change. "Why," you might ask? It is constantly attempting to keep up with all of the changes that your personalities, your egos, and your consciousness throw at it. This is the way that the human body, as a whole functions. The human body acknowledges its brain and its logic, because it is there. If you cut the body open you can see the brain. The human body acknowledges the heart, because it is there. It acknowledges the vocal ability, because there are parts of the body that causes this (throat). The human being is a wondrous machine. It is a machine. And what makes that machine a part of God and a part of Creation? The soul, because that soul aspect is the part of God, is the part of Creation.

There are many who talk of Angels, such as we did last week. Angels do not have a human form, they do not need a machine. They have what is considered a light-body, and this light-body can manifest itself into many different shapes. And occasionally one of those shapes may look like a human machine. Angels are also a full component of God. However, they can stay deeply in their intent of what it is that they do, because they do not have that constant state of flux that their soul goes through, due to having all the changes thrown at it because of having that body, having that machine. Now, there will be some that will take minor offense of me using the term machine. I am not what you would refer to as mechanically inclined, and even our computers are living, breathing creatures. What you would refer to as your computer, as being a machine, to us it is the same as your bodies. For they are a living, breathing creature just as your body is. Now if you were to take the soul out of your body, your body could still exist, not for long. This is where some have termed 'Soul Walk-in'. If the soul leaves the body and the body continues to live, it is an available machine. Another soul can enter into that machine and completely take it over.

Now, let's look at the mechanics of this machine. When this soul walk-in takes place, does the personality of the original stay? No, it does not. Does the consciousness of the original stay? No, it does not. There are memories that are embedded in the brain which stay, so this new soul can actually walk into this body and pretend to be the one that left, because it has the mechanics of the machine still there. As we mentioned before, the personality is a part of the soul, as is the ego. Therefore, does the original ego stay? No. It too leaves.

Now, let's go back to you waking up first thing in the morning and you see things for the very first time through this body. It could even be the first time that you have been on this planet. It could be the first time that you have been in a machine. Your body still has the ability to speak because the mechanics are there, however, this soul has never had to talk. So it would lie in that room, in that bed, wondering at the magnificence around it, and would attempt to tell someone all the beauty as it is sharing with you. But you see, your lover walks in and says, 'Good Morning, and how are you?' This new soul would look at this being and hear words and see the movement, however, it is just like a newborn child. It must learn how to use the machine. Sometimes this can happen very quickly. However, just as in a newborn babe, there is a mechanism that kicks in, and as soon as that ability to speak begins, the brain remembers, there is a veil to be placed. And that new soul becomes a new veiled machine. There are some that have walked in with contractual agreement that the veil would not be placed. This is very rare. It requires a lot of energy for that new soul to be able to prevent the veiling from taking place.

We teach you this tonight, due to the fact that there are many that have questioned the idea of 'Soul Walk-ins' or 'Soul Transfers'. This is something that has been happening for many years, and it's going to be happening more in the next year than ever before. For you see, there are a lot of beings and souls that have been here for quite some time. They are tired. They have done their jobs, and they want to move on. However, they have done their jobs, they have learned their lessons well, and they have decided to offer their machine for another soul to come in and continue with the work, without having to go through all the pain and suffering of childhood and growing. The times have quickened and have accelerated tremendously. And we have had some decisions to be made. This is another reason why we brought through this class, and these lessons. Some of those that you have referred to as Ascended Master-Teachers, have decided it's time for them to come in. They are coming back. Some will be veiled, some will not. What we are asking all that take these classes to do, is to spend as much time as possible, fine-tuning your most important tool of discernment. For some will come in and say that they are St. John. Some will come in and say that they are Mahatma Gandhi, Siddhartha Buddha, Allah, and Mohammed. Some of them ARE coming back. We will not tell you whom. However, we will tell you, that THEY will NEVER look at you and say, "I am ______," and give their Ascended Master-Teacher name to you. This will be one of the best discerning abilities that I can give you. If they say it… they are not it. You will know them by the song their souls sing to you. You will know them by the vibration that your soul insists that you get close to this one. Because the song is so strong and so pure that your soul will just have to share in that little choir. So again, you're back to listening to your soul's song. How many of you pray? How many of you meditate? And how many of you meditate as much as you pray? Ahh… This is something to practice. As this one (Debbie) might say, "Praying is talking to God and meditating is listening to God." What I say to you is, meditation is your time to connect with your soul, which is a portion of God. So of course it is that way of listening to God. When you train your conscious "Being" to meditate, you are training your conscious "Being" to connect with its' soul. Some of you may hear a song, some of you may feel a vibration, and some of you may see colors. It is all your soul's song. Some of you can see through your meditations, some of you can hear, and some of you can feel. Now, once you've acknowledged that you have seen your soul's song, then you can focus on feeling your soul's song, and then hearing. It is the containment of all. Your soul's song even has an aroma, it even has a taste, and it even has a texture. The machine that your soul is contained in can know the soul's song in every way possible, even the senses that you are not even aware of, which I am not allowed to tell you. That will be a lesson way down the line. So, we will look at this lesson as looking at the world through new eyes, through new senses. You do not have to go through a walk-in experience to know the newness of what that soul feels. Why? Because your soul did walk-in to this body, this machine, at one point in time in all of your lives and even your brain remembers. It has stored the feelings that the soul had and the sensations that that soul went through when it first entered into this machine. There are soul memories, and a portion of that brain that your scientists say is not used, is actually used. It is the storage cabinet for the soul memories that connect with that body. Now if your soul decides to leave, and if you decide that you wish to have your body stick around, to help another, this is not an easy process. Your soul has molded this machine and has molded itself to this machine. Your consciousness may say, "OK, this is my escape clause, I'm checking out!" But, your consciousness can make this decision all it wishes, it's the soul that decides. And as we have said before, the Creator still has to give the seal of approval, also. And it is the soul's decision. The soul in human terms owns the consciousness. The soul owns the ego, and it owns the machine, and the personality. This is also what we brought up before about healing. If the soul owns the body, then is it not a conscious choice for the personality and the ego to say, "Ahh… I would be most thankful to have a perfectly healthy body. I trust it in your care, so that you may bring about that perfection. Because my dear soul you sing the song of God and you can sing this body to perfection and to perfect health." Ahh… did we give something else away? Laughing out Loud. Now, we will ask our first question for the class:

Can you close your eyes and put yourself in the situation that we mentioned before, of waking up an entirely new soul, in a new machine? If you can, picture this of yourself, can you then think of some way that you can share with your lover that walks into the room; the beauty of the bird, the beauty of the song of the wind, the beauty of the light from the sun, and the beauty of the little caterpillar? Can you think of a way, other than verbally, of passing on the beauty and the wondrousness of all that you are seeing and experiencing for the very first time?

And yes, I will answer this. The best way to do this is share your soul's song with your lover's soul's song. When you share songs with each other, they will feel that wondrous beauty and that newness that you are experiencing for the first time. Because if you were a walk-in, by sharing your song with that person, they would then know that you are not the same soul that they perhaps went to bed with the previous night. Hmm. So, that's where I will now ask

How long can you meditate? Truly connect with your soul and its song. Now, there are going to be those that say, "I do not know how to meditate!" The best and easiest way that I can suggest, that you meditate, what is it that this one (Debbie) calls it, this tape…

JANISEL: Duct Tape!

SANANDA: Duct tape across your mouth! *smile* And then, in order to keep yourself from going stir crazy, from not being able to share with others, we would suggest that you place a pillow over your eyes. The less that you can see, the less you may wish to talk about. Then I will also suggest that you put your fingers in you ears. Do not hum to yourself when you do this. But when you do this, seek true quiet… true peace. The biggest hindrance you'll have, once you quit speaking, quit seeing, and quit hearing, is your brain. Therefore, might I suggest, that when your shopping list comes to mind, you say, "Thank you very much, I will deal with you later!" When your child's dance schedule comes to mind, you say, "Thank you for reminding me, I will deal with this later!" When you think of an anniversary or birthday just thank it and tell it that you will look at it later. And for some, this may take quite a long time to go through these lists. However, once you begin to do this, you are going to be training your brain, that when you get into this quiet space, it is to not interrupt. Even though it is a part of the machine, it is fully trainable.

We were asked a question. The question was, "When in meditation, how do you prevent yourself from falling asleep?" My first answer would be another question. Why would you wish to stop yourself from falling asleep? When you sleep and when you dream, your conscious being is turned off, and it allows direct communication with your soul. This is why many of you dream in symbols. This is why many of you remember so intently your dreams, and this is why many of you do not remember your dreams at all. Your soul, the only time it has direct communication with you, is after your conscious mind is asleep, unless your conscious mind has placed programming in there that prevents receiving clear information from the soul… which we have discussed before.

Therefore, if you fall asleep, it is fine. What you are doing when you are quieting yourself to go into meditation, is you are telling your soul that you are willing to listen. You still receive the information. All you have to do is program your brain that when you wake up you will remember it and you will trust the source that it came from. This, too, takes a little bit of time to train your brain, but it does work. The brain has accustomed itself to believing that dreams are just of no importance. So… for some of you, all you need to do is tell your brain that you wish to remember those dreams because they are important to you. Then, eventually, your conscious "Being" will not feel it necessary to fall asleep in order to get that direct communication from the soul. When you fall asleep in attempting meditation, you are doing several things. One of which is, you are demanding that your body relaxes, the other is, you are demanding your brain to relax. Your brain and your conscious being have more or less determined in your past, that the only time that your body gets fully relaxed, and the only time that you intend to slow down and relax the brain, is when it is time for you to sleep. Yes? This may be a way of your soul letting you know, "You need to relax a bit more and you need to teach your brain not to be so active all the time." It is training that you are following when your body goes to sleep during meditation, for your body is saying, "Ha, I can relax. Ha, the brain is quiet. Must be time to sleep!" Does this ring true? Now, the next question, and I do believe this will be the last question for this lesson.

Do you feel that your machine would be worthy of a soul exchange with, let's say… Siddhartha Buddha?

We are going to get on the ego thing just a little bit more, just a little bit. So many of our wondrous lightworkers have a problem with worthiness. So… we are going to nip that one in the bud immediately. You are worthy enough to have God in your machine. And God is in your machine all the time. Now, there are also going to be a few of these little egos out there that are going to say, "Of course, God is in my machine! I have made it everything that it needs to be, to be perfect for the Creator to be in my machine!" If there were a malformed machine, with missing limbs… that could not see that could not speak that existed in a world of pain and suffering, this is truly the most perfect machine for the Creator to be in. The Creator wishes to experience all. And for those out there, with the physically fit, perfectly healthy, wondrous bodies, wondrous machines, they are normal. The Creator wishes to experience everything. We are not putting down athletes, we are not putting down healthy, all we are saying is… in the Creators eyes, the more unique the better. The Creator does love diversity, in all. What a wondrous way to experience all there is, and to be outside of the norm. The Creator would love to be able to touch long curly hair, or short fluffy hair, or long braided hair, for it is all truly an experience. Now, can you imagine the Creator being able to feel no hair? This part is a joke! *laughing* We are hoping though, that it does make a point. God is in all. It matters not, what the vessel or the machine looks like, or acts like. There are those out there that any lightworker would shudder to look deep in, to find the Creator in them. But the Creator is there, in all. And that is the soul's song that we hope that all of you strive to hear the most. It is very easy for you to be sitting here and sharing each other's songs, because you have love for each other, you have compassion for each other, and you have similar experiences. Now, those souls sing very closely to each other. So, let us say, you have soul songs along the lines of Mozart. We truly wish for you to find the souls and hear the souls' songs of those that sing like Snoop Doggy Dog! They are all the choir of Angels. It does not matter of the beat, or the colors, or the smells, or the textures of that other person's soul's song. For, you are all in the same chorus. You just have to become in harmony with each other. Yes? This is the end of the lesson for this week.



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