WELCOME to a marvelous and enlightening series of lessons brought through the body of Rev. Debbie Wright of the Church of Sananda’s Eagles.  According to the teachings of Sananda and other Masters, the Universe stays in Balance through the operation of 'fair energy exchange'.  Due to the time and energy Debbie has spent as a full-trance medium in bringing through these lessons, Lord Sananda has suggested a minimum Love Donation of $1 per lesson to Balance the Universal Energy.  This can be done by clicking on the Donation Basket below, or through a personal check to Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324.

This falls to your own integrity, as no one is monitoring you except your own God-Self and Sananda.

It is also suggested that the lessons be read in numerical order for understanding and clarity, as some lessons refer back to or build upon concepts presented in previous lessons.




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