My Dream


When I was a child and for most of my life, up until 1999, I had a recurring dream, once a month EVERY month, the same EXACT dream every time. This dream was of what I called, the second coming of Jesus.

In this dream I am outside standing on a sidewalk with other people. Then facing the setting sun, we notice that the clouds were doing something strange. Then… out of the clouds, thousands of ships come pouring out of the sky, blanketing the sky right above us AND all around us. Some of the ships go right on by - to the next city, next state, next country - but the ones that stay hover in the air, at about the height of a skyscraper. Then all at once, all of the ships shoot a beautiful blue beam out of the bottoms of the craft. We are all feeling so excited. I can FEEL the energies of the ships on my skin and throughout my entire body and I have a knowingness that this is what is meant by, "every eye shall see and every ear shall hear." I watch as some people begin to walk into the beams and begin floating up into the bottoms of the craft. I, however, do not have to walk into the blue beam. I stand with my arms spread out like wings, and I lose my 3D physical body and transform into my light body, which is a beautiful golden light. The feeling of ecstasy is so very intense; the joy of dropping off the heaviness and going back into LIGHT is so blissful a feeling. I fly up into and through the side of one of the ships overhead.

I have a job waiting for me inside the ship. As people come into the ship they walk into what looks like a shower stall, and I KNOW that their bodies are being made PERFECT. Inside the stall their bodies are blasted with a brilliant white light, and when the light is gone their bodies are covered with a fine white powder, and there is a suction that pulls the powder off of their bodies. Then, when they come out of the shower stalls, I hand them beautiful white robes to put on. After all of the people have been brought onboard, we all go to the top of the ship. There is a railing that goes around the ship and we are standing there looking down watching what is happening down on the ground. There are angels and Jesus himself that are walking around talking to the people on top of the ship... hugging them ... telling them that everyone left, down on the surface, chose this. It is all in their highest good to go through this; those that are left behind will die in this reality. I would usually wake up at this point, waking up with a deep grief. The grief is not from what I'd been through; the grief was from knowing that it was just a dream… again!




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