God Day


But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.   II Peter 3:8


One of the things that I've gone over and over in my mind is the concept of a "God Day." According to Second Peter we are told that a day to God is "AS" a thousand years. Now, I, myself, KNOW that all throughout the Bible we are told how many times that God tends to "bless" the number 7. I got to thinking one day, what if that "as" was really closer to the number 777? What IF a God day was really 777 of our years? I began doing the Virgo thing (that I'm famous for), and figured out… going backwards, how the 777 years would be IF God was just coming back from Sabbath. Why, you say, would I consider God JUST coming back from Sabbath? Well, I figure that MANY prophets made a point to tell all of us that we ARE currently in the LAST DAYS! Therefore, IF we are in the last days, it would make some sort of logical sense to me that things would have gotten their WORST during the Sabbath that God would take OFF! Here is the chart that I came up with: (Oh, and if you are wondering I'm using the SATURDAY Sabbath.)


2003 AD
Saturday 1226 AD - 2003 AD
Friday  449 AD - 1226 AD
Thursday  328 BC -  449 AD
Wednesday 1105 BC -  328 BC
Tuesday 1882 BC - 1105 BC
Monday 2659 BC - 1882 BC
Sunday 3436 BC - 2659 BC
Saturday 4213 BC - 3436 BC


Now Christianity teaches that Creation happened approximately 6,000 years ago, according to the Bible… hmmm what do you think?

Ok, now for a little trivia concerning this:

1. One God minute would then be equivalent to approx. 197 "man days;" that's over half a year!
2. Hitler died just over an hour and a half ago to God!
3. There are a little over a half a million minutes in a man year; there are over there are over 408,000,000 man minutes in one God Day!
4. There are almost seven million "man hours" in one God Day!
5. According to my calculations here, Noah's flood happened right around sundown on Sunday after God coming back from His Sabbath AFTER making Creation!
6. According to my calculations here, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was Monday afternoon.
7. Tuesday afternoon was the birth of the twelve tribes of Israel.
8. By Tuesday night Moses delivered the Children of Israel out of Egypt.
9. Sometime Thursday afternoon Jesus Christ was born… HE came to tell us to get ready for God to take another Sabbath OFF!




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