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The Church of Sananda's Eagles (certified under The Universal Life Church) is a sanctuary and haven for those with any belief system. We exist to learn and share our beliefs with each other, without discrimination. The Church, however, is also a business, and as a business we need to have an income base established. Rev. Debbie Wright and Rev. Janisel Rohs have been the sole sources of income for the Church since its inception in March of 2000. This income has been from products and services that we've offered over the years, and from those that have felt the blessing of tithing to us (through the Church). Now that we have established the email list (SanandasEagles at Yahoo groups) and set up this website domain for the church, Janisel and Debbie have decided that the time has come for the merit of the church to stand on its own and allow self-sufficiency of the church itself.

In Spring of 2003 an email was posted to the list declaring the new proposal of Pledges to establish an income base for the Church. The feedback showed us that those that get spiritually fed by the Church would welcome a Pledge system of support for the Church. This income base will be very helpful to Debbie and Janisel. It will show a projected monthly income, it will show a lending institution an income base for grants and loans that would be of assistance to the Church, and it would also show a mortgage company the ability for the Church to be able to possibly purchase a home base. Last year Debbie and Janisel attempted to receive a grant from a metaphysical business that offers bi-yearly grants to others that work and act from Spirit. However, this business turned us down for a grant since we have not (and are not going to become) 501-c3 status (non-profit.) The teachings that come through this Church teach that the Creator wants all of us to be prosperous! We've even had others write to us and tell us to go ahead with a non-profit status, but have creative bookkeeping methods that would show that we took all profits and dispersed them. This would NOT be in our integrity!

The Executive Board of the Church met for a Board meeting and discussed methods and ways that the Church could more effectively support itself. The Pledge system was one of the methods discussed. A base pledge of $44.00 per month was set for pledgers to receive special discounts and privileges. The following is a list of some of these discounts and privileges that you would receive upon pledging $44.00 or more per month:

This pledge will be on the same status as tithing. You will receive tax information by January 31st each year of your pledge/tithe status for a tax break. If you wish for the monies that you send to the Church to go towards purchases instead of tithing, then you are forfeiting the tax break and pledge status.

We will accept any pledge you are willing to offer.



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