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In May of 2002 Ashtar asked Janisel to set up worldwide Prayer Groups. These 'Prayer Doctors', as they have become known, have since then seen what can only be described as 'miraculous' results in the lives for those whom they have prayed. Below is the channeling from Ashtar and his explanation of how 'many' of us, coming together in large 'groups' to pray 'at the same time', can indeed have a profound impact. God hears… and God answers. These Prayer Doctors go into action every Monday night at their specified time. If you can join us, thus adding your own intent and Light to this Project, please email Janisel at


ASHTAR Channeled Through Janisel

I AM Ashtar, here with Lord Sananda, to address the Eagles on a matter of much importance. At this moment in your planet's history, prayer is more needed than all your meditations combined. You have all gone into the Silence, meditated on various ideals and concepts, and have all found and expanded the Light which resides within your very Being. It is now the time to spread that Light across the face of your planet in more direct and effective ways. As we have discussed recently, much is now happening on your planet to bring about great changes. ALL, my Beloveds, is in Divine Order. As we told you in our last transmission, there is the 'possibility' for great political as well as Earth changes. All of these situations, brothers and sisters, need Light sent to them. The simple prayer of "Thy Will be done in this situation" is the most effective and appropriate way to send Light to those areas or situations you see as 'dark' or 'cataclysmic'. In petitioning the Creator to transmute or requalify denser energies, release all attachments to the outcome or to the manner in which the Divine Will is played out. It is simply to be 'Thy Will, not mine, be done'.

Now, I would like to address the subject of synergy. For those of you who are new to this term, although it has become quite popular in the development of your New Age paradigm, it is simply a way of saying that the total is more than the sum of its parts. The numbers grow exponentially as they expand. I will give you an example, which many of you may already know. When one person prays, it is just that… one person praying. Believe me when I tell you that one person's prayers ARE heard and CAN be effective. However, the effectiveness is increased as the group of those praying for a specific event becomes larger. The formula one may use in determining the 'total sum' of all your 'parts' is to square the number of beings praying, then multiply that number by 100. In essence, if you had only four beings praying together in a group situation… same time, same event, same intent… you would then have the equivalent of 1600 beings praying together rather than just four. You see? That is one of the benefits of 'group mind' and 'group heart' and 'group intent', of which we have spoken to you much of late. Can you now see the importance of coming together in groups to pray? There is great strength and power in numbers, my friends.

Now, lastly, I would like to discuss our suggestion of Prayer Groups being established within the ranks of the Eagles, for this forum has been together long enough to have made great strides in joining into group mind and group heart. Have you not noticed the 'results' you have received when you have been asked to pray for someone within this Family? Now that this has occurred, it is time to move on to a higher level of service and use that connection you have built for the furtherance of the bringing of Divine Will to Earth. This is strictly, a 'volunteer' service borne out of your freewill choice, and is in no way mandatory. It is hoped, however, that most of you will volunteer to be a participant in one of these Prayer Groups.

We have suggested to this one that a Prayer Group be set up for each of your 'time zones' around the planet. A Prayer Group, therefore, would consist of all Eagles living within that particular time zone that have volunteered to be of Service in this way. This is simply to facilitate greater ease and convenience for various persons to come together at the exact same moment in time. We have noticed the difficulty that sometimes presents itself when humans on one side of your planet attempt to join together with those on the other side at the same moment. Now, what are these Prayer Groups to do? The obvious answer would be PRAY! But we are asking our Eagles to pray in a focused and synergistic manner. There are, and will continue to be, as we said, many changes coming upon your planet. For instance, perhaps you will hear of a hurricane approaching the eastern coast of the United States. This is an opportunity to come together and pray… NOT for the hurricane to be 'diverted' to another location, NOT for it to 'miraculously disappear' but, rather, for the Creator, Himself, to direct the force of this hurricane, shedding His Light on it's path, and using this opportunity to bring about Divine Will in the lives of all involved. Amen.

Would you like to see the synergistics of what will happen as these Prayer Groups then go into action? As the members of the Group which reside in the time zone of your east coast hear about an approaching storm, it is they who will correspond with the other members of their own Group to establish a time to come together in prayer. For, in a scenario such as this, time is of the essence and it is they who shall have the least amount of time before such occurrences as power failures, etc. occur. One of the members of this particular Group will then send a message to the Sananda's Eagles list, giving the time that their Group will begin praying. This is the 'Call', so to speak, for the other Groups to establish their own time to come together and add their voices to the prayers of those on the eastern coast. This prayer time should last a minimum of fifteen of your minutes. Now, would you like to see the power of your numbers? If, for example, the Prayer Group on the eastern coast of the United States had ten members, of group mind, group heart and group intent, praying for the same thing at the time, it would be the equivalent of approximately 10,000 beings all raising their voices to God in unison for the same purpose. That, my friends, is the power of only ten of you when you act as One! Does that not, as Rosie would say, 'blow your mind'? Next, if the Group within the adjacent time zone had 15 members which came together for this same purpose and prayer, you would be speaking of a force equal to 22,500 humans praying at the same time! Each of you can figure this out and do the math. One could get an even larger perspective by then adding together the sums of all time zones. If there were to be some sudden major and, what humans would call 'tragic' event transpire, such as on Sept. 11th, this would provide an opportunity for ALL Prayer Groups to unite at a specified day and time, coming together as One Mind, One Heart, One Intent and One Prayer. By utilizing the formula you were given earlier, knowing the total number of people praying at the same time around your planet, you will truly see the Great Power that you, our Eagles, hold!

We ask that each of you who choose to participate in this great work please contact our Rosie and inform her of what State or country as well as time zone you reside in. She will then contact each volunteer, giving them the names and email address of the members within their Prayer Group. Should there be less than three persons residing within the same time zone, they will be assigned to an adjacent time zone. There will be no 'monitor' or 'director' of these Prayer Groups. We have faith that those of you who desire to be of Service in this way are spiritually mature enough to organize and coordinate these Groups. We do encourage, however, all members of each Group to be in close communication one with another. This will keep open the state of 'group heart' and 'group mind'. For, by being in communion with the members of your Group, you will find ample opportunity to use your collective and synergistic Prayer Power for such things as the physical healing of a loved one, or the facilitation 'with ease' of an important or stressful event in a member's life which is producing stress or other mental/emotional traumas. Be in Service to each other! Be in Service to the Earth! Be in Service to God!

We Salute You All!


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