Here you will find a multitude of products, books, video and audio tapes, Lemurian Vortex meditation stones as well as one-of-a-kind crystals.

General Ordering Information:
ALL ORDERS should be sent to: Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 USA
with check or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles (NOT to Ashtar's Trinity or Sananda's Eagles). Credit card orders can be placed via PayPal, and the address you will need is:

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Sananda Teaches Ascension Sananda Teaches Ascension
4-volume set of 48 lessons, 12 lessons per volume.
Sananda suggested a love donation of $1.00 per lesson, therefore, this will not be changed.
$12.00 for each volume + shipping/handling ($7.50 Domestic only. Not available outside the continental U.S.)
Now available in Spanish. Please specify English or Spanish translation when ordering.
Ahora disponible en Español. Especifique por favor la traducción Inglesa o Española al ordenar.


Light Lessons
Light Lessons
and More Light Lessons
Books of lessons and explanations from Sananda and the
Ascended Masters.
$17.00 each + s/h ($7.50 Domestic
only. Not available outside the continental U.S.)



Master's Class Book
Available only to those who have already completed the Master's Classes.
$17.00 each + s/h ($7.50 Domestic
only. Not available outside the continental U.S.)


Flight School Training ManualFlight School Training Manual
Previously taught as a group online class, Ashtar’s Flight School Training Manual has been re-edited and formatted into a 34-week home study course complete with workbook pages. This is the 'nitty-gritty' for those serious about finding their Inner Self. $17.00 each + s/h ($7.50 within U.S.
only. Not available outside the continental U.S.)




Life Onboard the Ships of LightLIFE ONBOARD THE SHIPS OF LIGHT

By Janisel

As requested by Athena, permission has been given by various people to have their Command Readings published, although their 'Earth name' has not been used for reasons of privacy. This is because the reading of other people's Command Readings will 'trigger' your own memories. Even the cover of the book has three 'accelerators' on it, put there by Lord Ashtar. If you have had a Command Reading, know someone who has, or are just curious about what it's like to be onboard, then I think you'll really enjoy reading about my escapades… as well as a few secrets I tell on others. <wink>

Cost of the book is $17.00 USD plus $7.50 postage within the U.S. only. Not available outside the continental U.S.


The Religion of LoveWe are happy to include the first publishing of The Religion of Love: A Manual to Guide You on the Path To Enlightenment, by one of our Eagles, Tom Pafe.  Clicking on the book will take you to the order page at iUniverse or you can order direct from Amazon.

[excerpt] "The Religion of Love is written for those who are seriously searching for wisdom and the path that leads to the Divine. The journey is long and tedious, but those who honestly search will find it. To each soul, God may app ear different, but it is the appearance that is unique, not the reality. God reveals himself or herself to us depending upon how eager and committed our search is. Our love and the understanding of God will ultimately change our perspective of the truth. This book will guide you on your walk with God and illustrate how to find God. It will also show you:
      * what God desires
      * the purpose of life
      * a practical approach to prayers
      * how to find your path in life
      * the secrets of the Kingdom of God as mentioned in the Bible
      * how to become a lightworker

The goal of this book is to provide missing information that can awaken or revolutionize consciousness by providing information on religion that has often been limited to morality or sociality and sometimes theology, and finally, create an environment when religious vibes can flourish."



Master's Classes Audio Tapes Set
Eleven 90-Minute Tapes
The cost of this set is a minimum love donation of $111 and can be obtained ONLY after you have completed the online classes.


Inner Rainbow Chakra Balancing Meditation audio tape

Inner Rainbow Chakra Balancing Meditation

Balance, cleanse and revitalize your chakras using this guided meditation. Comes with two 4”-long crystals. $16.00 + s/h ($2.50 Domestic, $4.50 International)



Gathering of Souls Conference - 2000 in Sedona, Arizona
Condensed to a set of three 6-hour VHS tapes.
$125.00 + s/h ($4.50 Domestic, $7.50 International)


Gifted by the Spiritual Hierarchy to Ashtar's Trinity, these clear quartz crystals are for the making of specially-charged Waters, each with a specific function in the preparation for Light body. These are available on a Love Donation basis in an amount of your choosing. Please refer to The Water*Crystal*Healing Book on our website for the selection of crystals.

Specially engineered crystals for the cleansing of the Earth's atmosphere and the elimination of air-borne allergies. See The Water*Crystal*Healing Book for prices and ordering information.

These stones allow you to tap into the vortex which unites the Inner Earth Lemurian Beings of Light with those of mankind upon the surface. They have been gifted by the Lemurians to grace your meditations and allow you to connect with the Perfection within the Inner Earth, gently cleansing and washing your etheric bodies. When employed during your meditations, they will open you to the healing, calming, soothing and spirit-altering energies of our Lemurian brothers and sisters. Various sizes ranging from $1.50 for the small to $5.00 for palm size. Supplies are limited. Price does not include postage. Email for details.


Rock of AgesROCK OF AGES

This is the stone that holds the Gold Energy of Creator. Whether you are a Healer, Reiki Practitioner, an Energy Worker, member of a Prayer Group or a Meditator, this is the BOOST to take your work to its Highest Level. This is a new Lightworkers Tool that Sananda has asked be sent out worldwide. According to Sananda, this 'rock' is still connected to the center of the Earth, and is the essence of pure prana from the Creator. In his words, it is "the generator of Creator healing energy. It will MAGNIFY, AMPLIFY, BOOST, ANYTHING that you do! Boost your healing work! Boost your prayer power! Boost your meditations! Whatever your spiritual work might be, this will magnify and amplify the energy of that work." Please be aware that it also boosts the energy of anything you 'intend'.

The Rock of Ages is available for a minimum love donation of $22. The size of the rocks varies, but all carry the same amount of energy regardless of size.


Breath of Life audio tapeMetatron's Breath Of Life: A Gift From The Throne - Temporarily Unavailable
Gifted to us by Lord Metatron, he had this to say about this new healing modality: "It is The Breath to learn how to change your body to accept one dimension into another. When you teach this, you are teaching this to people to heal not only their bodies, but in using this breathing method, they will release many things, including major issues most Lightworkers have... such as worthiness, abundance, acceptance, allowance. For when they use this breathing method, as I said, it will take their conscious Being directly to the Throne." Metatron calls it "the breathing method that heals anything... ANYTHING... ANYTHING." This includes anything from a cold to terminal cancer. Comes with special crystal, a template of Metatron's energy signature, and cassette tape of complete instructions.

We were instructed by Metatron to NOT ask a 'specific, set cost' for this healing modality. He said that we were only allowed to recoup our costs, i.e., the cassette tape, accompanying crystal, and printing. We are, therefore, asking only a minimum love donation of $5.00 + s/h ($2.50 Domestic, $4.50 International)

Please specify English or Spanish.

Medical Disclaimer



Return address labels featuring the Sananda's Eagles logo
Minimum order: 1 set of 3 sheets of 30 labels (90 total) $6.00 + postage
Window Decals $3.50 each + postage
Magnets $4.00 each + postage


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Traditional Ashtar Command Logo used by Tuella
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