The following is a Call to Action from Ashtar given to Rev. Debbie Wright on Friday March 7, 2003. Following this announcement are excerpts from channelings that brought about Rainbow Cross in 2001.


Dear Eagles, Lightworkers, Humanitarians, and Proponents for Peace,

For those of you that have a knowingness within you, to know that you are here for a greater cause, this message is for you. Over the past 4 years, we have been told through channelings, visions, prophecy, sacred texts, etc., that the future of this planet depends on nothing more than simple Unity. Many of us have strived during these past 4 years to bring everyone together. It seems that egos, control and all sort of other non-enlightening things seem to get in the way. Here at Ashtar's Trinity and the Church of Sananda's Eagles, we are bull-headed enough to keep trying, and we will continue this process until the Creator tells us it's time to quit and go Home! So fasten your seat belts, grab something to drink and smoke 'em if you've got 'em… because this is going to be a long one. Please do your best to stay in an open mind and an open heart until you finish reading this:

On September 12, 2001 Lord Ashtar came in during one of our channelings and had his say about what happened the day before on this planet (9/11). He informed the empaths of some of the things they needed to be aware of going on within their bodies, and he instigated Project: Rainbow Cross. For those of you that are new, or have no idea what Project: Rainbow Cross was, here is a brief description: Clean Air crystals, Unity crystals, and Brotherhood crystals were planted, submerged or otherwise placed within a 700-mile radius of New York City and Washington, D.C. Thousands of crystals were placed within this area to assist in cleaning and clearing pollutants in the air and the water that manifested because of the terrorists' actions of the day before the channeling. These crystals are specifically-programmed crystals which would also raise the vibrations of those that lived within this area. Used to combat fear, used to instill Brotherhood, many people living in these areas were then able to get on with their life and do what needed to be done. During the channeling, Ashtar said that another reason Rainbow Cross was so vital was to give Lightworkers the opportunity to actually DO something to help. Many people could only help by sending money to support the endeavor, others helped by being in receipt of the crystals, traveling around and placing them where they needed to be. Within a 3-month period of time, those areas were saturated.

During morning meditation on Friday, March 7, 2003, RevDeb had Ashtar appear to her to discuss current world events. Here is a brief description of what was said:

1. Project: Rainbow Cross is to be re-activated. Lightworkers and Peace Proponents need to have something 'physical' that they can be doing to give them a sense of accomplishment in dealing with the current world events.

2. Ashtar said that the Trinity Grid Project MUST BE enhanced and expanded. What this means is… we need more people working on the trinity project. Ashtar said he will be happy only when we reach 200,000 members on this project.

3. RevDeb was also told that, as it stands right now, this planet is heading toward the Third World War, and that if these crystals can get out, with a sense of Unity and Brotherhood, it would be far more effective than 'peace protests'.

4. Finally, RevDeb was told by Ashtar that if the Lightworkers cannot unify, planetary peace cannot possibly happen. Those that have already worked on the Trinity Grid Project must then advance to working within Quartets. This must happen to enhance the Grid Project. The crystals that will be placed worldwide, specifically in North America, Central and South America, and African regions, will become a VITAL part of a crystalline grid on the surface of the planet. After this grid has become more pronounced than just being centrally-located around New York City and the D.C. area, then the Brotherhood and Unity Energies programmed into these crystals can be BOOSTED through the Trinity Grid Project along with assistance from the fleet under Ashtar's command. Please have no misunderstanding; these crystals are to go out 'worldwide'. The above-mentioned regions that are to be saturated are specifically mentioned due to the fact that, when this war begins, these areas will be the mid-point of the energetics of the war energies. Ashtar showed RevDeb, on a holographic world globe, that even though the three main points of concentration for this war are 'technically' close together, none of the world governments wish to involve China. The three main points of concentration for this World War being: North Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. If you look at a world map, you will notice all three of these areas lie very close in proximity to each other in latitude, i.e., along the same latitude lines. You might also take notice that Sedona, Arizona lies along those same lines. Why, you may ask, do we enter Sedona, Arizona in this equation? Ashtar's answer: It's where the Heart of the Grid Project is. Ashtar specifically asked RevDeb to note the number '3'… the Third World War, the Trinity Project, and the three countries in dispute.

Now is the time for each and every one of you to decide if you're going to put your energy where your mouth is. (For those of you who have been working diligently in this Project, please note that this does not mean 'you'). The Executive Board of the Church of Sananda's Eagles met today (March 9, 2003) in the office, and we are in the process of contacting specific people from other countries to act as distribution points for this re-activation of Project: Rainbow Cross. In order for these crystals to go out worldwide, it will be more efficient to have several different distribution points to make things more economical for those living outside the United States.

As before, it matters not to us how you participate in this Project. You can either assist financially, or you can assist by placing crystals. Follow your heart. If you can think of anything else that will assist in this Project, not mentioned in this email, please feel free to contact either RevDeb ( ) or Janisel ( ). We do not wish to impose on anyone's teachings or channelings. Once again, we are just doing what we have been commanded to do. If you wish to immediately become a part of this, we have re-activated the Rainbow Cross email forum on Yahoo. To join, go to:

For the Trinity Grid Project, all you have to do is meditate for 5 minutes, 3 times a day, meditating on specific instructions from Ashtar and others, which are posted once a week to the Ashtar's Trinity email list.

For the Quartet Group Heart project, you are asked to meditate 15 minutes, 3 times each week, with 3 other people, following a set meditation to achieve Group Mind. Once you have achieved Group Mind, your specific meditation will change in order to bring your Quartet into Group Heart. You must work on the Trinity Grid Project for two months before signing up for a Quartet.

To find out more about these meditation projects, please go to the project links above or to the main page of the Sananda's Eagles website at

We are also asking you to share this email with every list you belong to and/or every individual you know. We have many people already working that act as a 'hub' for groups of their friends that are not online. We will make special arrangement with you if you wish to act in this capacity. WE ARE GOING TO DO OUR BEST TO REACH THE 200,000 PEOPLE MARK THAT ASHTAR HAS SET BEFORE US.

We ask the leaders of our Prayer Groups to include Project: Rainbow Cross, the Trinity Grid Project, and the Group Heart Quartet project in their prayers. And we ask the Reiki practitioners to do the same. We now admit we can use as much help as we can get! Thank you, God!

You can now either sit at home at your computer and just send loving energies to all the political leaders that you want to, and do nothing more, OR you can get out and start placing crystals, or, in lieu of that, get out your wallets and support those who are planting crystals… and take Group Pride in the fact that you are DOING SOMETHING that will bring this planet back into the Divine Plan.

Once we hear from our distribution point members, we will be sending you ordering instructions and updates on the following lists: Sananda's Eagles, Ashtar's Trinity, Earth Keys, Group Heart, and Rainbow Cross. We hope to be working more in-depth with you soon.


From Ashtar 9-12-01
Through Debbie Wright

How many of you have had extreme pain in your body in the past 24 hours? How many of you feel that your eyes cannot possibly get any drier, like it feels like sandpaper when you blink? How many of you have felt pressure in your chest, as if you could not breathe, in the past 24 hours? How many of you have felt completely disconnected from everything in the last 24 hours? Now, how many of you, out of all of these things I just mentioned, have felt them for 3 or more days? Each one of you are empathic and you have taken on what has just happened, that has put everyone in fear. Some of you began taking it on long before it actually happened, because this was destined to happen, and you agreed to hold energy for this.

Some of you took on the pain in the form of headaches, backaches and limb aches. How many of you feel as if you cannot hold your legs or arms still for longer than 5 minutes? This is the need to escape, that you have taken into your body. Those are the bodies that are still alive, that you're taking into you to hold energy for them. As far as the dry eyes, there's a lot of damage that has been done to the eyes of those that are helping out because of the dust, because of the fragments of glass, because of the broken cement that has been pulverized. And, yes, there is what you refer to as asbestos that is causing a lot of the eye problems as well as the lung problems. Those of you that have felt the pressure in your chest is from breathing in the dust, breathing in the asbestos, and helping transmute the fear. Fear settles itself in the back, in the head and in the chest. I will not differentiate for each of you which ones you are holding for, you more or less know that. This one has a wonderful little saying that she pipes off all the time, this 'through me, not to me'. This will 'help', it will not 'cure', for you did this contractually.

Please be aware that this is not your pain; this is something that your bodies agreed to do. And since you are in co-partnership with your bodies, you get to live with it. However, there are things that you can do to 'ease' this. Number one on the list, the more you pray the easier it gets. This is always a cure-all. Number two, the one that all of you love to hear so often, drink more water. For those of you that are holding the energy in your chest, it is IMPERATIVE that you practice deep breathing every time you can think of it during the course of a day, the deeper, the better. You must clear this from your body as part of the co-partnership of your body. Your bodies had no idea how empathetically strong they could take this energy in, and it is your part of the partnership to encourage the body to process these energies through as effectively as possible. Do you understand this? Do not hold on to the 'fear', hold on to the 'discomfort', hold on to the 'ache'. They are you salvation at this time. Do you want to ask me why? Pain is your connection to this job. So many are feeling disconnected from being able to help. You KNOW you are helping. Your bodies are validating for you that you are helping.

Are you willing to relish the pain and the ache while these transform themselves within your bodies? Embrace it, love it, cherish it, and just do not feed it. Spend some time being gentle to yourself while you are processing these energies. I believe this one (Debbie) would say it's time to 'kick back', relax and enjoy the finer things that you usually miss in your life. I believe it's another one of those times for, 'Let's now count our blessings, shall we?' Shall we talk about how many planes were supposed to have been blown up? Let's just say that only a fraction of the damage actually got done, and those were for those that had contracted to do that. All the others we had the 'right' to interfere with, because those beings were not allowed to die. We have felt it very important to come in and reiterate some information that you've been given before, and just remind you of this information. Where physical human body death is concerned, there are no 'accidents', therefore, there are no 'victims'. They are just Souls awaiting transport. This is it. Remember this: this is not the only time it is contracted to happen. We are not allowed to forewarn. We cannot do that, for if we did that, it could be diverted through human freewill choice. And would that be fair to those Souls that contract to leave at that time? Is it the mass consciousness freewill choice or prerogative to override body contracts? No, it is not.

Question: And the ones that are the perpetrators, they contracted to do this?
Answer: Most definitely. And we will not say who they are, for that would interfere with their contracts, also. Just do not believe everything you read, or hear, or see, for there are some in this reality that, yes, have mastered the concept of the idea that this life is an illusion, and this reality is an illusion and, therefore, it can be tampered with.

This is a stepping-stone, a joyous stepping-stone. We ask that you revel in the work that you are doing, for this is a grand moment in the transformation of this planet. When you have one isolated pocket on the face of this planet that has as much pull as this pocket has, the mass consciousness is very strong here, very strong. And things just needed to be tampered with just a bit, 'allowed' to happen. It was not 'made' to happen, it was 'allowed' to happen.

Question: To break the will of our government?
Answer: We cannot say, in all honesty, to break the will of the government but, essentially, what we CAN say, is to bring the power of this government out into the light so that it can be seen… TRULY seen. And the will of the peoples of this country, through these actions, will be brought face to face with the government that rules these people, over 'who' has what 'right' to do 'what' in 'whose name'. You understand?

Question: Yes. It seems like right now Bush is stepping out trying to cause a war.
Answer: Allow the man to do his job. However, make sure that when he does his job in 'your' name that he is in his integrity, for that is what has been brought out into the light. And the light will continue now to shine on this, whether he tries to hide it or not. And when I say 'he' in this circumstance do not get me wrong, it is a collective 'he' that we mention.

Now, everyone take a nice deep breath for me. Let's do it again just for good measure, shall we? If you're stepping into your own power, make sure you ground it, and doing this will help.

It is very dense in this Nation, on this planet, right now. As you noticed, there was a little respite from the energies and then, wham!, here it comes again. Please remember, you were warned of this, that when you had the lulls to rest up, were you not?

Now, when are you going back to work? I am referring to the crystals that you hold guardianship over.

Guest: Well, when the time comes.
Ashtar: IT'S COME! Now, I will help out the situation here, yes? Will this help? If I do what I was told to come here to tonight, are you ready?
Guest: It depends on what you came here to do.
Ashtar: THOUSANDS of crystals… … charged and ready to be shipped. Because guess who needs it the most right now.
Guest: New York City.
Ashtar: And?
Guest: Washington, D.C.
Ashtar: And every place in between. What I say this evening is going to be asked to be posted to all tomorrow. I am putting out this evening to those that live in and around that area, within a 700 mile radius of both hit points [NYC and DC]. I need them to volunteer to be willing to place these within that radius, to make SURE that the toxins that have been put into the air because of this are cleaned as soon as possible. And in the doing so, I am asking contributions to be sent to help cover the costs of these, for they are expensive stones and the process takes a lot of energy. And I'm going to ask that the donations be sent separately, through this office, marked for these air crystals.

The Call is going out. For all of the Eagles on the eastern seaboard of the United States, part of your current mission at this point in time is to make sure that this area gets saturated with the crystals, including the water crystals. Brotherhood crystals would be marvelous to put in waterways RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, for they CAN transmute toxins. This is not to spread fear, this is another call to action, I believe is what it was referred to before. And it is time. Can you possibly imagine what it would be like in New York City at this moment if the Brotherhood water were completely saturated in that city?

The Unity water, the coming together to enjoy, completely, what the Creator has deemed VITAL for mankind, community, sharing, peaceful, tranquil sharing of anger, of love, of astonishment, of shock, dismay, and even sorrow. You can see now how they are pulling together already. Imagine the quickest, easiest way to transform the sorrow, the rage and the fear into love, than to put these two waters into as many people as possible working in that area. The Freedom water will also assist those. In one month, if you have not allowed your body the opportunity to transform the energies that you are holding from this trauma, you will then be asked to do the Freedom water to break it before it (trauma) becomes an addiction to your body. If you are working with ANY that have gone into high fear over this and they hold it for ANY length of time, the Freedom water will break it before it (fear) becomes set as an addiction within them. Rage can become set, and Freedom will break it.

It is no coincidence that these waters became available before this happened. It is no coincidence that these air crystals have been charged before this happened. Do you understand?
This is one of those times when these air crystals are greatly needed. This is no 'choice'. This is stressed VERY STRONGLY. Do not add words to my words when speaking of this, do not add fear when speaking of this. These are just Golden Light Threads that have been already woven into the tapestry of this reality, and more of the tapestry needs to be done with those Golden Threads. Do we understand this?

Now, you tell me how are YOU going to assist this Nation with this problem?
Each of you in this room, each of you that will read this later, have a MINIMUM of five contractual missions tied in to what has just happened. Five. So what are you going to do about it?


Sananda 10-17-01
Transmuting the Energy
Through Debbie Wright

Let's talk about all the things that keep you from having this much fun during the course of your day. I want to tell you the funniest thing that I have had to deal with lately. Guilt! You see, we have been very busy. We have had many of our Lightworkers that have fallen into the traps, and we scrambled to help pull them out of the brink of despair And that is the strangest thing to have dealt with, the guilt that Lightworkers have felt over this [WTC] happening. "It could have been avoided". I will put all of you at ease: this could NOT have been avoided. This HAD to happen. We shall look at it in a whole new perspective, shall we?

What happened on that day that put everyone in fear, and terror and guilt, was the most momentous thing that this earth has gone through in quite some time. We will explain very little of what happened, actually, 'behind the scenes'. We can tell you very little for, frankly, some of US do not know. Far be it from me to go to the Throne of God and say, "Why did you do this?" I go to the Throne of God and I say, "I trust you. This was good!" There ARE mysterious things that happen constantly, you understand this, yes? The Divine works in only the ways that the Divine can understand. And all we can do at points of time like this is trust that the Divine is handling EVERYTHING. This means no fear, this means no terror, and it most definitely means don't carry guilt. The only thing that any of you may carry guilt about is anything you feel that YOU are personally responsible for. And if you feel that there is something you could have done that would have prevented this, your ego is just a wee bit out of control.

Now, what we DO ask is that you assist in transmuting any of the energies that you, personally, are holding because of your body's empathic contract to assist with what has gone on in this process. We have discussed this with you before, yes? And you've been working on transmuting some of these energies, yes? Begin transmuting what your body contracted to hold for some of those that perished that day. With you, a lot of it has been fear and terror that you have been holding, that do not belong to YOU, that belong to THEM. It is fear and terror that you have held for those that did not necessarily perish that day, but went through it. You see, Lightworkers from all over this globe had contracted to accept some of this. If all of that fear and terror staying in that one tiny place, the mass consciousness of this whole country would have just exploded, it could not hold it. So all of you have contracted to hold energies for some of those that went through that, in order to assist it in dispersing, so it would not all be concentrated in that area.

As we spoke of before, some of you are holding physical pain. And you're holding physical pain for those that were injured and for some of those that did die. For any of you that have developed any body problems, physically, within the past six months, which is when it began, your bodies would have started magnetizing that energy at that point in time. So any of those aches and pains, any of the nervous feelings or anxiety within the past six months, this is what it is from. And if you are still feeling it, you are not properly transmuting it, for it needs to be transmuted, it needs to be transmuted back into love and then released so it can go back to who it really belongs to.

Guest: I don't have the anxiety anymore, but periodically I'm having the stomach problems.
Sananda: The Violet Flame is good, however, the 3-Fold Flame will call in higher energies to help you deal with this problem. If you are strictly using the Violet Flame, you're not getting it all. The Violet Flame will only transmute what you KNOW. The 3-Fold Flame will transmute ANYTHING, known or unknown. And when you carry a physical pain like this, even though you know where the pain is, the Violet Flame just doesn't have the oomph to transmute it properly. For you are dealing with a minimum of six different contractual agreements, for this empathic magnetic, that your body has become for this. For you are dealing not only with YOUR personal contracts and your body's personal contracts, but you are also dealing with it for whomever you are carrying it for. And you have no idea as to 'why' those people that you're carrying it for could not carry it themselves. And this is the purpose of using the 3-Fold Flame, because without that 'knowing', it cannot be properly transmuted.

Now is the time for you to shine! You realize this, yes? It is now your time! It is your time to speak of love and Light and your Truth, with all the passion you can hold within you. For so many around you are now in that fear, and they are so more open to accepting love because now, in their fear, they need it the most. When you find yourselves around those that have fear of… I will not even say the name [anthrax], this 'disease'… even those who have no possible way of attracting it to them except through their fear. You understand this? What they fear is attracted to them. Now is the time to shine, take your Lights out, breathe on them a little bit to shine them up, talk of the water, talk of the air, talk of the breath, talk of Creator, talk of the love. Live the example of what's it like to NOT be in that fear. You're going to have more people attracted to you because you are NOT in fear more than anything else! Walking down the street with a smile on your face, singing, humming, whistling, whatever, you're actually going to have beings look at you and say, "Is this person from outer space, or what?"
Now is the time of miracles. We've been telling you this time was coming! We have been telling you it is NOW! NOW is the time of miracles. Now is the time to point out to everyone you meet what a miracle just being alive and out of fear is anymore. And that it's a miracle that EVERYONE can share!

You have seen how fear can manifest now, yes? How many people did you know before that day (Sept. 11) that were in fear of just 'anything'? And they manifested the perfect thing to bring that fear right up front and in their laps. So now that they have it, and now that you can show them that they manifested it, you can also show them how they can manifest being OUT of fear and into the moment. How do you think the people that lived in this area would react if tomorrow every one of you went out among people and walked up to strangers and said, "Hi! My name is ___, and I'm glad to be alive and I'm glad to meet you. Have a wonderful life!" How would they behave?


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