In Remembrance

  Although I did not know Sarabi that well, I was so saddened after hearing about her passing. We only spoke through email a few times, but she seems like such a genuine, caring person. I know this can be a joyous occasion also, and I hope it is felt that way as well. I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time; and with her husband, daughter, and extended family, too.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Sarabi - sorry that is for those who have known and loved her on this Earth and those who will miss her so much. I didn't personally know her but knew she was a part of the group and always read everything she posted. I send my love to those left behind who are grieving. Of course we know that there will be a magnificent party for her there where she is and the light will be that much brighter for her presence.

I had been feeling heavy and sad about something - blamed it on the intense heat. Your deep sorrow must be profound at Sarabi's passing. It was a tremendous shock and she was and still is one of the universe's most beautiful spirits. I feel a sense of loss and I had been in her company only twice. Please know that you have my prayers and concern, as does her family. She is apparently needed more somewhere else and in a much larger capacity - we will hear from her, I know, and she must be full of joy at having gone Home.

Some have chosen to work from the other side and I know your Light and Love shall shine as brightly or perhaps more so than it did while you visited us on our planet. I remember the many good times we had in our Monday night gatherings and at other online gatherings. We shared many aroooooooo's, lots of chuckles and love. I send Love and Light to you and to your immediate family and extended family. Knowing you, through our online gatherings, I know you would not want anyone to grieve for you but to extend blessings just as you are a blessing to all, while you walked here and even now. Even your Earth name carries the blessing of being Merry, Right! -- I am honored to have met you and shared with and to know the Love that you are.

In the obscurity of this woeful tale there approaches a dawn of reckoning. This fragile vulnerable body houses an over saturated mind. Without memory of invincibility the passing days extinguish the zest for life. A nagging feeling of impending implosion births one into a state of absolute neutrality. It all seems like a wrong turn in a lost dream. Choices made out of forgetfulness that fanned the flames of a moot rebellious nature. Seemingly never ending episodes of pain and sorrow that catapult over dense resistance. Nerves of steel melt away replaced by impending stillness. The explosive nature of ones expression disappears into the mists of change. The helplessness and surrender experienced in this inevitability harnesses the ego and banishes the fear. Crawling on hands and knees propels one back to the origins of childhood. The dependency grows and the nourishment begins. The humility transcends the foolishness and in the passing of time all that is returns to the Mother's womb. Anything can happen and it probably will. Letting go of the illusion, letting go of writing the next line, enables this one to say so long to the ghosts that dance in the shadows past.

Though we never met Sarabi in the physical we have been greatly affected by her compassion, centeredness, guidance and commitment. She was amazing in the Master's Class. Her Heart feels so genuine and her Soul feels so advanced. It was wonderful to go see the fractals. We must have missed them from the past. We have a special interest in fractals. Since she has ascended we have felt her and we sense that she is taking things to the next levels on the other side. Though it must be difficult for you this could prove to be a very potent opportunity to kick some ass in your mission with her and in service to Creator. Fractals will most assuredly be a part in her work from the other side. The Light has been turned up already and will continue to rapidly expand and multiply.

Sarabi is one of the most compassionate beings I've ever encountered. I was fortunate enough to meet her at "The Gathering Of Souls". Though quite fatigued from working very hard, helping so many, she quickly got Mark (My guitarist friend) and I all settled in, and introduced us to many Eagles. :-)

We facilitated the "Sananda Teaches Ascension" classes, and enjoyed many hours chatting and I was always comfortable talking about anything with her. We shared some amusing field technician stories. One of the wisest folks I know, she was always there to ask for viewpoint, and info.

You will always be in my Heart, Merri. You are "The best of the best of the best, with honors." I will miss you so, until we're all together again.

Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Beloved Sarabi (Merri) in this lifetime, I felt a very close kinship to her and in this human flesh I felt very saddened.

From a broader perspective, I feel sure that Dearest Sarabi felt she could serve better from the other side in these critical times, which is a very unselfish and incredibly beautiful motive for the Highest Good for All Concerned. Sarabi, (Merri), you will, indeed be missed on this Earth Plane.

God's blessings to all concerned, most especially to her beloved husband and daughter.

I am shocked and stunned, but my first thought was that she wouldn't have left us now if it wasn't important. My second thought was that we will all be seeing her soon. I know these things with an uncanny certainty.

I love her and I will miss her presence among us and the rich gifts she shared. I'll be lighting a candle for her. It is the color of sunshine.

It is quite evident that she touched many people. What more could one hope to accomplish in his life.

When I met Sarabi in the 'Gathering of Souls', in September 2000, we were already good friends, thru the web, where we immediately felt an intense empathy and friendship. I profoundly miss those so joyous and happy encounters online, discussing the Sananda's Lessons... or just cheating, & cheating. Btw, to cheat with Sarabi was most of times intellectually very stimulating, due to her very quite accurate intelligence... and therefore sense of humor. Then, when we met in Sedona, we just recognized each other again, and the feeling of familiarity, or brotherhood, was definitely strong. Later, in the Master's Classes discussions online, I was lucky again, sharing space & energies with her. Sarabi definitely was a beautiful Being walking the talk, with her ego gently mastered. She also was, for me, a living example of how far an Occidental Being of this planet may go just meditating... meditating... and meditating!!! Sarabi and this one definitely had something else in common: the great fascination for Sedona. A couple weeks ago, I was lucky again: when in Sedona for a (very short) week with Debbie and Janisel, we talked by phone a couple minutes. The same night, after cheating with Sarabi for 'hours', Debbie was so happy... life is nothing but an instant!!!

A'oriel Ialien Kumara Ra-El is a beautiful Being of Light, and her brief sojourn here, as Merri Wright/Sarabi, will be deeply missed by all of us. I'm still astonished, and my solitude, or loneliness degree upon this planet, is a bit more increased.

On one hand I am saddened that Sarabi has died, leaving a husband, a young daughter, many grieving loved ones and a gaping hole in the four sisters' quartet. And yet on the other hand I am so happy for Sarabi, as she is celebrating her total victory in the light, in the higher dimensions. Her period of service here on Earth was a very long one and she is filled with joy, grace and blessings at this time. Sarabi will continue to work for our coming shift on the other side of the veil and one day, we will all join her where we will rejoice together.

Dearest ones, Sarabi is for us an extraordinary, beautiful, compassionate entity which we had had the privilege of knowing during her physical existence upon this planet again *grin*… and for that we are grateful… We take the opportunity to thank you, because thanks to you, we have got from her a very beautiful gift which means a lot to both of us… We have received from her the most beautiful fractals we have ever (and probably ever) seen and admired… such beautiful work.

We have such good memories of her together with you, because it was precisely in our last visit to Sedona in which we had the opportunity to share a whole week with Sarabi together with you guys… it was just marvelous :-) …

I was never blessed enough to have met Sarabi on the Earth plane, nor even communicate with her, till the keys group of course. I would like to share something with you all.

Saturday night, around 2:30ish AM, I was awoken and led to sit on the couch, ( a common thing when someone in spirit really wants my attention ) I was sitting in stillness, and who should appear, Sarabi, we had a wonderful conversation, She told me ,,, "That we are not just Keys, WE are Source, Our work is invaluable!! And it seems that she is visiting and working with ALL The keys, whether they realize it or not.... Her energy was so 'light' it still hasn't left me.

I know Sarabi seemed more at home during meditation and light work than at any other time, so she is truly at peace and where she wants to be....

Sarabi was a true Lightworker giving Love to all that came in contact with her. The essence of her great gift of giving could be felt even prior to meeting her in person. We truly rejoice in her decision. This now gives us an opportunity to work with our beloved Key from the other side of the veil.

At this time the entire group sends our prayers, Light & Love to her beloved husband David and her daughter Lindsey. Sarabi shall be missed on this plane but remains not too far from us all willing to assist at any time.

I am saddened at this loss. Sarabi is such a beautiful soul. Heaven is more beautiful now that she is there. She was always there for us and was gentle and kind. I treasured her personal advice. May she be in the arms of the Angels.

Thank you! my dear sister! Thank you for sharing the breath of Who-You-Are! Thank you for being a part of Who-I-Am. Thank you for re-membering me! I weep, for I am yet enmeshed in this world and I celebrate that you have found your way Home. Sarabi ... Gifted One ... find your way to discover the Path you honored. Sarabi ... may the conclaves of Eternity welcome YOU! Within all the drama the world may offer ... I recognize the Voice of the One. I am blessed by such an encountering, and will hold you dear in this Heart. I weep NOW ... and in some time I will awaken with a new passion that will honor all that YOU and I are!

May we PLEASE send continuous love and light to Sister Sarabi (Merri Wright), her husband and daughter and family, and to all of her dear friends and spiritual family in Sedona at this time.

Sarabi was always very dear to me, although I only realized after her departure how much I really loved her. When I think of Sarabi, I think of Sananda. He called her "my dear gentle Sarabi".

I was so fortunate to meet her in Sedona during the Gathering of Souls, in the year 2000. I wished I would have taken more advantage of her association. Her enthusiasm, honesty and sincerity was inspiring. She is a
very loving person. She is one of the rare persons I would like to meet again, one day, somewhere in time.

May all her heart's desires be fullfilled.

My deepest love for all who miss her.

Merri Wright was a beautiful Goddess of love. May we all take a moment to send her and her family love in this moment.

At first I thought it was a joke when I saw Sarabi has Ascended. She always said she wanted to do just that. But, OMG....I am in total Shock! Just, as I am sure, everybody else is. What can I say except that I extend my heartfelt condolences for those that she left behind. Our dear sister has returned home and is now enfolded in the most loving arms of the Creator. May we all find comfort in that knowing.

Beloved Sarabi (Merri Wright). Though I never had the privilege of meeting her in person in this lifetime, I remember taking the Master's Classes with her online and feel a very strong kinship to her, as to the others. I am certain that Sarabi felt she could help more from the "other side."

You will be missed by all who knew and loved you. Thank you for the "Beautiful Being of Light" that you are, Beloved Sarabi.

I did not have a computer for two days. I did not know of Sarabi's ascension. My love is with her as with you and Deb.

Although I didn't personally know Sarabi, I read all that she posted to the various lists and heard about her from others. Since her passing I have read such wonderful things about her - she must be making that light so much bigger and brighter wherever she is. I send my deepest sympathy to those dear friends and her family who are left here, still missing her and ask that God and the angel realm send their comforting love and peace to them.

Sarabi is a jewel for sure..........and also one of the most magnificent angels in the universe! I fully expect to see her back soon to participate in - "end time" Earth events.

Dearest ones, Sarabi is for us an extraordinary, beautiful, compassionate entity which we had had the privilege of knowing during her physical existence upon this planet again *grin*… and for that we are grateful… We take the opportunity to thank you, because thanks to you, we have got from her a very beautiful gift which means a lot to both of us… We have received from her the most beautiful fractals we have ever seen and admired… such beautiful work. We have such good memories of her together with you, because it was precisely in our last visit to Sedona in which we had the opportunity to share a whole week with Sarabi together with you guys… it was just marvelous :-) … Well dearest ones… Our most sincere and deep expression of sympathy and affection goes out to you and her family…

Now that I don't have her as a companion alongside, at least in the same way, as I explore, it will, for a time, be a little bit lonelier.

She is likely just laughing her butt off, watching me make mountains out of molehills, and stumble along, but then, she always did find the humor in most things. And it was always kind-hearted laughter...<well, ALMOST always, grin>

Merri's love is always available to you, and hopefully that is something that makes you, like me, smile and feel all warm and goofy inside :-)

I did not know Sarabi but I do know that the connection between the Keys is eternal...So I asked...Why is it that some of us would choose to go now and not stay for what lies ahead...The answer I received is that there will be almost an equal number in the higher realms extending what was Lovingly called "Light Portal Connections" to us here....I asked if these were similar to the Pillars of Light that would be appearing all over the planet in the seas and on the land....Again I was told that Yes indeed they are....and that as we bridge the consciousness here for mankind....our beloved partners in the universe work as bridges for us to continue this....

When I was told this my sadness immediately changed to a sense of peace....knowing that Sarabi and others like her that have chosen to be the connectors from above are enabling this change to take place...just a different space on the tube of eternal energy and light....

I send my Love to those that knew her and I send my Love to her above as she continues in her efforts of helping this planet.

I am sad to have to inform you that we have lost a treasured council member and dear friend...

Sarabi passed away Tuesday evening at 10:37 PM EDT of a heart attack. In fact it was the second of two that she'd had that evening. After the first one she spent 2 & 1/2 hours being able to clearly explain to her husband her wishes. She died VERY peacefully and without pain. Sarabi is now at peace.

I'm so sorry to hear this. My sympathies go to sarabi's family and friends. I know how hard it is to lose someone at such a young age, especially someone with the kindness, creativity and humour that she always showed in her postings.

My special memory of sarabi is that after I complained about not seeing the Giant in the May contest, she sent me a Pocket Magnifying Glass. I got a good chuckle out of it.

We are really going to miss her.

Sarabi was such a wonderful person. Everyone's going to miss her so much.

I've been in and out of tears all night here... Sarabi and I got to be quite close, and all because of this guild. We worked together on council, for a time, and then when I had to quit council because of work commitments, I kept in close contact with her through MSN. I actually can't say I went many days without talking to her, at least briefly! She was an amazing person, with a very kind heart. We shared everything from parenting tips and stories, to spiritual philosophies, to laughs about all things neopets, especially her favorite game, Plushie Tycoon, which we all know she excelled at.

I will miss her very much.

Sarabi had become my very dear friend. I am devastated by this news. I will miss her more than I can say. She was a very special person who made my life much richer by having known her.

I am sorry to hear this. Although I have never known sarabi in real life, I have noticed how helping and kind she is. It is a great loss.

I'm extremely shocked to hear the news! Sarabi used to be a good friend of mine when I was in council. We talked so often then; it was such a joy talking to her over MSN. But due to real-life work commitment, I no longer have much time to play neopets. Gradually, we stopped MSN or neomailing each other.

Sarabi, I'll never forget you.

Though I only knew her a few short months, I feel a great loss. Her humor was infectious she truly brightened all of our days. She was greatly loved and so shall she be greatly missed.




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