Fair Energy Exchange

(US Dollars)


Command Readings - Temporarily Unavailable
Accesses the Akashic Soul Records, telling you 'who' you are on 4 levels of your Being, origins, soul name, past lives and current mission.


Follow-up Command Reading - Temporarily Unavailable
(Not available for two years after original Command Reading)

Aura Scanning
Basic aura scanning to pick up problem implants, wounds from past lives that are giving you problems in this life, and/or immediate physical container problems. It would be very nice to provide a photo of you (group or individual) and permission from you for a person to proxy your body for the duration of the scanning. You will receive a body-form report showing where these places are and any information concerning them.

'Fun' Scan: This type of scanning will contain 'fun' things, such as, are your wings stubs Dragon, Fairy or Angelic? Or maybe a few other things they might be. Do you carry any armor? A lot of people do. There are some very strange helmets that come through. (LOL) You will receive a body-form report showing the placement of these things and any information that comes through about them.

Well-Body Scan: The well-body scan will show you what your body 'needs' to run more efficiently. This can include vitamin supplements, types of foods, types of exercise and a host of many other things that can come through. One of the best ways that your body can talk to you and tell you what it needs is through your aura. This involves a very deep scan. You will receive a body-form report which includes any and all information that comes through.

Full Auric Scan: Includes ALL of the above along with any further past life information that this container's aura chose to bring through with it. You will receive a body-form report showing everything that comes through.

Implant Removal: Etheric or 3D
This cost is for accessing the information and the removal/repair of implants and/or other inclusions.

Spiritual Counseling
Online or in person. By appointment.

each 1/2 hour
(1/2 hr. minimum)

To be asked during channeling.

each question
Michael's Waters of Resurrection™
A Spiritual/Physical Rebirthing


General Ordering Information:
ALL ORDERS should be sent to: Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 USA.  Checks or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles (NOT to Ashtar's Trinity or Sananda's Eagles). Credit card orders can be placed via PayPal, and the address you will need is:


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