Song to Sarabi

© 2003 Matthew C. Sells

Rainbow Love,
Arching streaks of Care that stitch through worlds of Knowing
This luminious Dove who shares such Beauty glowing
from ancient Star-Source Peak that radiates Her flowing eyes
to Gaia's soft soil of embracing comfort born
from questioning Why's
Her Heart that evaporates confusion's gauze
as Light-so-Bright piercing artificial View
She would forever remind Her circling Crew of Cosmic Cause
that wrinkled smile of joyful laughter
as scorching kiss of Truth-bolts ripped and torn
is but balance of the game of illusion's snake-skin shedding
Her fierce gentleness that holds such magenta-within-platinum fire
in nested Codes singing Choir of braided Sight mending...

... Sarabi's proof
Our lesson from Her golden hand
that holds like gifted Vessel the Arcturian thread
surrounded by Dimensional Guides, Councils, Masters
She is Star-Bound Creature lifting credible Truth
from sweet Planetary sphere
Her Love ascends to Mirror within Indescribable
So Pure Her Reality, Her Angelic Light in Human frame
as fabric her Soul wraps 'round each the same

... Sarabi, Earth Sister serving All,
Queen of Galactic Calling ,
as echoes swirl thru Tall temple-canyons healing
we feel Her message Now, never fearing.




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