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Most people alive today feel that the UFO phenomena began on June 24, 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting of nine flying "saucer-shaped" craft. However, most ufologists believe that the militaries of this world have been wondering about UFO's since the early 1930's. As a teenager I remember seeing books in the library on art, old masterpieces in which were depictions of spaceships. Due to a couple of marriages, and raising a child, I put some of this behind me. Then as I began this walk of mine, I decided it was time to find some of this "old" proof that man has be fascinated by UFO's for far longer than most people believe. So I went on a quest and the best avenue of search these days is of course the Internet.

While cruising through the Internet I've come across a couple of sites that have artwork from past and current centuries that include within them obvious spaceships or crafts. Some even show beings inside of the crafts. Therefore, as a part of this website I've included some images that I've taken from these sites. Before the images you will find the url's in order that you can go to these sites yourself and see them as I first did. However, one of the main sites that I have listed here is a site in French. If you go to and click on the link there that says "translate", it will open up a Babel Fish page. Then just cut and paste, or copy and paste, the url and put it into the translator, and it will translate the whole website for you. This French site is a WONDERFUL extensive site! The first website that I'm offering to you is and it contained an image that I'd searched the longest for:

Baptism of ChristThe Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder (1645-1727)

"I confirm that the painting of The Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder (1645-1727). Details of the painting are as follows: Oil on canvas, 48.3 x 37.1 cm. Given by Lord Alwym Compton, Bishop of Ely, 1905 PROV: Marianne, Countess of Alford, who bequeathed oil to the donor, 1888. Perhaps circa 1710.

The author of this site had the following to say on the matter (I did edit grammar in the following; please excuse the poor translations below):

NB: Other paintings showing Jesus Christ and UFO are very presents in art until French revolution when the subject was began to be a threat for Vatican (people before this time were uneducated and does not interested in art and paintings, except in the Renaissance time were paintings and UFO are particularly presents) De Gelder as Rembrandt had access to Vatican's paintings and literature on Jesus Christ. Ha had surely see other paintings with UFOs and decided to do the same. Everyone knows that Vatican owns secret paintings and literature: all works that put the religion in dander were censured. Other pics in arts and UFO in history on this French website:

The remaining images are from the French site referred to earlier. I have included any information about the images that were with them. I have also included the url address for each of the pages of the site where the images reside.


In one of the oldest churches of Russia, in Svetitskhoveli, in Georgia, one can see this astonishing fresco, dated from the 17th century, where, on each side of the cross, one can distinguish two flying objects, inside each of which a face looks at the scene of the crucifixion.


In Hamburg on November 4, 1697 many witnesses observed two luminous wheels.
One can see a strange disc on a 1680 French coin.


In Nice, the inhabitants see three strange luminous vessels which evolve/move at high speed above the city. The three vessels stop close to the fortress and go down to the short-nap cloth from the floods where they cause a fort and noisy boiling with release of a coloured vapor ochre-red.

To the great stupor of the badauds, two beings humanoïdes, to large head and the large luminous eyes, vêtus of a kind of scaled red combination of money, connected to their vessels by tubes, will deliver themselves during several hours to strange work.


In 1600, Bonaventura Salimbeni (1567-1613), painted this work baptized Glorification of Eucharistie visible in San Pietro in the church of San Lorenzo.


August 7, 1566, of the very many discs, white and black appear in the sky of Basle, in Switzerland while moving; all the population sees them.


April 14, 1561, with the rising of the sun, the inhabitants of Nuremberg, in Germany, have an alarming vision "In addition to balls of red, bluish or black color, and discs circular, one saw two large pipes, in which small and large pipes were three balls, also four and more ".


In 1496, in The Annunciation preserved at the National Gallery of London, Carlo Crivelli (1430-1496) replaced the Gabriel Archangel by a "UFO" which launches a luminous ray on the face of the Virgin.


The "Legend of the Cross" is a table painted by Piero della Francesca (1416-1492) in which one can notice two clouds which have the shape and the movement of discs, flying to the horizontal one.


In Thébaïde of Paolo Ucello (1397-1475), one sees in the center of the scene a discoidal object of form surmounted of a cupola, painted moving.


Over the fabric of Filippo Lippi (1406-1469), or Domenico Ghirlandino, The Virgin and Midsummer's Day Child, preserved at Palazzo Vecchio, a man and his dog observe an object attentively sinks pretence to emit luminous rays.

On the fabric of Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440), The Miracle of Snow, Jesus and Mary are represented above lenticular clouds.


This painting on wood which one can see with the castle of the Count Dotremond in Belgium, (unknown date and artist), represents Moïse receiving the Tables of law, in the sky meteorites or UFO appear.


In 1479, an air vessel is seen above Arabia.


To the 14th century, on a fresco of the monastery of Detjani to Kosovo, gone back to 1350, one can see two characters in two flying objects one continuing the other. The characters looking at this strange scene seem frightened.

Medieval tapestry créee in 1330 with Our Lady, describing the life of Marie.


Medieval tapestry of the Basilica of Beaume, describing the life of Marie.


Also with Japan, this astonishing cave painting.


There is more than 15,000 years before Jesus Christ, in the caves of the south-west of France, of the prehistoric men drew so much curious objects, that the paleontologists had to draw up a catalogue of the representations at the time of their discovery. But since the assumption of a connection with the vision of UFO was made, nobody any more speaks about it, prone taboo! These representations can be seen in the caves of Cougnac and Pech Merle in the Batch, of Combarelles in the Dordogne like in Altamira in Spain.

Thus ends our UFO gallery of fine art… for now! If you know of other sites with different images, please send me the url. Or, if you are also a collector of these images, please contact me. If you wish to share or add your url to this page, contact me:




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