Hosting an Event


The Church of Sananda's Eagles is now sending Janisel Rohs and her fellow Wah-So Angels on the road! On this page you will find the information concerning the hosting of the Unity Consciousness Classes in your town.

During the twelve weeks that it took to bring through all of the Unity Classes, it became very apparent that the most important reason for this series of classes was/is UNITY. If you've gone through the classes on this website, you may have missed a vital portion. Being able to come together with others during these classes is well worth the amount of energetics involved. We will be sending forth three teachers, for three days of intense energies, for you to learn three healing modalities.

If you decide to host a 'JoyShop', the following list will be a guideline of what you will be expected to do:

  1. Post flyers around your town (in bookstores, on bulletin boards and at metaphysical gathering places). We will provide you with a master copy of our two flyers. You will be reimbursed for your printing expenses after the event.
  2. Place an ad in your local paper. We will provide you with an appropriate ad.
  3. Sign up a minimum of 33 people for attendance (you will be able to attend the JoyShop for free and two of your friends will attend for half-price in exchange for them assisting you). If you sign up 66 people maximum, you will also receive 10% of the net amount received through the JoyShop.
  4. You will need to find a facility for the event to take place. You will also be asked to make any deposits for the facility for which you will be reimbursed after the event.
  5. An overhead projector will be needed for the weekend of the event. You can rent one if you don't have access to an overhead projector. This will also be reimbursed.
  6. There will have to be three massage tables brought for the event. It would be of great assistance if you ask people that have registered for the event if they have one that can be used.
  7. Sleeping bags will also be needed - a minimum of three. These are also something that you can ask to borrow.
  8. You will be sent a set of Throne Water crystals prior to the event. You will need to charge a minimum of three gallons of Throne Water to have ready for the second day of the event. Instructions for that charging process will be sent along with the crystals.
  9. Any and all personal checks for registration will be made out to your name. You will then pay Janisel with a cashier's check for the final amount. This will assist us with out-of-state check cashing.
  10. Please assist Janisel and the other teachers with transportation to and from the airport, and with finding hotel accommodations close to where the event will take place.
  11. You may also be asked by Janisel to make dinner reservations for any members of the local group that wish to have a group dinner on the final night.

Please keep all receipts for expenses incurred for hosting the event. Your receipts will need to be presented to Janisel after the event in order for you to receive a full reimbursement. No receipt … no reimbursement.

We also ask you to contact our office for approval of any expenses over $100.00.

Any facility where an event is to take place will need to be approved before confirmation.

Any person wishing to pay for the event with a credit card may do so through Paypal to the account

Initial contact can be made by sending an email to



Because of the high energies that will be encountered during these classes, and to enable your body to integrate them with ease, Archangel Michael has given the following instructions:

Before attending the second and third days of the events you are asked to fast from all 'grounding' foods (meats, dairy products, and breads) for 12 hours prior to the starting time. You will then also be asked to have no food at all for 5 hours before the starting time. Drink lots of water during the fasting time. You will be given a two-hour break for lunch; however, no 'grounding' foods can be eaten… so bring a sack lunch of fruit or veggies.

Because metals interfere with the energy flow, you are to remove all jewelry, and all other removable metal items, such as piercing studs and bras with underwire. Pants with a metal zipper should not be worn; we suggest pants with an elastic waistband. All clothing worn should be of 'natural fiber', i.e., 100% cotton, wool, or silk.

You should bring with you a one gallon GLASS container to drink from, with your name noted on it, as all other participants will also have a container. You will be given a special crystal to put in your water which will boost the energetics of the JoyShop. You will be drinking a lot of water during the event.

If you have a massage table that you would allow the use of (for the JoyShop), please contact the person hosting the event as there is a need for three massage tables for the event.

If you have a sleeping bag or some kind of mat for lying on the floor after each healing session, please bring it. If not, please bring a couple of blankets that you can fold for you to lie on the floor.

If you know of someone (or several people) that are in need of healing, please ask their permission for a proxy healing. You will be shown healing modalities that can be used long distance. A proxy for these types of healing IS REQUIRED.