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Many years ago there was a channeling from Sananda in which he said the day was coming when we would be able to heal ourselves with just water… a concept which our 3D minds couldn't conceive of at that time. It appears that that day has arrived.

There are many 'types' of water being brought to mankind's attention. They each have their own 'specific' job. What one does, the others may not do... and so forth. Each one, however, is to aid in the creation and anchoring of our Light bodies, as well as the cleansing and healing of our physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Ashtar WaterASHTAR'S WATER (For the Physical Body)

First, a little background: Lord Ashtar first brought through the technology for making this specially-charged water through a cold fusion device that takes the polarity out of water. Simply put, it filters the water through left- and right-hand spins, crystals, and colored rays of light. It's a remarkable, but complicated and technical process, which assists in getting your body prepared for what is to come. The end-result is water that will remove polarity from the cells of the physical body, and move it from a carbon base to a silicon base. Both of these actions help anchor the Light body. We all agreed to live behind the veils of polarity when starting this Grand Experiment, seeing "good" and "bad". It is programmed into our very cells. The water is structured in such a way as to reprogram our cells to remove this polarity, bringing us into the realization of Oneness.

This water is to assist your body in leaving the carbon duality-based entity that it has been, to becoming open to being the silicon neutral-based entity that it will be when the new DNA strands become incorporated into it. This is the water to use to reprogram your body to accept new possibilities, which is why it is used in conjunction with the "Breath of Life" method of healing.

You must first be drinking Ashtar's Water for a period of two months before you can begin drinking the Sterling Water or the Emotional Body Balancing Water.

Charging Instructions:
Place the specially-charged crystal in a 'clear' (not opaque like a milk jug) container of 'regular' water, in the refrigerator, for 48 hours. After it is charged, it is 'self-regenerative', meaning you will never run out. Just make sure the container you are drinking from does not reach more than ¾ empty (¼ full). Refill with regular water… which will be 'instantly' charged.


Sterling WaterSTERLING WATER (For the Brain)

The Sterling Water is to assist with the ability to enhance the brain's capacity to anchor the Light body and all of the spiritual gifts that come with the Light body. This entails being able to use greater brain-enhancement areas that are dormant in the human body right now. This also will give the brain and the body the ability to open to, receive, and put to use the greater gifts of our extra senses, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and sensitivity in touch. When you begin drinking this water, you will actually feel its work within the skull and brain. This is the water that will assist your body in the bringing about its own personal diamond matrix. Do not be alarmed or concerned if your body might perceive this experience as minor headaches for the first few days of drinking the water.

You must first be drinking Ashtar's Water for a period of two months before you can begin drinking the Sterling Water. The use of the Sterling Water may be discontinued after two months, as it will have done its job after that length of time.

Charging Instructions:
Same as for Ashtar's Water.


EBB WaterEBB WATER (Emotional Body Balancing)

This water was gifted to us by Divine Grace for the purpose of balancing our emotional bodies.  It is a high-vibration, crystal-charged water that can be used alone or with one of the other healing waters. Sananda explained that this new water was one of four that are being referred to as the ‘Sword Waters’ because each of these four waters represent one edge of Archangel Michael’s Sword.  The first ‘Sword Water’ that is now available is referred to as ‘Grace Water’ or ‘EBB Water’.

Unlike the others, there are very specific instructions for the use of this water:
You are to drink 4 - 6 ounces of the EBB Water 5 times a day: upon awakening in the morning, at each meal, and just before bedtime. If you do not eat all 3 meals, you are to still drink a glass of the water in place of each meal, but there must be a total of 5 glasses per day, spread out over an even period of time. Please call in Divine Grace and set the intent for 'balanced emotional body' before drinking each glass of the EBB Water.

This water cannot be used in conjunction with the Sterling Water. Please discontinue the use of the Sterling Water while doing the EBB Water.

It has been suggested that you be on Ashtar's Water for a period of two months before starting on the EBB Water.

Charging Instructions:
Same as for Ashtar's Water.


Archangel Michael has also blessed us with a new water. He called it Mercy's Water of Unity and said, "This water has one serious side effect that has not been perfected. This side effect is Unity among mankind." It is unlike the other waters in that it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. You do not have to already be drinking Ashtar's Water to start on the Mercy Water, and it can be given to babies, small children or pets. It will facilitate unity between those who drink it… family, spouses, roommates, co-workers, friends, etc.

It is recommended that you charge as large a container as possible.
Do not put the crystal in free flowing water, like streams or wells. It won't charge them.
As with all the waters, place the crystal in your container and fill with water.

Mercy Water can be ingested at anytime with any of the waters. It is also good for anyone at anytime. You do not need to be drinking Ashtar's Water or any others to consume the Mercy Water. Let's all help to bring UNITY to mankind!

Charging Instructions:
Same as for Ashtar's Water (48 hours). There is, however, a DIFFERENCE in the making of this water. These crystals will charge water only ONE time… BUT it will charge ANY amount of water. In other words, if you have a swimming pool, you can charge all the water in the pool with only one crystal. ALSO… this particular water is NOT regenerative. In other words, you cannot keep adding regular water to the charged water to get more. Once you have charged your water with the crystal, the crystal is no longer charged.

NOTE: To eliminate the need to constantly be buying crystals, there will be a 'crystal exchange' for the Unity Crystal ONLY.  After you have charged a large quantity of water, you may send the crystal (plus $2.00 domestic postage/$5.00 international postage) back to us to be cleansed and recharged, in exchange for a new crystal.  It is recommended that you order 2 or 3 crystals, to avoid running out of the charged Unity Water.

Brotherhood of Man WaterBROTHERHOOD OF MAN WATER

Archangel Michael's words from a July 18, 2001 channeling:
This is the water that has been given to this planet by your Creator,
by the one whom the Creator has trusted before (Moses) to bring about massive changes within the people of this planet. You see, the Creator used Moses once again. And the Creator has Moses bring about water once again. This water was brought to the Children of Israel out of the rocks before. Now it is brought through Moses once again out of rock, just a different type of rock (Red Rocks of Sedona).

Every person here on this planet and off this planet is your brotherhood. THAT is what you shall teach. THIS is the brotherhood of man. You see someone ill on the street. Do you pass that someone by? No, because they're your brother. Do you walk by a person in grief just because you do not know them by name? No, because they're your brother or sister.

Now, I understand there may be questions concerning the difference between this (Brotherhood of Man) and Unity Water. They are two separate entities. Unity Water allows your ego to understand others' faults and accept them anyway. This water (Brotherhood) is for your heart. This water (Brotherhood of Man) is to open your heart to the love that you feel for every other human on the face of this planet, every other ANIMAL on the face of this planet, for the animals, too, are included in the Brotherhood of Man. Man, in this circumstance, is 'mammal'. You are uniting all Mankind and 'Mammal-kind' in unity, in Brotherhood, to be there for each other when needed. Do we understand this?

In order for this water to work, it does not have to be ingested. You may bathe in it, you may breathe it in, you may drink it. It does the same thing no matter which way you use it. Being ingested is wonderful, however, if you and another cleanse your hands with it and then touch hands, you shall see the truth of the Brotherhood of Man Water. Breathe it in off your hands. Touch it to your lips. Smell it, taste it. Concentrate on the taste and the smell as you drink it. After you have taken a drink, link hands. What do you feel now? Do you feel the energy? Can you feel it here in your heart? Do you feel the energy in your heart?"

"When this water begins spreading across the planet, you will be able to feel anytime anyone new takes it into them for the first time."

"This is a water that has been created directly by the Creator for the purpose for which it has been given."

"This is the water that will unite Mankind, finally, completely. And since this is also the water that can be absorbed through the skin, we highly encourage these crystals to be put many places where humans tends to gather to get wet, bathe, splash around."

Anticipated Questions, with Answers from Archangel Michael:

Q: Am I allowed to dilute it?
A: You do not want them drinking that straight, you will run out. Just put a little bit of it into a large container full of water, preferably the first water. (Ashtar's Water).

Q: Is it the same basic proportions as in making the other waters?
A: No. A little drop in ANY amount of water will do it.

Q: Will this water cleanse any of our other bodies like mental body, emotional body, etc.?
A: No. This water has a purpose, and its purpose has been stated. It is to open the heart of each Man or animal that takes it unto themselves, in whichever manner. This is also one that you could use in cooking and taking your favorite beverage, to an outing where other people would be to encourage them to drink it.

Q: Is it affected by heat?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Is this a water that we need their permission in order for them to use it?
A: No, it is for anyone.

Q: Does the container have to be glass?
A: No, it does not. This is directly from Creator. Nothing can pervert this.

Charging Instructions:
How quickly will it rejuvenate itself, meaning the water from the crystal and the crystal into the water? Just baptize the crystal and it is done. Instant charge. It does not take 24 or 48 hours. But as far as charging them with the Brotherhood of Man, it is done (instantly). As far as charging your water from the crystal, it is done (instantly). As far as adding it to the water, it is done (instantly). As far as taking it into your body, it is done (instantly).
This is a water of purest intent.


The words of Archangel Michael from a channeling of July 18, 2001:

"This is a very special water, indeed. This is a water that is to be taken through ingesting, for any person that feels that they are in bondage from any other person, any other thing, any other concept, or themselves. You might say that it is the 'chain breaker'. If you feel that you are a servant to anything or anyone but your Creator, this is the water which will set you free."


1. The Freedom Water is to be taken in during total fast only. You MUST fast for one full day before you can drink it into your body. The fast itself, hopefully including the prayers that go along with the fast, will bring you the clarity, once you drink the water, as to how to break those chains. If you wish to continue fasting and continue drinking the water, that is fine. However, do not take this water into your being until you have fasted for a full 24 hours, of being on nothing but water and prayer. It is a very specific water, and it has been asked for by numerous people that have been saying they would do ANYTHING to break their chains of bondage. This is the 'anything' that they have asked for, and these are the restrictions.

2. The Freedom Water is to be kept in the light. We understand that there are evening hours, but it thrives in the light. This makes it different from all the other waters.

3. You are not allowed to charge more than one gallon at any one time. Therefore, if you wish to fast for three days, that means two days of it (the fast) will be with the Freedom Water. This means that you will have to have four, minimum, of the crystals charged for Freedom so that when you finish that one, you have another one that's almost fully charged.

4. It cannot be 'added to' in order to make more.

Anticipated Questions, with Answers by Archangel Michael:

Q: How long does it take to charge the water?
A: 24 hours. So, therefore, when you're drinking this one, make sure you have another container like this that is almost charged. By the time you've finished drinking that one, have another container ready that's almost charged.

Q: Does it have to be a new crystal for each charge?
A: No. You can re-use the crystals. They are not allowed to charge more than one gallon of water at any given time. And it will NOT regenerate itself as far as adding more water. What it DOES regenerate itself to is to charge from crystal-to-water. Do you understand? Therefore, if they wish to have three or four crystals, then the next time they wish to fast, they can use those same crystals. But keep those crystals in the light.

Q: Does artificial light count?
A: No. It will do in a pinch, but they are used to night and day. However, make sure they get the best benefit of the light during the day.

Q: Does Freedom need to be in glass?
A: Does not have to be. Just remember, it is to be ingested just as soon as it is charged.

Q: Will the water keep?
A: The longest keeping time on it would be approximately three days. It is too powerful to have sitting around. It is the one that is the most productive. However, please bear in mind, it is the one that is to be used when you feel there is no avenue left to you. It is not the water that you wish to drink on a regular basis.

Charging Instructions:
Same as Ashtar's Water EXCEPT it takes only 24 hours.


Words from Archangel Michael on January 30, 2002:

"You now have gifted to you the water for the refreshment of the spirit of the ministers of those that are here to assist mankind, strictly those that have devoted their lives to the Will of God in service. Do we understand? It can be taken to anyone that needs the revival of the spirit, no matter how often they need it. For your Creator truly understands how trying these times can be for those that wish to have their jobs complete. This will assist you in taking you out of expectation and put back into the Mercy Seat of the Creator, refresh the spirit, and go forth and continue on."

Charging Instructions:
Same as Ashtar's Water.


Gifted by Sananda on February 13, 2002

The only explanation needed is… drink it to experience Joy. It takes 48 hours to charge the water from the crystal.



Gifted by Archangel Michael on March 13, 2002

This is the one most all of us are in need of. Drink it to bring Trust into your being. It will remove all those 'self-imposed' blockages to Trust which we have put in our own way. Charging is the same as for Ashtar's Water. It, too, is completely regenerative.



Gifted by Ashtar on September 25, 2002

This water brings what all of us have at one time or another asked for… CLARITY. Made from the 'Tears of the Earth', it does have unique instructions for its charging and use:
Charging is the same as Ashtar's Water… crystal staying in the container of water for 48 hours… but it must be kept COLD. A glassfull may be set out until it reaches room temperature before drinking, however. Also, each crystal will charge water only three times, after which you may return it (plus a couple of dollars for postage) to us for an exchange, and we will send you a new one. Also… you may 'regenerate' what is in the container (by adding more regular water) only three times. It would be a good idea, therefore, to order several of these to have on hand.


Ascension WaterASCENSION WATER – a Sword Water
Gifted by Archangel Michael on May 14, 2003

During our public channeling on May 14th, we were graced with the presence of the Throne Angel Ja-ha-ha-Rasiel, Ashtar, Lord Sananda, Lord Metatron, Lord Sandalphon, Lord Michael, Grace, Hope, Faith, Mercy, Wisdom, Quan Yin, Lady Athena, El Morya, the Council of the Throne and St. Germain. Through them, we received another of what Michael calls the ‘Sword Waters’… and its name is ASCENSION. The purpose of this water is, in their words, for "taking away boundaries between you and the Throne. …it is to connect you to the part of you that is the All-That-Is, the Creator within you. It is very special." It also produces the joining and mingling of your energies, with the energies of the Throne, and with the energies of Grace and the Four Sisters of God."

Charging Instructions:
Unlike most of the other waters, the Ascension Water takes only 24 hours to charge, from the time you put the crystal in the water until it is ready for drinking… and only one ounce of the charged water will make five GALLONS of drinking water. Also unlike the other crystals, the Ascension Water is to be not only charged, but also kept at room temperature, rather than in the refrigerator… and it loves ‘light’. It is, like most of the others, self-regenerating and will last forever if you don’t let the container become more than ¾ empty (¼ full). Within this water comes a special Gift from Divine Grace… it will make you thirsty, enabling you to drink the three gallons of water each day that has been recommended by Lord Metatron. It can also be mixed with any of the other waters EXCEPT for the Freedom Water. And Michael suggests doing the Breath of Life with the Ascension Water to allow yourself to make the ‘intents’ that your ego wouldn’t allow you to make before.


Divine Flow WaterDIVINE FLOW WATER - The TOTAL Sword
Gifted by Archangel Michael on June 26, 2003

At long last, we have been given… not another 'Sword Water'… but the WHOLE SWORD. Gifted to us through Archangel Michael, we were told that it is God's Sword, and is to be called 'Divine Flow'.

Unlike the others waters, Divine Flow is not for the purpose of either 'releasing' anything or 'embracing' anything. In Michael's words, "This has nothing at all to do with bringing 'down' your Light body to anchor in with you. This PULLS YOU 'UP' (into your Higher Self). "How? By working with the energetics to bring you 'together' with others, bypassing the 'blocks' that the ego has put into place. For only 'together', working for the good of 'all', can miracles be accomplished, miracles that bring healing and get rid of pain, fear and blockages.

Michael also said its purpose was: "To be more in alignment, more open with, more attuned to, and in full communication with your Higher Self. Guess what that (the water) does? It's called 'Divine Flow'. Let's talk water flowing through your prana, all the way up. Where do you feel the energy? Every part of your being, yes? Your prana runs along your spine, right? And it is connected, and it's got a little 'flow' through it. However, when you do this, the prana expands to here (approximately 2 feet outside body, all the way around). Do we understand? It entirely encapsulates the body."

Time to Charge: instantly - crystal to water, or water to crystal. Just dip crystal in water.
Container: MUST be glass.
Rejuvenation: Same as with most of the others; refill container before it gets more than ¾ empty (¼ full).
Not affected by either heat or cold. NOTHING can pervert this water.



After you receive your crystal, all you need then do is put it in a 'clear' (not opaque, like a milk jug) glass or plastic container of water. See water instructions under each heading for those which must be kept in a glass container, although glass is 'preferable' for ALL the waters. The type of water you start out with is optional, i.e., filtered water, rainwater, tap water... it doesn't matter. Store the container in the refrigerator for the prescribed length of time (see instructions under each water above). It doesn't require either the 48 hours or the 24 hours (depending on the charging instructions) to charge the water unless you're charging water directly from the crystal. If you can't keep it in the fridge, then keep it in the coolest location you can find, and always out of direct sunlight… with the exception of the Freedom Water. The Freedom Water takes only 24 hours to charge and IS to be kept in light, and the more the better. This 'charged' water is now referred to as your 'seed' water (which means it was made directly from the charged crystal). There is no 'seed' water with the Mercy Water… what you charge is what you drink. With the other waters (Ashtar's, Sterling or EBB), you can drink it 'as is', or you can use it to add to other water in order to charge that water, too. It will 'charge' any other water that you add it to... instantly. You do not have to keep the crystal in the bottle of seed water, but you can if you wish (so you don't lose it!). The only 'Rule', so to speak, is that you can't let your bottle of water (whether the bottle of seed water, or another container you are using to drink from) get more than 3/4 empty before adding more water to fill it up. This 'refilling' with regular water can be done only three times with the Clarity water, however.

If you want to charge more crystals to give to family and friends... or to plant in the Earth... just add them to the bottle of seed water for 48 hours and they will be programmed with the correct 'charge'. The body of anyone drinking the water is also carrying this 'charge'. Also, the more of the water you drink, the better. You can use it for making coffee, tea, juice, or cooking... but try to drink at least one gallon (four liters) each day. It can also be added to bath water to help integrate your emotional and physical bodies. You might also be interested to know that each crystal or container of 'charged' water radiates its charge outward a distance of approximately ten feet (three meters), so everything in your fridge will also pick up the 'charge' of the water.



Because of FDA and postal regulations, it was decided that, instead of shipping the actual water, we would ship 6-sided clear quartz crystal points that have already been programmed by the water. We ask only for a love donation in the amount of your choice for the crystals (except where noted) as part of our service to mankind and our Creator. Also, please supply us with your email address in case we have questions about your order.

Postage rates for the Water Crystals:
Within the U.S.: $4.00 postage.
Outside U.S.: $7.50 U.S. currency to cover postage.

ALL ORDERS should be sent to: Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 USA
with check or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles (NOT to Ashtar's Trinity or Sananda's Eagles).
Credit card orders can be placed via PayPal, and the address you will need is:

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



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