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I do not have many memories of my childhood, and most of the memories that I do remember begin at about the age of 8. I was born in the mid-western part of the United States, right smack dab in the middle of the "Bible Belt." I was raised Southern Baptist/Pentecostal. At the age of 7 my parents separated and my mother moved to the deep South with my two brothers and me. In the custody agreement between my parents, we would be visiting my father for one month of the summer, and also every other Christmas for two weeks. Since my father had a job that did not pay him a lot (he was a police officer), when visitation time came around he would drive through two states to pick us up, and then would have to turn around and drive us back. There were also times that my mother would drive us back and forth to visit with her family, in the town of my birth. The reason that I mention all of this driving is due to the fact that one of my best memories as a child was when we would be driving a long distance at night. You see, I would usually ride where I could look up out of the back window of the car, that way I could watch the stars. Or… I guess I should say, what I thought were stars.

I remember one road trip where I was so excited the stars were changing shapes and following us, and when the stars made a perfect cross in the night sky I told my Daddy that Jesus was following us to make sure that we were safe. During another road trip, I remember telling my father that a tornado was following us. My father looked out the back window (it was just after dusk) and I remember the look on his face, the man was terrified! He began speeding down the highway and pulled into a restaurant. Without turning off the car, he grabbed my younger brother and yelled at my older brother and I to follow him. We ran into the restaurant and he told us to get under a table and yelled at the other people in the restaurant that there was a tornado coming. But, and this is the funny part of it, this was during the Christmas Holiday visit, and there are NO tornadoes at that time of year. I vaguely remember watching things blowing around outside, and the next thing I remember was sitting at that table drinking hot chocolate. My father looked puzzled and said that we'd better get back on the road.

There were always funny things happening in our lives. Near accidents, psychic memories, déjà vu, and strange behavior were common place in our lives. However, no one ever talked about these things. My mother married her second husband when I turned 8 and he worked at a job that caused us to move around quite a bit. We usually stayed in one State; however during my junior high school years we did go further west to two other states, and then ended up back where we began. I never got to keep close friends, as it was highly usual for me to move to a different city at least once a year. Other family members were seen during the summer months and every other Christmas. Please remember that by the time my mother remarried, I now can remember most of these memories. I was the strange child. On the way to a new house I would tell my two brothers what it would look like. I talked to animals and they would talk back to me. I would see a child riding in a car next to us and I would know what that child was thinking. My family would make excuses for me and say things like, "Don't mind Debbie, she just has a vivid imagination."

As I grew older things would tend to get stranger and stranger. I would meet the strangest people who would say the strangest things to me that I couldn't remember later. I would come home right after school and get punished because I was two hours late. I would beg my mother to understand that I could not possibly be two hours late because I came straight home from school. But in all those years it never even occurred to me what was really happening to me.

It wasn't until I was a mother myself and my three year old daughter would tell me that "Bugs Bunny" and "Elmer Fudd" came through her wall during the night and took her to play with them, that I began remembering what had been happening to me. When she told me this I saw, instead of a gray bunny, a gray thing that didn't look human but that had these HUGE black eyes. I had talked myself into believing, years before, that I just had a vivid imagination, so I shook my head and talked myself out of believing what I'd seen. This was in the year 1980, the year I remembered being "taken" against my will. The dreams began and were relentless, dreams of being onboard craft and having things done to my body. But yet, I also remembered another dream, a dream I'd had all my life of Jesus coming in spaceships. In one dream it would be a wonderful experience, but in the other dreams it was a nightmare.

I began my quest… the quest for knowledge. I read books, I watched programs, I did everything I could to enlighten myself as to what my daughter and I were going through. There were nights that I would wake up in bed, paralyzed with fear, only able to move my eyes, knowing that there was someone else in the house or my room with me. As a teenager I'd been fascinated with the unusual, such as Bigfoot, Nessie, the Bermuda Triangle and UFO's, but as a mother I more or less became obsessed. My spiritual teachings were quickly falling away from me also. I knew in my heart that Jesus was coming on spaceships yet ministers would tell me that I was dreaming of the anti-Christ. Baptist teachings more or less follow the lines that, if you are dealing with beings not human, then you are dealing with Satan or his demons. I was torn, I was confused, and most of all I was in terror still.

When my daughter was 12 years old, I became a professional psychic reader. I figured that if I had the abilities then I might as well get paid for using them. Now, do not get me wrong, I felt strange about making this transition in my life. I had refused to believe that it was anything but a "vivid imagination" for so many years that I was talked into making this step by others that had recognized my gifts. During this period of my life I met many people, and it seemed that the right people would always be the ones to cross my path. People I'd never met before would walk up to me and gift me with something that would then lead me to exactly where I needed to be. As far as my family was concerned they had made up their minds that I was some sort of witch, a Satanist, and did every thing in their power to save my immortal soul.

During a psychic fair that I was working, I met two men and two women that were doing "spiritual healings" at the fair. I ended up having one of these healings with these people, a session that lasted 3 hours! During this session many wonderful things happened, there were visions and visitations. I'd gone into a full trance during this session and was visited by a number of beings NOT OF THIS EARTH. They told me things, they showed me things, but most importantly they proved to me that they LOVED me and I knew that I loved them, too. I didn't have all of my questions answered, however, I did find out enough to know that I was finished with living my life in terror.



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