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The Church of Sananda's Eagles is a Universal Life Church; we came into being in March 2001. We are an online Ministry that is fully non-denominational, which means that we welcome EVERYONE! As of April of 2003 we now have this new domain. Please keep coming back as more of our information from our past websites is being added to this new domain. We wish to thank our wonderful friend and webmaster, Bill Spuhler , for all of his hard work, patience and temperance, for without these this website would not exist!

Before you begin to read about who and what we are, I ask you to take a look around the website first. We are broadening our new site to include many things that we just did not have the space to put onto our old websites, such as: some fun things (Who is A. Leon?), some kid things (Kids page), some wonderful things (The Four Sisters of God) and some sad things (Sarabi Memorial). This new domain is our gift to you! It is our job to be in service, and this domain will assist us with that. As you may have noticed on the first page of this domain, we have many branches of service. This service began in February of 1999 with the advent of my personal site for Guardian Activation International located at: mercury.spaceports.com/~ashtar . Then in July of 1999, Janisel and I unveiled our newest site for Ashtar's Trinity at: neptune.spaceports.com/~trinity which has now been decommissioned. Over the past four years these two sites have assisted many people worldwide, and during that assistance those two sites have morphed on several occasions. Thanks to René at SpiritWeb, with his email lists and chat rooms, we were able to launch ourselves into cyberspace with much Grace and ease. Then last summer when René opted to discontinue his lists, we knew that we'd reached a point where we were ready to fly out of the nest and soar on our own. It's taken us almost a year to get to this point… Now watch us as we ARE SOARING HIGH!


Welcome to the Church of Sananda's Eagles!

First of all you may ask who or what is Sananda? For those of you that have been raised within Christianity, the best way to explain who Sananda is, would be: we believe Sananda is the name of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Holy Trinity: God the Father (Yahweh), God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit (Sananda). We also believe that back in the time of Jesus, things were talked about and written about in the manner of the day.

For instance, picture yourself walking on this Earth 2,000 years ago in the time of Jesus. You are shown a vision of what you now know to be a flashlight, how would you describe it? You may say that you were shown a stick that shot fire out of one end of it… a fire that did not burn? You would NOT use a term such as light bulb or glass or electric or battery. In fact there would be no way for you to be able to describe HOW it worked; you would only be able to describe what it looked like. Therefore, the written teachings of Jesus and his followers can only be read in THEIR terms… not our modern terms, and thus there can be many differing interpretations of the Bible, including the Gospels. Therefore, we believe that the name of the Holy Spirit is something that reflects who/what the Holy Spirit is… 'Sananda' translated from Sanskrit is "supreme bliss" and "unending joy" - root word 'ananda'.

The eagle's portion of our name comes from the Bible and from the bookWith Wings as Eagles by John Randolph Price:

"I listened for the eagle and I heard the call to commence the Journey Home. The instruction was so simple, yet the rewards so great: 'They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'

"I am now dedicating my life to the Living Christ within, and I am indeed strong. My youth is renewed like the eagles, and I have risen from my sickbed and now stand forth with vigor and power, knowing only the Life Force of Wholeness. I am lifted above deprivation and scarcity and I am soaring in the limitless substance of abundance. I am protected under the shadow of the Almighty, and no evil can befall me. I am set on high, on a rock, above all sorrow and anguish. And my heart has been opened to love, a love so great, so unconditional, that it has attracted to me heaven's boundless measure of adoration.

"I have given up the little self for the Holy Self and I have found the Way. I have wings as eagles, and into the heavens I have flown, a flight of joy and gladness that has taken me to the Secret Place on the Mountain, the very Kingdom of God. And here I run, and I am not weary; and I walk, and I do not faint. The Dawn is here. The Eagles are flying."


WE ARE SANANDA'S EAGLES! WE are the ones that wait upon the Lord! We have renewed our strength, we are not weary, and we will not faint!

We know who we are; now it's time for you to know who we are. We are lightworkers of all races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and we are ONE FAMILY. We acknowledge the fact that we chose to come into this lifetime for a purpose; we chose the families that we were born into and we chose the lessons that we've had during this lifetime. We also know that all of these previous choices have led us to this point in time, to this coming together of all! Some religions tell us that a one world religion is a BAD thing! And yes, I do fully agree that it would be a bad thing… the best thing for all is ACCEPTANCE of ALL beliefs! You see, the majority of the world's religions all have one thing in common and that one thing is called, "group ego." These religions all teach that they are the ONLY ones that God loves, that God accepts, the ONLY TRUE religion. Most wars on this planet's history have been in the name of religion. I don't know about all of you, but MY God LOVES ALL AND ACCEPTS ALL! I was raised by fundamentalist Christians that believe in conversion, that believe in hell-fire and brimstone, that believe in damnation, and that believe that righteous people can judge the unrighteous… Well, my question is, who REALLY knows who is or is NOT righteous?

Some of these same religions teach and preach that if you are one of the millions of people on this planet today that have had some sort of "alien encounter" (e.g., abduction, contact, etc.) that you are dealing with Satan and his demons. Why do they believe this? Once again the "group ego", that most religions are working under, REFUSES to believe that THEY may not be THE righteous… If they believed in life elsewhere, then they would have to believe that they may NOT be the only righteous ones in the Universe. After all we are talking about "beings" that cannot possibly be converted. We, of the Church of Sananda's Eagles, do not believe in conversion. We believe in sharing… not pressure.

Now let's try another point of view, shall we? You are in the time of Moses; you are among the children of Israel that have been taken out of Egypt… Manna rains down on the ground daily (except for the Sabbath) giving you food, food that does not need to be hunted for or dug up out of the ground; this food is given to you by God. Now… some scientists say that the manna was nothing more than mushroom spores drifting in the wind. What if I were to tell you that there are people (myself included) that believe that this manna was brought in a delivery van and it dropped the manna to the ground, without showing itself to the peoples below? I am speaking of a "spaceship." If you continue reading through this website, you will find pages of references that show you where Bible scriptures are interpreted by some of us to be speaking of "spaceships." There will also be references that show where "aliens" are referred to in the Bible.

Among the many pages that you will find in the website, you will also find a gallery of pictures that can be found on the web, that shows "spaceships" and "aliens." We include this gallery of pictures to show you that there have been mysteries all through the history of this planet. These mysteries include "spaceships," "aliens" and crop circles. Many of the members of this church find these not only fascinating, but of extreme significance to those of us that are here doing our work, that work being, bringing together the peoples of this planet in unity and harmony. Only when humans find unity, will the planet then be safe and brilliant once more in the eyes of the fellow citizens of this and other universes. Then we can bring about a unity of ALL life forms on this planet, in that same unity and harmony. Then and only then will we truly be able to see HEAVEN ON EARTH!

What IF… things are not the way we were told they were in Sunday school? What IF… the things that are talked about as parables, were actually the soul of Jesus (Sananda), speaking throughout all ages? You see, we are coming to a point in time where many of us are firm believers in the fact that we are now in the LAST DAYS… No matter that this belief crosses religion boundaries, the dogmas do not matter in this. What does matter is the way we all feel. The information available through religions, the Bible, the Apocryphal Books, channelings, visions, and the Internet… is strong enough information that many people are moving out and away from dogmatic religions that no longer serve them. People are beginning to realize that religion has become nothing more than another tool in the political arenas. We are realizing that Spirituality is more important than religion.

As humans on this planet we have to face specific facts daily, for only in the acceptance of these facts can we proceed and expand ourselves. The following is a list of some of the FACTS that perhaps you may need to face, using this website as a step up on a higher rung of your personal Jacob's Ladder:

1. There are millions of people worldwide that have remembrances of being onboard a "spaceship." Their stories are the same, their descriptions are the same. Some are in fear and see this as "abduction", something out of their personal sense of control. Some have moved past the "fear" and have had the revelation that they are being contacted through their consent and are being used for "higher" purposes. Some have even moved further up the ladder and acknowledge that they are a part of a "bigger" purpose and have work to do alongside the "aliens".

2. There are millions of people worldwide that have been raised with "secrets" in their childhood. These are the people that will be referred to on this website as, "The Children of the Secret." Some of these people had their bodies violated, some had their minds violated, and some of them had their emotions violated. Society today, refuses to acknowledge the crimes perpetrated upon children, and in that refusal, these children grow up under a common term, and that common thread they all have is "TERROR." "Children of the Secret" do not remain children long, they come in all ages, sexes, religions, and races… they are truly a force to be reckoned with… should they decide to UNITE and form a working entity of themselves. Imagine the force of the united COTS in politics. Perhaps then we might have judicial laws to punish those that treat children as personal ego tools.

3. Many people that have a deep understanding of who they are, can be of all walks of life… they only speak their truth when asked, and do not believe in imposing their personal truth onto others.

4. The Catholic Church is responsible for making many of the changes in the Holy Bible as we know it today. For instance: The Sabbath of Jesus' time was the same as it is today within the Jewish belief… how then did Christianity change that to be on Sunday instead of Saturday? The answer is to be found in the Catholic libraries. The Catholics used to have two holy days a week - Saturday (Sabbath) and Sunday (The Lord's Day). Then during the dark ages of the Catholic Church it was decided that Catholics did NOT want anything in their belief that even remotely seemed Jewish, so the Catholic Church abolished the Sabbath and made Sunday (The Lord's Day) into the Sabbath. Now, some of you may have also been told that it was the Day of Pentecost that changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday… but really… think on this: Of the 10 most important things that God gave mankind through the 10 Commandments, one of those was to keep the Sabbath holy. IF we were doing it on the wrong day, don't you think it would have been important enough an issue, that Jesus would have said, "Hey guys, by the way… you've been doing it on the wrong day!" (excuse my sense of humor, but in dealing with religious dogma one must have a sense of humor, or you just might lose your faith in God altogether)

5. For those of us that were raised within the boundaries of fundamentalist Christianity, we have been told that the Book of Revelation is all symbolic, that the book of Daniel is symbolic, and the parables are symbolic. Well, what if they were NOT symbolic at all? We were just reading them from a modern point of view instead of reading them from the point of view of when they were written. What if, having "half the faith of a mustard seed" means having faith without thinking about it, and that is assuming that a mustard seed does NOT have a brain, but just functions on instinct? What if the beasts written about in Revelation were a helicopter, a tank and an F-16? Re-read those passages and think of how you might describe a helicopter if you were living 2000 years ago.

6. This world has just gone to war AGAIN in the name of religion. Think of it… we have a president that is referring to the bad guy as EVIL, doesn't that reek of religion? Speaking of suicide terrorists as "them" is nothing more than pitting Christianity vs. Islam. The religious leaders are telling people from the pulpit how to vote and how to feel… is that human free will choice? When you are told what/how to feel?

7. What if, God told us to keep the Sabbath, and God didn't do it Himself/Herself? If one of God's days is the equivalent of 1,000 human years, and God practiced what God preached… then is God's Sabbath (1,000 years off) just ending or just beginning? What if, it were not 1,000 years but 777 years? That would mean that God just might be coming back to work and a new Golden Age of man is just beginning because God is putting things back in Divine Order.

8. Do you tithe? If you tithe, do you tithe to a Church or do you tithe to whoever spiritually feeds you? Tithing has been taught through the religions that you tithe to your CHURCH and only your CHURCH! What if you were eating at a restaurant and the waitress served you SOUL FOOD along with body food? Would you refuse to tithe to her spiritually feeding your soul just because your CHURCH demands that you tithe to them?

These are just a few of the things that will be shared with you through the Church of Sananda's Eagles. Hope you browse through, get a laugh or two, and maybe find a family of your own.

Love and Light,
Debbie Wright
Minister, The Church of Sananda's Eagles




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