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That weekend, of the psychic fair, my life changed, and it changed for the better in most parts. The group of people that did these healings became my friends. They knew what I had gone through, I talked to them most of the time and told them what I was seeing and hearing. They would come back into town several times a year to do what they did best, "spiritual healings," and when they would come to town they would connect with me. I would take lessons from them, learning these healing methods that they did. But on Memorial Day weekend they were planning a "fire walk," and would constantly ask me if I was going to go for the weekend. The "fire walk" weekend was to be up in the mountains of Utah, and it would be a whole weekend of learning all kinds of things, with the big event of the weekend being the "fire walk." I told them that if they gave a class on walking on water I would be the first in line, but I really did not have any inclination at all for walking on fire. Finally, they offered to pay the way for me and my daughter to go with them for this weekend.

There were about 40 people there for the seminar. My daughter and I were gifted with a cabin and attended all of the sessions. During the afternoon of the second day there (of a three day weekend), one of the people gave a class concerning the "space brotherhood." I learned in this very short class that there were people like me that felt that their contacts with extraterrestrials were a good thing, and that many of them actually believed these things to be highly spiritual in nature. Right before he finished the talk, someone asked the question, "Which of these groups of people that believe it is spiritual can be trusted?" The answer to that question was, "There is a woman by the name of Tuella that brings messages through from the Ashtar Command, and they are the ones that I would personally trust!" When the name "Ashtar Command" was spoken, something inside me went on high alert, I KNEW that name! I knew that I knew the Ashtar Command, it was like an amnesiac suddenly remembering something of her past.

That evening was the time for the fire walk. I wasn't even going to go, but I was talked into going and just watching. My daughter went with me to watch. The fire pit was 15 feet long and about 5 feet wide. We were all told that we had to take off our shoes and socks and to roll up our jeans if we had on long pants. The man giving this seminar came up to me and told me to do it, too, so that the others wouldn't feel uncomfortable with me just watching. So I did it. I watched as about 10 people walked on the coals Then a young boy about 8 or 9 decided to walk, and he burned his feet. The people running the fire walk were there to assist him. They did some healing work and coated the bottoms of his feet with healing clay, and then the boy's parents took him to a local emergency room to have him checked out. But all of the other people there were now scared. They had seen someone get burned and they were no longer at a place within themselves to overcome that fear of being burned.

The people running the fire walk walked again themselves to see if they could get others to walk again. Then after a few moments the man running the seminar came right up in my face and said, "If no one else walks within the next 5 minutes, we are going to end this session and put out the coals." Then he turned away from me and walked towards the starting place for a walk. I found myself following him. I found myself standing at the starting point of the fire walk. He turned and looked at me and said, "State your purpose for your walk." At that I replied, "Total surrender to God." I remember looking up at the night sky and seeing stars, and right above the head of the man standing at the end of the walk was an especially bright flashing star. I focused on that star, and it's as if I could hear it singing to me. I was completely entranced by the music of that star. I just wanted to get to that star and become a part of its beautiful song, and I was so upset when the man standing at the end of the walk came into my field of vision, took my hands and said, "Come on Debbie, you've walked long enough." I looked down and saw that I was standing in place, walking in place, on red hot coals. He pulled me off of the coals very gently and told me that I'd done wonderfully! He hugged me and told me how beautiful it had been to watch me walk there. When he pulled back, I saw that he was crying. I walked back to where my daughter was and she was crying, too. She hugged me tightly and told me that she was so very proud to be my daughter. I looked at all the other people and most of them were crying. Later I was told that when I took my first steps, my arms lifted to the heavens and that I had a look of pure bliss on my face. Then they told me that when I got within three feet of finishing the walk, I stopped and began walking in place, and that I walked in place for about 5 full minutes before they came in and walked me out. After my walk, about 20 other people then walked, too.

As you may have guessed by now, this was another life changing moment for me.


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